CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
12V357000MAZDA NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS V (Vehicle)21750008/06/2012ODIMazda North American Operations07/27/201207/27/2012
Defect SummaryMazda is recalling certain model year 2001 through 2006, and 2008, tribute vehicles equipped with 3.0l v6 engines and speed control. inadequate clearance between the engine cover and the speed control cable connector could result in a stuck throttle when the accelerator pedal is fully or almost-fully depressed. this risk exists regardless of whether or not speed control (cruise control) is used.
Consequence SummaryA stuck throttle may result in very high vehicle speeds and make it difficult to stop or slow the vehicle, which could cause a crash, serious injury or death.
Corrective SummaryMazda will notify owners, and dealers will repair the vehicles by increasing the engine cover clearance, free of charge. the safety recall is expected to begin on, or before, august 6, 2012. remedy parts are expected to be available in mid-august 2012. until then dealers will disconnect the speed control cable as an interim remedy, if parts are not available at the time of an owner's service appointment. owners may contact mazda customer assistance center at 1-800-222-5500, option #6.
NotesMazda's recall campaign number is 6812g.owners may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
053011/03/200510018245Electric cooling fan assembly. *ts12/19/2005
010470611/16/200610020677No start, no crank, or mil illumination with one or more dtc's present. *kb12/20/2006
010160412/14/2005010320510009915Diagnostic tips for troubleshooting coil-on-plug misfire concerns. *tt this bulletin supersedes last issued 5/3/04. *tt11/02/2004
010150407/15/2004010150410007229Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on and/or diagnostic trouble codes p0401, p0402, p1400 or p1401 and runs rough, lacks power, surge, poor fuel economy. *tt this bulletin replaces previous bulletin dated 4/26/04. *tt06/04/2004
010050302/07/200310002078Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on and/or diagnostic trouble codes p0401, p0402, p1400 or p1401 and runs rough, lacks power, surge, poor fuel economy. *tt08/12/2003
010120304/21/200310001511Tappet (tick) noise from engine. *tt06/04/2003
0101402R12/16/2002010140210000665Intermittent engine quit condition. *tt03/26/2003
0101402R09/10/20020101402635764Some vehicles equipped with a 3.0l duratec engine may exhibit an intermittent engine quit condition. *tt10/31/2002
010230208/13/2002635766Some vehcles equipped with a 2.0l engine and a manual transmission may exhibit a rolling idle condition in high ambient temperatures. *tt10/31/2002
010140204/29/2002634467Subject regarding intermittent engine quit or idle dip, regarding 3.0 l duratec engines only. *slc10/01/2002
010030201/19/20020100401634322Subject regarding recommended engine oil. *slc09/28/2002
0020410/26/20040020410010540Evaporative emmissions and reciver adapters. *eh11/30/2004
5910/01/200410010625Delta pressure feedback egr (dpfe) sensor warranty extension program. special service program (ssp) 59. *tt12/02/2004
040706/07/2004041710008021Dpfe sensor application revision. parts flash. *tt dpfe sensor warranty extension program - special service program (ssp) 59. *tt07/20/2004


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 Ford's and mazda's letters to nhtsa dated april 5 and april 9, 2004, state that they will recall model year 2001-03 ford escape and mazda tribute vehicles with the v6 engine built thru september 11, 2002.dealers will adjust engine calibration in the programmable control module (pcm), which in its current setting, can cause the engine to shut down if the vehicle is decelerating at speeds below 40 mph. the engine shuts down due to excessively rich air-fuel mixtures being sent to the engine.when the engine shuts down, drivers may notice a loss of power assist for their steering and brakes. the majority of the complainants have indicated to the agency that the stall is intermittent and can happen more than once.
 Allege that the engine stalls without warning while driving
 Ford's and mazda's letters to nhtsa dated april 5 and april 9, 2004, state that they will recall model year 2001-03 ford escape and mazda tribute vehicles with the v6 engine built thru september 11, 2002.dealers will adjust engine calibration in the programmable control module (pcm), which in its current setting, can cause the engine to shut down if the vehicle is decelerating at speeds below 40 mph. the engine shuts down due to excessively rich air-fuel mixtures being sent to the engine.when the engine shuts down, drivers may notice a loss of power assist for their steering and brakes. the majority of the complainants have indicated to the agency that the stall is intermittent and can happen more than once.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 While braking for a stop light, the engine suddenly reved up and the vehicle began to accelerate, even though i was applying maximum force to the brake. i quickly shifted into neutral and brought the vehicle to a stop, fortunately without crashing into stopped vehicle ahead of me. my right foot was being used for braking and was no where near the accelerator pedal. i turned off the ignition, restarted the car, and drove slowly home without further incident. i have not driven since, and had made arrangements to bring the vehilce into a garage for service monday morning (tomorrow.)
 I started my car and the 'check engine' light flashed on-and-off. thinking it would go away, i drove to route 3 in south shore, ma. once on the highway, the light did not stop flashing, so i pulled over. thirty seconds after pulling over in a rest area, white smoke appeared from under the hood. 10 seconds later, black smoke came from the hood which was accompanied with a burning smell. luckily, someone from massdot was in the rest area and we determined that it was a car fire. we proceded to step back and call 911 from a safe distance. the engine area of the car was on fire until the fire department was able to put it out.
 The spark plug in my mazda tribute 2002 blew out of the socket causing me to hunt down a valve cover. the mechanic said i didn't tighten it enough which is false i believe there is a equipment defect with the compressing somehow. i purposefully retightinened the remaining two that i could get at and the mechanic said the very next day that they where loose. i used a torque specified wrench to the manuals description is there a problem with that years ford made mazdas. a fire could break out or an explosion. *tr
 2002 tribute from the first week there have been problems. 1st the driver side interior door handle stopped working. plastic piece that allows handle to open the door had broken. repaired $$$ paid! 2nd the driver side electric windows stopped working. motor had to be replaced. repaired $$$ paid! *** we are now faced with the passenger side interior door handle not working, the master cylinder leaking brake fluid, an issue with the 5 and 6 spark plugs falling out for the 3rd time in 4 months, the battery cables staying corroded and slow to start, there is some sort of knocking in the front passenger wheel. i have replaced the rotors and had other similiar issues with this vehical that seem to be very common problems. i have spent the last 4 hours doing my research and see that there are complaints of this same nature on almost every web site. i don't know how long the average person will wait on an 'issue' to become a recall. i don't have the patience to unroll the window every time i want to exit the vehicle. not to mention having to ask my passenger to let themselves out in the same manner. i am not going to pay another penny on fixing this vehicle. i have paid for so many maintenance issues that now that i think mazda should have fixed. when do these complaints become recall reality? what is my next option? i can't imagine how bad it would be to have my family in the car, the engine fouls out because of the spark plug issue, the brakes won't work because of the master cylinder leak, the battery cables corroded and preventing the windows being able to let down to out. i will contact my dealer tomorrow and work out the recalls i was not aware of, hopefully we can get our door locks fixed too! *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2002 mazda tribute. when the contact started the vehicle, she smelled burning plastic inside the passenger compartment. after driving a short distance and stopping, she noticed smoke underneath the hood. the contact opened the hood and saw flames. nhtsa campaign id number 07v157000 (service brakes, hydraulic:antilock:control unit/module) was referenced. the fire department extinguished the fire and filed a report. there were no injuries. the vehicle was towed to the towing company's parking lot and has not been diagnosed by the dealer. the current and failure mileages were 68,214.
 Dt*: the contact stated while traveling in hot weather, the check engine light illuminated and the vehicle stopped. the vehicle restarted after the transmission was shifted into park, and the ignition was turned off, then turned on. the dealership was unable to determine the problem. the fuel pump and crank shaft position sensor was replaced. updated 10/30/06. *jb
 Dt: vehicle shuts off completely during movement. it also speeds up without the accelerator pedal being depressed. also, transmission does not change gears.*ak
 Nhtsa recall campaign 04v175000; mazda issued an engine stalling recall. this vehicle was included in the recall, but engine would not startr aftere recall repairs. *ak
 Within months of buying the suv we had it back to crystal auto mall, green brook, nj the problem...the steering wheel came loose, it would shift around as you drove down the road! this was a quick repair. starting on sept 18,2002 we took it in to the dealer for the oil pressure light coming on, they replaced the oil sender unit, total $69.52, which was covered by warranty. on oct 14 back for the same problem, they kept it until oct 17, replacing all kinds of parts, oil pump, oil gasket for a total of $924.65, again covered by warranty. my husband was driving it home from this round of repairs and the same problem lit itself up again! he was almost home appox.30 miles from the dealer, he called on his cell phone said he was coming right back, this time they had it from oct 18 to oct 31, 2002. what a surprise when i heard they replaced the entire motor for a total of $4,511.17, again under warranty. strange thing was that they would not extend the warranty on the new motor beyond the original guarantee for the truck. now you tell me is this right? that's not the end of it, on june 21, 2003, we brought it in for a noise coming from the front end they kept it over the weekend until june 23 and told us it needs breaks and rotors and wheel alignment which of course is not under warranty!!! only 24000 miles on this suv and nothing but headaches
 When driving at an undetermined speed vehicle stalled. this caused consumer to drift to the side of the road. consumer had the vehicle towed to the dealership on three separate occasions. however, the mechanic was unable to duplicate the problem. *ak
 While driving 60 mph vehicle stalled. consumer managed to pull over and restart the vehicle. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 The car is stalling while in motion. this is my second incident in 3 weeks. this almost caused a head on accident in the second incident, because power steering is lost when the car stolls, and i was going around a corner. it was a good thing i drive with 2 hands on the wheel.*ak
 While driving approximately 35-40 mph the engine stalled, the panel lights to include the check engine light came on and i had difficulty braking and steering my vehicle. after much difficulty i was able to stop the vehicle off the road. i then was unable to turn the vehicle off in order to restart it again. i called the dealer and sent mazda an email and both organizations said they were not aware of anyone else having this problem and if i took it in the dealer might be able to find out what happened but there is no guarantee. this is the 2nd time this has happened. i am afraid to drive the vehicle because it happens without notice and i am afraid of someone hitting me from behind when it stalls.
 While driving the vehicle at any speed and without any prior warning vehicle will stall. consumer made contact with the dealer on four separate occasions, but problem still occurs.*ak
 We recently had a second harrowing experience in our 2002 mazda tribute es-v6. we were so taken aback by the audacity of mazda having knowledge of the stalling issue in the tribute and not taking into their best interest to recall the vehicle that we traded the vehicle in for a different make. in forward motion, at approximately 35mph+, the vehicle stalled. in the process of stalling, all power to the power assisted steering and brakes were lost. my wife had extreme difficulty in stopping the vehicle. it happens at such a range of speed (~40mph) that restarting the car is not an immediate option. the problem is intermittent, yes, and mazda claims to have adjusted their flash bios to adjust for the fault. they also state that the 2003 does not have this reported stalling while in forward motion issue. thats fine, but what about the 1000's of people out on the road that have not received a recall notice of any sort for this vehicles problem with stalling. i even talked to the dealer i bought my mpv from, and he stated that a tribute 2002 had stalled for him while in forward motion while showing it to a prospective new owner! i find it appalling that a company knows about a fault of this nature and has not for the best interest of those that have bought their vehicle, and those that drive on the highways alongside said vehicle have not recalled and fixed the architecture of the equipment involved : not just a flash bios update, that in reading many many cases online in tribute/escpae message boards did not fully fix the fault.something must be done about this make/model/year vehicle before people start submitting these complaints with injury listings.*ak
 Engine stalls while driving with no warning. we have taken the car into the dealer twice before for the same thing, each time they said it was fixed. *ak
 Engine stopped while driving about 35 mph. this is the second time. loss of all power steering and power brakes. took car into the dealer and supplied the dealer with 34 pages of identical nhtsa complaints filed by other owners of 2002 mazda tributes. *nlm
 2002 mazda tribute shuts off automatically while driving. locking the steering wheel and giving you no control of the vehicle. it has been in for repair several times. i am working on a lemon law package now. major safety issue. this has happened over 10 times in 10 months of leasing this vehicle .
 Consumer called complaining about having problems with the engine. vehicle completely stopped on the highway while driving at 35 mph. dealer was contacted, and stated that vehicle was tested and some wiring had to be replaced. also stated that she was having problems with the brake rotors. while driving she heard a real loud noise metal to metal noise, and when she took the vehicle to the shop the rotors were completely woren out. dealer had no explanation as why it happened.*ak *cb
 While driving our 2002 mazda tribute on the highway, a fire started under the car - we suddenly noticed engine started to stutter and then saw smoke coming out of the back of the car and then the exhaust pipe fell out of the rear. within a minute or so as we were trying to pull over, both the steering wheel and the brake failed. we finally brought the car to stop on the shoulder of the exit ramp close by, by decelerating and using the parking brake. when we got out, we saw active fire under the car toward the back. the fire was put out almost immediately by a person who stopped to help us with a fire extinguisher. all of this took less than 5 minutes. the fire men who arrived at the scene within minutes opened up the hood and said there was no engine oil. the police was present at the scene. the car was purchased new 4 years ago and we've had no major problems for the last 55,000 miles. the engine oil was filled 5 days before that and the car ran fine for the 450 mile trip right up to that point. the low engine oil warning light did not come on until after the vehicle came to a stop. aaa adjuster suspected an engine problem and his theory was that engine shaft broke and punctured the oil pan from inside but no forensic inspection was carried out by the insurance company. the car was towed to a mazda dealer shop for inspection at our request but the dealership refused to offer a conclusive explanation or carry out a forensic inspection. the car is currently parked there and it has not been fixed (and the old parts are still in the car). both the insurance company and the mazda are refusing to pay for the engine repair and we're considering our options. we have filed a claim to mazda to no avail. *jb
 Egr valve blew out, replaced, replacement valve blew out within 24 hours of repair and within 30 total minutes of vehicle operation from repair. *nm
 Dt: contact states the motor mount needs to be replaced. in addition,, having problems with the sway bar on the driver's side. also, the front lower control arm bushing needs to be replaced.*ak
 2002 madza tribute with 68,000 needs a new transmission. just had a value job done on the engine approx. 4 months ago. madza warranty- including drive train - up at 50,000 miles. *jb
 The vehicle shutdown suddenly while driving 50 mph. there was no warning and no indicator lights illuminated to indicate a problem. as a result the vehicle had no power steering or no brakes. the driver had to use both feet to apply the brakes so that the vehicle would come to a stop. *ak
 Vehicle cuts off at low speed (<35) mph, no engine light. also vehicle hesitates when accelerator pushed.*ak
 While driving @ 50 mph on interstate @ rush hour traffic my madza tribute 2002 stalled without warning! caused loss of steering and brakes. put on emergency flashers and was able to restart engine not before vehicles behind me were hitting brakes and trying to avoid hitting me. one vehicle had to go into median to avoid hitting me. taken to dealer and he placed what was stated in tech bulletin 01-04-02r, but can't assure me this will resolve problem. why has not this problem been a recall!!! according to this website this seems to be a major and dangerous problem with the tributes. i have only 26,000 miles on tribute but after reading all the complaints my husband has suggested we trade it in. we have enjoyed our previously mazda's (3) but my next vehicle will not be a mazda due to the fact mazda seems to be indifferent to this defect and recalling all vehicles involved. will take numerous deaths and lawsuits before mazda fixes this problem?*ak
 Mazda tribute 2002, had lower engine replaced after 4000 as it totally died on the highway. 20 months later i am having the engine replaced, this time it is out of warranty. the cams weren't getting an oil for some reason and they are shot, the lifters were also broken and the head is warped. service rep said the engine is in good shape and can see that there is little wear on the engine.*ak
 Vehicle has suddenly stalled in traffic several times. was travelling at approx 35-45mph. this happened twice. veh was taken to dealer, who re-programmed the computer. several months have passed without incident, problem has occurred again. very concerned that when engine stalls, i lose power steering and may not be able to turn off the road before being struck from the rear. each time this has occurred i have been able to pull into the median or a side street. but i wonder what will happen if i am in the middle lane???*ak
 Engine stalls while driving at various speeds. loss of steering and braking. very serious and scary situation. *la
 While driving approximately 35 mph, the engine stopped without warning causing a suddent loss of power steering. i pulled over to the side of the road and restarted the engine. this is the second time this has happened.
 The vehicle stalled while decelerating. dealer informed. the dealer reflashed pcm and replaced the following components: air control valve, throttle body and engine sensor. *jb
 While driving at any speed and with no warning the vehicle stalled and caused the consumer to pull off the road. the dealer inspected the vehicle and was unable to duplicate the problem. *ak *scc *jb
 Then engine on my 2002 mazda tribute died while i was driving downhill at 35 mph. my steering wheel locked and braking was difficult. *ph
 While driving down the grape vine on i-5 my husband herd an engine noise. we pulled over and my husband checked under the hood. it appeared to be a noise coming from the fan belt. he shut off the engine and checked the oil and it was fine. we tried to make it to our destination of monrovia,ca. the engine noise got louder so we had to stop at the nearest exit and luckily there was a gas station at the corner. my husband checked under the hood again and this time he thought it might be coming from the engine. he rechecked the oil and it was fine. we called mazda and they towed the vehicle at the nearest mazda dealership. the following day, a person from mazda called my husband and said we had engine problems. mazda wanted oil change receipts from us. we told them that we are not from the area and we were on vacation and have to go back home and look for receipts. the person from mazda stated that the car was not maintained therefore, mazda will not cover the warranty. he also said that the engine was a quart low on oil and the oil was black. my husband checked the oil at a gas station before we went up the grape vine. he checked it again twice when we pulled over each time and it was fine and the color of the oil was brown not black. we bought the car new and changed the oil every 5000 miles. the car has about 35,700 miles and the engine should not break down like that. we had no type of warning and the engine oil light should go on if the oil was low and it did not go on because the oil was not low. when we returned home from our vacation, i faxed the receipts to mazda and mazda declined the repairs. the car has been to the dealership before and mazda claims that it was electrical problems. after this repair, the alarm would sound while driving. it has stalled on my husband while going down a hill at about 35 mph but luckily, he was able to put it in neutral and restart the car and stop the vehicle. what can we do because we feel we have a lemon.
 Consumer states that while driving at any speed and with no warning , the vehicle shut off, which caused the consumer to pull over. it was hard to hard to get the vehicle started again. dealer notified. *ak when the engine stalled, the vehicle lost power steering and brakes. the consumer used the hand brake along with both feet on the pedal to stop the vehicle. the second incident occurred during city driving. *scc *jb
 Since i purchased the auto in april 2002, there has been a burning smell coming from the engine. every time i took the auto in for an oil change (every 3000 miles) i asked them to take a look at the engine because of the smell and every time they said they couldn't find anything except excess oil on the engine. if it is a brand new auto why is there oil on the engine?? no answer from the service dept. finally after a year of complaining they actually looked at the engine and found a cracked block. the service dept said it must of happened when the engine was factory installed. i was told it was still ok to drive. they would get back to me when the part was in. also they didn't believe me that something was wrong with the brakes. once again everytime i took it in for an oil change i told them the brakes didn't feel right. i would have to pump the brakes to stop sometimes and other times sitting a light they would depress to the floor. surprising nothing was found until the service dept actually drive the auto around (for the above problem) did they discover that i needed a new master cylinder!!! this is unbelievable, i have had both problems since the auto was purchased. luckily it never stalled on me. what the heck it up with this model year??? *ak
 While driving dash light suddenly illuminated, and vehicle engine died. consumer almost had an accident. *ak
 Wife's vehicle stalled without warning on busy highway. was taken directly to dealer where another customer had the same problem. dealer informed us that this is a known problem and that they know how to fix it. this vehicle is a safety hazard and should be recalled.*ak
 Vehicle stalled intermittently while driving. *ak the vehicle was restarted after it shut down abruptly. *scc *jb
 2002 mazda tribute v6 stalling while driving. *nlm
 The vehicle caught on fire while parked. *jb
 While driving, the check engine light illuminated on the dash board. *jb. the dealer replaced a faulty coil, spark plug, and upper intake manifold gaskets. ph *jb
 While driving downhill at about 30 mph, the engine stalled without warning. power steering froze. i was able to stop and restart the engine. i took it to a dealer, where some kind of computer was reprogrammed, but i was also told that mazda has no fix for this problem, only a checklist of things that they try. this is an extremely dangerous defect, and i can't believe there is not some kind of immediate recall on this problem. someone is going to get hurt! short of a fire, major structural failure, or tire blowout, i can't think of anything more dangerous, or i should say equally dangerous, than to be suddenly left without any power or ability to steer. with traffic, highway speeds, or curve roads (which a bound mountains home state), this is a disaster waiting to happen. *ts *jb ***dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12-12-02 cut over to artemis***761982
 While driving 40 mph the vehicle stalled which made it difficult for the consumer to control the vehicle. *nlm
 On 7/31/02 my tribute died while going down hill to a 4 way stop. at first i wasn't sure what to do, then i put my vehicle in park and tried to restart it. this was successful and i drove immediately to the dealer. i was given a rental for 2 days and when i went to pick it up was told that it could have been spider webs or something in the computer system area, so they cleaned out the vapor vent tubes. i was very nervous to be driving a car that could die in the middle of the road, i was just glad there was no accident. i thought that the problem was resolved until 4/01/03 when tribute died while driving again. this time i was going uphill to a 4 way stop and was able to steer into a driving using all my force b/c the steering once again went out. both times there was no warning, the dash lights were all on after it stalled. once again i restarted my vehicle and drove immediately to the dealership where they reflashed pcm to latest calibrations, replaced the dpfe sensor, the mass air flow sensor and the idle air control valve. i am wondering if someone has to die before mazda or the government will call a recall. if this is the case, both should be very ashamed for their lack of concern about the consumers.
 The engine stalled without warning. *jb
 I have a 2002 mazda tribute and the car stalls for no reason while driving at about 40 m.p.h. engine just quits and lose power steering. have to pull over and restart car. this is a very dangerous situation. i have been lucky the 5 times this has happened. dealer has been unable to fix. *jb
 On march 5 i was driving down a slight hill at approximately 40 mph when the engine stalled with no warning. i lost use of my power steering and had very little time to steer my car onto the shoulder of the road to avoid being rear-ended. *jb
 My 2002 mazda tribute stalled on me today while drive 40 mph. i have 14,890 miles and just had mazda perform my 15000 mile service this past weekend. this is my second incident of this complaint. i filed an earlier complaint from a 09/30/2002 incident with an odi # 767970. at that time mazda performed service bulletin 01-014/2r. *jb
 The vehicle stalled on several occasions.*jb
 Consumer states that while driving at any speed and no warning the vehicle will shut off causing consumer to pull over and it will be hard to get the vehicle back started. dealer notified. ts
 While traveling on highway and without prior warning vehicle shut down and stalled. dealership was aware of problem.*ak
 Approximately a week and a half after having the throttle cable serviced on a recall, was travel at 75 mph when the vehciles rpms started to revving at a high rpm, but no increase in speed. vehciles engine shut off and i managed to pull the side of the road. after having the wehcile towed to the dealer, i was told the entire engine needed to be replaced, they could not tell me what caused the problem, vehcile was 4 months out of warrenty, with 34,700 miles. mazda only helping with a small percentage of the repair bill of approx. $ 5,500.00. have had no luck in contacting anyone at mazda who can help. i'm convinced that the replaced throttle cable failed or become stuck, but the dealer claims that it had nothing to do with what happened. until this had no problems with vehicle. *ak
 2002 mazda tribute lx 4wd suv, 3.0 l engine: my wife's car stalls for no apparent reason periodically while in drive. returned vehicle to local mazda dealer service shop twice over past two months, and am told that car checks out and is fine. latest incident happened yesterday.*ak
 While driving at 25 mph the vehicle stalled with no warning which caused the lost of the power steering and braking. rolled off side of the road. passengers shaken but not injured. vehicle was able to be restarted. dealer notified. *jb
 This is the second time vehicle has stalled. it was almost impossible to get pulled over because lack of power assistance! was travelling along a flat road at about 40 mph when it stalled. took nearly 10 minutes for it to start again. i have taken it to the dealer the first time it stalled and they replaced the throttle body and a few sensors related to air intake. i will be taking it in again on monday for this stall. i have not seen a solid fix for this yet and cannot believe how slow the nhtsa is taking to investigate this dangerous problem! it is strike two on ford motor company one more and i am taking them to court!
 Engine stalls x 7 occasions, despite 4 dealer attempts to repair. returned to dealer today after 7th incident. dt
 This is the 5th time that the car has shut off while driving various speeds, it has also been fixed by the dealership once already. problem is the vehicle shuts off at any speed and steering wheel locks. luckily no accidents to date. my pregnant wife and my 3yr old girl went off of the road yesterday. i want this vehicle gone now. it is not safe for my family nor yours. dt
 Engine quit running while going down hill in 'drive' at 35 mph. approached busy intersection without power assisted steering or brakes due to engine stall. narrowly avoided hitting stoppped vehicle in left turn lane. dt
 Vehicle has stalled out, twice, at 40mph. didn't know it had stalled until i tried to apply brakes,to make a turn, and they were not working very dangerous. dt
 Engine failed at 11,114 miles. mazda claiming non warranty due to water ingestion. vehicle had been running at highway speeds for almost ten hours. the weather was clear and dry and a portion of failed lower rod cap was recovered. dt
 Without warning my brand new mazda tribute stalled on 5 separate occasions. the power brakes and steering both go out causing it to be extremely difficult to stop and pull off to the side of the road. i have brought my vehicle into the service center two times for the same problem and they tell me that they're pretty sure they have it taken care of this time. the service manager also told me that mazda is well aware of the problem. mazda is well aware of the problem, however, they are unwilling to recall this vehicle until they find a definate fix. this is a serious safety issue that i believe mazda should take responsiblity for before someone gets seriously injured or killed from their careless ways. mr
 The vehicle has stalled a total of 3 times, the problem has not been remedied. *slc
 The battery died and 3 sensors have been replaced. *slc
 Coasting down hill and entering a turn to the left when vehicle stalled, causing reduced steering and braking ability. having read about this vehicle problem, i was able to quickly put the transmission in neutral and restart the vehicle before an accident happened. mr
 Engine quit with no warning while driving approximately 40 mph. was able to restart after pulling over. this is a very dangerous situation for an intermittent engine failure in high traffic situations. mr
 The truck suddenly died out with no warning when owner was driving through toll booth. please describe details. *mr consumer states that the vehicle stalled again and without 09-dec-2002
 Vehicle has stalled 4 times at speeds of 15-30 mph, dealer has been unable to remedy the problem. mr
 Consumer states that the vehicle stalls when driving. dealer reprogrammed pcm with updated calibration. checked base idle and found engine to stall when iac valve is disconnected. cleaned throttle camber. reinstalled and set base idle to 29 percent. replaced air flow meter and dpfe sensor. *tt
 While at a traffic light, consumer took foot off of the brake to accelerate once the light had changed but to no avail. the vehicle was no longer running. the instrument panel was lit, the cd player was still playing and the air conditioner continued to blow. consumer thinking too many electrical devices were in use, shut the vehicle off waited and restarted vehicle. this same incident happened again. this time consumer took vehicle for service. there was yet another incident. the vehicle stalled again. this time the steering was far worse than the two previous failures. consumer wants mazda to repurchase this vehicle. *jlg.
 Consumer stated the engine has stopped running on 4 separate occasions, when this happens power brakes and steering are no longer operative, the dealer has been unable to rectify the problem.*jb
 I took my new mazda tribute in 3 times before my second payment was due. on 6/27/02, the engine stalled while driving and i had no brakes or acceleration control. i had to turn the key 3-4 times to get it to start again. on 8/16/02, i took the vehicle in to have the taillights and dashboard lights repaired. on 8/20, the car stalled as i was approaching a major intersection during 5 o'clock traffic. i had to turn the key 4-5 times to get it to start. i am scared to drive this vehicle due to the repetitive safety malfunctions. stan olsen has told me that it will cost me if i want a different vehicle.*ak
 Engine suddenly stalled while coasting down hill.*ak
 Had car less than 2 months, engine has cut out *3* times-no warning.*ak
 Engine has stalled out a total of 3 times. the 1st time was on 6/16/02 after completing a 80 degree turn on a 2 lane road. had no power brakes or power steering. was able to make it off the road. engine started immediately. very scary experience. the 2nd time was on 7/29/02. took car to the dealership. they ordered some parts. on 8/14/02 took car back to dealership to replace the engine sensor, air flow sensor, and map sensor. on 8/19/02, the car stalled out for the 3rd time. on 8/20/02, took the car to dealership and picked up a loaner car. as of 9/02/02, i have not heard a word as to when my car will be fixed. according to the dealership, they are waiting for mazda corporation to post new software to correct the stalling problem. mazda needs to take care of this problem. in the 2001 models, this stalling problem has been going on for almost 2 years. in the 2002 models, it has been almost a year. mazda needs to recall these cars before someone is seriously injuried or is killed.*ak
 The tribute was taken in on 8-22-02 for stalling for the third time since we had bought the car in janurary. this time i even contacted mazda and reported the stalling problem they told me that one of their engineers would get with the service people at the mazda dealer where i had taken it to get it fixed they sent out for 5 new parts and called me and told me that is was fixed we asked it the engineer who was out to look at it could certify that this would fix the problem the engineer could not certify it and we had to pick it up knowing that this could happen again. i am very concerned about putting my son in this car knowing that it stalls with no warning at the speed of 40mph .*ak
 On two different occasions while driving 40 mph engine shut down with no warning. ricart automotive has worked on truck, checking codes and egr system. second time they replaced pass air control valve and associated gaskets. *akthe first time the dealer replaced the air control valve. the second incident, the computer was reprogrammed. *jg
 While driving engine cut off, causing loss of power brakes, and power steering without any warning.this happened 4 times. on 4th time had an accident. contacted dealer several times.cause unknown.*ak
 Engine stalled going down slight incline at 30-35 mph. lost power steering and power brakes. narrow road with no place to pull off. difficulty stopping vehicle safely. very scary incident. after vehicle stopped put gear shift in park and vehicle restarted without difficulty. proceeded to destination without further problems. vehicle currently at dealers for repair. dealer had advised there were problems with 2001 models but problem was fixed on all 2002 models. obviously not true in my case!!*ak
 While driving at 35mph on flat surface and with no warning vehicle will shut off, and will be hard to start back up. dealer notified. *ak
 While driving at 30-40 mph vehicle shut off, which caused the power steering and brake system to fail. contacted dealer.*ak *yh
 Engine stalled on freeway. all electronics including brakes shut down. unbelievable that a vehicle so new is having this problem. after more research, i'm finding many more people with the same problem. don't wait until a fatal crash before you fix the problem.*ak
 Car stalls out and drivers loses power steering and brakes. dealer contacted. factory contacted. dealer reports factory knows of proble, but does not know what or how to fix. i am concerned about ongoing prpblem and mazda's inability to find a fix. i bought a ynew mazda based on it being a nice product and having a good warranty. thus far, i am disappointed.*ak
 While driving up or down a hill at 40mph vehicle will stall,causing consumer to pull emergency brake in order to stop. dealer notified.*ak*the first incident happened in january as the vehicle was being test driven.* four incidents have occured with in six months of owning the vehicle. the vehicle stalls out and looses power to the braking and steering components. mazda cannot pinpoint the cause. the vehicle usually starts up with the exception of the last incident where consumer had to wait 10 min. *jg
 Vehicle stalled twice identical to first time. vehicle stalled while going 45mph down hill without warning before brakes were applied. there was a loss of brakes and steering. dealer notified. please provide more information.*ak
 The engine has stalled while driving on 3 different occasions. power steering and brakes are very diffiicult to use.*ak
 Vehicle stalled twice at 40 mph. dealer reset idle speed, which did not remedy the problem.*ak *scc
 Vehicle has stalled 5 times at 30-40 mph at slight down grades. dealer could not find a problem with vehicle.*ak
 Engine quit running with no warning lights, etc. restarted with no problem.*ak
 While driving, vehicle experienced total loss of electrical power, resulting in a breakdown. vehicle had been seen by dealer.*ak dealer checked all grounds, wiring harness to pcm, ecu relay and reprogrammed pcm however problem still exists. *tt
 Vehicle has stalled out while consumer was driving. steering wheel locked up, then engine shut down. consumer has had this problem fixed twice before. *ak stalling of the vehicle caused brake and steering failures. the vehicle stalled several times. dealer replaced mass air flow sensor and dpfe after third incident, also consumer stated vehicle was pulling to the right, the dealer perfomed an alignment. *yh
 While driving at 20-25 mph and without any warning vehicle stalled out and everything shut down. contacted dealer, and the dealer could not find cause of problem.*ak
 This is the third time vehicle has stalled while driving at approx. 35-40 mph since purchase last fall; previously reported problem last fall (odi id: 754924); problem was thought to be fixed with resetting of idle and throttle settings late last year; while it has been a while since the problem last occurred, apparently the problem has not been fixed. *ak
 While driving on a curvy road at around 40 mph my tribute suddenly stalled and lost all power steering and power brakes. this resulted in a hard stop in the oncoming lane, which was fortunately not occupied by an oncoming car. the car restarted immediately with no hesistation and i travelled home 5 miles with no further incident. i am now afraid to drive my car as i live on top of a mountain and must drive curvy roads to work. the dealership has been closed this weekend and i will contact them immediately monday morning. *ak
 Stalled going down hill @ 35 m.p.h. about time for an investigation and/or recall?*ak
 Consumer states that the vehicle will intermittenly shut off with out any warning. contacted dealer and the dealer is not willing to do anything.*jb
 Vehicle stalled at 25-30 mph. dealer could not find cause.*ak
 While driving 45 mph battery light and oil light illuminated on dashboard, resulting in engine to stalling. *ak
 Engines stalling on these vehicles, looks like another tire problem that is going to take years to resolve i have submitted questions to you before but nobody wants to take responsibility for looking into this issue i have been told to file complaints or call i think with all the reports on your web site you would be looking into this issue before we are checking to see how many people are killed in these suv
 Engine stalled at 40 mph, causing power steering and power brake loss.*ak
 While driving 55 mph engine stalled without warning. lost all power . cause unknown dealer contacted.*ak the engine stalled two more times the dealer had repaired the vehicle. *yh
 Vehicle stalled at 60 mph, at dealership at this time. nlm
 Consumer states while traveling at 65 mph without any indication vehicle losses all power causing consumer to pull over. dealer has been contacted. nlm
 While in traffic vehicle stalls without prior warning. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
 The 2002 tribute has stalled on me twice - once after 1200 miles and the second time after 4800 miles. both times i was going down a hill at about 35 mph. am taking the car into the dealer. this problem needs addressed!*ak
 While traveling down a slight hill vehicle will stall. thereis a delay in brakes and steering, very dangerous. consumer is able to restart engine. dealer could not duplicate problem. *ak
 Was driving about 40 miles per hour and the engine quit. .pulled over to side of road and engine started back up and drove home. *ak
 Pe 01 043/engine stalling: while driving 40-50 mph vehicle stalls without warning. vehicle can be restarted. dealer notified. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
 While driving 65 mph consumer heard a noise, stopped vehicle to check and oil had leaked out of vehicle. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer indicated a new engine was needed.*ak *slc
 Believed to be related to nhtsa defect investigation action number pe01043. engine stalls totally unexpectedly. dealer contacted, thinks they have a resolution but will not give any assurance. manufacturer contacted, unaware of problem in 2002 mazda tribute, unable to give any assurrance of problem resolution steps and procedures. extreme safety hazard if engine stalls in traffic. *ak
 While driving about any mph engine would stall. this could happen without prior warning. dealer was contacted, and could not indicate what was causing the problem. please provide more information.*ak
 While driving engine stalled, consumer has contacted dealer, and they were aware of problem, and waiting to hear from manufacturer. consumer feels unsafe driving vehicle.*ak *slc
 Vehicle shut down w/o warning. *ak
 Proceeding on a slight downhill at roughly 40 mph my new vehicle's engine stalled/died. i imediately slipped the transmission into neutral and re-started. this allowed me to continue. power brakes and steering were non-operable during this time. had i been proceeding at a faster speed or not reacted quickly this could have been a very dangerous situation. i have heard this has been an issue with these vehicles.
 Vehicle has completely stalled on two separate occasions within past month while driving between hills (coast down first hill and go to accelerate to take second hill, but vehicle has no power); mazda dealer in conjunction with mazda hotline were unable to locate problem after first occurrence on 10/25/01; mazda has had similar reports of problem in other areas of u.s., but has not been able to locate problem; problem occurs while driving 25-30 mph. *ak
 Vehicle stalled while backing up at slow speed. vehicle was towed to dealer. cause unknown at this time. please add further details. *ak
 Tribute was purchased while at sea. 48 hours after tribute was rolled off the delivery truck the engine shutoff without prior warning while traveling u-hill at 45mph. it shut off again six days later without warning. according to web site, many other tribute and ford escape owners are having the same stalling problem. hennessey mazda had 3 tributes returned to their dealership for same problem prior to my purchase date of 10/30/01. both hennessey and mazda corp have refused to give any type of certification or guarantee that the corrective repairs performed on my tribute on 11/8/01 are the permanent fix. *ak
 I was driving up hill with the speed around 35mph and the car stalled. i lost all power without warnning. the car just died. there were traffic coming from both directions (down hills and up hills) and it was very dangerous! apparently there are a lot of cases as such in the last year. please do something before someone get hurt. if this happened at the intersection by my house, i could be dead! please pass on any information that can help to resolve this problem to all tribute/escape owners. thanks. *ak
 Vehicle shut off without prior warning. dealership was aware of problem.*ak
 On november 2 driving 40mph with no warning my engine shut off and i lost power to my steering and brakes. i was able to get the car to the side of the road after applying all my weight to the brakes and steering wheel. i missed an oncoming car and a tree by luck. i took the tribute to the dealership and was told by the service manager that this was an ongoing problem. they were going to put me back in the tribute until monday when they had an opening. i requested a rental car because i did not feel safe driving the car untill the problem was resolved. the manager also told me that the tributes that have been repaired for this same problem have been different porblems. i returned home and called the mazda customer service department and reported the problem. they assured me that they would look into it and get back with me, this never happened. on november 6th i received a call from the dealership that my car was ready. i asked to speak with the sevice manager who informed me they could not find anything wrong and i could pick up my car. i told him i would not pick up the car until there was a solution to correct the problem and the car was not safe to drive. he infomed me that his hands were tied and to contact mazda. i contacted mazda and they contacted the sevice manager who had already contacted the regional manager. i was told i would be contacted by him tomorrow november 7th. i have a 15 year old son who has his learners permit and who i strongly believe would not have been able to avoid what could have been a fatal accident. the car is still at the dealership. my tribute is the first 2002 that they have seen with the problem. obviously this serious safety problems continues.*ak
 The exhaust system emitted bad fumes.*jb
 Engine has stalled out a total of 3 times. the 1st time was on 6/16/02 after completing a 80 degree turn on a 2 lane road. had no power brakes or power steering. was able to make it off the road. engine started immediately. very scary experience. the 2nd time was on 7/29/02. took car to the dealership. they ordered some parts. on 8/14/02 took car back to dealership to replace the engine sensor, air flow sensor, and map sensor. on 8/19/02, the car stalled out for the 3rd time. on 8/20/02, took the car to dealership and picked up a loaner car. as of 9/02/02, i have not heard a word as to when my car will be fixed. according to the dealership, they are waiting for mazda corporation to post new software to correct the stalling problem. mazda needs to take care of this problem. in the 2001 models, this stalling problem has been going on for almost 2 years. in the 2002 models, it has been almost a year. mazda needs to recall these cars before someone is seriously injuried or is killed.*ak
 Vehicle has stalled out while consumer was driving. steering wheel locked up, then engine shut down. consumer has had this problem fixed twice before. *ak stalling of the vehicle caused brake and steering failures. the vehicle stalled several times. dealer replaced mass air flow sensor and dpfe after third incident, also consumer stated vehicle was pulling to the right, the dealer perfomed an alignment. *yh
 I've owned this vehicle for a little over 2 years and it has been to the dealer for repairs 7 times now. no one can seem to find the reason why the check engine light stays on, why the fuel consumption is so poor, why the vehicle shifts constantly and for no reason at all, or why the vehicle shudders when the engine is on. the check fuel cap light has come on twice and the same part replaced twice. the canister close valve and idle air control valve have both failed. i have spent money on a fuel induction service because it was recommended by the service dealer. i had the transmission flushed because of a technical service bulletin for the torque converter - a problem that had to be identified by aamco and told to mazda before they would try to fix the problem. i have called mazda customer service and got anything but customer service. my problems began long before the warranty had expired; however, mazda could care less about their lack of ability to fix ongoing problems. this vehicle is a life-safety hazard and needs to be recalled completely, not part by part. i will never buy a mazda again. this is my third and last. the tribute is by far the worst thing ever manufactured by mazda. they should be embarassed to have this model on the road!*ak