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PB-54-18-20812/15/200810028627Mercedes: display in instrument cluster air suspension or abc service required is displayed in the instrument cluster, the engine wiring harness may have been damaged by the wiper linkage. models 215.3 and 220. model years unknown.05/12/2009

Consumer Complaints

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 There is a leak in the oil cooler (engine cooling) of my 2001 mercedes benz s600. the car has 79k miles on it. it started dripping oil late last year at about 69k miles and is now pouring out oil profusely. i took it to the dealer and was told that this problem is very common with this car but no recall has been issued for it. to repair the problem will cost at least 6k. the car is totally a lemon and i cannot drive it as i am told the oil leak can damage the engine completely or cause a fire. i am concerned for the safety of my wife and children. i have researched this issue online and was shocked to see the number of complaints about this oil leak problem. below is a link to just one of the websites where i found several complaints about the same problem. can someone help? mercedes benz needs to be held accountable for this issue. this car needs to be recalled for this problem. http://www.aboutautomobile.com/complaint/2001/mercedes+benz/s-600. *tr
 I have an oil leak which my mechanics tells me is the oil cooler and to repair is estimate to cost $5000.00. i hear from other owners of the same vehicle with same issue. *tr
 The mercedes benz dealer informed me that i had an oil cooler and abc hose leak on my 2001 s600. the cost to repair is unbelievable. about $7,500. in reading the mbz forum this appears to be a common occurrence without any help from mbz. the failure for the oil cooler leak can lead to a fire, and the abc hose leak can lead to malfunction of the active body control system causing the car to drastically lower at the effected wheel. the frequency of this problem should be covered by a manufacturer recall. this is a death hazard to me and my family. i am not driving the car at this time due to the cost to repair and the problem of injury or death. *tr
 2001 mercedes benz, 40,000 miles, profuse oil leak from oil cooler. *tr
 The car started smelling of burning oil. it got worse and worse to where one could see the burning oil at stop lights. the oil was leaking from the oil cooler at the back of the engine and dripping on to the catalytic converter and burning there. it was leaking approximately 1 quart of oil every 250 miles. *tr
 Mercedes 2001 s600, manufacture 02/01. oil cooler leaks, abc control failure. this problem is in recall but mercedes said my vin is excluded. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 mercedes benz s-600. while driving 40 mph, the check engine light illuminated. on the way to the dealer the contact stated that the vehicle began to violently shake. the dealer stated that the faulty seal was allowing oil to enter the wiring of the vehicle, causing a short circuit. the dealer also found an oil leak on top of the engine caused by the oil cooler. this failure caused oil to leak into the intake manifold. the current and failure mileages were 57,000.
 The mercedes s600 my2001 has a terrible oil leak caused by the oil cooler. if not watched carefully the oil will leak completely out of the engine very fast. i've heard from many people that they have this same exact problem. it's been quoted around $5k to fix. a recall should be issued. *tr
 My oil cooler has been leaking since 41,000 miles and i have read other mercedes benz s600 owners have the same problems. to fix this problem i would have to pay a shop 4k dollars. if this is a common problem for this car i think mercedes benz should have a recall on this issue and fix the problem. i leak up to a quart of oil every 2 weeks. *tr
 I have a 2001 mercedes benz s600. the vehicle only has 76,000 miles. the engine oil cooler is leaking, and this can cause a fire. there is a lot of other people who have the same problem with this make and model. it seems to be a manufacture default. the leaking oil can run on the catalytic converter and cause a serious fire. mba should have a recall on this problem. *tr
 2001 mercedes benz s600 oil cooler leaking 1 quart of oil every 500 miles. the car is driven normally to work and vacation trips. nothing special leading up to the occurrence. the car has not been in any accident. i am afraid that with the amount of oil that leaks and how it runs down the bell housing and hits the exhaust, that a fire is possible. with the windage tray that is mounted under the transmission, it causes it to pool the oil and leaks on the exhaust when it is driven. the oil cooler is mounted under the intake manifold and requires the heads to be removed in order to repair this issue. this issue occurs approx every 40k-60k miles. a simple replacement does not resolve this issue. there is an engineering defect here that mbusa is not willing to resolve with the customer or a change in design for resolution. i have called mbusa (1-800-367-6372, 4,5) and no one seems to care because it is out of warranty. i took it to mb in nw arkansas and they diagnosed the same issue and estimated a repair cost of $7800 and 2 weeks. i am awaiting some attention form nhtsa or mbusa before repairs. i would be willing for nhtsa to inspect car before and during the repairs to push for a recall. there are numerous other complaints of this on the net. please check http://www.aboutautomobile.com/complaint/2001/mercedes+benz/s-600. *tr
 2001 mercedes benz s600 with 50,000 miles on it. engine oil cooler leaking since 40k miles, now it is leaking profusely, mercedes benz wants $4000 to fix problem. *tr
 Oil leak from the oil cooler collector at the back of the engine. the oil runs down the exhaust pipe. *tr
 Car only has 64k miles and has a bad oil leak. my guess is the oil cooler. for the price of this car i should not have a puddle of oil on my garage floor. *tr
 Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6). 2001 mercedes benz s600 oil cooler, leaking suddenly, 1 quart of oil every 2 days (25 to 50 miles.) very strong smell of burned oil upon exiting car. normal driving. no reason for leakage, no accidents, serviced regularly and on time. concerned about oil hitting the exhaust, resulting in a fire. a friend had his mercedes catch on fire, on the freeway, because of the same problem, total loss of car, but driver was able to escape. mercedes estimates repairs to be between $8,000 & $10,000.....to fix an oil leak !!!!! took it to an independent mercedes repair shop, was told this is a very common problem with the s600's, an engineering defect that should be more than sufficient to generate a recall. (said, unfortunately, repair shops love it, $10,000 jobs are few & far between.) upon checking on various web sites and 'googling the problem, i see that this is a very common complaint. others have mentioned filing a complaint with you, yet i do not see any references to them on your site. what is the process for complaints to be able to generate recalls? please respond to my complaint , i want to be sure that it has been received and read. [xxx] *tr