BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
PB-32-22-7703/31/200910028685Mercedes: vehicle does not lower and/or airmatic visit workshop display in instrument cluster. model 220. model years unknown. *pe05/14/2009
PB-32-50-35C02/22/200810028626Mercedes: the vehicle's suspension level randomly lowering while driving and/or rapid sporadic level changes shortly after stopping the vehicle, replace the body acceleration sensors. models 215.3, 220, and 230. model years unknown.05/12/2009
PB-54-18-20812/15/200810028627Mercedes: display in instrument cluster air suspension or abc service required is displayed in the instrument cluster, the engine wiring harness may have been damaged by the wiper linkage. models 215.3 and 220. model years unknown.05/12/2009
322218B03/06/2008322218D10010959Leakage from front air suspension strut thorugh the sealing compound. this serivce bulletin supersedes 322218 dated 01/16/2004. *eh mersedes benz models 220.170; 175, 183, 184. vin up to 360985 without active body control. *eh up12/20/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Vehicle instrument cluster panel has failed. no lights or instrument indicators function. all lights with in the panel do not operate. also suspension of vehicle failing. affected by weather. cold weather affects vehicle not allowing rise of car. *tr
 Vehicle will start to shake when traveling at 50 mph and higher. entire vehicle will shake, not just the steering. contacted dealer, and dealer replaced the driveshaft, but the problem still occurring. *ak
 Tl-the contact owns a 2001 mercedes benz s430. while driving approximately 60 mph the front end of the vehicle dropped down onto the tires. the vehicle was pulled over and shut off. the vehicle was towed home and has not been examined for the cause of failure. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileages were 100,000. sm.
 Airmatic suspension failure in mercedes benz s430
 My wife was driving our mercedes 2001 s430 and the front suspension dropped all of a sudden on a back road in the middle of nowhere. first it had dropped so low it prevented steering and was difficult to put vehicle on the shoulder without damaging car. then we had three towing companies which would not tow the vehicle because of liability to front end damage. i changed the relay through research and was able to get it up enough to be towed. take into consideration this was taken four days to execute. then i have never been so happy to have a vehicle towed in my life. then by that time i new the strut tops have been an ongoing issue with the w220 mb. i had conveyed that to the newmarket, ontario. canada dealership. but they still had to do diagnostics and for that fee they came up with replacing the front top struts. which they have a new rebuild kit for. the total so far 760.00 then they call me back and they could not adjust the level and had to diagnose that. another charge and ended up with a corroded wire. out the door boxing day 1290.00. two weeks later same problem. they had told me it was common for the suspension to drop in cold weather. and it has been a problem on and off since then. i am afraid to take this in but i am even more afraid to have this happen at 120km hr. *tr
 Consumer of a 2001 s430 v faulty sunroof, led side mirrors, and turn signals. customer states the vehicle has cost him a lot of money to repair and would like it to be fixed and be repaid in someway. **nar**kb the consumer stated the vehicle has had numerous problems such as persistent tail light and head light assembly failures, engine, fuel, accelerator pedal assembly, alternator, battery, instrument cluster, vacuum door pump, electrical, front suspension failures such as the airmatic shocks, the thrust arms, ball joints and the airmatic pump/relay. the transmission seals leaked, the washer fluid hose had to be replaced, the blower motor harness, fan belt, dimmer switch, trunk springs were all replaced. the plastic trim on the front seat was replaced due to cracking. the front door sill strip cover was replaced. the threshold bellows were coming apart, the side marker light was replaced. *jb