Mercedes C300

Model C300 made by Mercedes got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to structure. . The car has one 3 engine.

Model 2008

Engine [L]CylindersTransmissionDriveEstimate MPG (city/highway/combined)Unadjusted MPG (city/highway/combined)FuelFuel costClassRelease date
3 6Lockup/automatic, 7 gearsR13/19/1516.4/26.4/19.7699E2601COMPACT CARS1-Aug-07
3 6Lockup/automatic, 7 gearsR18/25/2122.3/35.5/26.7811Premium2142COMPACT CARS1-Aug-07
3 6Manual, 6 gearsR18/26/2122.3/35.8/26.8575Premium2142COMPACT CARS1-Aug-07
3 6Lockup/automatic, 7 gears417/25/2021.8/34.4/26.1023Premium2250COMPACT CARS5-Sep-07

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My 2008 c300 moonroof has a defect. the operation control panel will not auto open or auto close. my car has 338 miles on it and i have had it for 8 days. 4 of these 8 days it has been in the shop. merecedes engineering is aware of the problem and their will be a software up date for the car in june, but it is april. there are five reported cases and one of them is mine. the dealership has replaced the ocp with one from another c300 from their lot not even brand new parts!!!! buyer beware. this is a temporary fix they said and all c300 will need this software update. i am surprised there isn't a service bulletin yet! *tr