BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
05221211/14/200510018746Buck/jerk and miss during drive cycle above 3000 rpm - no dtc - 3.0l 2v gas and ffv engine. *tt01/13/2006
1861405/01/200510017916Surge, idle roll, rough idle only when the engine cooling fans are operating. *tt12/07/2005
036103/31/200310001855Malfunction indicator lamp on with or without rough running, lack of power, surge or poor fuel economy with diagnostic trouble codes p0401, p0402, p1400, p1401. *tt *jb07/23/2003
01090109/01/2001625672Certain 2001 model year taurus and sable vehicle - improper ethylene glycol concentration. *nlm11/30/2001
0420801/01/2006063510019382Camshaft tick noise - 3.0l 4v engine only. *tt03/13/2006
0222111/11/200210008304Engine-gear driven synchronizers-incorrect installation-camshaft position synchronizer (cmp) installation tool correct application. *mj07/27/2004
1770304/01/200410008217Ticking noise from left cylinder head with warm engine. *tt07/23/2004
041501/26/200410007358Lower engine oil leaks 3.0l 2v vulcan engine. diagnostic service tips. *tt06/16/2004
1698207/01/200310003851Clunking/popping noise from the passenger side of the engine compartment upon acceleration and/or deceleration. *tt11/04/2003
0314407/21/200310003744Engine misfire or rough running condition with coil on plug (cop) ignition systems may be more accurately diagnosed using the optional worldwide diagnostic system (wds) coil on plug (cop) kit. 2003 super duty f series included. *tt10/29/2003
032202/03/200310002472Streamlined diagnostic procedure for vehicles with malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on and diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) p0401, p0402, p1400 or p1401, or runs rough, lacks power, surge, poor fuel economy, and the above listed dtcs without09/03/2003
033502/17/200310002482Idle air control (iac) valve diagnostic service tips. *tt09/03/2003
87019710/22/200210000592Incorrectly installed gear driven camshaft position (cmp) sensor synchronizer assemblies causing surge, lost of power, malfunction indicator lamp on and diagnostic trouble codes p1336, p1309 and p0340. *tt03/25/2003
0112406/25/2001622665On some vehicles, engine oil may continue to leak from the engine oil pan gasket area after an engine oil pan gasket repair has been performed. *tt10/22/2001
1548112/01/2001630587Some vehicles with 3.0l 2v and 3.0l ffv engines may exhibit spark knock during light accelerator tip in or heavy acceleration. *tt04/18/2002
0124612/10/2001630515Engine oil system priming procedures, service tips for reports of premature engine failure. *tt04/18/2002
021401/21/2002630001Some engine assemblies with aluminum cylinder heads repaired in-vehile have been found to leak coolant and/or oil from the cylinder head gasket area. *tt04/11/2002
0120410/15/2001627925Engine oil leak at the oil filter mounting surface. *tt02/26/2002
0120510/15/2001627927Some vehicles may exhibit vacuum or air leaks in the intake manifold and / or engine system causing diagnostic trouble codes p0171 and or p0174. *tt02/26/2002
0119110/01/2001627677Some vehicles built prior to 10/5/2000 equipped with the 3.0l 24-valve duratec engine may exhibit cold engine long crank/hand start, transmission shudder/vibration, harsh downshift coasting, and erroneous code p1443 stored. *tt02/13/2002
1523909/01/2001625693Information on pre delivery temporary fast idle. *tt11/30/2001
1513908/01/2001625049Some vehicles built prior to june 8, 2001 may exhibit a cold engine rough idle and / or a malfunction indicator lamp light with diagnostic trouble codes p0171, p0174, p1132, and p1152 in memory. *tt11/16/2001
01E1506/28/2001622857Field action regarding engine strategy r11 calibration for flexible fuel vehicles. *tt10/23/2001
014303/05/2001619420Some vehicles may exhibit a fuel odor noticed through the vents inside the vehicle. the odor may be noticed upon initial startup after hot soak. this condition produces a fuel odor only and does not involve visible fuel or include the05/30/2001
014703/05/2001619424Subject regarding engine oil recommendations for use in 2001 vehicles - sae 5w-20 motor oil. *tt05/30/2001
0025512/11/2000616822Some vehicles equipped with the 3.0l 2-valve engine may exhibit a spark knock condition on heavy acceleration with 87 octane gasoline. *tt03/13/2001
02M0106/01/200402M0110007207Customer satisfaction program 02m01 supplement #4. certain ford 2000 through 2003 vehicles equipped with a tube-mounted egr pressure sensor - additional egr pressure sensor warranty coverage. *tt supplement #3. *mj supplement #606/03/2004
0020410/02/2000618542On some vehicles, the exhaust pipe contacts the rear control arm resulting in buzzing, groaning and / or rattling noise from the rear of the vehicle. *jb04/16/2001

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My 2001 mercury sable accelerated as i entered the highway. the car would not stop even when i applied the brake. i called 911. the 911 operator suggested that i apply the parking brake which i did. i went about 15 miles riding the shoulder going between 60-70 miles per hour. i eventually exited the highway but could not stop even at the end of the exit ramp. i made a right hand turn. at this point i had reduced my speed to approximately 30 miles per hour. the car eventually landed in a ditch. at that point, i ended my call with 911. i looked to my left and found four men yelling to me to get out of the car. i then learned that the car was on fire. i exited the car. the four men put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. the car was towed to a mercury dealership where it is documented that it was in fact the speed contol cable that caused the car to accelerate. again, between the 911 call, the information on file with the mercury dealer and the insurance claim, the cause of the incident is documented.
 This car only works whenever ir feels like it and took it to every shop n cant find the problem..been stranded so many tumes and the dealer aint gonna do nothing about it knowing that im still paying for it or trade me a car need help here
 Tl* the contact owns a 2001 mercury sable. the contact stated that the check engine warning light would illuminate intermittently and over time, remained illuminated. the vehicle was not taken onto the dealer for diagnostics or repairs. the approximate failure mileage was 40,000. the vin was not available.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2001 mercury sable. while parked the contact noticed the check engine light illuminated on the instrument panel. the contact stated the engine warning light would illuminate intermittently and after time remained on constantly. the vehicle was not taken onto the dealer for diagnostics. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 40,000. ds
 My 2001 mercury sable has now failed me over 8 times without warning. i would drive turn the car off then try to start it again and it would not start. it was completely dead. i called aaa had the car towed. i took it to the dealer and they charged me for everything. a battery, an alternator, wiring, the works then, the same thing happened. the last time my car was at the dealer for a week before i was told it needed a fuel pump. i have now decided to never buy another mercury after being a long time customer. i never received a notice of a recall and just now found out the rear springs which i replaced was also happening to other customers. they have not fixed my problem and the car is sitting because i'm to frighten to drive anywhere. it's sad. all the money spent could gone toward some other car where service people care of course, now the warranty is expired. the miles on my car is 58,000. *tr
 Re:previous repair ted russell invoice # f1cs560238 dated: 1/19/2007 malfunctions that started february 28, 2007 are same as previously stated in referenced invoice as follows: 1)climate control blows hot air while on fresh air and ac 2)coolant light comes on; this usually happens with the malfunction of the ac control system referenced above. i can stop the car, turn everything off and in 15 seconds restart and light goes off. the coolant light will stay off as long as i keep the climate control off however; when driving for a distance (i.e. 30 miles) and then multiple start / stops in traffic the light will come on if i am running the climate control. until the recent malfunction of the climate control wednesday night (2/28/07) this coolant light has not come on since last repair to climate control. for information, the conditions outside were approximately 66 f. obviously i am upset with the continued problems i am having after this vehicle spent one week in your shop for previous repairs for the same malfunctions. additionally, i am extremely dissatisfied with the recommended repairs made by ted russell qualified professionals as discussed with you during my phone conversation yesterday. *jb
 Tl*- the contact owns a 2001 mercury sable with an odometer reading of 71750 miles. the contact stated that the hoses that ran through the heater core dry rotted and failed, which caused the vehicle to overheat. the contact was driving under normal conditions at 40 mph when the failure occurred. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer to have the problem repaired. the failure mileage was 68,680.*ak the vehicle was leaking coolant at the tubes to the heater core. the front brake pads were very thin. updated 04/12/07. *jb
 The vehicle will not start or will crank, start and idle very rough, then stop rumnning. two dealers have investigated and duplicated the problem but no cause has been found.*ak
 Coolant leaks for bottom i have a 2001 mercury sable ls it has the 3.0 liter motor not 24 valve. i have talked with three other people and they have all ford taurus's and they had to replace coolant bottle because they all cracked on the bottom of the bottle. its odd that four people that i know we all have to change the bottle within a year of each other. could there be faulty bottles made and will the antifreeze damage other parts on my car. i only have 78,000 miles on the car. *jb
 2001 sable coolant light came on frequently. *ts the coil springs make noise. the brake harness light was defective. all four tires needed air every week (dot numbers w2x8lh01802 and w2x8lh04102). *nm
 2001 sable with 57000 miles. vehicle will start, kill and then cannot be restarted for at least 1/2 hour. sometimes will not start at all. service people have hooked up to sensors but cannot find what is wrong. problem is sporadic, happening about 1 to 2 times per week. scoped fuel pump but said it was working properly. said fuel filter and all other systems checked out ok. don't know what to do next. feel uneasy about driving the car anywhere far from home. *tr
 No real signs of distress until the main bearings failed. at 33,000 miles, proof of service and oil changes covering the first 29,000 miles. vehicle developed a bad knock. had it towed to a ford dealership for inspection. told me that the main bearings on the cam went bad. one ford dealership tells me ford will help with the cost of total engine replacement, unfortunately, not the dealership the car is at. *jb
 2001 mercury sable oil pan gasket failed.***no answer required***. *mr the consumer feels that the dealer should have notified her of the service bulletin during her routine maintenance which stated that the oil pan gasket had been redesigned. *nm
 The vehicle had a consistent oil leak since purchase. the dealer stated the engine gasket cylinder heads leaked. *jb ...*ak
 When trying to start vehicle, the key would stick, dash is completely inoperable, consumer could hear something running and vehicle would become very hot, dash did not light up, so there was no warning, vehicle made a grinding sound. took to dealer, ignition has been changed twice.*ak. consumer states the power windows were inoperable, the radio did not work, there was no air conditioning or heat, the windshield wipers were inoperative, there was a noise coming from the flywheel, and the dashboard did not light up.*jb
 Driving our 2001 sable one day the check engine light came on when we were stopped at a red light. as the light turned green i accelerated and the car did not move according to the pressure i was putting on the gas pedal. the light stopped flashing and the car ran fine. this would happen from time to time and it got to a point were i took the unit to a mercury dealership to have it checked out and they stated it had a mis-fire on the number 4 cylinder and they would have to replace the cylinder head at a cost of 2k one head only. i did some asking around at ford and found out that there were some valve issues with the 3.0l dohc 24 v . i looked into the dealer process of changing only one head and i was told that would not be the smart thing to do. i finally took the car in to confirm what the dealer had said and to get it fixed. i took the car to t.c. auto service in ann arbor and he confirmed i had a leak down problem on number 4 cylinder exhaust valve. the engine had to be removed from the car and i had both heads reworked new valve guide and seats along with replacing the valves on number 4 cylinder. i have the damaged valves returned to me. *tr
 2001 mercury sable 39k miles. driving on nys thruway when i experienced a complete engine failure with my car. ford motor admitted there was a defect in the engine but said my vehicle was out of warranty. did get me discount on repairs. ford refused to tell me if others are experiencing same with this engine. *jb
 Electrical system shut down, loses all power. *ak the auto has accelerated on numerous occasions while stopped in traffic. teh air conditioner shut down while traveling, twice the vehicle experienced complete electrical shut down, on one occasion requiring the vehicle to be towed. consumer is requesting a vehicle replacement and for the failures to be recalled. *jg
 The vehicle jumps at low speeds, possibly engine related.*yd
 The power steering in the consumer's 2001 mercury sable station wagon failed. the consumer opened the hood of the vehicle and found that the belt was loose and that the spring loaded belt idler pulley was hanging in parts on the engine block. *nm it was determined that the pulley assembly could not be repaired. the consumer requested that ford reimburse him for the cost of replacing the defective spring loaded idler pulley assembly. *sc
 While traveling during inclement weather serpentine belt fell off and vehicle shut down.*ak
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 45mph the vehicle accelerated to 90 mph before the brakes were able to hold. the vehicle was driven to the nearest independent repair shop. upon inspection the mechanic determined ice had built up on the throttle housing around the pcv valve. the temperature on the date of failure was between -8 and -12 degrees. there was a fire in the wheel well area because of the pressure that was applied to the brakes. the mechanic replaced the pcv valve. updated 02/24/06
 Car would stall while idiling. brought the car in and they determined that the plastic manifold had cracked. they replaced the manifold and the dealer and ford paid for the repair after i agreed to pay $200.
 Vehicle was parked in the garage. owner turned on the ignition switch and there was a loud bang like a shot gun went off. the owner later discovered that the intake manifold blew apart. the manifold was made of plastic. the owner contacted the dealer, and was informed that what happened was not uncommon. the dealer was familiar with the defect, and the estimated charge of repair would cost about $600.00.*ak *eh *jb