Mv Agusta F41000+1

Model F41000+1 made by Mv Agusta got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to electrical system. .

Model 2005

Consumer Complaints

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 My motorcycle is 30 months old, has approximately 1,000 miles on the odometer and is in absolutely new, original and unaltered condition. i was on the highway riding at approximately 55 miles per hour when drivers in cars made me aware that my bike was trailing considerable flames. i was very fortunate to escape unharmed. somehow, i was able to bring the bike to a safe stop, lower the side stand, turn off and remove the key, unlock and open the tailpiece and somehow extinguish the fire, mostly with my gloves. the fire appeared to originate under and to the left rear of the seat however there?s a large hole in the tail piece where it burned through. police and fire departments were on the scene and full reports were made. i was on my way to the motorcycle dealer when this took place. i purchased this motorcycle from the original owner on december 7, 2008 with 900 miles on the odometer. afterward, i learned this motorcycle has a history of unresolved electrical problems. i have copies of repair orders and this was confirmed by the original selling dealer. additionally, the selling dealer made numerous service calls to the former owner?s home to start the bike. this bike was sold new on november 24, 2006 and in the opinion of the former owner never ran properly. my service records indicate that wiring harnesses were replaced and the cpu was ordered but probably not replaced, likely because of the onset of the former owner?s depilating illness. during my brief period of ownership, the bike frequently stalled at highway speed when downshifting (very un-nerving) and stalled between gears when coming to a stop. the idle speed appeared correct to factory specification. the former owner?s wife later informed me that he was afraid to ride the motorcycle because of this condition. the fire damage appears centered in the area under the tail piece, however the dealer informed me that the motorcycle may be a total loss. *tr