National O-ring O-ring

Model O-ring made by National O-ring got 1 consumer complain as well as 1 investigation. Consumer complaints with reference to other. . The car had one investigation (fuel system, gasoline).

Model 9999


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 Summary:several recalls throughout the 1990's, as well as various automotive industry publications, have identified the possible premature failure of fuel delivery system o-rings and other components made from various nitrile rubber compounds.the purpose of this rq is to identify those vehicles with nitrile rubber compound components in fuel delivery system applications which are potentially defective.

Consumer Complaints

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 Driving on roberts road in the right hand lane of 2 northbound lanes, a large tour bus to my left suddenly veered in to my lane with no indication of lane change. i barely missed being struck by slamming on my brakes. the bus was veering around a car which was in front of it turning left. same bus did the same to another car - going suddenly into the right hand lane in front of another small passenger car less than 20 yards of an intersection where it subsequently turned right. bus marked: treasures of america out of bridgeview il. us dot #: 244769, license plate # 24-430 r time of day: 4:10 p.m., location - roberts road - between 91st st and 87th st. complaint type does not fit but i could not find anywhere else on your website to report. in addition - i was unable to find this operator based on title and have not yet contacted the secretary of state's office. *tr