Newmar Bay Star 2004

Model Bay Star made in 2004 by Newmar got 3 service bulletins. Technical service bulletines regarding equipment, seat belts.

Model 2004


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
34306/02/200810025862Newmar corporation: all motorized rv. a thermal limit switch is added to certain 1200 lr, 1200 lrim, and 1201 lrim refrigerators to prevent possible excess or overheating conditions in the heater area of the cooling unit to exceed a certa09/11/2008
34406/04/200810025861Newmar corporation: all motorized equipped with norcold refer. change cooling unit heating element vendors; there is a new style electric heating element that must be used in certain new cooling units. *pe09/11/2008
TSB-37204/30/201010034235Newmar corp.: failed amsafe seat belts being returned to newmar for warranty coverage. please note that when changing out warranty amsafe seat belts, both harness strap with clip and buckle portion will need to be returned. all motorized10/27/2010