CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
03V251000NISSAN NORTH AMERICA, INC.from 08/01/2001 to 05/20/2003V (Vehicle)37700008/18/2003MFRNISSAN NORTH AMERICA, INC.07/14/200307/24/2003
Defect SummaryOn certain passenger vehicles originally sold in or currently registered in the states of alaska, colorado, connecticut, iowa, idaho, illinois, indiana, kansas, massachusetts, maine, michigan, minnesota, missouri, montana, north dakota, nebraska, new hampshire, new york, ohio, pennsylvania, rhode island, south dakota, utah, vermont, wisconsin, and wyoming. at extremely cold temperatures, moisture in the fuel tank could freeze and form ice crystals. these ice crystals may obstruct the suction opening of the fuel pump.
Consequence SummaryThis can prevent the supply of fuel to the engine and cause the engine to stop, which could result in a crash without warning.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install a screen at the suction opening of the fuel pump to prevent ice crystals from blocking the opening. owner notification began on august 18, 2003. owners should contact nissan at 1-800-333-0829.
NotesNissan recall nos. r3012/p3142.customers can also contact the national highway traffic safety administration


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
02103A05/30/20030210310002426Fuel tank slosh or clunk noise from rear of vehicle. *tt08/27/2003
0210310/10/200210000206Fuel tank slosh noise. *tt02/19/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Will not start,replaced crank an cam sencor nothing they are recalls on these cars for lots of problems i purchesed this car thinking it was a good car for my wife two days later it leaves her an my daughter stuck on the freeway.i have done resets nothing works is there something yall can help me with im out of pocket cause this car.can i take it to nissan dealer an they fix it for a recall.
 Driver smelled gasoline at startup. was only faint at first, but grew stronger over the next few days. odor became so overpowering that driver had to drive with windows open to vent fumes. driver identified gas dripping from fuel pressure regulator visible on driver's side of engine. dealer confirmed fuel pressure regulator leak, ordered replacement part, and returned vehicle to owner stating that it's still safe to drive. driver concerned over possible engine fire since gas drips onto engine while it's running. driver has discontinued using vehicle until repair is made.
 Re: 2002 nissan altima. there is severe rust and corrosion in specific locations directly under both the driver and front passengers seats and floors. the corrosion appears to be related to two factory holes in the floor, one on each side of the vehicle. the corrosion on the passenger side of our car is less severe: a large area of rust but a relatively small hole (tennis ball size) through the sheet metal. the drivers side of the car has a large hole (soccer ball size) in the floor. this is the only major corrosion on the car (the rear subframe assembly was replaced in 2006 due to corrosion under a nissan warranty program). the fuel filler neck is also rusty and does not seal properly, which can cause an engine alert when the fuel vapor seal leak reaches the point where the alert is triggered. there is little or no corrosion in the wheel wells or fenders. based on two bids from auto body shops in this area, the cost to repair the rust damage will be between $2500 and $3200. i have taken photographs of approximately forty altimas in thes area. all but five have corrosion in this specific area to varying degrees. it is clearly not limited to only the car we own. nissan has a warranty program which covers rust perforation for a period of five years from the date of manufacture. i have spoken to a number of people at a dealer in this area regarding this problem. they claim that nissan is aware of this problem on 2001 through 2005 altimas, but has chosen not to warrant it due to the expense, preferring instead to refuse to be responsible. nissan will apparently take the cars in trade and sell them to wholesale auto operations where they are sold to customers who may or may not be aware of the problem.
 My 2002 nissan altima 2.5 s vehicle shuts off suddenly when i am driving, leaving me in a very dangerous situation. it has happened about 7 times in the past 2 months. nissan sent out a safety recall in early 2008 regarding this issue, but the recall only reprogrammed the electronic control module. i took my vehicle to an authorized nissan dealership/service center, and they refused to reprogram the ecm module until i pay for replacing the crankshaft position sensor and camshaft sensor which would cost me $324. the current recall from nissan does not fix the problem. a quick search online for the same symptom reveals that many people have had the same problem and reprogramming the ecm module hasn't corrected the problem. the real problem is with the crankshaft position sensor and that needs to be fixed, but the cost for fixing it is being borne by the consumer, and not by nissan. *tr
 Too many issues to remember than all but i'll try: - excessive oil use - excessive coolant use - overheating to the aforementioned issues - intermittent transmission issues - failing airbag - electrical issues - broken sensors - catalytic converters gone bad - oxygen sensors gone bad - intermittent failure to start - intermittent car shaking and so on. *tr
 Gas door did not latch closed. had repaired on 3/9/06. now i have noticed several 2002 nissan altimas with the same problem. i contacted nissan north america on 7/7/06 and was told that this defect was not in recall status, and i could therefore not be issue a refund for the repair. i began collecting plate numbers of altimas with the same problem, i'm at number seven so far. i believe that the gas door not closing could be a safety issue and should be recalled. this defect is not exclusive to my car. *nm
 Pure gas smell in exhaust....vehicle fails to restarts after being driven short distances , turne off, and re-started. has happened since i have purchased the vehicle....dealership/repair never finds any problems. this is the 5th time it has happened over a year. car will not re-start, unless i wait 2-4 hours & try again. dealership/service said may have something to do with where i purchase fuel....but i fill up at several places through out the i know that's not the problem.*ak
 Had a gas leak in my drive way and called dealer and informed them of problem and they had it towed to shop for observation. could not find leak. had a second leak just yesterday 5 march 2003 and the service dept supervisor came to my location to check it out, he saw the leak and called to have it towed to the shop for observation. i am still waiting to find out why my new car is leaking gas. 8jb
 Car failed 2 times while driving on the highway and failed to allow engine to run over 900 rpm's. part replaced was throttle body chamber assembly. *jb
 Pure gas smell in exhaust....vehicle fails to restarts after being driven short distances , turne off, and re-started. has happened since i have purchased the vehicle....dealership/repair never finds any problems. this is the 5th time it has happened over a year. car will not re-start, unless i wait 2-4 hours & try again. dealership/service said may have something to do with where i purchase fuel....but i fill up at several places through out the i know that's not the problem.*ak
 Purchased vehicle july 3, 2006. august 8, 2006- service engine light reported multi cylinder misfire, spark plugs were replaced. feb 07- same code found and spark plugs and o2 sensors replaced. june 07- same code, engine floods twice, car crank but wont start and spark plugs, coils, fuel pump replaced. nissan tech couldn't duplicate the problem but mentioned coolant was low and so that was why the cylinder misfire and head gaskets need to be fixed. oct. 07 engine shut off about 4 times while driving. november 07- engine fails. no recourse from nissan consumer affairs nor where nissan car was purchased. *tr
 Tl*-the contact owns a 2002 nissan altima there is a recall on the fuel pump screen which caused the engine to stall, and the engine service light to remain on. during the diagnosis they found a service engine code pertaining to the catalyst. he took it to the dealership and called nissan, who inform him that the dealer would fix it, but nissan called back refusing to cover the cost of the repair. the failure mileage was 74,000 , and the current mileage was 80,000.*ak the manifold exhaust was replaced, when the vehicle was in idle, it would surge. the air bag sensor was replaced. updated 05/22/07. *jb
 Repairs required for 3 recalls, replacement or radiator and mass airflow sensor. however, manufacturer is willing to pay replacement of radiator, but won't pay for the replacement of mass airflow sensor. *la *mr
 Consumer smelled a bad odor. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer stated there was a recall for the fuel pump. *ak *mr
 The first incident was on december 3, 2002 when my car engine ceased to function on the interstate at 70mph. there was no warning and the engine light did not come on. vehicle was towed to the dealership and the computer was replaced. on january 15, 2003, again on the interstate, the vehicle experienced the same problem. it ceased function and the engine light didn't come on. the vehicle was again towed and this time the problem has been diagnosed as a malfunction with fuel pump. the fuel pump and gas tank are scheduled to be replaced and pieces of metal were found in the gas tank.
 06/29/07 my car sputtered through the intersection of 33rd and highland drive. i then pulled into a bakery on 3100 south and highland drive when i got out of my car i was overwhelmed by the smell of gas. there was a trail of gas behind my car and a large puddle under my car. at this point i did not know what to do, i was afraid to start my car so i asked a gentleman at big o to come and look at my car to see if i could start it. they said they would not start it not knowing where the gas leak was at. i then called the dealer ship and they did not suggest driving the vehicle but having it towed down to the dealership. the tow company picked me and my car up at about 8:50. the gentleman turned on my car and backed it out of the parking spot to put it up on the tow truck. the moment my car was turned on it began to leak gas. it looked like someone had turned on a water faucet and it created another large puddle of gas in the parking lot. once at the dealer ship. i explained to shane and nick what was going on with my car when nick said, i know what is wrong with it. it happened to another car this week. but that one caught fire he took my car back into the shop and about 20 minutes later come back out of the shop and showed my grandfather and myself what had happened. the gas line had fallen off and the gas was soaking into my back seat. it had created a tar like substance on the tank and on the foam of my seat and the seat was soaked from the gas. i left my car with the dealership all day for them to attempt to clean the seat and get rid of the gas smell. around 6pm that same night i went to pick up my car with my roommate . we were about 10 feet from my car when we both could still smell the gas. needless to say with the weather turning from summer to fall and getting colder the gas smell is getting worse and the dealership does not care about the health hazard and will not replace my back seat. *jb
 Fuel fill pipe connect to body has rusted on nissan altima with 47k miles (2002). i believe there is a recall on another nissan product for the same issue. this currently is causing car to fail emissions, however i would believe it is a safety risk as well. this car is currently early production of redesiged altima, could potentially be part of first identification of issue. in trying to order the part dealer has indicated there is a backlog for the part. would indicate they are having high demand in resolving this issue. *nm
 It has come to my attention that the nissan 2.5 liter power plant has issues with intake butterfly valve screws that have became loose and are sucked into the engine resulting in stalling and severe damage that could cause grave harm or death. i myself have not experienced this however there is great knowledge and a current recall for some of the 04-05 nissan altima models. i am a current 2002 nissan altima owner and this issue has me concerned to the point that for my own safety i am going to have all of the 8 screws lock tightened so i can feel safe when driving. please see the discussions on this issue as it is a common problem(one found >20% had missing screws): and and people have to use these instructions to repair this issue themselves just to feel safe here: they have a current recall (04-05) why not older models with the same problem? *nm
 Car would not start. extremely strong gasoline odor in car. large puddle of gasoline under car. gas line came off gas tank. fitting had vibrated loose. replaced fitting and reconnected gas line. luckily no fire and the car was not moving at the time. friends with same year and model car experienced the same problem while driving.
 Defect rotor: i have being driving my altima 02 for 2 years. three weeks ago (22 month), at less than 17000 miles, i took my car for a brake check because it made a lot of noise. the technician at performance nissan dealership found that both rear rotors and pads need to be replaced and the front rotors needed to be cleaned and machined. it surprised me since it is such a short period of time and mileage. by the way, i placed a order for rear rotors from a nissan dealership in tx. they told me they have to place a national order to find the part, and i have to wait for a unknown period of time for the part to come in. so everyday, i have to walk to work. rusty gas intake pipe: there is a hole at the intake above the left rear tire, so mud and water came in during snow weather, then the intake mouth became rusty.*jb
 (1) my 2002 nissan altima shutters and dies when being driven at low rpms. i.e.(heavy traffic, or stopping at a traffic light). (2) it shuts completely off when in motion. (3) i had the vehicle serviced last week, for this problem, and it's back at the shop again today for the same problem. i tried to explain that there was a related recall issue, but kevin at urban nissan in duncanville told me that according to his system, there were no recall issues for my car. *ak
 I own a 2002 nissan altima, that my husband purchase for my 15 year anniversary, may 2002. in oct 2002, it started with lose belts that wasn't repaired until dec 2002. well, in mar 2003, my car wouldn't start. so, the service guy told me to put it in neutral and try to start it, nothing!! so, when the tow guy arrived to tow to dealer, he tried with no success. so, my car was left at the dealer for 4 days, the service dept said it started for them. so, while i was checking out at the cashier, the service manager so happen to be standing by and over heard me talking to the cashier. so, he and i went out to my car and it started for him, but he stated that it's a delayed cranking and they've gotten a service complaint about the altima's not starting and they believe it's has something to do with the fuel injection, but before they can recall the car, they must know how to repair the problem. so, he said whenever it does it again, while cranking the car, push down on the accelerator and give it some gas and it should start. well, in april, while in d.c., on vacation, coming out to start the car, it didn't start. so, i did what the service manager told me to do and it started, but i had to end my vacation, because i was afraid to chance it far from home. well, i took my car in to get the oil change and i did let the service dept know of the problem. well, here it is june 2003, my car stalled again and my husband was very upset, because he had driven it to work and he managed to get it back to work and when he got ready to leave work, it wouldn't start and he had to push down on the accelerator and give it some gas for it to start. well, i'm taking my car to the dealer on saturday, june 21, 2003 and who knows what excuse they'll have. and to make it soo bad, i'm going to a reunion, in florida and i wanted to drive my car, but i'm not sure if it's safe to drive at all, now. well, i hope those of you get some solution to this problem. *nlm
 While driving 40-45 mph, noticed smoke coming from under the hood. consumer pulled over and fire department put out the fire. vehicle was totalled. fire department thought fire was caused by fuel injection system. however, cause of fire has not been officially determined yet. no injuries. *ak *jb
 I had been smelling gas fumes inside the car and outside for 2 months. i brought my car to the nissan dealer i bought it from and they fixed the problem for $160.00. on my service receipt it said they found gross evap leak: fuel tank seal not sealing: replaced fuel sender seal. i questioned why would a 3 year old car start leaking gas from the top of the gas tank and they said it's just normal wear and tear. i can understand wear and tear on tires and brakes but give me a break, the only thing i do to a gas tank is fill it with gas! my car is only 3 years old with 46,000 miles and they said that the work was not covered under warranty. i even spent $900.00 for an extended warranty. my fiance is a smoker and i was worried for his safety in the car so i told him not to smoke in the car for fears of something happening if the fumes would ignite somehow. i complained to the service manager and got nowhere. they told me to call nissan's customer service number and still after at least 5 calls they will do nothing. i swear they are just there to hear complaints and work you down until you just forget about it. i will not give up. also, the clear coat on my paint is starting to chip on the front bumper and plastic grill> guess what they said? not covered under warranty. i an fed up with nissan and will take advantage of every opportunity to sway people away from buying any nissan or infiniti. *jb
 Service engine light has come on seven times. the engine has shut off for no apparent reason four times. total the car has been in for service nine times. two recalls have been issued one for the crank position sensor (which i was never notified of) and now one regarding gas tank ice crystals (received my notification 5/20/04). both of these problems can cause a crash without warning. i have worked with the bbb autoline, however since the car has not shut off since the crank position sensor was replaced the arbitrator believes that the most serious problem has been remedied and that the check engine light while being a chronic problem, does not substantially affect the use, safety, or value of the vehicle. i have only driven the vehicle 14,711 miles in two years because i am afraid to drive it, thus use has been affected. i have almost been in two accidents as a result of the vehicle's problems, this safety has been affected. carfax is showing six negative reports on my vin number, (the service that car dealers use to help determine if the vehicle has had problems such as major accidents, lemon law vehicle, etc.), therefore, no one would even be interested in purchasing my vehicle, so value has been affected. even after the crank position sensor was replaced the car's check engine light has come on four more times. nissan is unable to diagnose/remedy the problem and refuses to give me a refund on the vehicle. i have been in two near accidents as a direct result of these problems. i believe that the problems will reoccur and i will not be so lucky next time. i am pursing this with the state of florida's lemom law arbitration board. this vehicle is a danger to myself and all other on the road. *ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2002 nissan altima. the contact stated that the check engine warning indicator would continuously illuminate. the dealer could not determine why the indicator continued to illuminate and stated that there was rust around the fuel tank. on a separate occasion, the engine began to make a knocking sound and the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic. it was determined that the knocking noise originated from the overhead cam component of the engine. there was no oil in the vehicle, although the contact maintained regular maintenance and oil changes every 3,000 miles. his vin was not included in any of the recalls that described the same failures he experienced (nhtsa campaign id numbers 03v455000 and 03v455000). the failure mileage was 32,500 and current mileage was 86,600.
 My 2002 nissan altima vehicle was taken in for service at bob bell chevrolet nissan, 7900 eastern avenue, baltimore, maryland, 21224, on thursday, august 2, 2007. it was brought in for servicing of all the vehicles' recalls, a soft grinding noise that could be heard when turning the steering wheel and low freon levels for air conditioning. on friday afternoon, august 3, 2007 around 5pm, i was contacted by the service department and strongly advised to pick up the vehicle before the service division closed at 6pm. the dealership stated that all recalls and issues had been resolved and completed. i picked the vehicle up around 5:45pm and proceeded to travel home. after only fifteen minutes, the vehicle engine started to smoke profusely. the engine started shaking harder and harder and a loud rattling noise could be heard from within the engine. the teenage passenger in the vehicle began to vomit and her eyes started swelling due to the volume of fumes expelled from the cars engine through the ventilation and into the car. i immediately pulled over (3700 eastern blvd.) and rushed to get her out of the seat where she continued to vomit once outside the vehicle. the dealership now denies ever seeing smoke from the engine (see attach.), as well as, denied causing damage to my car that potentially resulted in the engine smoking. the vehicle was picked up on wednesday, august 8, 2007 with the engine rattling uncontrollably even after being returned a second time to the dealership. the vehicle cut off while attempting to de-accelerate at a red light the following day. uncertainty surrounds whether the vehicle will cut off again while de-accelerating proving it hazardous to drive, whether the vehicles five recalls where all properly addressed, and if the engine will start smoking again. *tr
 Have a sloping driveway - when car is parked with a full tank of gasoline, under certain conditions (usually warm days), gasoline drips out of car in the area around the rear of the fuel tank. have had the car into dealer multiple times, they have been unable to recreate problem. the problem is intermittent, but unless solution is found i'm sure it will recur - i would rate this a significant safety hazard.*jb
 I have a 2002 nissan altima 2.5l. my car receives regular maintenance every 3 months and/or 3,000 miles (documentation can be provided), it never sits longer than 2 or 3 day, and it's driven on the highway for my work commute. twice my car suddenly wouldn't start without warning. the first time it was fixed, which was around april, there were several recalls for my car. one was for the fuel pump screen and the engine sensor that would cause the car to not start or suddenly stop running. this second time (10-24-05), my local mechanic showed me a 6-page service technical bulletin that was issued by alldata for my non-starting problem. the document suggested replacing the starter, adding a nissan brand fuel injector cleaner and/or reprogramming the computer to fix the problem. this second repair will cost me about $500 to fix when i pick up my car tomorrow. i thought the recall repairs would resolve this issue, but those repairs proved to only provide a temporary fix, but not resolve the underlying problem. since there's a service technical bulletin about my non-starting issue, 2 recalls related to this same problem, and i've had the same problem happen twice, i think my car should be recalled. i'm fortunate that i wasn't driving the car when it stopped running or that could have caused a serious accident. i should not have the same problem happen twice in 6 months. if my car fails to start twice in 6 months and the recall repairs don't remedy the problem, then there must be something else causing the problem. i'd hate to find out in a few months that the $500 start replacement wasn't the culprit, because i'd be back at square one. please tell me how i can get this issue escalated to a recall status or what i can do to prevent a 3rd failure. thank you, jenny r. baker. *jb
 Major gas leaks. *ak
 Nhtsa 03v251000 at extremely cold temperatures moisture in the fuel tank could freeze and form ice crystals. these ice crystals may obstruct the suction opening of the fuel pump. consumer received this recall letter in november 2003. dealership still does not have the parts available to conduct recall repairs. *ak
 The consumer received a recall notice (nhtsa 03-v-251-000) for the replacement of the fuel tank, however the dealer did not have the parts available to repair the recall. *nm
 Whenever the fuel tank is filled fuel would over flow. also, front ball joints were worn out, causing the front end to wobble. sometimes it wa shard to maintain control of vehicle.*ak
 I am concerned about the safety of me and my family. it is an uneasy feeling to hear the gas tank slushing around, especially when the tank is full. when i first reported to carmax, one of the technicians drove with me and he thought it was a defect also. carmax replaced the gas tank, and you can still hear the gas. i was told that they test drove both the v6 and v4 engine cars and they both did the same thing. your prompt response would be greatly appreciated. sincerely joann martin. *jb ****dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut-over to artemis****762556
 Concern is the ability to hear the gas gushing in the gas tank--fear explosion if hit from the side or rear--told there was no protection placed between the gas tank and car sides
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 There's a plastic piece on dashboard that is too bright, and it is hard to see while driving.*ak
 About 2 months after purchasing my new 2002 altima i took my car into the dealer because there was clanking noises coming from the engine which i noticed especially when turning the wheel. the dealer said i needed new motor mounts. after the mounts were replaced i still heard the noise. i took the car back into the dealer and because i could not simulate the problem, the dealer would not look at the car. i then found that i could simulate the problem by turing my steering wheel to the left while the car was stopped, then accelerating. it sounded like there were rocks rolling around in the left front wheel area. the dealer said i had a loose wheel nut and fixed the problem, although many mechanics i have spoken to since then have said the symptoms sounded like a bad cv boot. my car is now 18 months old and about a week ago i noticed that my car was not responding to my key fob correctly and i have come out to my car twice and the front windows are down. on saturday my car would not start. i tried jumping the car and that did not work. the dealer said they would have it towed since it is under warranty but i would have to wait until monday. i tried starting the car sunday and again today and nothing happened. when the tow truck came the tow guy said the car sounded flooded. he turned the key, pressed the gas it after a ton of smoke came out of the exhaust, the car started. i had the car towed to the dealer only to have them tell me that the problem is probably the timing and because i did not take the car to them at 15,000 miles to have the timing checked, it is not covered under the warranty and i am responsible for the reparis and tow charge. i researched this site and found out that there is a recall on a part that causes the car not to start. it is at the dealer right now and they have not told me what the problem is, but they will have to keep it over night.*ak
 Tl*- the contact stated that both the check engine light and oil light turned on. the dealer said it could be a problem with engine. the contact bought the car use and has also had the car serviced once since time of purchase.