BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
NTB99017A02/10/2000NTB99071610985Some customers may indicate that a light ticking or humming noise can be heard coming from the blower motor of an applied vehicle when the motor is run at low fan speeds. *tt05/23/2000
0602903/30/200610019626Engine oil cooler gasket available. *tt04/05/2006
99063C05/17/200599063D10000401Engine will not start. nissan vehicle immobilizer system / nissan anti-theft system (nvis/nats) description key registration. *tt update. *tt02/26/2003
NTB0107611/16/2001627388Subject regarding egi harness, wire breakage. *jg02/07/2002
NTB0101002/15/2001618795Some vehicles may exhibit a buzzing noise coming from the engine compartment for several seconds after the ignition key is turned off. *tt04/30/2001
NTB00008A03/07/2000NTB00008610995Some vehicle with various vin ranges may exhibit low / no idle when shifting into d or r range after cold start. *tt05/24/2000
NTB01036A09/17/2001NTB01036628205Subject regarding malfunction indicator lamp03/06/2002
NTB0103609/17/2001624041Information regarding mil on dtc massairflow sensor, mafs.*jb10/31/2001
NTB01016A07/02/2001NTB01016623204This bulletin focuses on vehicles exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp on with rear o2 sensor diagnostic trouble codes p0138 - p0140 or p0158 - p0160. *sb10/26/2001

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl* the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact stated that the vehicle was made a loud banging noise. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic. the technician diagnosed that the radiator support was completely corroded preventing the hood of from opening. the manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 135,000 and the current mileage was 142,000.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact stated that the vehicle was made a loud banging noise. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic. the technician diagnosed that the radiator support was completely corroded preventing the hood of from opening. the manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 135,000 and the current mileage was 142,000. mah
 Tl- the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact stated that the vehicle was make a loud bang noise. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic. the technician diagnosed that the radiator support was completely corroded preventing the hood of the vehicle from opening. the manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 135,000 and the current mileage was 142,000. pm
 Tl* the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact stated that the radiator cross bar was corroded. the vehicle was taken to a local repair shop. and the manufacturer was contacted. the vehicle was repaired. the failure mileage was 108,475 and the current mileage was 108,575.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact stated that the radiator cross bar was corroded. the vehicle was taken to a local repair shop. and the manufacturer was contacted. the vehicle was repaired. the failure mileage was 108,475 and the current mileage was 108,575. kmj
 Tl- the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact stated during inspection the radiator cross bar was corroded. the vehicle was taken to a local repair shop. the manufacturer was contacted. the vehicle was repaired. the failure mileage was 108,475 and the current mileage was 108,575. rds
 My son was driving this car and heard the engine making unusual noise and a clunking noise. i took the car to a mechanic to have it checked out and found out the front sub frame is completely rusted out. the front motor mount isn't attached to anything. the motor isn't supported up front. he told me the car is not safe to drive. i can't believe there isn't a recall on something so dangerous. i'm filing this report in case i have to take legal action at a later date. *tr
 My vehicle, as with many nissan maxima's from 2000 to 2003, is affected by a defective radiator core support. the part is extremely prone to rusting and decaying while the surrounding parts remain intact. the part on my car has developed holes and chunks are constantly falling off, possibly causing a safety hazard. *tr
 I checked my oil and transmission fluid about a week and a half after buying the car and right when i shut the hood the check engine light popped on and stayed on obviously very temperamental. about a week later while stopped at a red light the engine felt a little weird then when i started driving right away the car lost power shut down and all the light popped on i had my 2 year old and 3 year old and fiance in the car and the steering wheel locked up and i almost got hit trying to steer it out of traffic into a mcdonald's. called the dealer and he just left us sitting there in the heat. called the tow truck and i was trying to restart the car but it would turn over but not stay on. so i wait and wait and decide to try starting it like 20 minutes later after looking under the hood and it starts right up as the tow truck is pulling up but he charged me anyway even though i was able to drive it from there to the dealers on my own the dealers mechanic kept trying to diagnose this thing and kept saying oh its fixed now about 4 different times...first he said it was the coil pack,then he said it was the maf mass air flow sensor,then they said bad gas was put in it by them and they cleaned the gas rail,then finally they listened to me and replaced the isc (idle speed control) motor now it started working and not dying on me when i slow down or stop at red lights because they gave it back to me like three times saying it was fixed and it wasn't but now when i'm in the park position with the car running within about 20-30 seconds the rpm drops and the car lights up and dies but at least it starts right back up and drives not like before but this is still a problem. look on identifix website and you will see that 4 components need to be recalled. the maf,ignition coils,isc,and most expensive of all the ecm which it says is usally damaged once the isc is done for.
 My nissan was parked on the street about 11:00 pm. the following morning, just before 7:00 am, i had knocking at my door and it was the fireman wanting the keys to my car so they could access the latch to open the hood. smoke was coming out of the sides of the hood and the firemen were already spraying my hood as the engine was on fire. since the latch did not work, an electric saw was used to open it. the engine was doused with the fire hose till the smoke stopped. you could see that the whole engine was black. the fire was so strong that the front was sitting on top of the front tire. it has been reported as an accident with cause unknown and must have been burning anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. odd that a fire would start since the car was sitting overnight for 6 to 7 hours, cold. i was fortunate not to be in the car. it was lucky that it was a rainy day and caught early by a neighbor before it affected any other cars, people, and residential area by blowing up. it will be interesting to see nissan's explanation to this incident.
 Check engine light flashed during acceleration, and then stayed on, coinciding with poor engine performance. occurred repeatedly over several year period. eventually replaced all ignition coils which solved the problem (old coils kept). *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. one year ago, the engine warning light illuminated on the instrument control panel. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer and they stated that the coil ignition failed. the coil ignition was replaced. several months later, the engine warning light illuminated again on the instrument control panel and the vehicle was taken back to the dealer. the dealer replaced all of the coil ignition springs. one week later, the light illuminated again and the dealer stated that the oxygen sensor needed to be replaced. the oxygen sensor was replaced. five months later, the failure recurred and the dealer stated that the catalyst needed to be replaced. the vehicle has not been repaired because the expense exceeds $1,200. the manufacturer would not provide any assistance because the warranty expired. the failure mileage was 74,000 and current mileage was 88,000.
 My 2000 maxima has a check engine light illuminated. normally, the cars runs fine but approximately 10 times over the last several years in extremely humid conditions and when the temperature is around 50 degrees (f), the idle gets extremely rough. i had the fault codes read and they were p1320 (three times) and p0420 (once). after being read, the codes were reset, but immediately returned. this defect has existed on and off for over two years and has been reset several during this time. when reset the last time, the weather was exactly as described above. the car has 36k miles and is driven around 4k miles per year. my investigation indicated defective coils, which are known problems to nissan and should have been recalled a long time ago. the car was purchased due to consumer reports great ratings but because of this defect i can safely say that i would never purchase a nissan automobile again. asking consumers to pay over $1000 to repair a vehicle built with defective parts is almost criminal. nissan should own up to its responsibility and recall the known defective parts thus restoring customer satisfaction and vehicle reliability. *tr
 I have a check engine light on at 60,000 miles on 2000 nissan maxima, but code was p1320 which dealer ask to replace all six coils of cylinders costing 2000$. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact claimed to have an ignition coil failure, engine ping, and a decrease in power when accelerating. the contact replaced the ignition coil twice within three months , and could provide repair invoices if needed. the failure mileage was 75200.*ak consumer states that dealer will not provide copy of diagnostic and c-rt stating only for internal use. update *4/23/07tr
 2000 nissan maxima. problem with engine misfiring related to ntb01059. problem continues to recur though coil packs (6) are replaced. this is expensive. nissan knows about it. there are websites and petitions with over 3000 names of people having this recurring problem. *jb
 2000 maxima had problems with the ignition coil assembly. *ts the ac compressor was replaced. the malfunction indicator light illuminated. the dealer recommended replacing all 6 coils, because it could not be determine which coils were defective. *jb
 Beginning at 17,000 miles and continuing to 73,000 miles repeated harness wiring breaks resulting in engine coil failure, emission control malfunctions, catalytic converter failure, and engine misfiring. car lost power and became unusable for brief time periods. apprehensive driving car for fear of problem occurring unexpectedly. car had been repaired eight times. emission control module replaced and emission control system reprogrammed. coils replaced on several occasions and frayed wires repaired. catalytic converter replaced. *nm
 2000 maxima engine failed. piston rod broke into pieces and totally damaged the engine. *ts the rotors were turned and the doors were hard to open. the drive belts were replaced. *jb the deck lid light bulb was replaced. the consumer was unable to pull out the dip stick. updated 03/20/06. *jb
 Car was leased in 2000, brought it in to the nissan dealership in 2002 for a repair. the car was almost stalling out at lights. dealership said there was a faulty coil and replaced. however, 4 years later the same thing happened and when i brought this to the local mechanic they said there was a tsb from 2001 that said nissan recommends replacing all 6 coils. when i called nissan after finding this out, they basically said your car isn't under warranty and we don't grandfather these in. my question is, why didn't the nissan dealership look a their own tsb and replace all of these while under warranty? *nm
 The check engine light came on while traveling. vehicle was taken to the mechanic, and the engine coils were found to be defective. a complaint was registered with the manufacturer. however, manufacturer refused assistance.*ak......these coils have a flaw in design which results in one or more engine misfires. nissan has improved the design in newer models. however, nissan refused to help customers. total cost of replacing the coils was $750.00. *ak
 Check engine light continously comes on, had oxygen sensor replaced, still comes on with various codes. *ak
 While driving check engine light appeared on the dashboard and remained on. vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that the engine coil needed to be replaced due to worn out parts. *ak
 While driving in cold weather the vehicle stalls out. dealer notified. please provide additional information. ts
 Tl-the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. while the vehicle was in for service for the transmission the radiator drop out due to corrosion. the contact stated the local mechanic had to replaced the lower radiator support on the vehicle in december 2010. he called the manufacturer and was advised there was no recall for the failure. the failure mileage was 150,000 and the current mileage was 152,000. vwb
 In spring of 2005, had vehicle in for hvac fan not turning off. nissan dealer fixed under warranty auto turnoff module. in december 2005, hvac fan would not turn on, nissan dealer charged $500+ to replace auto turn on module. should have been covered under warranty like the auto turn off module, in my opinion. *jb
 Tl* - the contact has a 2000 nissan maxima gxe that had to have the oxygen sensors replaced twice. the radiator was changed in the summer of 2006. the check engine light turned on due to an engine failure, the contact understood that this was a common problem with these types of cars. *ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 nissan maxima. the contact stated that the check engine light remains illuminated on the instrument panel. he replaced the o2 sensors twice in one year and also replaced six of the coils springs after the vehicle was diagnosed. after each replacement, the engine light did not illuminate for three weeks. the coil springs were just replaced three weeks ago and now the check engine light is illuminated again. speed was not a factor. he notified the dealer and they stated that he had to pay to have the vehicle diagnosed again. the contact stated that he is not taking the vehicle back to the dealer. the powertrain was unknown. the current mileage was 89,000 and failure mileage was approximately 88,000.
 I drive a 2000 nissan maxima that currently has 48000 miles on it. i developed an engine ping at 45000 miles and took it to the dealer for sevice. they replaced all 6 coil packs and air something or other at a cost of $1300.00. i have driven it 5000 more miles and i once again have an engine ping. i took it back to the dealer a second time to which they told me i was a quart low on oil and that would cause a ping. they did an oil & filter change. i was pleased as i drove away and heard no engine ping, however about 30 miles later it came back. their theory of being 1 quart low on oil is not correct. i decided to research this problem on the net, and see that this is a very common problem with nissan's. this is not a cheap fix and i think nissan should have to recall this as it should not be a consumer fix.
 My check engine light is on - and the car is running poorly. there is an issue with it jerking intermittently while driving. i have been told by the repair shop that there is a technical service bulletin on this car for bad engine coils and harnesses. total cost to repair is between $3,000-4,000. if a manufacturer knows there is a problem with a car it produces, it should have a recall and repair the cars affected. *jb
 Faulty engine sensors; engine failure; manufacturer's failure to recognize problem. *nm
 My 2000 nissan maxima has been experience problems with the check engine soon light. a dealer hooked it up to a computer and indicated a code of p1320 - faulty coil - misfire on cylinder 4. he told me in his experience with 2000 nissan maximas he can replace one, but customer will be back because the coils are defective and other will eventually go. i feel since they are defective cylinders, nissan should recall the parts. *nm
 Start-up and idle problem from 2004 to 2006 fuel system induction serviced november 2004 throttle body serviced in november 2004 starter motor assembly replaced in december 2005 fuel system indication serviced in november 2005 throttle body serviced in november 2005 six (6) engine coils replaced in january 2006 each time taken in to dealership for repair due to the start-up and idle problem. dealership would not identify the defective engine coil and replace it alone. dealership required all six engine coils be replaced due to nissan directive. *nm
 Check engine sign came on in my nissan maxima se 2000. i took it to a local repair shop for a inspection and my car failed state emission test. also mechanic told me that my car had dtc p1320 and p0302, ignition signal problem and cylinder misfire. *jb
 Failed engine coils which lead to poor performance and severe jumping. *nm
 While driving at any speed the service engine soon light would come on and stay on. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who found that the mass air flow meter was defective. *nm
 The dealer replaced parts in the vehicle, however they did not know what caused the stalling. the consumer found other complaints with the same problem as hers. *ph *jb
 The check engine light illuminated, the dealer replaced a sensor however the problem recurred.*jb
 Intermittently when applying brakes and/or decelerating vehicle stalls out and dies without warning. vehicle will start up immediately after. dealer has replaced the sensor and the air filters and the problem has reoccurred.*ak
 Engine runs rough during cold weather (<50 degrees) and trips the code for engine misfire. the code does not always tell which cylinder has the misfire. engine coils determined to be the problem, but replacement only delays another misfiring for a while. i like the car but doubt i'll ever buy another nissan because of this issue. *tr
 Check engine light came on and the engine is running rough. took it to the dealer in sept '02 and they determined the coils were no good. they replaced them under warranty. now the car is doing the same thing again and the dealer advised that the coils need replacing again. dealer mentioned there was a problem with the original coils. obviously they used original coils when they replaced them in 2002. now the dealer will not replace them again because the car is no longer under warranty. contacted nissan directly and they also refused to pay for the coils or the labor.*ak
 Vehicle has stalled 3 times when coming to a stop. was taken to dealer twice. iac valve was replaced, did not remedy the problem.*ak
 Consumer states that while driving the vehicle will automatically shut off it happens at any speed. has taken the vehicle 5 times in the dealer and also they have had it in the dealer since january of 2002 but they cannot find the problem. nlm
 Consumer stated engine will make a popping noise during acceleration and a knocking noise during normal operation. dealership has examined vehicle but could not reproduce the problem. *ak *yh
 Engine knock (pinging) at 2k rpm, 40 mph. *ak
 1. on cold days, proceeding to drive after brief warm-up, engine nearly stalls when rpm reaches around 2000. it feels like someone applied brakes with a lot of force. 2. car stalled numerous times at the light, could not restart the engine for 30-45 sec afterwards. 3. dealer checked the engine could not find the problem.
 While driving at any rate of speed or while making any traffic maneuvers vehicle will completely shutdown without warning, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify cause. *ak consumer states stalling occurs more specifically when downshifting into 2nd gear or going around corners, vehicle will start up with no problems. *slc
 Service engine light come on after being replaced - nissan will not warrant -local dealership- sent car approx- 100 miles to another dealership- called to inguire about last part replace- i had ask for it- they stated they had taken off another car? needed it for another one of their vehicles-i told them it was in the back seat where they had left it- it was sent with car- car has been gone for almost 2 weeks now- this time - 2-3 days other times-
 We had been smelling gasoline inside the car for about a day. when we started the car in the morning there was a little difficulty starting the car. we backed out and noticed some liquid in our parking space. upon checking the liquid smelled like gasoline. when i checked under the hood, there was a gasoline leak when we started the car (spraying all over the engine). the injector fuel line where it goes into the fuel rail was leaking at the crimp clamp. the part was not available anywhere in the united states. (we were at the end of a weeks vacation in arizona). we thought we found a used part but it was the wrong one. finally, after we had to rent a car to come home, nissan said it would be shipping the part to our mechanic's distributor and would be available in 5 - 10 days. i had to take a bus back to arizona to pick up the car. it could have been a catastrophe if the car had caught fire or if we were in a desolate or precarious area where we had been earlier that week. *ak
 After driving at highway speeds for 20 minutes, got off highway and pulled into gas station. after putting the vehicle in park, the car shut off. after coming out of the store, it failed to start. went back to the car later, and it started right up. took to mechanic, blamed the service light on the anti-theft system. came on again 2-3 weeks later, took to a different mechanic who said it was the ignition coils. quoted me $1300 to replace all 6. opted not to perform repair at that time. 2 weeks later, the coil failed and caused the car to run very rough, as well as consume large amounts of gas. replaced broken coil and o2 sensor. car continues to get far below average mpg. about 15 mpg highway driving. *tr
 Transmission failure: bought vehicle in april of '99. transmission began to slip at 15k. reman trans under warranty. 2nd slip occurred at 30k under warranty. denied vehicle trade. reman trans. 3rd occurrence at 45k, replaced trans w/ oem under warranty. denied trade. transmission failure at high temp for long drives (2 hr incline) and had to wait for the trans to cool before it drove again, one occurrence at 55k, oil ok. still intermittent power loss/slippage. dealership unable to recreate problem. denied trade. ignition coils: knocking, bad gas mileage, and power loss due to ignition coil failure at 70k. was told i needed to replace all coils rather than the one that was damaged and all spark plugs. alternator went out after repair. replaced all coils, plugs and alternator ($1500). still have power loss & occasional knocking. no help from nissan. denied trade. suspension: constant knocking of tire area at 60k. all 4 hubs damaged and replaced at 65k. all 4 struts leaking and had to be replaced also at 65k. no help from nissan. nissan quote $3000. opted outside repair for $1000, no more problems. emissions: more loss of power (3000rpm+) and bad gas mileage. probably linked to ignition coil problem. problem has been diagnosed to 1 of 4 catalytic converter sensor failures. 130k. no help from nissan. $3000+. fan: loud noise when a/c is on. one fan defective at 80k. fan blade rubbing on metal frame. replaced fan $200. no help from nissan. conclusion: i wanted to have my vehicle considered a lemon and traded. i had no complaint with nissan or the maxima line. i only had a problem with just my car. just wanted a new maxima. 5 lemon attempts with nissan, rejected each time. dismissed under strict lemon law stipulation regarding repair statute of limitations and guidelines of repair. vehicle has been nothing but trouble. properly maintained and have maintenance receipts and dates of each occurrence listed above. *tr
 Engine coils and oxygen sensors have been needed to be be replaced on many occasions since i've owned this vehicle. when 2 of the coils needed to be replaced, the engine ran extremely rough (from both misfires) causing a huge reduction in engine speed and the inability to pass or accelerate safely onto the highway. this happened so abruptly on one occasion, that i was nearly run off the road. i am the original owner (purchased aug 1999) and have had to replace 4 of the 6 engine coils and all 4 of my oxygen sensors (each on different dates). i only have 116k miles on the vehicle. *tr
 Dt*: the contact stated the check engine light illuminated. the engine sputtered when started and at 20-55 mph the engine made a rattling sound. at speeds greater than 55 mph, the rattling stopped. there were three oxygen sensors replaced in the exhaust system of the vehicle however the persisted.
 My maxima started sputtering and acted as if it was going to die. the service engine soon light came on. at about 3500rpm the car brick walled and decelerated. first i took it to a mechanic who blew out all my hoses. that worked for a couple months. then the light came back on and was acting up again. replaced the 2 front oxygen sensors. worked for about a week. went back to the mechanic who replaced the mass air flow sensor and replaced the fuel filter. ran good for a few weeks and started acting up again. took it back to mechanic and had to have the first of 6 ignition coils replaced. running fine, occasionally sputters, but my service engine light won't go away. took it to a nissan dealership and the service dept. said that the 2000 model does not have an ecm software update! *tr
 2000 nissan maxima mass air flow sensor failure. *ak
 Tl* - the contact has a 2000 nissan maxima gxe that had to have the oxygen sensors replaced twice. the radiator was changed in the summer of 2006. the check engine light turned on due to an engine failure, the contact understood that this was a common problem with these types of cars. *ak
 At about 75,000 miles, engine would take a little longer to start especially in rainy weather. it sounded like it was taking longer for fuel to get to engine. check engine light came on at 80,000 miles. code indicated bad catalytic convertor. mechanic reset and a few thousand miles later it came on again. mechanic determined that both oxygen sensors were defective and they had to be replaced to pass smog check for $460 also, at about 80,000 miles, car had intermitant acceleration problems which became more problematic in rainy weather. i would floor accelerator and nothing would happen. mechanic pressure tested fuel pump and found it too low and replaced fuel pump for $478. this solved problem for a few months and it began happening again. then, one day i tried to back out of my garage and it wouldn't go in reverse when i shifted it. i pushed my car out of garage and was able to get it to go in drive. while driving to mechanic's, i put car in cruise control and it would lose power intermitantly trying to maintain the set speed. i took it out of cruise control and floored the accelerator and the same previous problem occurred. it reved engine but nothing would happen. when i got to mechanic, it would go in reverse. he determined that it was the transmission that didn't give enough clutch pressure until it was driven for a while. it was a failing transmission that caused this and the inability to accelerate. it would cost over $3,000 to replace the transmission. i had to replace defective front and rear struts, front tie rod grease boot, compress coil spring, tie rod outer end at 134,000 miles for $1100. at 137,000 miles, the egr valve & gasket fell out while i was driving. mechanic determined that the egr valve housing was broken and it was replaced for $340. due to the amount of money spent on this vehicle, i cannot afford $3000 to replace the transmission and will be selling my first and last nissan vehicle ever.
 Check engine sign came on in my nissan maxima se 2000. i took it to a local repair shop for a inspection and my car failed state emission test. also mechanic told me that my car had dtc p1320 and p0302, ignition signal problem and cylinder misfire. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated the check engine light illuminated. the vehicle was taken to the local dealership for inspection. the check engine light was reset by the dealership, however it illuminated again. upon further inspection, the dealership personnel discovered the oxygen sensor and the coil pack needed to be replaced. updated 02/07/06. *jb
 I purchased a used 2000 nissan maxima that had 28,000 miles on it almost 3 years ago. i have only put 6,000 miles on the car, but have had problems with the check engine light being on almost continuously since i purchased the vehicle. i took it to my regular mechanic when it had to pass smog inspection. he temporarily fixed the engine light problem, but soon as i accelerated over 50 miles per hour, the light came on again. i have also had problems with the brakes, which had to be completely replaced twice, the ignition (car wouldn't start), and, a problem with the car when downshifting (engine seizes up violently). there is also a suspension problem, as car makes loud noise every time i have to go over speed bumps. my son is ready to get his driver's license, and i will have to get rid of this car at a loss, as i do not feel the car is safe for him to drive. *jb
 Failure of oxygen sensor creating service engine soon light to come on resulting in replacement of $40 part, charged $131 for part and additional $220 to reprogram computer for total approx $350
 Engine dying when stopping. 02 sensor has been replaced, but did not help problem.*ak
 The check engine light went on while on a trip. the codes indicated oxygen sensors on the front and rear banks. the car has 45,000 miles on it and this is the third time it has needed oxygen sensors replaced, each time at approximately 15,000 miles. this is a defective part, also each time they reflash the ecm so it does not happen again, this is defective parts and nissan should extend the warranty on them. at $650 for the repair, it is a very expensive maintenance item. *ak
 Request reimbursement for cost of repairing defect. *ph (nar) in reference to a malfunction indicator lamp. *cb
 The oxyen sensors have failed almost continuously since purchasing this car. i've lost track of the number of time this car has been in the shop for the oxygen sensors, but it's around 7 or 8. the date below is only the most recent occurence of the 'service engine' light coming on due to the oxygen sensor. numerous other nissan's have had oxygen sensor recalls and it appears that this model should have been included also.
 Both oxygen sensors on my car that i bought 3 weeks ago have malfunctioned, and the dealership said they are not covered under warranty. my car only has 42,000 miles. it is a 2000 nissan maxima.*ak
 Exhaust system sensors needed to be replaced due to erratic operation of the electrical coiling of the ignition. the mixture of the exhaust would be affected along with the catalytic converter spewing a liquid from tail pipes. *ak
 Safety defect with the malfunction indicator lamp or service engine soon light as it relates to the rear oxygen sensors in the 2000 nissan maxima. failure to replace oxygen sensors could ultimately result in further vehicle failure and possible injury. this is a safety defect in the manufacture of the vehicle and not due to the negligence of the owner for the upkeep of the car. safety defect is a common problem to 2000-2002 nissan maximas based on several technical service bulletins issued by nissan, and based on my own literature search over the internet, however, nissan has not yet issued a recall. the total cost to replace the rear oxygen sensors and reprogram the emission control system was $363.21. *la
 My 2000 nissan maxima had less 24,000 miles when my mechanic recently reported it needed a new catalytic converter. he said this doesn't occur until about 80,000 miles and it was probably caused by defective material or workmanship from the manufacturer. without this expensive repair my car will not pass the smog test. nissan corporation refuses repair assistance because of the end of the warranty period even though the mileage is far below that covered by warranty. the only explanation is a defect in nissan's material or workmanship that they should be responsible for. *nm
 I own a 2000 maxima, which i bought new. the service engine light first appeared at around 15000. i brought it in to get my car service for the 15k service at the dealership. they said everything was fine. the light was off after that. however it reappeared three weeks later. at 30k, i brought it in for service again. i light i was told is due to the o2 sensor that was very sensitive, but they assured me nothing was wrong. again after a day or so, the light came on again. i figure this was a way for nissan service to make some money, so i didn't think much of it. at 55k, i brought it in to the dealership again for service, they said everything was fine. again, a few days later, the light came on again. foolish me, i didn't think anything of it. after all i took care of the car.*ak recently, i have problem with the milege. i was going getting 240 mi versus 320 mi that i was normally getting.i brought it to a mechanic, and he hooked it up to his computer, and found out one of the coil was damage so he replaced it. he also told me that my service engine soon light was on all the time because the of catalytic converter . my car has 83k miles on it now. it seems like a lot but it's only 3 years old. i don't think the cc should be giving me ploblems at this stage. i check the warranty for it, and since i'm in ca it's only good for 70k/ 7years. i have spoken to nissan customer service and explain the situation, but because the car is no longer under warranty, they told me they have no obligation to fix the problem. i really believe there is something wrong with this part. i have search the internet and fould out that many people have experience this problem also. nissan should really look into this problem. this is my 3rd nissan car. it's been good but i don't think i'll buy another nissan again. it's just not relaible as it use to be.
 The service engine soon light has come on 3 times within the last year, starting at 25,290 miles. the first 2 times, my mechanic said the scan code po 420 showed a problem with the catalytic converter and he reset the computer. the third time it came on, i took the car to the nissan dealer, and they replaced nothing, but reprogrammed the computer to clear it, and charged me $147. my maxima has only 32,013 miles and has been serviced regularly. this is a rip off. *nlm
 The service engine soon light comes on about once a month. my automobile mechanic has turned off the light each time. he says that the catalytic converter is either weakening or their is a defect in the light. i find it alarming especially when i'm driving and i worry about it each time it comes on.
 Engine check light illuminates while driving. dealer has replaced catalytic converter. however, engine check light still illuminates.*ak
 Engine check light has come on 3 times (within 13 months of purchase) catalytic converter is the problem all 3 times. *ak
 While driving there is a strong odor which smell such as an open bottle of bleach which causes the driver to feel faint or have headaches. please provide further information.*ak
 ( check engine light come on) rear exhaust and heated oxygen sensor had to be replaced three time. *ak