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NTB-09-10109/29/200910031305Nissan: tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) warning light on/flashing. no models or model years listed. *pe01/04/2010

Consumer Complaints

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 2004 nissan quest with faulty goodyear tires. consumer stated that she had to replace all four of her tires due to them slipping. *kb the consumer was informed the tires on her vehicle were sport tires which were made for sport cars and there was no guaranteed mileage. *jb
 Nissan & goodyear monopoly on 2004 quest tires. it appears that nissan contracted with goodyear to produce an oem proprietary 225/65/16 tire that only goodyear carries and only in one style. when replacing the tires consumers have little choice but to go with that tire or go with a non manufacturer recommended size like 235/60/16 which could cause issues such as speedometer readings off... as far as i can determine only nissan quests use this 225/65/16 tire. tread wear on the goodyear oem tire is very poor causing an earlier than expected replacement of the tires. i have found nokian a finish tire that is sold in the usa also produces this size tire. the price is the same but the tire is a much better quality. i'll never purchase another nissan or goodyear product. *jb
 I have 2004 nissan quest, it came with goodyear eagle ls2, the size 225/6516. there is only one company which makes that tire, goodyear. i rotated tire as suggested. the tire traction is lowest one can get. after driving 20,000 miles on the tire started showing severe wear. bubble showing on the outside wall. wrote to nissan 3 times, they never bothered me contact me back, called once and told about the tire problem, the answer was we cannot do anything you have to put same time i.e. goodyear 225/6516. and good year knowing that they only manufacture that size priced that tire is $150+ each, but actually it is worth $39.99. the problem is it is just the monopoly between nissan and goodyear, they could have chosen different size, which will give consumer more choice. *nm
 On 10/21/06, my wife was driving her nissan quest on the freeway when she suddenly heard the front right side tire blowout. the tire was taken to the goodyear dealership where it was bought, and it was determined that the tire did not receive a puncture that would cause the tire to blowout. the tire was shredded on the outside tire wall, and it looks as if it were cut. it should be noted that the tire was not cut by any sharp object, my wife can attest to this fact because she did not see or notice any damage to the tire before she got into the car a drove away. the only thing that has been done to correct the problem is that the tire was replaced with a same size used tire until this matter is resolved. *nm
 10/04 purchased a nissan quest sl minivan. tires on it are goodyear eagle ls2 size 225/65-hr16. late 12/04 or early 1/05 not able to navigate a 15 degree grade in 3 inches snow. contacted dealer to no avail. contacted nissan. told to contact goodyear. goodyear said they would replace the tires with a better tire, but in a different size, as only tire made in the original size was and is a goodyear eagle ls2. this action however had to have blessing of nissan. nissan balked stating if i changed tire size and anything happened that they determined was caused by tire size change, the warranty would be void on the vehicle. i was naive and bought this. but all the while, the dealer, nissan and goodyear said they had no such problems with this tire. now two years down the road i find hundreds of complaints regards this issue and more, one of which the tires wear out prematurely, and and h rated tire on a minivan is redundant. first time this happened my wife was in heavy traffic. she could have been injured or killed. yet nissan and/or goodyear are not being held accountable for an engineering/design flaw, that needs to be corrected. goodyear should have to manufacturer other tires in this size and in an h rating so buyers/owners present and past have a choice when replacing. we can go to a 235/60-16 in a t rated tire that has much better ratings than the originals and/or other h rated tires in the new size. but dealers and tire manufacturers through collusion are trying to discourage replacing these with t rated tires. instead insisting they be replaced with h rated tires, that are much more expensive, and have only similar traction ratings with regard to hydroplaning, wet, light and heavy snow that do the originals. the nhtsa should have already been on this like stink on crap, but i fail to see any mention of any such investigation on your web site. come on, doesn't our tax dollars pay for this? *jb
 Nissan & goodyear monopoly on 2004 quest tires. it appears that nissan contracted with goodyear to produce an oem proprietary 225/65/16 tire that only goodyear carries and only in one style. when replacing the tires consumers have little choice but to go with that tire or go with a non manufacturer recommended size like 235/60/16 which could cause issues such as speedometer readings off... as far as i can determine only nissan quests use this 225/65/16 tire. tread wear on the goodyear oem tire is very poor causing an earlier than expected replacement of the tires. *nm
 This may not be a nissan exclusive strategy. consider this to be a wake up call and a potential for other ford-tire supplier potential upcoming scenario. the goodyear's eagle ls2 225/60/17 ultra high performance are oem and even after following nissan's computerized reminding schedules for tire rotation every 7500 miles, these tires (i have not met an exception yet, go to tirerack.com to mention one source for instance and read these tires' reviews.... not coincidentally, most of the complaints you'll read are quest minivan owners) are wearing fast and not at same rate (when compared fr to rr..like i said even after proper p.m and too fast for average drivers like moms) the laughable matter on all this is that : a) these minivans are driven by moms. b) these minivans per design have ultra high performance tires (like moms are a bunch of street teens or drag racers). c) oem recommended size are extremely hard to find (almost like a well planned monopoly by auto manufacturer and tire supplier) if you go to the optional oem size 225/65/16 you will worsen the already questionable fuel efficiency of this quest vehicle line. d) goodyear laughs at customers like me when bringing my sooner than expected tire wear out conditions and they openly admit that they have no idea why nissan required these eagle ls2 to be oem equipment. there are goodyear retailers that don't even adventure on selling them. e) addressing tire warranty issues is a problem that has to be re-invented. vehicle manufacturers will not do anything for you as they recommend you to bring it up to certified tire manufacturer retailers...another huge headache for average joe (and a subject for other investigation). i am a ee for one automobile manufacturer, if nhtsa is really interested on protecting the american consumer by enforcing the treat act, please listen to early symptoms like what i am presenting to you here. *nm
 Nissan quest with numerous rattles which have not been located and goodyear eagle ls2 are worn out at 28,000. extreme vibration at 50 mph or above from the tires. dealership attempted to correct rattles by adjustments however, this was unsuccessful. dealership denied any problems with oem tires but willing to install my own choice in tires. *jb
 Dt: the consumer noticed when the doors were shut, the lights illuminated as if the door were open. the vehicle was taken to the dealer, and they reported it was fixed. the problem returned when consumer drove the vehicle home that day. there was a problem with the hatchback door lock. when closing the door, the consumer had to bang it hard to get it closed. the sliding door was having problems as well, it must be slammed in order to close it. the dealership has attempted to fix the problems with the doors. the tire problems began about 2 weeks after the purchase of the vehicle. tire lights are coming on, indicating that the tires are loosing air. owner advises that one time the tire light would come on about every block. the vehicle was taken to the dealership after this. the tire had a nail in it. there is also problems with the transmission. when shifting from park to drive, it is very difficult to shift. owner received a recall letter about this last year and in january of 2005. the recall number is not available. the dealership states that this recall is closed. the dealership won't look any further into the transmission. there is a problem with the front passenger seat, you could see the metal in the seat. the radio has been replaced three times. it is now needing to be replaced again. the car has a bad smell, like rotten eggs. the smell is coming from engine. dealership reports it is coming from a computer chip and it still smelled after replacement. the same smell returned and then the owner returned the car to the dealership, they kept it for two months. the dealership replaced the catalytic converter. the owner advises that there is still a bad smell. the dealership reported the smell must be sulfuric acid. the owner went to the doctor in regards to the bad chemical smell that burns. the vehicle had problems with the battery. owner paid for car rental. *jb the drivers seat moved when the consumer applied the brakes.*jb
 Nissan quest 2004 has been in for service 5 times. tire problems, console lights (possible short) and rear interior lights. *bf the air conditioner failed, the door handle fell off, the front driver side tire was continuously losing air. *jb
 A newly purchased 2004 nissan quest with current mileage of around 4,800 miles when incident happened. while driving on highway, the driver side rear tire suddenly bent and smoke came out. van was then towed back to dealership and found that the cross member was broken off. dealership denied warranty coverage because service manager thought that such damage may have been caused by a collision, because he saw a few light scratches and a smaller than 2cm mark on the rim. i am sure that the van was not hit by anything when the tire was bent. the scratches and little mark could be caused by pulling over to shoulder with a bent tire. i pointed to the service manager that the joint of the broken cross member was full of rust, a sign of incomplete sealed over a period of time, obviously not a new damage caused by an accident. even tried contacting manufacturer many times, but no solution was made because manufacturer makes decision based on dealership statement. also, squeaking noise has been coming out from rear sliding doors, dealerships stated that they removed doors but no finding and problems still exist. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 nissan quest. the contact stated that the vehicle's side electrical sliding door opens and closes automatically. the doors on the vehicle will also occasionally fail to open. the door will open so that a passenger may enter the vehicle, then the door will close before they are completely inside the vehicle. the vehicle has been taken to the dealer approximately six times and the dealer changed the sensors and readjusted the doors. the door continues to not work properly. the vehicle is part of recall # 04v186000 (latches/locks/linkages:doors:latch), but the failure persists. the current mileage is 70,000 and failure mileage was 42,000. the consumer stated battery weak, dealer replaced battery. the consumer stated slow leak in tires, the dealer replaced all four tires. the dealer stated there was a recall on 2nd row seat, dealer stated parts are on special order. the consumer provided a copy of vehicle repairs. the wiper blades were replaced. updated 07/10/07 *tr
 Nissan quest 2004 service engine soon light on and problems with steering. *bf the service engine soon light had come on 3 times, creaking was felt in the steering wheel and or the front end, sounds were heard coming from the engine compartment, computer tire monitor indicated a flat tire and or low tire pressure during cold weather, the vehicle would run for five minutes then go up to 4 degrees higher (over inflated), when the weather was warm, the setting would then be above 40 psi which was dangerous to drive if not adjusted (incorrect results on the display), srs light had come on after recall campaign #04v103000 was performed, driver's side power window was intermittent, sliding doors made loud bump noise when opened all the way, especially on inclines, heat outlets located on the floor behind the first row seat can't be controlled by the passenger rear controls, the dome lights were not working, the door rattled, the drivers side front window would not move, the window switch has an open circuit, the vehicle was jerking upon acceleration at 30 mph, rear heater was blowing cold air, there was a heavy grinding noise when the vehicle was first started after sitting for more than one hour along with the power steering, transmission fluid leaked a reddish/purple fluid on the garage floor, the interior lights were inoperative and there was an evaporation leak. *sc *jb
 The consumer noticed while driving, a rotten smell would come in from the vents. the consumer was able to drive to the dealer for inspection. the consumer informed the mechanic on several occasions this problem has occurred. this problem has not been resolved. please provide additional information. *jb there is still a rotten egg smell coming from the catalytic converter. also the tire pressure monitoring system indicates a flat tire when tire is not flat. consumer is happy with the minivan except for the sulfur smell and the false tire readings. *tt
 To date 3 of the 4 original goodyear eagle ls2 p225/65r16 tires are separating along the tire wall seam. the tire were original equipment on a 2004 nissan quest with less than 20,000 miles wear. a local retailer is replacing the tires awaiting goodyear's decision for cost. the first indication is that the tire looses air pressure and upon inspection a part can be found along the seam. this is definitely and manufacturing defect. *nm
 I bought a 2004 nissan quest in january of 2004. it was purchased new from the dealer. the van had goodyear eagle ls tires. we have had the van a little over six months and have had three blowouts, all occuring on the sidewalls of the tires. the first blowout occurred the first month we had the van. we were on the highway. the second blowout occurred as my wife was pulling up on the curb to park. the third blowout occurred in a parking lot as she was turning a corner. there were four rails on the ground and the tire grazed one and totally blew. this was in a church parking lot at a very low speed. the fourth tire was replaced when we noticed a gouge in the rubber of the tire.we have replaced all four tires with another brand. when we contacted the car dealer, we were told that there were no other reports of problems with this tire and goodyear would not do anything. my wife and i both have impeccable driving records - no accidents, speeding tickets, reckless driving etc.. so this is not a case of negligent driving on our part.*ak
 Tire tread wear. the oem tires (goodyear eagle ls2 225/65 hr16) treads wear down around 25k miles. there is only one manufacturer of these tires and there is no warranty on them. attempting to find replacement tires at a reasonable cost is not easy. *jb
 2004 nissan quest, premature failure of treads on tires, tires have no tread warranty and a monopoly exists on tire replacement as it is a special made tire size for nissan. basically tires are worn out at only 33,000 miles. goodyear apparently made these tires designated as sports tires but placed them on a mini van apparently just for nissan in the size 225/65/16. have been unable to locate any other manufacturer who makes this size so it appears to be a nissan/goodyear exclusive and thus a monopoly on these tires. goodyear nor nissan provide any tread warranty that i've been able to determine. goodyear said directly that they do not provide a tread warranty on this tire. goodyear indicates expected life span to only be about 30,000 miles. this was not indicated when vehicle was purchased and not what you would expect as normal to replace tires every year to every year and a half at a cost of over $700. i have been unable to get nissan north america headquarters to communicate to me any information and local nissan dealers are also somewhat confused over the size. consumers who expect tires to last a reasonable amount of time under good driving conditions do not get reasonable expectations out of these tires and must return to nissan/goodyear for high cost replacements for low quality tires. *nm
 2004 nissan quest pressure valve on various tires failed/leaked. the last 4 times occurred on the left front tire while driving. no accidents. repaired twice by resealing and twice by replacing the rim and valve. the last dates were 7/19/2005; 2/28/2006; 3/20/2006; and 12/14/2006. *nm
 We purchased a 2004 nissan quest with the full warranty plan. in the last several months, the passenger rear has not stayed inflated. the representative at your cathedral city office claims this is a stem valve problem but they would have to charge me $200 for the part plus $100/hr for labor and because they do not know the exact problem, we could be charged for more than 1 hour of labor. we have been told by the aforementioned service department as well as nissan headquarters (800-nissan-1) that this is not covered under the extended warranty plan and that nissan will not assist in this repair. in this instance, the nissan salesman misled us with the purchase of the extended warranty plan, claiming it covered the same as the original warranty. we are mostly displeased with this because we are being asked to fill our tire with air several times a week if we continue to drive our nissan quest, or spend hundreds of dollars on the valve repair because it appears nissan doesn't want to take responsibility of not having quality parts in their tires, intentionally or unintentionally. *nm