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NTB12-00902/03/201210043735Nissan: door lock/unlock inoperative with intelligent key. *kb04/24/2012

Consumer Complaints

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 Front drivers side door lock stopped working, vehicle only 3 years old. safety concern, expensive repairs unwarranted, this should be covered by a recall. numerous nissan owners have had this problem.
 Cold day in nyc. the 2008 nissan rogue driver's side door fails to open. at first i used the keyless entry system. then i tried to use the key and it will still not open. i had to go around the passenger side to get into the driver's seat. this is a safety issue especially at nights and dimlit areas. i had this problem before on the passenger side and took it to the dealer. they charged me $250 to fix problem even though this new model is supposed to be under warranty. nissan needs to address this issue. i will never purchase a nissan again.
 Electronic door locks on my 2008 nissan rogue have failed on multiple occasions rendering the electronic locking mechanism inoperable. nissan has refused to service my vehicle without exorbitant repair fees. this is a safety concern due to the following: 1. having a secure environment is paramount in certain neighborhoods. when locking the doors it's imperative nobody can gain access at will by walking up to the car. if anyone can simply open the door to gain access, carjacking, injury, or even murder is easier. if the doors locked properly this provides a more secure environment. 2. nissan knowing there is a security problem with their locking mechanism and not recalling them for safety concern is negligent. it's an open door to a lawsuit if someone were to be murdered due to a door that didn't lock, although the driver pushed the lock button and heard the locking noise. remember, in this case there's no obvious indication the door isn't locked unless someone walks up and opens it from the outside. the drive thinks the door is locked, when in reality it's an open door for carjacking or robbery. this failure is an intermitance of operation. sometimes the doors lock ok, other times they don't. in addition, sometimes the doors unlock ok, other times they don't. 3. in emergencies it's important to be able to unlock doors quickly. since 99% of the time we all use the button to lock and unlock doors, using the manual locking lever is unfamiliar. in emergencies every second counts. the locking/unlocking solenoid malfunctioning is clearly a high risk in emergency scenarios. some people who cannot afford the $1600 to have all the solenoids replaced (as quoted by dealer). this issue has been noted by over 300 consumers, owners of the nissan rogue, murano, maxima, and others. please reference the following - consumer forum - http://forums.nicoclub.com/door-lock-actuator-problem-t334230.html petition - http://www.petitiononline.com/nissanml/petition.html