Nu-wa Hitchhiker Ii

Model Hitchhiker Ii made by Nu-wa got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. .

Model 1995

Consumer Complaints

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 Concerns good year marathon radial d rated trailer tires 225/15 our fifth wheel came with 4 of them on. there was a recall and we got all new tires. those proceeded to start wearing from the inside out also. my husband took them to good year and got a reduction in price you know pro rate as good tread still (not much of one!!!) and got all new tires again. this was about 3 years ago. the trailer has been approximately 7,000 miles or less since then. we keep the tires covered in our driveway. guess what they are bubbling and wearing from the inside out again. one blew out on freeway and almost caused us an accident. now a rvdealership just pointed out to us another tire has 2 bubbles in it. again they have perfectly good tread left on them. we are going to replace them tomorrow. we are not going to buy good year brand tires!!! good year should be shot for selling them as trailer tires. the rv people who put them on there must be in cahoots with good year and get a huge discount and they should also be shot. i would not recommend their trailer tires to anyone. i think if i find a consumers place to complain like the attorney general or whoever i shall send them a copy of this letter to. sincerely mrs. lynn seaberg
 Dt the tires on the camper are blowing out it was 3 out of the 4, goodyear has replaced them twice once in summer of 99 because two blewout. took to the dealer and goodyear put on 5 new tires. in march of this year one blew out on the right rear, called goodyear and said take to dealer and they replaced 4 but not the spare. 1st time tore up fender wheel and gas lines and goodyear paid for it. this time it did not cause any damage to the camper. this is a camper that you pull with a vehicle. *nm