BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
308201/01/200410010221Blown htr a/c fuse 10 amp without u2k. *sc11/04/2004
01084902012/01/2001631899Subject regarding revised ignition lock cylinder or ignition switch assembly replacement. *slc06/25/2002
02060401103/01/2002634710Subject regarding revised diagnostic trouble code p0140. *tt10/07/2002
020811600101/01/2002631229Subject regarding intermittent communication or serial data diagnostic trouble codes stored in history. *slc05/21/2002
0174001/01/200410006270Cross injector wires causing misfire at steady state speed and rpm, malfunction indicator lamp (mil) illuminated, and a p0300 set. sit bulletin 1460291. *tt04/27/2004

Consumer Complaints

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 Just bought my 2001 alero right off the car lot, but now the right side passenger mirror isn't working, lighter isn't working, called the car lot to tell them that and he said that it could be the fuse was bad! so i buy a used car for three grand and minor stuff starts happening to it.... how much is a fuse??
 Tl-the contact owns a 2001 oldsmobile alero. the contact stated that the pass lock system prevented the vehicle from starting. the contact towed the vehicle to a local mechanic who replaced the pass lock system. the contact did not call the manufacturer. the failure mileage was 91,054. the vin was not available. kmj
 Tl-the contact owns a 2001 oldsmobile alero. the contact stated the pass lock system caused the vehicle not to start. the contact towed the vehicle to a local mechanic. the mechanic replaced the pass lock system. the contact did not call the manufacturer. the failure mileage was 91,054. jo vin not available
 The key can be removed while in drive. my turn signals go out on me. *tr
 Turning signals work intermittently and with no apparent reason (no bulbs burned out). driver's side electric window also works intermittently.
 I have a 2001 olds alero i bought for my daughter. it has a problem with starting and stalling. based on my research it appears tp be a problem with the passkey security system. i have had the car towed multiple times, had it in the shop multiple times withiut resolution. it appears to be a common problem with gm cars of this era. there is no service notice available from gm on how to fix this problem. the car will just stop sometimes when my daughter is driving and i fear it could lead to a crash or injury.
 2001 oldsomobile alero - randomely shuts down while driving. dealer indicates that the gm passlock system is faulty $600 to replace. this is a common problem on all gm and is very dangerous. i have 2 teenage daughters that have each been stranded various times as the car just randomly shuts down while driving. very dangerous while in traffic! or in areas that you wouldn't want your daughter stuck alone at night. this has been happening randomly for several years. no on could tell me until now what was causing it ( including other dealers) i have spent +$1,000 previously trying to solve this.
 I bought a 2001 oldsmobile alero in 2008 deployed for a year and half while gone the car sat in a garage came back and it worked fine for almost two years then one day it refused to start. the motor would crank but not turn over and the security light came on. i did the 10 minute security reset procedure per the owners manual and that work once but once i turned the car off it would not start again and the reset procedure would not work again. i have replaced the ignition switch with no change to the issue. the car has now been sitting for 6 months since i cant afford to go threw the process of relpacing random parts that may or may not fix the issue.i am now down to my wifes car only with 4 kids. i am still making payments on this car and it doesnt even run and of course the dealer isnt taking it back. there are no gauranteed fixes for this issue.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2001 oldsmobile alero . while driving at various speeds and going over a bump the traction, check engine light, and other lights illuminate on the instrumental panel. prior this issue the vehicle has had electrical problems to the pass lock anti theft system that had a malfunction and was repaired.the dealer has not been contacted and there have been no diagnosis as well with no repairs.the failure mileage was 38000 and the current mileage was 82000.cv
 2001 olds alero with only 31,000 miles - wife called and said it would crank but not start, she tried multiple times, i drove to location (about 15 minutes) used my key, it would crank over but not start, had it towed to local garage, after sitting overnight they tried starting, it would not, pushed it into the garage and checked to see if engine was getting fuel, it was but it would shut off after a second or two, they determined it was the security system passlock ii causing the issue allowing to crank but shutting off the fuel, they went through a 10 minute reset procedure and it started. i researched on the net and found this to have hundreds (if not more) of complaints from gm owners 1996 thru 2004 i believe, many people being ripped off for repairs and replacements that do not resolve the issue. i understand from this research that honda had a similar issue and put out a recall. why doesn't gm admit they have a problem and fix it thru a recall?? they say this isn't a safety issue, i say it is, what if my wife has our infant grand daughter with her and goes to leave someplace and it is 0 degrees outside, she now has to wait 10 minutes and hope the car will start? or if your car stalls on a railroad track and now i have to wait 10 minutes to let it reset, the list goes on and this is not the owner's problem, it is the sellers problem they should be forced to fix. towing cost was $55 and garage cost was $29 but others have spent hundreds if not thousands on worthless repairs and replacements - suggest you do a little research on passlock problems and you will see what i mean. *tr
 The passlock system on my oldsmobile alero is defective, not allowing me to start my car unless it goes through a 10-15 minute reset. this problem is shared by many many other people. it is frightening to think that may car is not able to respond in the case of an emergency. this should be recalled and fixed by gm. *tr
 I pressed the hazard button in the dash and the button receded into the dashboard. the lights were flashing. pressed again to turn them off. the button has fallen out of the hole into the dash and is, of course, impossible to retrieve. so now i have no hazard lights. lets hope i don' t need them. *tr
 The turn signal continues to click after making a turn and using the signal. i first noticed this on the turnpike switching lanes. i put the turn signal on and when it was turned off it continued to click but the lights were not flashing. the noise seemed to be coming from behind the steering wheel. now the clicking will occur when i am driving straight or turning without using the turn signals. no repairs have been done. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 oldsmobile alero. the hazard switch failed to work intermittently which also caused the left and right turn signals to fail. nhtsa recall #03v327000, exterior lighting: hazard flashing warning lights: switch was related to the failure; however, the repair was made per the warranty. the manufacturer was notified and advised the contact that his vin was not a part of the recall. the failure mileage was 102,000.
 In september 2008 i was doing some errands and it was fine at one place that i had stopped at well i had stopped to go grocery shopping came out and went to put my key in the ignition and nothing would happened, it wouldn't even turn over. called my dad, he came out to look at it everything appeared to be fine due to previous when i first bought the car there was misfire situation that had to be fixed. i had it towed to the dealer. the next morning after they hooked it up to the diagnostic test come to find out it was my pass lock system. which, is where your computer doesn't read your key and stops sending fuel to the engine. so, to have it replaced with labor and all cost me about 600.00 to get it fixed. they had to purchase a new pass lock system and install it in my car. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 oldsmobile alero. the contact stated that the past lock security system disables fuel from entering the engine once the vehicle is started. he went to a local repair shop and a technician replaced the spark plugs, fuel pump, and filter. immediately after the repair, the failure resurfaced. currently, all of the remedies have been insufficient in correcting the failure. the failure mileage was 120,102 and current mileage was 123,771.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 oldsmobile alero. the module that controls the rear window defogger, located underneath the back panel by the rear window, becomes very hot and melts. it melted the connection and the box that contains the module. as a result, the defogger does not work. the vehicle has not been to a dealer or repair shop. the contact has found several complaints for this failure and believes a recall should be issued. the vin was unknown. the failure mileage was 72,000 and current mileage was 80,000.
 Security sensor fails. car will run fine one minute and not at all the next minute. have read of several complaints about this exact problem. obviously a defect with the car--is anything being done about it??? now, resetting the sensor (the whole keep the key in the 'on' position for 10 minutes trick) doesn't work. where does this end??? i know that no one has been seriously injured by this but if it is a wiring issue, it's only time before someone could be. also, if i get stranded with my children somewhere, that would be really bad. *tr
 Security light, anti-theft device. *tr
 Hard starting. vehicle just keeps on cranking but does not start unless you pump accelerator several times. this happens daily,- every time you attempt to start the vehicle. we also have a problem with the hazard warning switch and directional lights,- police flashed me down and gave verbal warning. *jb
 There have been no accident or anything my 2001 alero has so many electrical issues! 1)some times the electrical windows work, sometimes not, sometimes the electrical lock works, sometimes not, sometimes the car will start, sometimes not. it is not the battery. it is some short that is simmilar to how the blinkers and hazard lights were.
 Dt*: the contact stated the track off, service vehicle soon, and abs lights illuminated at 79,000 miles. the vehicle was taken to the dealership where they were unable to determine why the lights were illuminating.
 2001 alero (2 dr. coupe) i have been on several sites and am finding many alero owners having the same problems that i have encountered over the last couple of years. fuel pump, wheel hub assemblies, intake manifold gaskets, power window failure(grinding/breaking clips/regulators), serv engine and traction control lights constantly on, electrical problems, brake problems etc. it is my belief that olds knew they weren't making this car anymore, and sent a sub-par product out into the market hoping to get away with as few recalls as possible. i have numerous complaints filed with olds and general motors. general motors has gone way out and offered me a $500.00 certificate towards the purchase of a new vehicle. give me one reason i should go through another nightmare like this one. recalls have never been issued on any of these complaints because it would probably cost millions of dollars for them to fix the problems. i constantly wait to see if any class action suits involving these vehicles occurs as i will be one of the first to jump in. what's the saying...if it looks like dog crap and smells like dog crap don't step in it, it's probably dog crap. there's a defined problem with these vehicles and gm should be taking responsibility for them. *jb
 Dt: 2001 oldsmobile alero. while driving at 65 mph in 5 pm traffic, the car engine shut off and coasted from the left lane to the emergency lane. it was then towed to an oldsmobile dealership; who said that the fuel pump was the problem for a second time. this car has had many problems. sometime the car will not crank at all. it also has a leak in the passenger side floor when it rains. the consumer heard about the volvo problems and the same thing is happening to this vehicle. the engine had only shut off one time. this happened around july 11, 2005. no injuries fires no crash reported. *ak the fuel pump had been replaced 3 times. the fuel pump had an internal short. the vehicle would have to be placed in neutral, would start then die. the ignition switch was replaced. the fuel gauge would fall to empty, and the fuel light would come on. the vehicle would crank but not start. *sc
 I have been experiencing problems with my electrical system in my vehicle since the day i purchased it. i have experienced several problems that i believed to have lead to what i am experiencing now. i have to turn on my lights manually now. that isn't so much of a problem, the problem is that when my car does not automatically turn on my lights this means my ac does not work, my power windows do not work, my stereo does not work, cruise control does not work, my speedometer does not work, my gas gauge does not work or my thermostat does not work (the inside panel of the inside of my car does not work). i can start up my car, but nothing inside my car works. driving in az with no ac and not being able to lower your windows because there is an electrical gadget not allowing the vehical to work properly. i have written to oldsmobile asking them to look into the problem, they have neglected all responsibilties from all the problems i have and am experiencing with my vehical. i have also made a formal complaint through the b.b.b., general motors have yet to respond. i feel it is very dangerous driving around in a vehical that decides to work when it wants to. all of the other complaints i have read are very similar to mine.
 2001 alero gl had problems with the computer, cruise control, and the floor was leaking.***no answer required***. *mr the vehicle consumed excessive amounts of gas, the vehicle only got 208 mile per tank of gas. the rear defroster works intermittently. the abs light, traction light and service engine light illuminated at the same time. when this happened the vehicle lost traction and abs brakes. on two occasion this failure caused the consumer to lose control of the vehicle. the rear seat slid forward when the brakes were applied abruptly. *nm
 The tires were defective. the tire pressure will not sustain. the tire pressure light stays on, and the consumer had to add air daily. the dealer refused to cooperate. *ak the left front door body side was falling, the solder joints in the hazard warning flasher switch may crack, the coolant light had come on, there was an erratic sound when the ignition was first turned on, the driver window had a water leak, the left power window won't seal, the regulator was broken, and the key would get stuck in the ignition intermittently due to binding cylinder lock. sc
 The technician informed the consumer about a recall on the vehicle, but the consumer never received a notice from the manufacturer. *la the vehicle would not start right away. there would be several tries but the vehicle would never crank over. the engine vibrated when the a/c was used,the fuel gauge was inoperative, the front windows would not roll down, the rear handles felt like they were sticking, there was a burnt oil smell, and after several times of starting the vehicle it would run rough. the master switch, a/c compressor, crank sensor, fuel pump, fuel tank, hazard switch, and the window regulator were replaced. the mechanics repositioned a wire harness from the crank sensor and replaced the pressure control solenoid. the turn signals stopped working in traffic in which there was almost an accident. the antenna was replaced because the radio signal would go out every time the rear defroster was used (this did not solve the problem). the back window had to be completely replaced to solve the antenna problem. the water pump was replaced because the seal for the coolant leaked. *sc *jb
 Was involved in a frontal collision on 3/5/03 and the air bags failed to deploy in my 2001 oldsmobile alero. i was traveling 40-45 mph southbound on scottsdale rd when another car turned left in front of me. the impact bent the impact bars, moved my compressor to the other side of the vehicle, hood, bumper, fender damage, the preliminary estimate without doing a tear down is at $5000.00. i have suffered neck, shoulder and leg injuries. i contacted gm and they said a certified gm rep will go look at the car and take pictures and will contact me on the 29th. i received a call from a man who did not identify himself at the dealer ship and said he was a private investigator for gm and down loaded the info off the computer in the car and the air bag should not have gone off, and told me i need to have them start repairing the vehicle immediately. yet in the owners manual it states the air bag will deploy in a near frontal or frontal impact and that they can only access this computer in the car with the owners consent which i did not give. i have had numerous problems with this car from electrical engine work, the fuel sensor showing me i had gas when i don't, scratched rotors, and the hazards and blinkers working and not working which still has not been fixed by the dealership. even the police offers did not want to get in the vehicle to move because the air bag did not go off and they where concerned that it did not. *jb
 Consumer had electrical problems since she purchased the vehicle. some of the problems included the following; road hazard light shorted out which caused all dashboard lights and external lights to not work/ air conditioner (a/c) unit shorted out/ radio automatically reset itself at will, and blinker lights worked some times and some times not. she had this vehicle in repair shop 5-6 times for the same problem, and no one could solve the problem.*ak
 Electrical,tires,air conditioner. *ak
 Vehicle intermittently does not start on first attempt, especially after car is warmed up. manufacturer claims they cannot duplicate the problem, therefore there is no problem. happens at least 5 times a week. *jb
 In feb. 2003 i had surgery and did not drive my car for about a week. when i finally drove my car, my drivers side window would not roll down. a couple of days later it started working and now has a grinding noise to it. recently my horn stopped working completely. i replaced the relay switch and it still will not work. now, my turn signals work whenever they want to. the only way i can get them to work is to press my hazard switch and now it is getting to where it will not work. and last but not least my air conditioner is not blowing properly. on the 2 first settings it barely blows, if i press on my brakes it feels as if it completely quits. i have also noticed that when i roll down my windows the interior lights will dim and the car engine power will decline. i have had my car for 1 yr. i purchased it used with less than 25,000 miles. i feel these issues should be addressed because they can lead to safety issues. i was changing lanes and my blinkers failed and was almost hit by another car, at that time and still do not have a horn to blow to warn them that i was changing lanes also. the dealer i purchased the car from thinks that i am crazy. that i am a hypocondriac. they are uncooperative and basically refuse to help me. i feel i should not have to pay for something that apparently a lot of alero owners are going through. *jb
 On several occasions while driving, my alero has completely shut off. the first time it happened, i was going 55 mph in traffic. the power steering shut down and it was hard to pull to the side of the road. if it is raining outside, you may as well just park it. it will not crank easily and it acts like it doesn't want to run once you get it to start. of course, when you take it to the shop they can't find anything wrong with it. my driver's side power window will not roll down. the low tire pressure light goes off every other day, even though the air pressure is fine and the interior doors look awful because the trim has come unglued. this is the worst car i have ever purchased. i would like to know what i can do to get this car repaired or replaced.
 When i brake there is a grinding noise going on underneath the front of my car. happens when i brake going down hill, or when i have to brake suddenly. when i brake normally, there is this shaking that is going on. i thought i needed new brake pads but that did not remedy the situation. also, my sunvisor falls off very frequently hitting me in the head. and my driver side mirror shakes violently while im driving. and my tires loose pressure constantly and sometimes the light even comes on when my tires arent low.
 Service vehicle soon, trac off light, and abs light took to dealer, out of warranty, private repair shop, cost-$500, grinding noise before lights turned on, dinging,lights went on, it was sensor in left front wheel bearing. also have replaced front rotors, alternator at 65,000 miles. key fob doesn''t lock drivers door. hood on car replaced in 2006 under warranty because of blistering 2002-water leak onto drivers floor, 5 times to dealer, replaced side door gasket, problem had to be solved by replacing windshield gasket. i'm afraid of all these complaints about turn signal failure and hazard light failure and the car just quitting. trading in this piece of **** as soon as paid off. *jb
 Problem with brakes,had to have new front brakes and front rotors put on car, still have dragging problem underneath car.now car having problems in starting and low tire pressure lights comes on even when tire pressure has been checked and corrected. *ak
 Alternator failed, consumer was told this was normal because alternator was located above engine. *ak brakes make noise due to rotor and pad failure. air pressure light comes on due to front tire air leak. *yh
 Consumer stated the abs rotors were making a grinding noise although rotors and the pads were still new, dealer replaced rotors and pads, but vehicle was still making the grinding noise. *ak also the alternator went out, wheels and tires were replaced due to the air pressure light illuminating, a front wheel alignment was performed, battery light and abs light was coming on.*slc
 Consumer stated the abs rotors were making a grinding noise although rotors and the pads were still new, dealer replaced rotors and pads, but vehicle was still making the grinding noise. *ak also the alternator went out, wheels and tires were replaced due to the air pressure light illuminating, a front wheel alignment was performed, battery light and abs light was coming on.*slc
 My car would leave me stranded, wouldn't start after getting wet from either rain or washing it at the car wash. all gauges, a/c speedometer,etc... failed. i have had it serviced 3 times for the same problem from 7/2/2002 to present. now my power window on driver's side has stopped working. and the vinyl trim on my doors below my windows is all bubbled and coming unglued. in my opinion i was sold a lemon and i want to find out how to file a claim.*ak
 Consumer can pull the key out of the ignition while the vehicle is in gear.*ak the consumer stated when he started the vehicle the transmission was in foward gear, the consumer had to take it out of reverse , then shift it back into reverse in order to back out. *jb
 My car refused to start or died while on the fwy on more than one occasion. everything worked (lights, radio), but the engine wouldn't turn over. ck engine light on- tow-truck driver couldn't start. towed to dealer. gm service could never figure out the problem- mulitple electrical problems- put through diagnostic tests-computer module replaced and deterrent module needs replacing- car thinks its being stolen, so it cuts off the fuel pump. (2)signal lights and emergency signal some times stop working. dealer always unable to figure out how to permanently fix the defect. cost between extended warranty and my pocket 13k plus. finally fed up with gm-the dealer-inability to fix the problems x 1.5 years traded the car in. will never by a gm product! *ak
 Car doesn't always start when i turn the key in the ignition. takes a few seconds to turn over. driver side mirror shakes. the numbers on the radio buttons have rubbed off. rear defrost doesn't always work. rotors are always wearing out. used to hear a clunking noise every time i turned the steering wheel - had the steering rack replaced. interior dome light falls off. *jb
 While driving my 2001 oldsmobile alero, everything seemed fine until i made a left turn at a light and the car suddenly dies while driving about 25 mph. this is the very first time the car has died, period. luckily it did not happen during my 30 mile drive to work on the interstate. after several minutes of sitting in the car with the ignition off, the car dings about 6 times. no lights are on, not even the security light, (nothing that is indicative to a malfunction). it does not seem to be an electrical issue. when i took the vehicle to a friend's shop, the fuel pump tested fine. he came up with a passlock issue, and told me that if that is the actual problem it would most likely be expensive to repair. this car has driven quite well for months up until yesterday. if you let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour it will start right up but then die again within 10-15 minutes. there is no blinking security light, no diagnostics showing that anything is wrong period with the exception of a possible passlock issue. i cannot risk driving this vehicle. i am missing work because of this, on top of the fact that i will have some kind of repair cost, and not knowing exactly what the issue is, am afraid i will be taken advantage of if i go to a dealer that actually knows what the problem is. when i mention this to places i call they tell me that there is no way that the car would just die while it's in motion, almost as though it's completely unrealistic for any vehicle to stop working in normal driving conditions. i wish it were so! i wouldn't be so afraid to drive it if that were the case! at this point seems to be a costly death. *tr
 1. security lights flashes 2. then when i turn off my car and go to turn it off it will not start it is because of the passlock system no work..which cause my car to not work and be to be stuck where i am!! and i am a under female in college, so this worries me that one day my car will not start and i am going to get hurt or kidnapped! 3. nothing!! i have to do something weird with letting car sit for a while for it to work..so i am not safe! this has happened about 3 times now! *tr
 Security light, anti-theft device. *tr
 Three times my vehicle would not start. it was towed into caldwell,ohio dealership and they could find nothing wrong with it. it started when it got there. three days later in latrobe, pa. same thing. car placed with arnold palmer motors. fixed with new programming and new computer chip. two days later, same problem in cambridge, ohio. finally fixed at dunning motors. my cost: over 500 dollars. *tr
 Lock cylinder needs replacing. car will not start. *tr
 Ignition system failure is making me crazy i have talked to several mechanics about this and am told this is common where is the recall! i am tired of missing work due to this issue. this will be the last g.m. car i will ever own.*ak
 2001 oldsmobile alero - defective theft deterrent system: i have owned this car 2 years and have had to get the ignition replaced 3 times because the theft deterrent system keeps periodically believing that the car is being stolen and shuts the car down. most times, you can't get the ignition key to even turn in the ignition. at other times, the starter just turns over but won't crank. not to mention that each time this has happened, the expense involved in having to get the car towed to the oldsmobile dealership, as well as the inconvenience of having your car running fine one moment and suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, having your car completely shut down. oldsmobile, gm, or somebody needs to recall these cars and fix this defective theft deterrent system. *jb
 Car turns over but will not start. it has left me stranded 3 times so far. i have spend over a thousand dollars on parts alone, and now it is in the shop for i new fuel pump.(another $450) i have read many reports of the something happening to other people and no recall. it would really help to have a recall to save people their hard earn money on a problem that should have been fixed before the car was sold. i have been late to work many times, had to catch buses, and walk many miles because of this car. i have paid over $300 on rides to and from work just so i can pay for parts for the car to only run for a week. so please can you have a recall issued so me and countless other can have the good running car we all pay for in the first place. thank you jarvis joyner. *nm
 The consumer was able to start the vehicle, however, it will not continue to run. the ignition switch/theft deterrent needed to be replaced, per the dealer. *jb
 On several different occasions security light remains on during the duration of driving. when we try to start the car, the security light flashes and the car won't start. oldsmobile roadside assistance recomends leaving the key in the on position until the security light stops flashing, taking the key out for 30 seconds, and then trying to start it again. this normally fixes the problem temporarily. however, when you have small children in the car, it becomes a real hazard to be waiting for your vehicle to start. i've contacted the dealer and they say that there is no recall to fix this problem.*ak
 My 2001 oldsmobile alero will not turn over. mechanic says anti-theft is keeping me from steeling my car. both keyless entries will not work. has not started for 6 days. still will not start. closest oldsmobile dealership over 30 miles away. afraid of what it will cost to fix. this is frustrating. turn signals are fixed but would only work when they wanted to. i had them repaired last year. *ak
 Security light starts to flash while driving - after shutting it down it will crank but not start. *jb
 (1)my car refused to start one friday while i was trying to leave work. everything worked (lights, radio), but the engine wouldn't turn over. couldn't start saturday, tow-truck driver couldn't start monday. call from service center tuesday, car started when tech tried, put through diagnostic tests, nothing found wrong. three weeks later, same thing happened. car starts again at service center. technician tells me the theft deterrent module needs replacing. car thinks its being stolen, so it cuts off the fuel pump. motion of being put on tow truck probably causes shortage. cost $400+ (2)signal lights some times stop working for several hours. *jb
 Defective body control module and defective camshaft position sensor and defective window power switch. *ak
 Consumer's 2001 olds alero has iginition switch problems. *cc *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle's ignition would not start. the security light illuminated intermittently. the vehicle was towed to the dealership and the fuel pump was replaced. the problem reoccurred three weeks later and the vehicle was towed to the dealership who determined the ignition switch needed to be replaced. the problem reoccurred three weeks later and the dealership replaced the ignition switch. *ak
 Since feb. my car has been in for repairs 4 times. i bought the car used in sept. 05 and almost immediately noticed there was a problem when the window would not roll down and the temp. gauge went on hot (and the car was not). i took it in to the dealer and they of course found nothing wrong since the computer they use to diagnose problems wasn't registering anything. not quite a month had passed when i started to have difficulty starting the car, a few days later the car stalled while driving in a.m. traffic on the fwy. it was taken to the dealer again, they stated it was cpc computer had to be reprogrammed and the igniter had to be replaced. on the way home after picking up the car, it stalled again, and would not restart. again the next day it was taken in and the ignition switch was replaced. a few weeks pass and the same problems start to occur, this time when it was there, nothing could be found. this is a potentially a very dangerous problem, this time again driving on the fwy. the car stalled, i made it to the shoulder of the road, the car again as usual would not restart, next time this happens i may not be as lucky. my car is at the dealer currently and they cannot seem to find out what is wrong. in reading other numerous complaints this obviously is a problem. who is responsible? does someone have to killed before gmc does something about this? *jb
 Dt: 2001 oldsmobile alero. the consumer stated the security light kept coming on and the vehicle eventually shut down due to this. the vehicle has been to the dealership five times. the dealership replaced the ignition switch housing. this could go on between one to six months before the problem happened again. the customer service line at oldsmobile continuously told the consumer they were looking into the problem. she has contacted the manufacturer three times. the problem started on november 14, 2003. the past two times this has occurred the security light came on while driving. the owner's manual stated at that a t this point the consumer should pull over and restart the vehicle or it will shut down while driving.*ak
 Intermittently consumer was unable to turn/start the vehicle due to ignition switch failure. the dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 For the last two months turn signal randomly goes out. vehicle was taken to the dealer, who replaced the ignition switch. vehicle has also been to other dealers, who could not fix the problem. *ak
 Turning signal is not working properly.also, when putting key into ignition and then taking the key back out key will be really hot. contacted dealer ,and dealer is not willing to do anything.
 We have had to replace the hub assembly on our 2001 olds alero 4 times and now the lights are back on again. also the blinkers and drivers window work intermittently. *jb
 I just received a letter in the mail from oldsmobile letting me know that there is a current open recall on hazard / turn signals. i would like to file a compliant about my 2001 oldsmobile alero, because not only do my turn signals and hazards not work, but my cruise control automatically kicks off by itself all the time, i have a low tire pressure light that stays on constantly, and my radio does not work half the time. i believe there is a short in the wires of my car. this all happened at the same time my turn signals / hazards stop working also. the low tire pressure light never lets me know if i really may have a low tire (which could result in a blowout while driving, etc.) although, i've had the tires checked numerous times currently but, i am wondering since the light is on and the tire may really be low and i have a blowout, it could cause me to have an accident. also, the same with the cruise control. if a vehicle is following too close, and the cruise kicks off, then the following vehicle may bump into my rear of my car. i would like this looked into if at all possible. thank you very much. *ak
 My car is a 2001, it has a mind of it's own , luckily the blinker, flasher issue is being recalled. my car has been doing this for quite some time. i believe that there are major electrical issues with these cars. my drivers side window works when it wants too. when i try to roll it down, it will pull down the engine and my lights will dim very low.( exterior and interior lights.) my back speakers also work whenever they want to. i am not one to listen to loud music, but it's pretty bad when only the front speakers work. i believe these cars need to be rewired. the latest problem happened about 6 months ago. the transmission lever button completely broke off. luckily the button is still literally hanging in there ,but if it falls out and gets lost there is no way for me to put my car into gear or out of gear for that matter. this is very dangerous, you have to have the button to put the car into park. the dealer whom i bought the car from is not willing to help at all with any of the situations with my car. how can consumers protect themselves from companies who do not stand by their products. we pay good money for our vehicles and this is what we have to live with. our lives being in danger. *ak
 Several problems on the 2001 oldsmobile alero that other owners seem to be having as well. turn signals went out/ gas gauge went out/ coolant gasket broke, and horn would sound randomly (had to eventually pull the fuse). *ak
 1) safety issue- no accident yet, but my 2001 alero has a small rod that sticks out in front of the drivers seat for the seat to move forward and backward. the problem is when i was wearing a pair of nike shoes that have a loop on the back of the shoe got caught around this seat adjuster. scared me to death almost when i could not re-act with my right foot to hit the brakes. note: this happened while i was traveling with crusie control activated. i see this as an accident waiting to happen for somebody now, because it almost got me. 2)currently this vehicle is in the shop again for electrical problems. when it rains the instrument panel goes crazy. currently they think that there may be a moisture problem around the sun roof, so they are ordering parts to totally replace the sun roof, but i dodn't think that is the problem. i have never had one drop of water drop on me with that sun roof, nor have i seen any wet spots around the roof liner. they have replaced the main computer under the hood, and clusters in the dashboard as well. but the problem is still there, so i hope this sun roof thing cures it. but i have some serious doubts it will.
 Car doesn't always start when i turn the key in the ignition. takes a few seconds to turn over. driver side mirror shakes. the numbers on the radio buttons have rubbed off. rear defrost doesn't always work. rotors are always wearing out. used to hear a clunking noise every time i turned the steering wheel - had the steering rack replaced. interior dome light falls off. *jb