BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
04030801006/01/200410012182Changes to labor time guide relating to front suspension labor operations components. *eh02/16/2005
326310011819Front suspension noise on turns. *eh02/01/2005
040308015A05/01/2005040308015B10011062Squeaking noise in front end on turns. *tt12/28/2004
02030800811/01/200210000465Rattle, creak, popping type noise from front of vehicle when turning. *tt02/27/2003
05160205/16/2002636684Some customers may comment about a metal bumping or banging type noise over bumps under the front suspension area of the vehicle. *tt11/12/2002
02031000306/01/2002634881Concerns with scraping/scrunching noise from front of vehicle during low speed turning and braking. *tt10/10/2002
010308003A02/01/2002010308003629407Some customers may comment on a squawk noise from the front and/or rear suspension while driving. *tt04/02/2002
01030800310/01/2001627662Information regarding squawk noise from front and/or rear suspension. *yh02/13/2002
05090109/05/2001626054Some customers may comment of a squawk noise from the front or rear suspension area. *slc12/12/2001
0213901/01/200410008871Squeak or rub type noise on turns coming from the front suspension as if it is coming from the shock absorber or the top mount. *tt08/25/2004
02130302/13/200310002550Front wheel bearing replacement. *tt09/04/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I bought my 2002 olds alero in may of 2006 and have had problems ever since. i had to have the front left wheel bearing replaced 2 days after i bought the car. the dealership paid for the parts and labor that time, but i was on my own from there. frequently i was having the problem of the engine turning over, but not starting. i had to call a tow truck 6 times in 2 months. the fuel pump was replaced and a week later i had the same problem. this time it the body module was replaced. 2 days later i was calling the tow truck again. the ignition switch was replaced this time. the next time i threatened to sue the mechanic who had worked on my car. this time the car started right up for the mechanic. he contacted gm to see what the problem could possibly be and of course they had never heard of this problem. after the car was towed to the shop a few more times the mechanic finally got a hold of another mechanic who specialized in gm repairs. that mechanic told him about the faulty security system. he passed on the info to me. if the car won't start, turn the key on for 10 min. until the security light stops flashing, turn the key off, take it out of the ignition and try it again. this has worked every time for me, but really, who has the extra 10-15 minutes to spare every time they need to go somewhere, just in case their car won't start? i also have problems with the turning signals working only when they want to. this seems to be a common problem among alero owners. after the nightmares i've had with this car and the disrespect shown by gm to their valued customers, i will never buy another gm model as long as i live! buyer beware!!! *tr
 While braking, the front end would wobble. the cause had not been determined. the dealership will be notified. please provide more information. *jb
 Leather on front dashboard and back passenger door is detaching from surface and bubbling. it is rather severe on the front dash. cigarette lighter (one near front passenger foot) was poorly installed. it pops out all of the time. front end makes loud scratching noise when moving slowly or breaking and turning. drivers side window stopped working today. it went out without warning. trunk smells like there has been a problem with water leaks. i've found interior trunk to be damp on occasion. occasional water leaks on front passenger side (at feet). appears to be condensation of some sort. back cup holder pops out of place. because of the defect, drink spills resulted in stained carpeting.*ak
 Last year i had a rubbing type sound coming from my front end, upon taking it to tuffy i learned that i needed a left wheel bearing. i replaced the wheel bearing and 7 months later i had to replace the right wheel bearing. currently i am being told that the wheel bearings still needs to be replaced. my abs lights are on and there is a popping sound when my car turns. i have a new tie rod so that rules the noise coming from it. the bearings are expensive to replace and i only had the car three years and i had to replace bearings, the manifold intake, a tie rod, and hoses. *nm
 Dt: without warning caller hears a noise ,and at the same time, the bell sounds , and the dash lights come on. the lights that come on are the anti lock brake lights. the track off light, and the service engine light. for only a few seconds the brakes will not work. has had wheel bearings replaced in the front, and is about to get it done again.*ak