BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
02013900408/01/2002634884Information regarding new pag oil released for certain vehicles including all 2003 passenger cars and trucks. *tt10/10/2002
0126200401/26/200410012980This is a product service message regarding the new part number for the heater blower resistor for customer concern of the heater motor not blowing on one up to all speeds. *tt04/05/2005
03060303/06/200310001884Light on the recirculation button goes off intermittently or the light on the rear window defroster button goes off. *tt *jb07/24/2003
1108200211/08/200210008618The door window glass will not roll up or it is out of the channel. *tt08/10/2004
010864018D10/01/2003010864018C10004753Front door window glass won't roll up or out of channel. *tt01/06/2004
010864012D03/01/2005010864012E10004355Door glass sash out of run channel. *tt update. *tt12/04/2003
010864012C02/01/2003010864012B10001131Door glass sash out of run channel. *tt04/15/2003
010864018B02/01/2003010864018A10001133Front door window glass won't roll up or out of channel. *tt04/15/2003
05060206/05/2002637197Customers may comment that one or more door glasses are scratched. *tt11/21/2002
04086402010/01/200410012744Front door power window inoperative. *tt03/14/2005
020864023A08/01/200302086402310004359Power window inoperative. *tt12/04/2003
03080303/08/200310001887Unnecessary replacement of door window regulators. *tt *jb07/24/2003
02086402312/01/200210000756Power window inoperative. *tt03/28/2003
0204201/01/200410006913Sunroof not operating properly. *mr05/19/2004
03086700903/01/2004030867009A10005595Sunroof will not open or close completely due to the sunroof motor. *tt03/04/2004
10090310/09/200310004987Jammed sunroof that will not open or close completely revisited. gm voicemail log. *tt01/22/2004
03086700406/01/200310002878Parts availability for sunroof repairs. *tt09/30/2003
010864012B04/01/2002010864012A634827Some customers may comment that the door glass is out of channel. *tt10/09/2002
02086401405/01/2002634559Some customers may comment that the outer surface glass on one or more of the vehicle's door is scratched. *tt10/03/2002
010864018A01/01/2002010864018628824Some customers may comment that the front door window glass won't roll up or is out of the channel. *tt03/21/2002
01086401811/01/2001627482Information regarding front door window glass won't roll up or out of channel. *yh02/08/2002
28090110/28/2001626557Subject regarding water leaking into the passenger side foot well area forom the hvac intake. *jg12/17/2001

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I have had my 2002 oldsmobile alero since 2002. within six months of having this car the ignition switch went bad and was unable to start the car and it had to be repaired. this was repaired by the dealer that i purchased it from because the company that was in charge of my extended warranty went bankrupt. since then i have had to pay to replace a gasket in the engine that keeps engine coolant and engine oil from mixing together because the gasket that was manufactured with the car was not the right thickness. (since this is a known defect by mechanics why wasn't this recalled or a service bulletin initiated?) i continue to have problems with the driver door control panel that controls the windows and the side mirrors and window locks. the windows in my car can only be controlled by the driver because the window lock is stuck in the on position. i have also had problems with the windows falling down into the door and have had one window replaced in december 2007 but now in september 2008 the passenger window is experiencing the same symptoms and now will have to replace this window as well. right now the most annoying thing about this car is the turn signals. they function as they should but the clicking noise for the turn signal will not turn off when i have made a turn (it actually makes a clicking noise about 3 times as fast as the regular turn click). i have had this looked at by a mechanic and i was told that this was not part of the hazard light recall which my car falls under so it was not fixed. it is a very distracting problem and the only time i can get relief from the clicking noise is when i actually get ready to make a turn by turning on the actual turn signal. there are a number of problems that numerous owners are experiencing. i am hoping that some thing is done about the windows and the engine gasket. i don't think consumers should be responsible for poor engineering and design. gm should make things right. *tr
 Drivers side window on my 2002 oldsmobile alero fails to roll up. i have checked on the internet and there a many complaints regarding this same problem, in addition to the eleven (11) nhtsa and service bulletins you already have on this same problem. this is a safety hazard. *tr
 Our drivers side window started making a funny noise and then it fell into the door. we took it in and they said the bracket that holds it onto the motor was broken, and we had to buy a whole new motor. so we replaced it in august 2007. it started giving us problems again in april 2008. the part is now totally broken and we are again replacing the motor and brackets. in the meantime we have had the exact same problem with our passengers side window. we hardly ever roll down our windows and are very upset to have experienced this problem with 3 separate units. *tr
 Rear defroster circuit failure. fuse ok, relay ok, window imprint ok. rear electrical defrost and antenna module fails. rear visibility in cold climate completely blocked when rear. window frosted. *tr many customers on the internet are complaining of the same problem and some have reported that the connector to the electrical module inside the rear-column on the passenger side is overheating and melting, breaking the electrical contact.
 Consumer stated the defogger lines exploded. as a result, a small fire erupted. no injuries reported. *ak...consumer didn't call fire department or report it to police department.*ak
 Driver window fell down into door. *tr
 On 9/26/2007 my 2002 olds alero refused to start, i finally had to leave at at my job, it started the next day, i called the dealer (i had purchased it from drivetime) in nov 2006, they stated that i had to bring it to their approved mechanic, i took it there, their mechanic stated it was the fuel pump and it would cost 755.00. that included the drivers window which fell into the door for the second time, i called drivetime who then put me on a repair assistance program, i drove the car home, that same day the car would not start again, it is now january 2008 and i still do not have a working vehicle and am refusing to pay for it. the mechanic called me back and said that it is the computer and he cannot fix it i now have to have it towed to the nearest dealer who may or may not fix it free of charge. i think its a disgrace, that a company can make such a piece of junk have all these complaints on it and nothing is done. i for one am not going to pay one more cent, the dealer could keep the car, and do with it whatever he wants, i realize this is a reposession but i am not a rich person and it is obvious that problems will only get worse with this vehicle, i think there should be a class action suit against gm, olds, drivetime for selling the lemon knowing all the problems these vehicles have. *tr
 1. the drivers side window and passenger side window start to slow down when being rolled up or down, within weeks of noticing that the window will either fall to the bottom of the door or get stuck on the track. have replaced each window motor twice and now replacing the drivers side for the third time. the window also has to be replaced this time, because of cracks. they have told me now, that oldsmobile has changed the window motor and frame. meaning that the entire things has to be replaced. costing well over 600 dollars. if gm wanted to change the window settings and everything else shouldn't they have sent out a recall for this. was also told by a gm dealer in parts that the windows were not lasting for the entire life of the car. *jb
 The driver and passenger windows constantly short circuit so they can not be opened. the driver window sounds like it is off track and has trouble closing. the passenger window stops working for no reason. the motors have been replaced by the dealer but the motor stopped working again. it would be nice to be able to roll down the window. *tr
 I have a 2 door 2002 olds. alero that has many problems. my window regulators have broken on 3 different occasions. when this happens,my windows fall into the door and have no working capability. i went to an olds. dealership to have this problem fixed. the dealership stated that the problem was not caused by anything i did. it costs a little over 1000.00 to fix both windows on every occasion that they break. i have paid this amount on two separate occasions and i feel that it's not right for me to be paying anything at all. i can't afford to get them fixed again nor do i feel that i have to. i continually drive around in the freezing cold weather w/broken windows that shouldn't have broken in the first place. i would really like someone to recall this problem because i have researched it and have found that i am not the first one to have this problem. there are hundreds of reports on just this problem not to mention plenty others. *nm
 2002 alero window regulator is brittle and disintegrating causing window to fall down. *ts the cd player was inoperative, the rear view mirror was loose and the low tire pressure monitor message came on. *jb
 Dt: two door vehicle. the power windows mechanism that supports the window broke. the window will not roll up. consumer had one side repaired by a mechanic. *tt
 For the fifth time the window on my car has broken. usually the window regulator goes out and the brackets break along with my window. this time, only the brackets broke and not the regulator. problem is my car is no longer under warranty. i do not feel like i should have to pay for the repairs since my car is a 2002 model and this is the fifth time this has happened. obviously something is not right with the situation. *nm
 Leather on front dashboard and back passenger door is detaching from surface and bubbling. it is rather severe on the front dash. cigarette lighter (one near front passenger foot) was poorly installed. it pops out all of the time. front end makes loud scratching noise when moving slowly or breaking and turning. drivers side window stopped working today. it went out without warning. trunk smells like there has been a problem with water leaks. i've found interior trunk to be damp on occasion. occasional water leaks on front passenger side (at feet). appears to be condensation of some sort. back cup holder pops out of place. because of the defect, drink spills resulted in stained carpeting.*ak
 2002 alero window regulator is brittle and disintegrating causing window to fall down. *ts the cd player was inoperative, the rear view mirror was loose and the low tire pressure monitor message came on. *jb
 Dt: consumer states that if the fuse is in the vehicle the windshield wipers constantly run. when he first bought the vehicle dealer claimed he fix it. the signals on the vehicle seem to be going too fast, and it smells like the wires are burning.*ak