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010603001A04/01/2002010603001634807Some owners of vehicles built prior to vin 1f23f068 may comment on an intermittent condition where the headlamps or interior lights may dim intermittently. *tt10/09/2002
07010201/07/2002629668Subject regarding headlamp flicker. *tt04/04/2002


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 Allege headlamps may dim or flicker

Consumer Complaints

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 Blinkers on a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue will quit working intermittently. temperature and humidity seem to be a factor. multiple taps on the hazard switch will restart the blinkers temporarily. this to be a known problem in the olds alero of the same period. see nhtsa action number :ea02037
 I believe that i am experiencing the very same issue as addressed in investigation #ea02037. however, i have a 2000 olds intrigue. i have tried checking the fuses and wiring, but recently discovered that by moving the hazard switch, the blinkers start working again. currently i have flaky turn signals and when they do work, only the back signals light and blink, while the front signal light comes on, the front signals do not blink. i have to jiggle the hazard switch daily and have had no luck finding a replacement switch. as of today, i have narrowly avoided several accidents while turning left because the cars in front of me cannot see a working signal. please advise. *tr
 Headlights, instrument lights, and fan dim and or flicker while driving. the problem is most prevalent when the temperature is colder and during acceleration. however problem also exists under normal city and highway driving conditions. engine performance and radio does not falter during the dimming of the lights. alternator was replaced following tsb 010603001 one year ago. problem appeared resolved until cold weather set in again. *nm
 My rack and pinion went out on car. i was driving and suddenly could not make a left turn. also my lights on my dash board come and go and my turn signals works when they want to. my head lights dim on and off at night . *nm
 3 problems. i think they are all electrically related. first, is one that has been noted on this site about the interior lights and headlamps dimming occasionally for long periods of time. second is the right front blinker doesn't always blink when signaling, it just stays on. at least the interior turn signal blinks fast to indicate that a problem exists. lastly, the engine has misfired on several occasions now causing the service engine soon light to come on. now, this problem was fixed at the place i purchased the vehicle. a crankshaft position sensor was replaced. for 2 months this problem didn't occur. now it occurs more and more frequently. *la
 Lights flicker, gauges flicker while driving, fuel pump will not always engage and now car will not start. *ak
 Bought car oct 2000 as a used auto. immediately had problems with it. has been in shop for each of these 4-5 times at least. it has a vibration in the steering system. midshaft was replaced, but it returned. olds did say they would attempt to fix this. ordered a new intermediate shaft, but they could not find what was actually causing this problem. been also in shop for lights flickering, heater surging, temp gauge running hot. alternator was replaced after a 3 week stay at the dealer. this problem returned 3 days before midshaft was to be replaced the 2nd time. called dealership that was going to replace shaft, and decided to hold off until we could settle this with olds. olds is not trying to rectify easily. i am reporting this to better business bureau at this time.
 When driving over a bump in the road vehicle stalled. this has happenedon three occasions. dry conditions, no prior warning. dealer cannot remedy.*ak the turn signal and hazard lights periodically stop working. nlm
 I have only had this vehicle for 3 weeks but i have noticed that the lower part of the radio and the fog lamp switch get very hot. particularly at night. i did notice that the foglamp switch cooled off a bit if i turned the fog lamps on. the lower part of the radio and the top part of the climate controls stay hot. this could be a hazard for young children and possibly a fire hazard. that's how hot the area can become. the wiring in a vehicle should not be generating that much heat. i have not contacted the dealer yet. i will be having the vehicle serviced in the next week or two and i will mention it at that time.*ak
 The 2000 olds intrigue has the turn signals go out on occasion. the hazard switch is causing this. *jb
 The vehicle experienced the same defect as stated in recall 03 v 327 000, however the model of the vehicle was not included in the recall. *jb turn signals stop working, the dealer replaced the flasher unit. *ts *jb
 Headlights were flickering. similair to someone trying to blow out a candle. to the point it looked like the light were almost going out. happened on i-83 just north of i-695.*ak
 The headlights pulsate at night. also, the dashboard lights become dim, then become bright. the dealer finds no defects.*ak
 While driving headlights dimmed without warning. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak the fan blower motor also went up and down while the headlight were dimming. *nm
 Headlights flicker during cold nights (below 30 degrees). cars think i am flashing my high beams on or off and want to pass. this has caused a number of drivers to become annoyed with me. *ak i have not noticed this happening lately since the temperatures have been above freezing at night.
 I own a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue and while driving down the road the headlights will go dim to the point of almost being off. not only is this dangerous to me and my family of 4 it is dangerous to others driving towards me. i have taken this back to the dealership where i have bought it on several occasions and the problem still remains after 2 alternators and a computer was replaced. they did however find that the problem is a sensor for the antilock braking system, it is some sort of sensor that detects when a wheel isnt turning fast enough and it kicks a motor in that makes it catch up causing the loss of power to the lights, thus causing them to dim. they said it has been recalled for the same problem in the bravada, s10, gmc envoy, jimmy and sonoma. they said it is service bulletin cqb00-18. it states that the ebcm loses a wheel speed sensor signal and it will activate the abs motor monentarily, since the motor may draw up to 100 amps the lights will dim or flicker during the cycle. the brakes do not have to be applied for this condition to happen. the loss of signal could be caused by faulty wiring, a bad wheel speed sensor or sensor ring or air gap (worn brakes). none of these have been repaired on my vehicle because they stated that this did not apply to my vehicle and they could not repair it even though that the same problem exist in over 200,000 intrigues of the same year. i would greatly appreciate you looking into this matter and making the dealerships reapir this problem by issuing a service bulletin. *ak
 I have a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue that has headlights that dim and flicker. it is more prevalent in colder temperatures. i bought the vehicle new and have noticed it since i purchased it.*ak
 Automatic headlights dim/flicker to the point that oncoming turning drivers think i am giving them the high beams to go ahead and turn in my path. i nearly had one high speed head on collision due to this problem. the defect seems to be related to street lamps and ambient lights.*ak
 I bought the car in the spring from a gm dealer. now, that it's in the winter, when it's cold, the headlights flicker badly. it's dangerous. it's tied to engine rpm. at idle, the lights are fine. as you accelerate the engine, the lights flicker down.....they get dim and flash back to normal. i just replaced the battery and it made no difference. it's got to be in the alternator/voltage regualtor. this is a safety defect. the lights are supposed to work like the lights on every other car.... it'll be nearly impossible to duplcate because when the car gets warm, the problem goes away.
 I have a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue. since i purchased the vehicle i have noticed that the headklights flicker. and, wehn i say flicker i mean they almost go totally out then come back on. i ahve taken it to the dealer where i purchased the vehicle. have ran a computer scan on it, which showed no error codes, they insisted that it was the a/c compressor kicking on. i admit it is possible, but not to the extent that it is happening. which, is constantly. as long as the headlights are on. there is a flicker, i checked the bulbs, there is no corosion around the connectors, all connections are tight. i have joined an online forum for the model vehicle that i have and almost all of the other users in the group have experienced the same thing. i would like something done about this and have no idea who to contact. i have a wife and 2 small children, so, naturally i want the vehicle to be safe. the dealer (simmons-rockwell in hornell, n.y.) or www.simmons-rockwell.com. they insist that it is the a/c. well, it has been below 40 degrees pretty much everyday since halloween of this year. and i haven't ever turned on the a/c in the car not once. any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. and i know there are others out there like me that have the same problem but, don't know what to do about it. thank you.
 Consumer states that all vehicle lights will intermittenly flicker on/off while driving. manufacturer advised consumer that problem is normal operation within vehicle specifications and there is no remedy. ts
 Headlights flicker intermittently while driving. vehicle has been taken to dealer 4 times, cannot remedy the problem.*ak
 The headlights will intermittently flicker/flash. this is especially noticeable when the air conditioner is engaged.*ak
 Headlights operate poorly. *ak
 Headlights flicker on/off and dim, dealer will be notified. *ak. consumer stated the problem was reported and the dealer informed consumer that they are aware of the problem.*jb
 Headlights continually dim and brighten while driving. took car to dealer (downtown olds, warren, ohio) and they said nothing wrong could be found.)*ak
 The headlights filcker at various times and this alternator has been replaced 3 times. the dealer has done all that they can, but the alternator failure is a design flaw with the 3.5l engine. i have been told that this is not a major problem, but the 'flickering' has become more regular and seems to happens for a longer duratation. i look forward to a solution from gm on this.
 The headlights will flicker while driving, doesn't matter what speed. this was reported to the dealership while under the warranty period. at that time, the service technician stated that he was aware of this problem and that the only thing that he could do was to replace the alternator, but didn't think it would completely correct the problem. the alternator was replaced and it did not correct the problem. my vehicle does not have any additional after market equipment installed that could be causing a strain on the electrical system.*ak
 Known tsb does not correct problem. safety issue as headlights dim substantially. *ak
 Headlights dim, causing poor vision of the road ahead. this is an accident waiting to happen!!*ak
 Headlights and lights inside vehicle will dim to a very low light when weather gets cold. contacted dealer ,and dealer was not able to do anything about the problem.*ak
 While driving headlights will dim down and come back up. also, this happens with air conditioning, it will slow down and speed up. dimming of the headlights may send wrong signals to another driver. *ak *slc
 While driving at night a malfunction occurred within headlight assemebly which caused headlights to completely turn off, cause unknown. *ak dealer replaced alternator twice due to a service bulletin, dealer also found on one occasion that the bolt for the battery ground cable had bottomed out in the block not allowing cable to ground consistently, dealer also found that when the air pump engages the lights dim, consumer was told by the dealer that the lights flickering is normal, however consumer states the lights come on and off as they please. noise heard from the rear, dealer found right rear tire cupped badly, consumer did not give any specific tire inforamtion. *slc
 When driving at night with headlights on, without any warning headlights will completely shut down ,causing poor visibiity for driver. dealer has not been able to determine cause. *ak intermittently, the head lamps flicker and shut off. alternator failed. *yh alternator was replaced twice, once because it was charging 14.2 volts. left rear tire cupped badly, causing noise, no specific tire information given. *slc
 Ongoing problem with head lights intermittently glowing up and down. vehicle been in / out of dealer's shop on three occasions, and problem still occurring. please provide any further details on this matter. *ak
 Our lights dim,heater fan cuts out,heat gauge goes all the way to hot,interior buttons are so hot you cannot touch,oil headlight comes on even though we have reset it and oil has been changed. *ak
 While driving at night time and turning on air conditioning or when turning on heater, headlights go out. no prior warning. contatced dealer, and dealer said that it's a normal condition, and that the problem cannot be resolved.*ak
 Headlights dim and brighten at unexpected times. unable to duplicate on demand. dealer cannot find problem.*ak
 While driving at night headlights dim without warning. dealership contacted. please provide addtional information. ts
 I own a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue and the turn signal lights work intermittently or not at all. the mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with the lights when the car was put on the computer. according to consumer reports, it looks like the same problem occured in the 2000-2001 oldsmobile alero. the only way i can get the turn signal lights to work again is by pressing the hazard warning switch twice. sometimes this will make the turn signal lights work for a few minutes or up to a few weeks. what can i do from here?*ak
 I have a 2000 olds intrigue that is showing the same signs as the recall nhtsa recall campaign number : 03v327000. can someone advise me as to whether it is covered as well? *tr
 Turn signal-hazard light failure. *la