BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
51010/01/200310016247Rear storage compartments may break. refer to tsb#0308110001 *sc09/02/2005
04040204/04/2002636485Subject regarding wind noise while driving. *tt11/08/2002
19090109/19/2001626222Customers may complain of a water leak at the center of the windshield or from the overhead console. *slc12/13/2001
03086402407/01/200310012572Water in jack compartment. *tt03/07/2005
04084902006/01/200410012533Cupholder faceplate now available separately from i/p (instrument panel) accessory trim plate. *tt03/07/2005
020844022B08/01/2003020844022A10012574Static noise heard in radio speakers. *eh03/07/2005
03086402307/01/200310012571Water sets on top of rear window weatherstrip or sliding side door weatherstrip. *tt03/07/2005
04084900301/01/200410011138Glove box door will not latch. *tt01/03/2005
0193301/01/200401933A10007833Water leaks at overhead console map. *tt07/12/2004
010866009A12/01/200301086600910005178Creak in the rear of the vehicle. *tt02/11/2004
03085700309/01/200310004336Front carpet wet after extended driving. *tt12/02/2003
0136211/18/200310004143Water leak into jack compartment with power sliding door. *tt11/19/2003
030811000307/01/200310002950Cup holder loose/will not hold weight. *tt10/01/2003
02100302/10/200310002536Rear storage compartments returned to the warranty parts center for broken link arms. *tt09/04/2003
030811000101/01/200310000934Rear storage compartment tray hinge support link breaks. *tt04/04/2003
02084402212/01/200210000736Static noise heard in radio speakers. *tt03/28/2003
020812700111/01/200210000464Availability of rear parking assist sensor service harness. *tt02/27/2003
02085900310/01/200210000163General squeak and rattle guide. *tt02/13/2003
02085800306/01/2002634510Some customers may comment that road noise can be heard coming from the area behind the front seats. *tt10/03/2002
02086700606/01/2002634513Some customers may comment that there is rust forming around the front or rear portion of the roof. *tt10/03/2002
01085700611/01/2001628525This bulletin contains information on various waterleak conditions. *tt03/13/2002
05086400602/01/200510017453Left hand power sliding side door inoperative. *tt11/08/2005
04086401508/01/200410011237Power sliding side door inoperative. *eh01/11/2005
0218200402/18/200410009124Power sliding door repairs. gm voicemail express. *tt09/10/2004
0176501/01/200401765A10006219Power sliding door inoperative bound.*mr04/26/2004
020864026A03/01/200302086402610001252Right hand power sliding side door difficult to open. *tt04/25/2003
02086402612/01/200210000732Advanced service information - power sliding side door hard to open. *tt03/28/2003
05040204/05/2002636509Issue regarding excessive road noise most prevalent in the sliding door areas, left, right or both. *tt11/09/2002
08040204/08/2002636513Vehicles with an intermittent power sliding door low level, barely audible buzzing noise from the rear of the vehicle. *tt11/09/2002
010851004A01/01/200301085100410000948Premature aluminum hood corrosion / blistering. *tt04/04/2003
020867006B03/01/2003020867006A10001276Roof perforation. *tt04/25/2003
020864006A12/01/200202086700610000746Roof perforation. *tt03/28/2003


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
PE04064GENERAL MOTORS CORP.09/17/200412/22/2004POWER-SLIDING DOOR04V597000
 Subject vehicles are available with an optional power sliding door.the interior handle is oriented in the vertical position in the door panel and lines up at the elbow level when the occupant is seated in the 2nd-row outboard position.if the occupant holds the interior handle in the thumb up position during power-assisted opening, the arm/wrist can be push back with force against the 2nd-row bucket seat or captain's chair seat back creating a risk of injury (other seating configurations have ample seat to door clearance to avoid entrapment of the lower arm).among the 103 total reports, there were 102 alleged injuries including arm/wrist, thumb and shoulder injuries.a count of injuries reveals that 76 injuries were a fractured or a broken arm/wrist requiring an immobilizing cast for four-to-six weeks.all injuries involve the right side power sliding door.the left side power sliding door is on far fewer vehicles, but more importantly, it produces less force.gm notified the agency by letter dated december 21, 2004, that it will recall model year 1997 though early 2005 gm u-van vehicles equipped with a right side power sliding door and with 2nd-row bucket seats or captain chairs (nhtsa recall #04v597).as part of the recall remedy, gm will replace the door handle with a flush mounted handle that will prevent an occupant from grasping the handle with the palm between the handle and door panel (thumb up orientation) and thus eliminate the potential for arm/wrist entrapment.this investigation is closed.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 The contact owns a 2002 oldsmobile silhouette. the day she pulled out of the parking lot with the vehicle, the abs light, and traction off light came on. when she drove off the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal both began to wobble and vibrate. the dealer told her that the accelerator pedal vibrating will stop if she turns the traction system off. that same day. when coming out of the driveway both the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal would vibrate and would not let her press the brakes or accelerate until it stops vibrating. the keyless remote worked the first times she examined the vehicle. once off the parking lot it would not work, it would only lock the vehicle and it made the alarm system activate. she was told by the dealer to buy a battery for the keyless remote. when she did, it still did not work. the alarm system would only deactivate when she opened the drivers door with the key and turned the vehicle on. all of the tires on the vehicle had to be replaced. the current mileage was 76,000, and the failure mileage was 75,900. the purchase date was 03/14/2008. kg
 2002 silhouette, 39000 miles. front wheel bearings failed. had repaired, within 50 miles after picking up from dealership, there was a grinding when turning right. both heated seats didn't heat. driver's side window operated extremely slow. intake manifold gasket needed replacement!, $1000!, 39000 miles folks! air suspension did not operate crackled. power doors did not open when something got in the way. bruised shoulder because of this. premature tire wear, replaced tires at 30,000 miles. all scheduled maintenance done. stored in a garage more highway miles than city. how did gm want to help me? dealer did paperwork when purchasing, tried to push off a cheaper model on an elderly women, and changed the promised 5 year warranty to a 3 year warranty. mother was just so happy she got the right vehicle to take home, she never noticed the change in the warranty. tried to work with the dealer on repairs since there were only 39000 miles, and we got a 'gee, really sorry ma'am, i understood, but there wasn't anything we could do about it. went to the gm service line, and did not get any help there either, but she had a real purdy first name! seemed to me these were all recurring premature known failures , yet gm did not care to stand behind their product! it was a shame they pushed the 5 year warranty so extensively when they had all these vehicles on their lots. people, we've been had. i grew up in oldsmobile, but the more i read about gm - the more likely i am to buy toyota! the good news is that i found a dealer (not close to home though) that was willing to at least repair the first set of wheel bearings for $100. got that on my own, not through gm service help. i just hope they will be as nice for the next set of wheel bearings that need replacement and for the gasket that was just discovered. still waiting to hear from gm on the other issues. (not as an immediate need as the wheel bearings) i'm not holding my breath.*ak
 2002 oldsmobile silhouette van the front doors are not properly sealed and allow water to intrude. this has caused water damage to the electrical components in the door. the window switches are failing and have had to be replaced, which olds service tech's stated was due to water damage. the repair person at the local dealership in sarasota said that it is a common problem for the model. i am worried about future body damage and corrosion. also worried about door locks failing and related safety issues. *jb
 My 2002 oldsmobile silhouette minivan, automatic sliding door closed on its own and crushed me. the door would not release. i was able to push the side button after about 20 sec. i was injured. i was blown off by the dealership. it has happened several times over the past year. i am now angry because it has been happening this week. ironic that as i leave for physical therapy, the thing that damaged me is still malfunctioning. *nlm
 Consumer stated that the sliding door remote would not work causing it to be hard for the consumer to enter or exit the vehicle. dealer notified. ph
 Vehicle was parked without prior warning the passenger side door electrical door slide open and close intermittenley. and her arm got caught inside of the door. mr
 Our van has one automatic door and one manual door to enter into the back seat. i pulled into the garage, turned the van off, and my eight year old grandson pushed the button to open the automatic door as he sat in the front seat. not knowing that my two year old grandaughter had gotten out of her child seat and was between the seat and the door, the door opened and she fell into the track. i caught the door as it pinned her by the waist in the track, but it was very difficult to move. it took all my strength to keep it from crushing her. please, for the safety of other children, make this door stop moving if something or someone hits this track! she is ok, but bruised and sore. i am aware that there is an override switch to stop the door, but in a panick it didn't come to mind.*jb
 I have a problem with wind noise coming from both, but primarily the left a-pillar/s. i get the noise at highway speeds and heading into a head wind. it causes an extremely loud low pitch whistling noise that is constant with the wind blowing. it has been in the shop(using at least 3 different ones) 6 times for the same issue with no solution. *la