Pace American Trailer 2006

Model Trailer made in 2006 by Pace American got 2 consumer complains as well as 1 investigation. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. . The car had one investigation (wheels).

Model 2006


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 By letter dated november 8, 2007, pace american notified nhtsa that a defect which related to motor vehicle safety existed in 180 to 315 subject vehicles manufactured with defective aluminum wheels supplied by tredit tire & wheel co. (tredit) which could break apart, deflating the tire and resulting in property damage or personal injury. subsequently, by a letter dated april 22, 2008 pace informed nhtsa that its november 8th decision was made in error and requested a rescindment of their part 573 defect report stating that their decision was based on one warranty claim, which pace later determined to be the result of overloading.after further consideration of the information pace supplied in its filings, and the limitation of agency resources, nhtsa has decided to close this investigation.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I bought a new 2006 pace palimino fifth wheel travel trailer in 2008. i have about 5000 miles on it. all four tires have severe cracking of the sidewalls and appear unsafe. the tires are maxxis 225/75d15 dot 5xhn26 10-05 what should i do about it? *tr
 Tire belt ripped on outside of tire near sidewall. *tr