Plymouth C Body

Model C Body made by Plymouth got 25 consumer complains as well as 1 recall. Consumer complaints with reference to equipment. . There was one recall concerning steering .

Model 1969


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
69V096000CHRYSLER CORPORATION V (Vehicle)498107/09/1969MFRCHRYSLER GROUP LLC07/14/196910/12/1979
Defect Summary
Consequence Summary
Corrective Summary
NotesPossibility that steering knuckle may have been improperly heat-treated in spindle portion of knuckle.this could cause complete separation and loss ofroad wheel.(correct by inspecting and replacing parts when necessary.)

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My plymouth breeze completely shut down as i was driving it. my daughter was in the car with me and we both could have gotten seriously hurt. also, i just spent $700 on a blown head gasket. something really needs to be done about these vehicles. *nm
 The hood support struts fail and the hood of my 1999 prowler comes crashing done without warning. i have replaced the hood struts 3 times since i have owned the car - 4 years.*ak
 First when i bought the van and had to replace had gasket which i was told that this is a common problem for this van, yet there is no recall. then on october 13th 2003 i was in a auto accident when i was stopped at a light i was hit from the rear by a women doing 30-35 mph i hit people in front of me and the van was totalled but yet the airbags did not deploy. i still have the van, my wife and i were both hurt. can you tell me if there is a recall on the airbags not deploying.*ak
 Brakes rust when it rains or snows. this causes brakes to lock-up or fail.*ak
 I bought this car 3 weeks ago and have already replaced the rear main seal and put a new oil sending unit in. now i am told it is the head gasket for which is estimated at $800 to 1999 neon only has 55,000 miles on it!this car of mine is still leaking oil and i am scared to drive any where with my son, in fear that i will be stranded some where and not know what to do! i am a single mom and cannot afford this....why aren't the dealerships recalling these cars to fix right. i think this is wrong and makes them look bad why don't they redeem their reputtaion and fix the problem in these neon.i am a very unhappy neon owner!!!*ak
 Axle was replaced 3 times-now it's making noise again. technician checked and found trans/ differential problem. looseness in differential section of trans caused problem w/axle. also recommend replacing transmission and motor mounts. too much play is causing stress on axle. *nlm
 I can't pinpoint the month or time it happened, but a couple of years ago i started to notice that the gas mileage in my 1996 plymouth grand voyager had dropped considerably. it only gets about 15 mpg around town and only 18 to 19 mpg in highway driving. i've taken it to the dealership and they performed their 'diagnostics' and told me nothing is wrong and sent me back home with the mini-van still getting lousy gas mileage.
 I own a 1996 plymouth voyager and on this min van the wipers act very erratic. they work when they want. sometimes they won't shut off and other times they will not come on at all or stop right in the middle of your view. i also have an issue with the serpentine belts popping off the drive line leaving you with no power steering or power brakes and completely disables the vehicle. i also experience issues with the rear shocks. the bolts come loose and detaches the rear shick from the van leaving it quite uncontrollable while driving. all 3 issues happens on many occasions. all 4 of these defects make this van very dangerous to drive or travel with. currently my van is sitting in my drive with a bad transmission. i have owned the van for 5 years now and in 5 years i have blown 3 transmissions. *tr
 I have a plymouth grand voyager in which was involved in an earlier re call for the abs brakes now they failed again*ak
 Total power shutdown while trying to start. started 10 minutes later. various components started failing - door locks, intermittant wiper, rear wiper, rear washer, power mirror. took to dealer and was told i needed a new bcm. replaced bcm for $600 and was told that everything had to be repaired! they replace defective bcm 50-60 times a year so that they can tell you your car is not working! what a racket! and apparently the one they replaced had already been replaced before - how many times i don't know. $220 of recommended repairs were not guaranteed to fix the problems either! i reported the details to customer assistance and was told they would call back - they didn't. when i called them they said that all assistance was denied! i had to pay $600 so they could tell me what i had already told them! i'll take it to an independent shop where they charge to fix the car.*ak
 The starter on my 2001 plymouth neon needed to be replaced before i even owned it for 2 years. i did not buy the extended warranty and my 3 year/36,000 mile warranty has expired by 6000 miles. i had a remote car starter installed but i have been told the remote starter more than likely did not cause the starter to fail. a brand new, or 2 year old car's starter should not have failed so soon. is there any way to get reimbursed for my repair and brand new starter's cost of $405.00 by either the dealer of the vehicle or the manufacturer or installer of the remote car starter? *jb
 I supposedly had a gasket put on my vehicle but i still have a water leak. i see there were recalls on heads or gaskets. i also had brakes and rotors put on my car which i still have problem with . i have paid over$400 to get that gasket put on. when i use my air conditioner the power of my engine weakens and i hear valves rattling. i do not know the owner of the vehicle every get these things fix when there were a recall for them or not. i also had to put a transmission sensor on the vehicle. it is one thing after another for this vehicle. i thought maybe because of the age of the car. but after looking at the recall of the vehicle. i basically have to restore the vehicle. the dealer where i took my car told me that i had a recall on my brakes but i do not think they did anything about. then i was also told that i needed work for the startling and power of my vehicle. when i purchased this vehicle after one week it was in the shop for the gasket. about a month later then i needed that transmission sensor. i do not believe my car never stopped dripping water. i do not know exact date. i still hear the roaring sound when i hit my brakes. *jb
 While driving down the interstate doing about 70 mph i heard a loud noise. looked at speedometer and it registered 0. i had no power. barely managed to get van off the road. got out and looked under it, there was transmission fluid everywhere. had it checked out by personal mechanic. he then told me that there have been numerous complaints about this year of plymouth grand voyagers. i only have 86,000 miles on it. also the sliding door locks have failed, windshield washers have failed, a/c has failed, not to mention the airbag light, fuel line and all of the numerous other recalls it has had on it. *nlm
 Cd player on the 2000 neon is mounted on the floor. the bottom of the stack of center dashboard equipment. beyond a working reach of most drivers. *jb i feel my daughter's line of sight was obscured as she reached down to put in a cd. she had just started driving this car 2 weeks prior. she drove it 30 miles to work in the next town. this cd alignment is such that even i (who is 4 taller than my daughter) would not reach the cd player without compromising my ability to drive. i would like to see that my concern would be joined with others: where this issue would be brought forward to raise the awareness of autos that are built in a risky way. ... where auto makers would not be allowed to construct accessories at the extreme limits of the reach of the driver. i would be willing to be a part of a watchdog group that would take this issue forward. illustrating the issue, asking for change. 8 weeks ago my daughter died in that head on collision. yesterday, after the accident investigation report was completed, i was allowed to take the cd player out to see if she was using it. and yes, there was a kids cd in the machine that my wife and i had not played. (i had never used the cd player. my wife only minimally. i think our teenage daughter was attracted to try to use it, even when it was beyond reasonable reach.) my understanding is that my daughter reached down to manipulate this factory installed cd player and veered from the driving lane. there was no sign of braking. just that quick, seconds, she was head on into another vehicle. 2 months ago on a clear day my daughter drove her plymouth neon across the center line and into an on coming car. following the accident investigation i was able to understand from the other party that they could not see her face as she came forward into them. *jb
 I own a 1996 plymouth voyager and on this min van the wipers act very erratic. they work when they want. sometimes they won't shut off and other times they will not come on at all or stop right in the middle of your view. i also have an issue with the serpentine belts popping off the drive line leaving you with no power steering or power brakes and completely disables the vehicle. i also experience issues with the rear shocks. the bolts come loose and detaches the rear shick from the van leaving it quite uncontrollable while driving. all 3 issues happens on many occasions. all 4 of these defects make this van very dangerous to drive or travel with. currently my van is sitting in my drive with a bad transmission. i have owned the van for 5 years now and in 5 years i have blown 3 transmissions. *tr
 1999 plymouth grand voyager throws serpentine belt when driving through a puddle, resulting in loss of steering. *tr
 4th 1993 plymouth grand voyager se transmission. no warning before complete transmission failure. has 1st gear to about 15 mph and then slips out of gear. no reverse no nothing. van is sitting in my garage while i decide what to do with this giant boat anchor. *jb
 Car continously overheats. have replace the radiator cap and the thermostat.
 Head gasket failed at approximately 32,000 miles. head gasket was replaced at a chrysler dealership and the new head gasket failed again with less than 40,000 miles on the gasket. this is a known problem with neons and chrysler has yet to issue a recall.
 My 2001 chrysler prower hood shocks do not support hood weight. i have had the hood crash down several times, but no one was hurt. other owners of plymouth/chrysler prowlers have reported changing the hood shocks several times with no solution. several other owners have reported being hit on the head while looking under the hood, having injured their wrists and fingers from hoods crashing down.*ak
 Transmission slippage, will not go into gear after car turned on, must wait, and restart at times. slippage in 2nd gear, car idles and then goes out of gear to neutral while driving. on the highway, car will not go into 4th gear periodically, car revs to 4-5 rpms. went to cottman transmission for review of failure may 26, 2004. recommended to go to plymouth dealership, went to weinberg dodge, june 1and again on june 16, and was told that they could take the transmission apart and rebuild it for $1800. called mitch crawford dodge, where the transmisson was replaced at 93,845, told that it was out of warrantee by 1500 miles, and that they would sell me a new one for $1550. i am on my 2nd transmission at 131,000 miles and need a third. my last plymouth voyager 1989 lasted on one transmission until 182,000. this can be validated by firestone, overland park, ks. who serviced both plymouths. cottman transmission service center said that they get calls regularly on the automatic transmission for the dodge caravans. bought a new 2004 town/ country van, did so because of the great success we have had with the dodge products, up ontil these ransmission conserns. were told at mitch crawford dodge that they have put new transmissions in the new vans, elliminates feeling that the car is changing gears as you accelerate. they had issues with the older transmissions. i shouldn't have to buy a new transmission that only lasts just past the warrantee. please investigate the safety and function of this transmission. i can't get a new transmission every 40,00 miles. if the transmissions are being built to last only that long, dodge/chrysler has a damaged product. i would like a recall. it was dangerous on the highway to slip out of gear, and in an intersection not to be able to engage the transmission. thank you for your time.*ak
 Bought remanufactured transmission, it started giving us problems about 2000 miles before warranty would run out. i find out that the repair facility that put the transmission in wrote the wrong mileage in. local dealer said no problem, verify mistake it can be changed, lucky for us we had the vehicle inspected at the same time trans. was replaced. proved correct mileage with state inspection book. accepted by local dealer but denied by chrysler. i have heard lots of complaints about chrysler trans. since having problems with ours and about chryslers failure to honor warranties. *la
 When attempting to have all nhtsa issued safety recalls completed on my vehicle service repair center manager. stated they only applied to certain neon's not all of the 2000's. i have yet as of this date been able to accomplish nhtsa recall id#99v043000, #99v114000 nor have i ever received the addendum referred to in nhtsa recall id #00v366000. in recognition of the recent problems experienced w/my vehicle, overheating, inoperable driver side window, horn & airbag system and my having also experienced brake problems, i feel these recalls are essential. however, they are going unrecognized by annapolis tate dodge. *nlm
 I just had my third mopar rebuilt transmission installed two weeks ago in my 97 plymouth grand voyager--3 speed automatic--3.0 litre. i bought this 97 ply grand voyager with 30k miles from a reputable dealer. this original trans went at 75k. i then had the first mopar rebuilt installed and replaced within 3,000 miles due to a flatly torque converter. the second, and third were replaced, at 85k and 97k, respectfully, due to the same problem. this torque converter, shuttering, problem is the main symptom. mopar has replaced the transmissions, parts and labor, without delay. my question---why is this happening sooooooo often? the warranty is good of 36/36,000 miles, which expires at 111,000. is there any recourse to this situation? is there a problem with these transmissions? wayne efferson. *jb
 On 11/05/2003 my cars headgasket was going.i purchased my car on 11/14/2003 the car had 59,708. i only put on the car13,000 miles from the time that i had it. i did a carfax on the car and saw that on 5/02/2003 the car had 96,113 then on 8/06/03 it had 59,294 miles there was a 36,819 mile i need to know the true mileage on the car because if the miles on the car were turned back that means that my car has over 148,000 miles and my machanic said that being that the car was 7 years old that car would have over 148,000 miles. i need to know the true miles that were on the car when the first owner sold the car.because im going to court due to this mileage problem. so if you could please help me with this mileage issue.pleaseit would be vety helpful being the first owner was in new york . the dealership is giving me a hard time with the problem .i took great care of my car one month after i got the car i got an oil change then i got it flushed and filed w/ the oil change in march and every 3,000 miles after that.they asked me to bring the car to them on 11/08/2004. apon doing that the car then died. had the car towed from were i broke down. my car sat in the parking lot of the dealership for 2 days . they were to have someone look at the car . but instead they sent it out to get looked at . but instead they broke down my engine and i have not had my car for the last month next month will be 2 months .so could you please help me thank you very much

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