Consumer Complaints

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 Consumer states that the wide tires equipped on this vehicle caused 2 accidents in which vehicle fish-tailed and consumer lost control resulting in a crash, on one occasion consumer hit his head, but was not injured, both accidents occurred in snowy, wet road conditions. (tire make/model not provided) *slc
 Driving on a hwy in texas my front driver side tire threw it's tread. this wiped out the front quarter of my car, and left streaks of rubber down the length of the car. a week and a half later a second tire of the same kind had a problem. this tire egged on the tread of the tire. i removed the tire and took it to a dealer who said it was a busted steel belt, but he also went on to say that he could not do anything for me. the next day while sitting in my car the egg busted and separated the tread on this tire similar to the first. can yall look in to this and tell me what steps i need to take i recovering some of the money that i am putting out to have this damage fixed? thank you for any help and/or information that you can provide.( dot number: tire size: p21560r16 )