CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
06E065000AJ MOTORSPORT E (Equipment)359307/31/2006OVSCGENERAL MOTORS CORP.07/17/200607/17/2006571108
Defect SummaryCertain aj motorsport combination lamps sold as replacement lamps for use on the above listed passenger vehicles. combination lamps not equipped with amber side reflectors fail to conform with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 108, lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment.
Consequence SummaryLack of amber side reflectors in the lamps will decrease lighting visibility to other drivers and may possibly result in a vehicle crash.
Corrective SummaryAj motorsport will notify owners and offer reimbursement for the lamps. the recall began on july 31, 2006. owners may contact aj motorsport at 626-618-2026.
NotesThis recall only pertains to aj motorsport aftermarket lamps and has no relation to any original equipment installed on the listed passenger vehicles.for more information on the lamp model numbers, click on document search and view document titled


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Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 During initial 3 yr/36,000 miles warranty period the vehicle was in the shop 5 or more times for the iginition problem. it intermittently will not start. the total ignition and keys, clutch switch were replaced, and eventually i thought the problem was corrected when the security module was replaced at around 37,000 miles. in the last 2 days the iginition has failed approximately 20 times, and worked correctly about 10 times. i have not yet taken it to the dealer. i was hoping to find it was a recurrent problem that you had a record on, and i could finally get it resolved. however, i didn't find this in the data base. also, the backup lights were fixed once under warranty and have failed again. the orignal fix was to replace the switch on the transmision. i am assuming that is the failure again. the bulbs are okay.*ak
 When shifting from reverse into drive, the car fails to proceed, but just sits still for about 4 seconds befor it starts to move foreward. this is scary because i have had near-accidents with this problem when an approaching vehicle is coming up on me from the rear on the roads i have backed out onto. the vehicle was taken to marshall pontiac in clinton, in for repairs, but the problem still exhists regardless. this creates another potentially dangerous problem when the roads are slick. when the car starts to move foreward, it accelerates and causes tire slippage and loss of traction. about the headlight problem now....when the headlights are shut off, they drop into place, but the motor on the drivers side headlight makes a very loud grinding noise for about 15-20 seconds. the driving lights cannot be turned on without the headlights popping up (even though the headlights are not lit). i find myself shutting off my headlights before i reach a populated area to avoid embarrasment of the noise. this can be dangerous, i realize. it can be heard a block away. i have talked to about 5 other firebird and trans am owners in just my area that have experienced the exact same problem with both the headlights and the shift from r to drive. when they had the headlight motor replaced, they eventually experience the same problem once again with the replacement motor/module. now about the ignition....the car takes three, sometimes four trys to start. this was quite a problem for me when i was in an emergency situation needing to rush my daughter to the hospital as she cut off her thumb recently. we lost valuable time trying to get the car to start while she was losing alot of blood. this problem is very frustrating. marshall pontiac in clinton, in has replaced headlight motors on these 90 model firebird and trans ams in the past without informing the owner that other vehicle owners have the same problem. if this is a prob. locally, what are the nat'nl numbers?
 Turn signal lights failed. *skd
 1) unknown reason from dealership on turn signals. term cancel out used. tt