Consumer Complaints

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 The smog pump blows the fuse, the cooling fans and check engine light comes on. the dealership charged nearly $500.00 to replace the pump, wiring, and fuse. they fixed the problem using bigger rated wire and fuse, which usually means original parts were not addequate. i am going to contact gm's corporate offices about this problem. if the t.s.b. calls for fixing the problem with bigger rated wire and fuse, then gm knows it is possibly a design defect. i think this should be under a recall or an emissions warranty of some kind. *ak
 Diagnostic trouble code #29, air pump fuse and wiring are not adequate to prevent fuse from blowing. fuse blows after engine goes into closed loop operation. air pump does not work after this, causing check engine light to appear.
 During operation the check engine light stays on at all times. when going from second gear to third the vehicle makes a loud noise.*ak
 Instrumental control panel malfunctioned, due to rap module failure. tt