BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
04060403906/01/200410012154Revised ignition relay diagnosis. *tt02/15/2005
02060400803/01/2002631210Subject regarding revised diagnostic trouble code p0341 camshaft position sensor performance. *slc05/21/2002

Consumer Complaints

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 The security light comes on and stays on ,sometimes car will not start and sometimes dies while driving and loses power at any giving time. the key that has a the sensor does not read or give the correct resistance to the vats security system and the security system shuts the car off. i believe it has something to do with the key resistance and the egnition in which it goes into. something electrical is not reading or making contact messing up all the security in the car.
 2002 pontiac firebird was involved in a collision while driving at 55 mph and the air bags deployed. *mr
 Consumer complaint regarding gm corp placing electronic recording devices in vehicles without informing the customer.*mr *nm
 I have had multiple electrical issues with the vehicle with the keyless entry and theft deterent key chip system malfunctioning and the radio face display not working at all unless i turn the radio off and on until it work sometime 5 or 6 times. the vehicle when it was brand new had a noise coming from the 6speed manual transmission in third and fourth gear now the vehicle has 17000 miles and it is much worse with some difficulty shifting on accasion. the differential has a whining noise at 50-60 mph at cruising rpm and the dealership tells me this is normal. i am severely irritated with gm for the disregard to customer service and even if you are within your original warranty you can forget about getting a loaner vehicle during any repairs. that is one of the major things keeping me from giving them my car. three different dealerships in the houston area have all told me that wear parts are not covered in warranty which is bumper to bumper full warranty. i just don't think a transmission should be doing this at 17000 miles. not to mention i have already had to replace most of the braking system out of my own pocket when the vehicle had less than 10000 miles on it from a sticking brake caliper. i am very displeased since i bought this vehicle new.*ak
 Problems with electrical system, clutch, pistons, dash fan and rear right molding. *mr the vehicle developed a crack in the cylinder head. saturn repaired the part but would not reimburse the consumer for repair cost due to the vehicle exceeding the warranty. at the time of the repair the vehicle had 96k plus miles. the vehicle also experienced the following: engine knocking/loss of power (8 pistons were replaced), after engine problem/repair, engine oil consumption occurred (one quart every 1300 hundred miles, bang noise in the clutch (bearing was replaced), water and haze was in the high/low beam inside the bulbs, left headlight shorted out/wire burnt (actuator was replaced), the brake pedal rubber guard had detached, the gas tether detached, there was an engine knock upon acceleration, the ignition module and camshaft position sensor experienced performance problems, the transmission shimmies when shifting under the vehicle when the clutch depressed, the headlights, rear light, dash lights, radio lights, and the interior lights would continuously flicker. *scc in cold weather the shifter failed to engage in 2nd and 4th gears. *jb
 Consumer would put key inside ignition and headlights would come on. however, vehicle would not start. consumer stated that ignition wires were worn/weak. the dealership has been contacted.*ak this problem occurred about 4-5 times. a few times the ignition was turned on with a little manipulation of the key. but the last 2 times the temperature was in the 90's and the vehicle could not be started at all. the consumer believes this failure is a safety concern. *ts *nlm