BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
329610017143Drive sprocket support bearing missing or dtc p0741 and p0742. *sc10/25/2005
31023102B10010237Service vme 01-04 vehicle equipped with 4t65e automatic transmission 4t65e transmission valve body inspection procedure. (to include 2004 pontiac aztec) *sc all 2001 - 2006 passenger vehicles with 4t65e transaxle. *tt11/05/2004
0187201/01/2004100064684t65e transmission slips in reverse when hot, or no reverse. *tt05/03/2004
0171501/01/200401715A100062474t65e transmission fluid leak from the reverse servo cover in cold weather. *tt04/26/2004
05080305/08/200310003639Whine noise condition heard in drive or reverse and not present in park or neutral. *tt10/27/2003
08073000203/01/2008080730002A10025065Informational on 4t65-e mn7, m15 and m76 front wheel drive automatic transmission valve body reconditioning, dtcs p0741, p0742, p0757, p842, harsh shifts or slips. *pe07/08/2008
06073002309/01/2006100207664t65e transmission 1-2 shift shudder at light to moderate acceleration. replace complete second clutch assembly. *kb01/08/2007
369210019447Ticking or knocking noise, cracked or broken flexplate. *tt03/15/2006
03073002907/01/200310012562Changes for 2004 model year for 4t65e transaxle - internal changes to valve body, spacer plate and channel plate and touch activated power (tap). *tt03/07/2005
020730013D05/01/2005020720013E10012152Incorrect transmission shifts poor engine performance harsh 1-2 upshifts slips 1st and reverse torque converter clutch stuck off on diagnostic trouble code p0730, p0756, p0757, p0741, p0742. *eh *tt02/15/2005
0123200401/23/200410009104Transmission fluid leak from reverse servo cover at ambient temperatures. transmission fluid may be detected on the lower pain rail or case side. most leak reports have been found during predelivery inspection. gm voicemail express. *tt09/10/2004
04073001003/01/200410008672Revised case side cover replacement procedure. *tt08/13/2004
020730039E08/01/2005020730039F10004756Firm transmission shifts, shudder/chuggle, transmission won't downshift on deceleration, service engine soon light illuminated, diagnostic trouble code p0742 set. *tt update. *tt01/06/2004
0143201/01/200310004412Automatic transmission poor acceleration, performance. *tt12/05/2003
06050306/05/2003100036914t65e equipped automatic transmission vehicles may have no reverse, slips in reverse when the transmission is at operating temperature. *tt10/28/2003
05300305/30/200310003678A revision to the parts restriction program for the powertrain control module. the current bulletin has been revised to extend the parts restriction program through august 1, 2003. please disregard corporate bulletin number 03-06-04-027.10/28/2003
030604027A05/01/200303060402710002369Parts restriction program for powertrain control module (pcm). *tt08/26/2003
3365A10017095Ticking or knocking noise cracked or broken flexplate. various models including oldsmobile bonneville 2006. *tt10/24/2005
3382100149334t65e (mn7) transmission fluid leak on right side axle seal. *tt05/12/2005

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 2004 pontiac grand prix transmission slipping/jerking motion going from dead start or uphill/downhill. seems very very dangerous as trying to pull out into traffic is never consistent and the jerking motion forces people behind to slam on brakes. happens up to 3 times in a row. this is a very dangerous issue and something needs to be done about this i do not want to be driving in danger like this anymore.
 Traction control (turned off) even thou it was off to begin with, then another message engine power diminished. car wouldn't go over 30 miles per hour. i have never used the traction control feature since i have had the car. *tr
 Traction control (turned off) even thou it was off to begin with, then another message engine power diminished. car wouldn't go over 30 miles per hour. i have never used the traction control feature since i have had the car,
 I have had to replace the passenger side front bearings already one time this year and now the other side is roaring this is an '04 with 44000 miles. this is aggravating and i am sure that i am now changing brands. i have 2 fords and 2 gm's and i continually have issues with the gm's. *nm
 2004 pontiac grand prix developed problems with the electrical system and the transmission.*mr late last year, while the vehicle was parked on a nearly flat service, the vehicle jumped out of park, hitting and damaging another vehicle. the vehicle has repeatedly stalled on numerous occasions. (lawyer on behalf of owner of vehicle). *jb
 The vehicle bucked when the transmission shifted between third and forth gear. *nm once the vehicle was placed in reveres the vehicle rolled forward and would not engage in reverse. the consumer had to turn the vehicle and restart it. the vehicle was taken to the dealer but they were unable to find anything wrong. *nm
 I started my 2004 pontiac grand prix gtp one very cold morning and noticed a whining noise from under the hood. i purchased this vehicle used in 2005 with about 16,000 miles on it. once the car warmed up, the whining noise went away until i drove it. i heard the noise again when the transmission shifted from first gear. at that time, the mileage was about 74,800. about one 3 days later, i took it to a local lube shop to have the transmission fluid changed. after the fluid was changed, i did not hear the whining sound again until about 2 days later on my way home for a lunch break. the next morning, i heard the whining when i started the car to warm it up. after the car warmed for a while, it hesitated to move when i put it into reverse to go to work. it also hesitated to move when i put it into drive. the mileage, at that point, was about 75,000 miles. i brought it back home and called a local repair shop who ended up looking at it and said the trans was shot. i then called gm about to express my dissatisfaction and to ask for some type of assistance. they referred me to a dealer for a diagnosis. i took it to sullivan pontiac and was told that it was a possible problem with the valve seal. the estimated cost to repair would be 2,600. considering i do not drive my car under heavy conditions and the recommended trans service is due at 100k for those driving conditions, i do not think this problem should be occurring at this mileage. *tr
 Transmission slips occasionally when accelerating from a stop. when its cold outside, the transmission shifts hard, especially after car warms up. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. while driving approximately 30 mph, the contact came to a complete stop at a traffic light. once the light changed, he depressed the accelerator pedal, but the vehicle would not move. he then attempted to shift gears, but they were not operating. there were no warning lights illuminated on the instrument panel. three months prior to the failure, the transmission slipped on five occasions. the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic and they stated that the transmission needed to be replaced. the mechanic replaced the original transmission and also stated that it should not have failed at this mileage. the current and failure mileages were 56,000. updated 06/16/08 *bf in the past 2 yearsm, the transmission slipped 5 times. updated 06/16/08
 2006 pontiac grand prix v6 transmission clunking noise: transmission shifts hard into drive and reverse and has since i bought it (about a week after). shifting gears (automatic) is hard and have to take it easy on the acceleration. bought vehicle at 27000 miles and currently it is 68000. cant afford to fix, too expensive. occurs all the time. apparently it is a common problem with this model and year, just google it, yet no recalls. emailed gm and did not get a courtesy email or call after complaint. *tr
 I own a 2004 pontiac grand prix gt2. i purchased the vehicle used with 12,000 miles on it. my vehicle had no previous owners except gm on the title due to its status as a demonstrator. i drove this car up until 56,487 miles when the vehicle was unable to shift properly from a stop. a severe shudder in first gear followed by a missed shift in second rendered the vehicle almost paralyzed. the vehicle was serviced at a local pontiac dealership were i was informed that the input clutch piston seal was blown out as well as severe damage to the clutches. i had no other option but to replace the entire transmission which cost me $2,690.00. my vehicle has the 4t65e automatic transmission which is common among gm 3800 engine vehicles. further research has shown a common theme among these transmissions. most reports of transmission troubles involving the 4t65e claim to have shifting problems in first and second gear which seem to occur around the 60,000 mile range. *tr
 It feels like the transmission in down is -shifting when i try to accelerate. first noticed only on occasion about 6 months after i bought the car. it only happened in the passing gear. now it's happening in about 2nd gear. when i try to accelerate it feels like it's in neutral and the rpms drop. had it towed to dealership and of course, they could not duplicate the problem.*ak
 I purchased a 2004 pontiac gran dprix gt2 in june of that same year. one week later the repairs began. the most scary occurring on the date mentioned on this complaint, may 26, 2005, eleven months after i purchased the vehicle. my car died while driving 65 mph on the highway with my three small children in the back seat. the car had no power whatsoever, no steering, no gas, no lights, nothing. i thank god we are alive. the mechanics at the dealership diagnosed the problem as a faulty ignition switch. after this incident i rented a car at my own expense for eight weeks. we did not step foot in the vehicle for that period of time. for financial reasons i slowly began driving my car again. there were repairs before that event as well as afterwards. these include the brain, transmission, brakes, axle, wheel bearings, steering, sunroof, fuel injectors, and safety belts. *jb
 Sporadically the car hesitates when started and put into gear. typically, i start the car and then reverse out of a parking space. when shifting to drive and then accelerating, the car hesitates. there have been 3-4 instances when it simply shut off. i have taken it in to the dealership, but they found nothing wrong.*ak
 My car stalled 5 days after i received it. it was about 40 f outside and i reversed slowly and put the vehicle in drive. it shuddered and stalled. this happened once more the next day. any time the temperature is below 60 f the vehicle shudders when put into drive. i've taken it in to the dealership 4 times for this same issue but they seem unable to fix it. i've had the pcm re-flashed, injectors cleaned, and spark plugs replaced. i have had continued shuddering at low temperatures but no more stalling since the first incidents. there is also a jerking when accelerating quickly. when pressing the gas the car hesitates and then jumps into gear.*ak
 Dt: the consumer owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. she came home on sunday night and when pulling into the driveway her husband got out to do something. when the consumer left the vehicle her son went from the back seat to the front seat and vehicle began to roll backwards down the driveway before she could do anything to her son. however, husband was able to throw a truck tire behind the vehicle and stop the vehicle. the consumer lived in front of a major highway and this could have resulted in three deaths or injuries. the consumer was holding the key in her hand when the vehicle rolled down the driveway. checking later, she found that any time the key was not in the ignition the gear shifter moved even without applying the brake. she took vehicle to dealer, and dealer stated that they could not repair vehicle because it was manufactured that way. service department manager stated that there was a certain period of vin time when that came out, and he could not alter something that was not by the book.*ak