CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
09E005000DORMAN PRODUCTS, INC. E (Equipment)97902/23/2009MFRGENERAL MOTORS CORP.02/17/200902/17/2009
Defect SummaryDorman is recalling 979 steering knuckles, dorman p/nos. 697-902 and 697-903, sold under dorman's oe solutionstm brand name, and napa p/nos. 7-8502 and 7-8503 which were sold for replacement use on the various vehicles listed above. a potential material or design defect could result in the steering knuckle breaking in the hub area.
Consequence SummaryA broken steering knuckle could result in loss of steering control and a possible crash without warning.
Corrective SummaryDorman will notify owners and replace the defective steering knuckles free of charge and reimburse the repair facility or owner for labor. the recall began on february 23, 2009. owners may contact dorman's toll-free hotline at 1-800-523-2492.
NotesThis recall only pertains to aftermarket dorman steering knuckles and has no relation to any original equipment installed on vehicles manufactured by general motors corporation.owners may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to .


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
06023200908/01/2007060232009A10022924Overview of steering system noises. *nj10/05/2007
06023201110/01/200610020817Revised power steering tightening specifications. *kb01/23/2007
010232001F02/01/200610019516Clunk felt/noise heard from steering column, steering gear and/or front of vehicle during turning maneuver and/or steering wheel rotation. *tt03/21/2006
05023200711/01/200510018690Power steering moan or groan noise while driving. *jb01/10/2006
05023200306/01/200510017515Revised outer tie rod end nut tightening specification/tie rod end jam nut tightening specification added. *tt11/09/2005
05023500508/01/200510017368Revised steering wheel and column fastener tightening specifications. *tt11/04/2005
04023200108/01/2007040232001C10012694Release of steering gear stub shaft bearing kit for service. *tt updated 08-15-07. *kb updated 10/09/07. *nj03/10/2005
320710010874Repair of steering gear click/tick/pop noise and part number correction. service bulletin 03-02-32-048a. *tt12/15/2004
3061A01/01/20043061B10009627Suspension, steering or cradle tick, click, pop noise. *tt10/13/2004
040235004D11/01/2005040235004C10008657Clunk noise from front of vehicle during turning maneuver/steering wheel rotation. *tt *nm08/13/2004
04023500205/01/2004040235002A10008513Painted finish wearing off steering wheel spokes. *tt update. *tt08/03/2004
10210310/21/200310005005Click/tick noise heard while turning the steering wheel at slow speeds. the noise will happen with the vehicle stopped or moving slowly, while turning the steering wheel 45 to 90 degrees either direction. gm voicemail log. *tt01/26/2004
030232048A10/01/200403023204810004764Click/popping type noise coming from front of vehicle while turning steering wheel at low speeds. *tt updated *eh update. *tt01/06/2004
010232001C09/01/2003010232001B10004280Some customers may comment on a clunk type noise coming from the front of the vehicle during a turning maneuver. *tt12/01/2003
01-02-32-00104/01/2008010232001O618086Concerns with clunk noise from front of vehicle turning maneuver / steering wheel rotation.*jb (lubricate or replace intermediate shaft as appropriate). updated 10/05/07. *nj updated 4/1/08. *nj updated 7/1/2008 *pe04/03/2001
05023200406/01/200510017514Revised power steering pump mounting bolt torque specification. *tt11/09/2005
03010403/01/200410007372Silver finish on the steering wheel spokes is starting to wear off especially near the radio control button. *tt06/16/2004
01806A01/01/200410007310Steering wheel spoke silver trim wear. service vme. *tt06/09/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl* the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. the contact stated that while driving approximately 15 mph, the steering wheel became difficult to maneuver. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the power steering pump needed to be replaced. approximately a year after the repair the failure recurred a second time. the power steering pump was covered under the warranty and was replaced. the failure occurred a third time. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 69,933.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. the contact stated that while driving approximately 15 mph, the steering wheel became difficult to maneuver. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the power steering pump needed to be replaced. approximately a year after the repair the failure recurred a second time. the power steering pump was covered under the warranty and was replaced. the failure occurred a third time. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 69,933. pmb
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. while driving approximately 15 mph the steering wheel became difficult to maneuver. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic for diagnostic testing. the mechanic stated the power steering pump would have to be replaced. approximately a year after the repair the failure occurred a second time. the power steering pump was covered under the warranty and was replaced. the failure occurred a third time. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 69,933. da
 Backed up car out of parking space tried to turn the steering wheel and it kept spinning around could not turn tires on car and steering wheel was loose. had to have vehicle towed to repair shop they informed me that the intermediate shaft fell off the rack and pinion shaft. they told me that performance buick-pontiac-gmc of santa fe had not installed a previous intermediate shaft correctly,that it was not installed all the way. they also told me the air bag coil was damaged when steering was hyper-extended.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. while traveling at any speed and turning in any direction the contact noticed that the steering wheel will create a clunking noise. the vehicle was taken to the dealership where the contact was informed that the front sub frame needed to be replaced. there were no prior warnings and the vehicle has not been diagnosed. the current and failure mileages were 130000. bml
 I received a recall notice regarding recall for power steering failure on my pontiac on march 3, 2010. on march 5, the power steering went out on my vehicle. gm is now stating that my vehicle is not covered in this recall that it is 2005 and later. mine grand prix is 2004. *tr
 Tl-*the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. the contact was driving out of the parking lot at approximately 2mph and the steering wheel would not turn to the left. the weather was sunny and cold, and was not a factor in the vehicle defect. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnostics and testing. the dealer replaced the power steering in the vehicle. the power steering failed again days after the vehicle was repaired by the dealer. the dealer replaced the power steering again. the contact stated that the vehicle has been operating fine since december 28, 2009. the approximate failure mileage was 50,000. the approximate current mileage was 62,000.
 I have a 2004 pontiac grand prix. when i turn my steering wheel, i hear a clicking noise. i am taking my car to the garage for the second time. i had the same problem over a year ago. i was told it is the torque in the bolts. the dealership is acting dumb and acting like they never heard of this problem, until i told them that they fixed it the first time. i do not want to take my car to the garage every year for this problem. i was also charged a fee for this recall. why should i have to pay for this? now i will not have a car for atleast two days because of this. gm was no help. i will never buy another gm car. *tr
 My son purchased the pontiac grand prix for me to safely drive to and from work; however the steering failed yesterday, with the car not being able to turn to the left; almost resulting in an accident and injury. i see from other complaints that this seems to be a common problem with this particular gm car. they should recall them or we should consider a collective class action suit since this is a serious defect that could result in a critical or fatal accident. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. when making a left or right turn, the steering shaft makes a clunking noise and shakes. speed was not a factor. the dealer stated that there were no recalls and the component was not covered under the warranty; therefore, the repair would be the contact's responsibility. she was informed that the cause of the failure was the intermediate shaft. the current mileage is 80,248 and failure mileage was 80,034. updated 6/16/08 *cn
 2004 pontiac grand prix gtp. 45,000 miles. as of today, i have had this vehicle in service eight times for steering-related defects, beginning two weeks from the date of new purchase in january, 2004. three different dealers have all told me it's a design defect...there will be a fix soon. replaced rack and pinion twice, middle steering shaft twice, and rack/pinion and engine cradle bolts spontaneously work loose every 3,000-5,000 miles. now vehicle is out of warranty. most recent visit to century pontiac in tampa, they attempted to charge me $75.00 in order to apply yet another tsb regarding loose steering, steering wheel bind, etc. i had to call pontiac and complain bitterly, they then waived the fee...but did not pay for the rental car. thus far, power steering pump has failed and been replaced, a/c compressor has failed and been replaced, middle steering shaft replaced twice, entire steering column replaced twice, and there is still a persistent jolt through the steering wheel whenever putting car into gear, or turning steering wheel to right, going over a gutter, etc. also, loud clunk resulting in severe shudder in front of vehicle. dealer(s) state there is no fix. have nearly lost control of vehicle three times due to steering suddenly loosening, or binding, wandering off-center, etc. dealer says there's nothing more they can do. when is nhtsa going to listen to all the complaints regarding the steering issues on this vehicle and launch an investigation?? steering rack bolts coming loose? engine cradle bolts coming loose? steering shaft failures and fractures? every time the vehicle is taken to service, the dealers and service managers play dumb and try to say i don't hear anything...or it drives like all the other grand prix's. please don't let gm and pontiac continue to insult our collective intelligence and ignore these steering and design issues to the point where someone gets killed. *nm
 I bought my grand prix back at the beginning of july. about a month or so ago, i was driving through town, went to slow down, and noticed a clicking noise in the steering when i went to it wasn't the turn signal either. i can't feel any play in the steering, and i haven't had trouble turning, but the clicking noise can be felt in the floor board around where the pedals are. from what i've read, this must be a continuous problem, and gm should be held responsible for defective parts on cars. usual wear and tear could not be the problem if total steering failure is possible...i drove my 2001 grand prix this i'm very leary about driving long distances, especially with my family in it...jet. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated there was a lot of play in the steering wheel when turning left or right. the steering wheel shimmied causing the vehicle to be very difficult to steer at various speeds. the dealership determined there was an intermediate steering shaft problem; however would not sell the contact a new part but offered a kit to repair the vehicle. updated 10/04/06. *jb
 Steering on pontiac 2004 grand prix has popping noise. car has been to vista ridge pontiac in carrollton, tx 4 times and it is still not fixed. i was told it was a nuisance noise. they tightened the bolts. when i brought the car in the fourth time, the salesman who sold me the car told me that they don't build the cars and that perhaps the person that built the car had a bad day or was inexperienced. at the suggestion of gm customer service, i am going to take the car to another dealership for repairs. i am appalled that an employee of a dealership and a representative of general motors would tell a customer that. especially, after i bought three cars from them. i am hesitant to purchase or lease another gm product again. *jb
 I have a 2004 pontiac grand prix gt1 and we are having a problem with a rattling noise in the front end suspension of the vehicle, we had the half shaft replaced and that helped the loose feel but the loose sounding noise from the front end persists. the car feels stable but seems to drift off track a lot needing a lot of correction on straight roads. i am taking it to the dealer again next week. the headlights on the car shake badly also, seems common. *nm
 I purchased a 2004 pontiac gran dprix gt2 in june of that same year. one week later the repairs began. the most scary occurring on the date mentioned on this complaint, may 26, 2005, eleven months after i purchased the vehicle. my car died while driving 65 mph on the highway with my three small children in the back seat. the car had no power whatsoever, no steering, no gas, no lights, nothing. i thank god we are alive. the mechanics at the dealership diagnosed the problem as a faulty ignition switch. after this incident i rented a car at my own expense for eight weeks. we did not step foot in the vehicle for that period of time. for financial reasons i slowly began driving my car again. there were repairs before that event as well as afterwards. these include the brain, transmission, brakes, axle, wheel bearings, steering, sunroof, fuel injectors, and safety belts. *jb
 When making a left or right turn, it makes a loud clicking noise. i just bought this car and am having trouble getting the dealer to fix the problem. *jb
 My 2004 pontiac grand prix makes a clicking noise when making a left turn. i reported the incident to my dealer about 6 months ago and was told that the problem could not be found when they test drove the car. i am still having the problem more frequently. after reading the complaints and service bulletins i see that there are several other people with the same problem and that it is a safety issue with the car. why hasn't anything been done to correct the problem? also, last august (2004) i was driving around a slight bend which merges onto a very busy highway and my car went into a complete spin. i was unable to steer the car and spun numerous times before crashing into a hill of grass at which point the car stopped and shut down. this was apparently a driver error. *jb
 2004 pontiac grand prix engine shuts down while driving. immediate failure of power steering (impossible to make a turn while driving= scary!); electric/ electronic failure also. then, after a complete stop, and key off ignition, the car restarts like nothing happens. the car when twice to the dealership, and did not find anything. they think that we don't know how to drive a car! this is a serious matter, and very dangerous! if someone dies from this occurrence, investigation will not concluded to this problem, but more likely to the lost of control of the driver! it happens 3 times to us already, and once with a grand-prix rental. please check it.
 Lost control of steering. since reaching about 20000 miles on my 2004 grand prix, i noticed a ?clicking? noise when i turned the wheel left or right. it was especially noticeable at low speed, e.g. in a parking lot. i took the car to the dealership and was told that they tightened the steering and that gm was aware and that?s what they were supposed to do and that it was safe to drive. i was not told that i should continue to bring it in. the noise diminished for several days and then returned. it has been making that noise now for several months. yesterday, i was traveling on the highway and turned off at an exit ramp. as i slowed down to turn onto the ramp the steering locked to the right and the car spun around in circles until it finally came to a stop. it seemed as through the accelerator and the brakes were not working effectively. the car shut off. i restarted the car and drove 2 miles to the dealership where it was purchased. i was told that the shaft was replaced and the car is fine. i was also told that the shaft probably wouldn?t have caused the car to spin like that?that it was driver error.*ak
 1) after turning off a major road into a residential complex, the car first hesitated, then i lost power steering while navigating a sharp left curve; after turning the car on and off twice, was able to regain steering; service department was unable to repeat the problem nor determine cause; 2) on 2 occasions prior, i experienced severe hesitation on acceleration--severity of hesitation seemed to be directly related to rate of acceleration (hesitation most severe at hard acceleration); the hesitation continued every time i depressed the accelerator until the car was turned off; when the car was re-started, the problem was gone; these 2 occurrences happened about 45 days apart and again about 30 days later, prior to loss of power steering described in #1; service department has not been able to repeat the problem nor determine possible cause; 3) nuisance problem--recurring squeaking, at times squealing, in the steering column when turning at low speeds; on one occurrence there was also a rattling in the steering column; dealer has lubricated, re-lubricated, re-installed coil, replaced intermediate shaft. *jb
 When backing and turning left from being parked on level asphalt, the steering wheel repositioned itself about 20 degrees. *nm when the incident occurred the engine pulled and the steering became momentarily stiff. *jb
 A clunking noise recently appeared in the steering when turning left or right. mainly noticed at higher speeds when turning slightly (1/8th steering wheel turn) or at low speeds and turning sharply. something feels loose in the steering system.*ak
 Intermediate drive shaft replaced at 1,500 miles. power steering pump went at 2,000 miles, had it replaced. also at 2,000 miles cv joint and boot had to be replace. headlights bounce while driving over minimal bumps, door panel rattles. dash above speedometer rattles but dealer can not duplicate so no fix yet. car is going back to the dealer today for a rattling noise coming from front end. need i say more? lemon!
 Vehicle pulls to right. was out of alignment and toe adjusted both sides. problem recurred after approx. 200 miles. was found to be out of alignment again and torque steering upon acceleration. dealer loosened cradle bolts and shifted cradle right, then reset toe each side.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. while driving 25 mph or turning the vehicle, the steering column made a loud popping sound and vibrated excessively. the dealer could not duplicate the failure. the contact filed a formal complaint with the manufacturer. the purchase date was unknown. the failure mileage was 4,500 and current mileage was 27,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 pontiac grand prix. while driving 35 mph, the contact felt a knocking click when turning right or left. the steering column was replaced for the first failure, but the failure has recurred. the dealer was unable to duplicate the failure and stated that a diagnostic would cost $70. the manufacturer stated that the vehicle was out of warranty and the component was previously replaced, so they could not assist. the current mileage was 32,900 and failure mileage was 32,000. updated 01/09/08.*lj updated 12/12/07 *tr
 2004 pontiac grand prix, clunking noise on drivers front end when you turn the wheel either left or right. i was advised yesterday that gmc is aware of this defect and at this time is doing nothing. there was a technical bulletion issued on 7/27/04 to gmc/pontaic dealerships. defect certain passengar vehicles have a condition where the front fram rear body mount bracket may fracture and degrade to the point where the intermedicate steering shaft could separate, resulting in loss of steering control, which increases the risk of a crash. this is a serious defect. i have spoken with pontiac, gmc, and the local gmc dealership and gotten nothing but the run around! if you view a website called there are comsumer complaints on the steering column. i guess someone has to be killed before gmc acknowledges this defect. please could someone contact me. *ak
 While driving consumer heard a clicking noise coming from the steering wheel column. dealership was notified, but not resolve the problem. *ak
 I was driving down a 4 lanes highway heading home at 2:30p.m. as i proceeded to slow down for a red light, all the lighs in the vehicle flashed and then everything went out, including my power steering and brakes. luckly no cars were to my right and i was able to turn the stiff wheel some and jump a crib. i then had to use my parking brake to stop the vehicle.*ak
 I purchased a 2004 pontiac grand prix gtp comp g from rydell automotive (van nuys, ca) on october 24, 2004. in may 2004 the power steering hose had to be replaced due to a fluid leak. august 23, 2004 i had the 30,000 mile service performed (i have a long commute), and that included a service of the power steering system. august 31, 2004 while making a three point turn in a parking lot, i heard a loud pop and lost the ability to control the steering of the vehicle. white smoke poured out from under the hood and filled the passenger compartment (the a/c was on). i turned off the car and opened the hood to see the engine on fire. the fire was extinguished by several large bottles of water and the assistance of a passerby. the car was towed to the rydell dealer in san fernando where it remains un-repaired. the gm factory representative who inspected the vehicle said i should submit a claim with my insurance, even though i am clearly within the warranty period. currently negotiating with the dealership directly and i am requesting a replacement vehicle since i feel the problem could recur. *ak
 I purchased the car in august 2004. several months after the purchase i took the vehicle back to the dealership because i heard a clunking noise coming from the front of the vehicle when making a right or left hand turn. after the car was serviced, the dealership explained that gm is well aware of the issue (the dealership had received a notice from gm) but that a recall had not yet been done on the vehicle for this issue. the dealership said it had to do with a mount bracket that needed be torqued. if the bracket became too loose it could separate causing the driver to loose steering. i was never told that i would have to periodically take the vehicle back in to be serviced for this but yet again several months later i am beginning to hear the clunking. the steering also seems much more loose than it previously did. i also am beginning to hearing a clicking noise in the steering column, along with the clunk. i do feel this is a serious problem with this vehicle that gm should definitely be held accountable for. *jb
 1) the intermet cast aluminum steering knuckle failed in my 2004 pontiac gran prix at 26,000 miles. i recollect hitting 2 large potholes, one at about 20,000 miles, the second at 25500 miles and the knuckle broke after bumping a curb at a speed of 28 miles an hour at 26,000 miles. ) when the steering knuckle failed, the half shaft came out, the tie rod bent, the aluminum rim broke, and the mcpherson strut bent. total cost for the repair was $3,500. i was lucky that i hit a curb at a low speed. i was able to still steer the vehicle. the failure mode i believe was impact, rather than fatigue, which could have occurred at 70 miles on an interstate. 3) gm would not take responsibility for the failure as it was due to collision with a curb. this vehicle was repaired at cost to the company that i work for. *ak
 I was driving my 2004 pontiac grand prix at about 28 mph when my steering lock up causing me to loose control of vehicle and crashing. *nm
 After three trips to the pontiac dealer, my problem with steering system has not be corrected. the car makes a loud grinding sound when turning right at low speeds. also, when going over multiple bumps, it feels as if the steering wheel is disconnected from the car. i do not feel confident driving this vehicle --- especially when general motors tells me that there is no fix for this problem but has acknowledged a steering system problem on 2004/05/06 grand prix's, chevy impalas and buick lacrosse's. *jb
 Car was driving at highway speed. attempted to move to left lane to pass a vehicle. noticed difficulty moving steering wheel to the left. immediately pulled off highway to investigate. discovered that steering wheel could easily move to the right but was nearly impossible to turn left from a stopped position and was difficult to turn left at any speed. there was no noises coming from the power steering pump and it appeared to be working properly. towed car to local repair shop. replaced rack and pinion assembly. old part is available upon request. *nm
 2004 pontiac grand prix engine pulled and steering became stiff while trying to back out of a parked position.*mr
 2004 pontiac grand prix power steering rack mount broke on passenger side of car resulting in inability to make left turns. when turning left the right front wheel went right and the tie rod shaft raised up, by virtue of the rack raising up on the right side and hit the lip of the inner fender or frame. this lifting action raised the front of the car on the right side at the same time. *tr
 Steering became loose and sloppy. knuckling and clunking noises from steering when wheel turned from side to side. upon turning left, car would dramatically understeer, then suddenly oversteer, resulting in loss of control of vehicle.*ak . taken to crown pontiac in st. petersburg, fl. they diagnosed loose rack and pinion retaining bolts and bushings. fix: re-torqued bolts. . condition recurrred within 3 days. . called gm, who sent regional representative to drive vehicle. i asked them why bolts would work loose after 10k miles, and why they didn't replace the bolts, or they may work loose again. . they said it depends on how they torqued them . vehicle presently in service for steering control issues for second time. . this condition is unsafe. vehicle will not hold a straight line down the road, and when turning either right or left, the vehicle will take-off in that direction and if not corrected, will turn in a circle if not corrected by hard steering in opposite direction.
 Steering wobbles, when brakes applied steering wobbles even more, car seems to want to go in any direction it chooses , was told in oct 05 two rear wheels had flat spots, replaced 4 new wheels and 4 new tires in feb 06, problem still there took to tire kindom where wheels and tires where purchased and was told that inner tire rods were bad, took to dealer and was told no problem but never took tires off or checked tire rods, now being told by dealer everything is tight, still wobbles , still wants to drive to the left, to the right any which way it wants to go, now being told rotors need to be done, oh yeah when it rains the passenger side floor gets drenched, clicks from left and right turn, but dealer says nothing wrong. *jb