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PIT-485505/01/200910030246Buick/chevrolet/pontiac/saturn: power sliding door does not power or manual unlock. diagnostics may reveal that sliding lock button on inside door panel will not move from locked to unlocked position. *pe09/02/2009


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 Odi evaluated general motors' (gm) data, conducted consumer interviews, inspected and tested my 2005-2007 gm minivans with regard to the alleged defect of a power sliding door (psd) opening while the vehicle is out of park.odi identified a high warranty claim rate.however, these claims are related to various problems associated with doors not properly opening or closing and not specifically to doors opening while driving.the condition of the psd reversing direction during the closing sequence is consistent with an obstruction of the door, or with improper alignment of the door, and this is addressed in gm technical service bulletin # 07-08-64-007 and bulletins # 07-08-64-007a through d.odi's evaluation of the psd system notes numerous safeguards to preclude both unintentional and intentional power opening of the psd while the vehicle is in motion.a safety-defect trend has not been identified at this time.accordingly, this investigation is closed.[see document file for additional information regarding this resume.]
 Odi has received reports that the power sliding doors opened without command while the vehicle was in motion on model year 2005 and 2006 general motors minivans (chevrolet uplander/venture, pontiac montana sv6/montana, buick terraza, and saturn relay).some reports indicate that the door may not have been closed and latched before driving away causing the door to reverse (open) at low vehicle speeds.however, other reports indicate that the door was initially shut then opened after driving for several minutes and/or miles at vehicle speeds between 20 and 70 mph.odi has upgraded this preliminary evaluation to an engineering analysis (ea07-019) to further assess this issue.

Consumer Complaints

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 The driver side sliding door continues to open and when you lock it manually it chimes while you are driving. the sensors have been repalced and the lock but nothing is working right
 The driver side back door will not close and stay closed. if i push the button to close it automatically, it comes right back open. if i use the override and close it manually, then the door chimes as i am driving telling me that the door is ajar. i also have issues with the passenger side back door. if i go over a bump or pot hole, then the chime starts and the only way to stop it is to open the door and re-close it. *tr
 The power sliding doors do not work properly. they can open while driving. open after car is shut off. they also do not open when they feel like it. car door driver side opened on i95 at 65 mph. my daughter watched as her stuff and her hamster flew out the vehicle. *tr
 Bought car used. it dinged and salesman said door just not closed properly. we brought it in 2 weeks later as door decides when it wants to close. driver's side rear door to 2005 pontiac montana minivan. dealer aligned door. still won't close. *tr
 Numerous attempts to fix the same and continuously different problems with our 2005 montana. flickering interior lights, abs system failure (4x), retorque harmonic balancer, replace radio that randomly changed stations, replace molding on all doors from rust (2x), right wheel bearing and hub assembly replacement (2x), replace turn signal lamps (2x), replace fuel level sensor, replace strap on rear door that fell off. we have had issues with it not turning over as well, going on for over a year, and each time it is taken into the shop they are 'unable to duplicate the problem' and send me home where of course it fails to turn over but won't do it when they have it in their possession. the incident date below is the date of the first time it was in for service. *tr
 Side passenger door opens on it own. *tr
 2005 pontiac montana sv6 automatic sliding door opens while driving, bad sensor and broke cable was replaced. *cw the consumer also stated the engine failed, which ultimately led to an engine replacement. the vehicle began shaking and misfiring. a bad plug and the stabilizing bar links were replaced. the undercarriage was cracked which was causing a loud knocking and thumping sound under the vehicle. the consumer also had the seats replaced with an after market leather kit because stains had formed on the seats due to moisture. the consumer later discovered a recall had been issued because the after market kit could cause the passenger sensing system to malfunction if the passenger sensing system malfunctions, the front air bag on the passenger side may be disabled when it should be enabled, or enabled when it should be disabled. the consumer was informed his vehicle was not included in the recall *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 50 mph, the rear left sliding door opened without warning. the vehicle was taken to a service dealer, where the dealer was unable to duplicate the problem. the manufacturer was also notified. also, when the vehicle was started, the electric starter motor stayed engaged. the vehicle had to be shut off and restarted 4 times to make the starter return to normal. the vehicle was taken to a service dealer, where the starter was replaced, but the problem persisted.*ak the was a noise coming from the front of the vehicle. when the engine was started the door chime would remain on. the transmission felt as though it was slipping at times. updated 01/17/07. *jb
 The door opens by itself even when it should be locked. *nm
 This is a safety issue involving abs system for my 2005 pontiac sv6 montana. on or about august 11, 2006 my abs light came on while under normal operation of the van. this has been an intermittent problem over the past 6 weeks. i took it to a local independent shop to have it diagnosed and the local shop informed me that the codes were to new that i would have to take it to a dealership. after taking it to the dealership they diagnosed it as having an electrical problem. there were no faulty modules but that this was a wiring problem. i am the only owner of an 05 pontiac montana that i know. recently i have had various other problems with the power sliding door intermittently opening whenever you engage the transmission into reverse (right side only). my 6 year old sits in the right rear seat. hope this doesn't happen while driving down the highway. does this vehicle have faulty wiring or do i just have bad luck. *jb
 Getting ready to leave from a shopping center during the middle of a snow storm, my wife and i loaded both kids in the back of the van (1 and 3 years) and tried to close the doors. the automatic doors would not close. we tried the key fob, the upper roof console buttons and the buttons on the b-posts. nothing worked. we then tried manually to close the doors but they would not latch. we turned the ignition key on and off the 3 times and tried to use buttons after each restart. finally after ten minutes of trying we got them to close and latch by using the key fob. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and the repair sheet indicates they replaced the module and the fobs. it has only happened once since then, but i am not sure if the repair that was done is adequate since it has happened again since the repair. *nm