BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
31173117A10010098Rear toe cam adjustment nut for service applications. *sc11/04/2004
379510020090Engine cranks but will not start. *tt07/20/2006
06060400803/01/2007060604008B10019517Lnj service engine soon (ses) light illuminated, multiple powertrain control module (pcm) diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p1404 and/or p0404. *tt updated 04-27-07. *kb03/22/2006
371010017264Reduced engine power message and a diagnostic trouble code p1125 p2120 p2138. *tt10/31/2005
03060300608/01/2005030603006A10001539Intermittent no crank, no start condition. *tt to include 2002 - 2006 saturn vehicles. *tt06/06/2003

Consumer Complaints

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 This is an issue with the actuator that moves the flap in the heater/ac case. this causes the heat not to be released into the car, just cold air. this issue is all over the internet with several people having the same issue. i believe that gm needs to see this issue as a fault of the part. the repair for this unit requires complete removal of the dash board. i have gotten quotes from 900-1500 to repair this part and they do not say that its not going to happen again. *tr
 April 15th, 2010 our ignition wouldn't kick over. it would take more than three times to kick over. i tried conditioning the spark plug and it didn't help. (we just lived with the problem) june 2011 we had our first electrical problem with the car. the radio was the first to go in may. then in july our a/c stopped working, and all we had left was our heat. we were able to fix the a/c, but it didn't last very long. we then lost a/c again and our radio started working in august(2011). shortly after the radio started working we lost heat. now we have only the radio that works. we cannot see anything because of the heat not working. the visibility is completely horrible! i have researched this issue and found that it would cost us 1,500 dollars to fix it. i can't afford that! we haven't had the car two years yet and it's stating to break down! this is a serious issue!!!
 The heater stopped working on my 2006 pontiac torrent, cold air comes out of the vents regardless of the setting. i live in michigan where it is essential to be able to use the defrost and the heater. we contacted the dealer and were told that it would cost a minimum of $1200 dollars to fix and 8-10 hours of labor, the actual part is under $100. the delaership even said that this is a typical problem on the torrents and that they have fixed many of them. the warranty doesn't cover it once the vehicle has gone over the mileage allotted by the manufacturer however i don't feel that this should be a factor for the heater as the number of miles driven does not affect the heating/cooling system. i don't feel that i should be responsible for replacing a plastic part and paying for labor especially since this seems to be a common defect in the torrent. additionally and most importantly this is a huge safety issues since you need to see out your windshield to drive. gm needs to make this right by having a recall on this part!
 I own a 2006 pontiac torrent which heat went out about a month ago. several diagnostic assessments were done on my vehicle and all three came up with same diagnostic. i was told that something was wrong with the blend box and it would cost $1000 or more to be repaired. i also contacted gm and they refused to assist me. i did research online and found out that there were numerous complaints with the same problem on 2006 pontiac torrents. i would like to know why this vehicle is not on the recall list due to safety issues. when you're driving in fog or bad weather the fogger does not work due to heater not working which is a problem because it obstructs your view and cause you not to be able to drive safely which could mean increased accidents as well as deaths.
 No heat in car. 97,000 kms . the dealer states the vehicle needs an actuator, vlv door, and thermostat 250.0$ in parts but 990.00$ in labor. we live in ontario the warmest part of canada. questioning in that in 3 1/2 years we have used this enough to cause this kind of damage. we are not taking regular wear and tear. *tr
 2006 pontiac torrent heater won't blow hot air and check engine light on dealership says test for engine light is a large gas leak and the gas cap needed replacing only a mere $180. i replaced the gas cap myself for $20 and the check engine light is still on. this car needs major recalls but gm won't fix anything even though there are major complaints every where you look. the dealership said they can't even give an estimate on the heater because they would have to take the entire dash off and it would be a waste of time if i didn't want them to fix it while the dash was off. they estimated over $1,000 to fix the heater but said it could be more once the dash was removed. how can i save money for a repair if i don't know how much it will cost. please help! *tr
 I bought my 2006 torrent september 2007 new within one year i started having starting issues. i have had the vehicle in the dealership numerous times for the same problem over the last year. i have several files with pontiac regarding this problem dating back to february of 2008 my first file is #599-445824. over the last year the dealership has replaced starters, fuel pumps, ignitions, and other items. since then my manufacturers warranty expired. i opened a recent file with pontiac in december 2008 file # 71-688518762. after several days of the dealership having my car and me losing pay because i couldn't work. (alfred matthews said my extended warranty wont cover a rental car until a diagnosis has been made) i had to open a file with alfred matthews to get a specialist to look at my car. it took eight days to duplicate the problem and finally they gave up and the file was closed. the specialist found nothing. the last time it was in the dealership in january 2009 jason the service manager said i cant help you anymore you need to call pontiac. this was the service manager jason 209-577-0140 the problem is still unresolved. i contacted pontiac as i was told. pontiac told me i have to start over again in order for them to send an engineer out to look at my car today. 2-26-2009 meaning drop the car off at the dealership again. they also told me that they have called jason at alfred matthews three to four times a week for the past two weeks and he will not return calls. they want to go over my file with him. jequita lewis a supervisor at pontiac 1-800-462-8782 and stephanie villaon.they will both vouch that jason is usually unavailable. as of now i am waiting for alfred matthews to contact me to make yet another appt to drop off my car. there are 22 other people online who are having the same problems with now resolution. www.townhall-talk.edmonds.com or go to google .com and type starting issues with pontiac torrent. please help me! *tr
 Purchased a new pontiac torrent on sept 2006 several times it went in to a no start mode. still having problems noise in engine in shop several times cant find any thing. then really loud noise in engine back to shop, they tore the engine apart and found a bolt from the oil pan lodged in fly wheel. said it had to come that way from the factory.. now still noise, starter sticking they say it normal, windows bounce on the way down when wet. they still cant find noise. *tr
 2006 pontiac torrent april 17,2007 the resistor for daytime running lights replaced, now it is defective again. also the baffle plate in the heater blower is defective . in order for it to be replaced for the car to have heat, the dashdoard has to be taken apart , a $1200 bill.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2006 pontiac torrent. the contact heard a loud grinding noise and stated that the brake system failed. the contact replaced the brakes; however, approximately one year later she had to replace the brakes as well as the rotors. also the heating system was blowing out cold air. both the dealer and manufacturer were not notified. the current mileages were 116,000. the failure mileages were approximately 90,000. bw
 My 2006 pontiac torrent has 28,100 miles. i was driving the vehicle and tried to turn the defroster on for the windshield when all i got was cold air. it did not give a warning at all. i investigated online and found that there are a lot of people with the same issue. it seems that the temperature door has broken inside the dash which makes it impossible to defrost the windshield which i feel is a major safety hazard to my family and i. the part to replace is under $100 but the labor makes the entire repair over $800. i really feel that a temperature door is something to do with a part defect than wear and tear. the vehicle is hardly driven and as a former gm employee, i purchased the vehicle expecting the best quality from my former employer. please help me because in these hard times, the regular consumer does not have that type of money to spend on those type of vehicle defects. thanks
 I own a 2006 pontiac torrent which the heat stopped working about a month or so ago. i was driving one day and turned my heater on and noticed that it was blowing cold air. my car was diagnosed and was told that it would cost $1000 or more to rpair. i have been driving around with no heat and cannot use my defrost due to heat failure which obstructs my vision when driving. this vehicle should have beeen a recall due to the vast amount of people with the same problem. i would like to know if my vehicle can be returned for full refund in order to get one with less severe heating problems.
 Blend door failure, causing no heat and a $1500 repair for a fairly new car.
 Defroster does not blow hot air out. windshiled will not defrost
 Heater suddenly stopped working in 2006 pontiac torrent
 I have a 2006 pontiac torrent and now have no heat. ac works fine but no heater. if this was to happen in the winter it would be a extremely serious safety problem. doing some searching on the internet there are quite a few people with the same problem. how can this situation becom a recall to gm ?
 Dt*: the contact stated while at a stop, the vehicle lunged forward without warning. this was an intermittent problem and the dealership was unable to duplicate the problem. also, there was a ticking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. the dealership determined there were metal shavings in the rear suspension. the rear axle, tie rod, and other components were replaced. in addition, the brake pedal went to the floor when depressed. the dealership readjusted the parking brake and the problem ceased. also, while traveling 35 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. the vehicle restarted and the dealership determined the lifters in the engine needed to be replaced. in addition, the front driver side window did not also close completely. this has not been inspected by the dealership. updated 10/31/2006 - the consumer has met with a gm rep. gm has agreed to buy back the vehicle but negotiations are ongoing. *nm