Prevost Xlii-02

Model Xlii-02 made by Prevost got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to steering. .

Model 9999

Consumer Complaints

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 While driving on the highway the coach wanders back and forth and is difficult to steer straight, it requires constant steering wheel adjustment, the front end has been checked for alignment and loose linkages and the tires have been checked for air pressure and balance but nothing has been found to correct the problem, the consumer was told that the manufacturer modified the front end of the coach to better meet safety requirements, the consumer has discussed the coach's problem with owners of unmodified xlii's who have not experienced any steering problems, the consumer believes that the modification made by the manufacturer is causing the steering problem and is requesting that the coach be brought back to a standard prevost front end. nlm consumer, according to country coach suggestion, has lowered the front tire pressure to 95 lbs. this has decreased the ride harshness but has not alleviated the steering problem. numerous corrective measures have been tried and consumer would like to have the standard prevost parts returned to vehicle. *jg