Rockwood Ultralite

Model Ultralite made by Rockwood got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. .

Model 2001

Consumer Complaints

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 While driving 35 mph rear passenger side tire blew out. no impact reported. *ak
 I have a 2001 2307 rockwood premier pop-up camper. when the camper was a only a year and half old i experienced both tires blowing out when on along trip. the tire manufacture was good in handling this and under their advice had the camper weighed. i reported it to the manufacture of the trailer and they say they send over the specs and the tire company picks the tire. i have found out that is not true. now my complaint is this has happened three times every time on a long trip. i have had it weighed and talked to the scale people and to a highway patrol officer and they all agree it is overweight from the manufacture for these tires. what can i do? *nm