Rolling M Horse Trailer

Model Horse Trailer made by Rolling M got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to structure. .

Model 2008

Consumer Complaints

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 Comments: i have a 2008 lakota goose neck horse trailer. the trailer has approximately 30 hours of road time. this is my second h3 model trailer within eight months. the first unit caught fire due to no air circulation to the propane generator within a week of delivery. the manufacturer replaced the trailer immediately and made corrections to resolve the air circulation issues on the next unit. the unit i have now has broken welds on the goose neck frame and the trailer is buckling the outer skin on both sides as well as the roof. the manufacture has picked up the unit and is promising repairs which i am sure they will make.. the company that transported it back to the manufacturer was concerned about the trailer surviving the trip. this is not a complaint about the manufacture repairing or replacing these units they have been very willing to resolve these issues. my concern is the safety of my family and equine friends due to poor design. i am sure this is a design deficiency and not an isolated incident. *tr