BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
05073000603/01/200510015047Service engine soon telltale illuminated with diagnostic trouble code p0742. *eh05/17/2005
01802A01/01/200410007965App sensor 2 and/or tp sensor 2 signal circuit voltages drop. *tt07/19/2004
01010401/01/200410005198Speedometer fluctuation. *tt02/12/2004
03084500208/01/200310003503Revised 2.2l engine control module j1 & j2 connector face diagram. *tt10/22/2003
030845003C02/01/2006030845003D10003066Reduced vehicle power, no transaxle down shift, ses light on, buzz noise from door speakers/speakers inoperative, heater blower motor inoperative, various diagnostic trouble codes (dtc) set. *tt10/07/2003
02T6008/01/2002633510Subject regarding starter remaining engaged after engine start up and/or electrical accessories being inoperative intermittently. *jg09/23/2002
02T2004/01/2002632275Service manual update for 2002 body electrical diagnostic service manuals regarding am/fm stereo with cassette and 6-disc cd player check charts. *tt07/12/2002
02T1804/01/2002631290Subject regarding onstar system unable to send or receive cellular phone calls.*jb05/22/2002
0725103/01/200810024569Ignition control module - replace on vehicles equipped with 2.2l 4 cylinder (rpo l61 - vin d) engine. csc was received. *nj04/24/2008
02T30A05/01/200202T30632285Subject regarding on-board diagnostic (obd) software upgrade - unable to communicate with ecm using generic (non-tech 2) scan tool. *tt07/12/2002
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
364810018915Hesitation on acceleration after internal engine repairs - check injector harness orientation. *tt01/24/2006

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 When the turn signal is engaged, it activates the headlamp (brights) and the only way to get the lights off is to flip the bright switch up ( towards driver). the headlamps do not need to be turned on. the bright beam indicator on dash illuminates when this happens. it does not matter what speed you are traveling.
 Purchased a brand new 2002 saturn vue 6 cylindars 3.0 engine. had to replaced every electronic component in this vehicle. computer, accelerator sensor, transmission and transmission control module. the service engine lights is constanly on. therefore, i took the truck to the dealer. they tell me i need a new throttle body and a brand new harness since the new throttle body will not work with the existing wires. they want $3,000.00 for this. withing the warranty period i made the dearlership aware of transmission problems. they reply that this suv was operating normal. i replaced the transmission after the warranty had expired. now the transmission conrol module is defecctive. the dearler wants $860 for the part plus programming charges.
 2002 saturn vue awd and the transmission died. we were on top of a hill and luckily were able to force it up before it completely failed. there were no special circumstances as we were at a stop light when it appear to fail. when contacting saturn we were notified that it is not a recall although it was admitted to be a manufacture issue. due to an additional manufacture defect with reading the mileage they will not cover the cost to replace the transmission. *tr
 2002 saturn vue - check engine light keeps coming on due to a failed throttle body and the parts. it would also cause the car to go into reserve power and the car would only go 10 miles an hour. i was just informed that this must be a major problem because my mechanic just informed me that the part needed to repair this problem is on back order to april of 2009. so if that is not enough of a reason that this is a defect i do not know what is. because of this i will be without a working car for 4 months because gm/saturn makes cars that do not function. also i have read that this problem has been around for several years and you have not forced them into a recall on something that could cause a problem on the road to the driver and or other drivers on the road. *tr
 I own a 2002 saturn vue, 4cylinder, fwd with approximately 86,000 miles. early this year the body control module (bcm) on this vehicle began preventing the doors from unlocking properly. i first noticed the issue when my key fob for my security system began to fail to unlock doors, causing the horn to chirp irregularly. i later noticed that in certain situations, unlocking the doors using the power lock button on each of the front doors would not unlock the doors. when i went to manually push the lock, it sticks or does not disengage the lock, essentially locking all passengers in. after crawling to the back seat i am able to push the lock button manually and escape. my fear is that in an emergency, the body control module will somehow prevent me from getting out of my car. *tr
 Tl* the contact owns a 2002 saturn vue. while driving 25 mph the vehicle hesitated then shut off without warning. the check engine warning illuminated after the vehicle shut off. the contact was able to restart the vehicle immediately after it shut off. the mechanic stated it was an electrical problem. he replaced the thermostat. however, that did not remedy the problem. the vehicle had the same failure on four occasions. the failure mileage was 47,000 miles , and the current mileage was 50,000 miles as of 04-24-07. *ak updated 09/05/07. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while parked in the driveway the alarm sounded without warning. also, the light switch and instrument panel became hot when the lights were illuminated. the dealer has not been contacted.
 My saturn has trouble starting. when it does start and run the headlights flash on and off constantly, my windshield wipers won't shut off, and the odometer went from reading 36,000 miles to reading 76,000 miles. *nm
 I have had my 2002 saturn vue for a little over a year and a half. the problems actually started after about three months of my purchase date. i have continuously had problems with the engine light coming, never for the same problem twice. the entire computer had to be replaced about six months ago, but is causing me problems again. i just picked it up last night after the problem was supposedly fixed; the light came back on again this morning. this is the seventh time i have had problems dealing with the engine light. i also have had numerous problems with the front-end suspension system. the torsion bar links have been replaced twice, the torsion bar bushings twice. the latest incident happened a week ago after the suspension was supposedly fixed. the dealership had put the wrong size of bushing on the torsion bar; it came flying off while turning into a parking lot. this could have posed a problem if the part were to hit anyone. my warranty is almost up and i am afraid that i will be stuck paying for all of these manufacturing defects. i have done research and know for a fact that many other people have had these same problems. i have notified saturn corp., but really did not get anywhere. they sent me a check for one monthly payment, hardly compensation for having to drive to the dealership twelve times within one year.
 The battery dies constantly since early august of 2002 (purchased car on june 2002). unable to operate car when the battery dies. must be jumped to be able to operate. it has been replaced twice and the radio also has been replaced once. the battery dies if the car is not used for more than 3 days. contacted the dealership and was told it was because the car was iddle for too long. visited the dealerships 8 times in 6 months for this problem - dealership actions do not fix problem. i experienced problems with the dash and the lights coming on and off. i experienced problems with the alarm - not engaging and malfunctioning. i also experienced problems with the wheel steering - needing replacement.*ak
 Electrical/ignition . *cb
 In the morning my wife attempted to start the car and it did not start. when i got home from work i started the car, but the idle was very rough. i drove the car around the block (standard transmission) and it was very difficult getting the car to accelerate in first gear. as i drove the car to the dealership, the service engine soon light was flashing. the idle was rough, the engine was underpowered, and when i came to a complete stop, the engine would stall. the parts replaced were #12587426: coil asm, #12580215: module as, #12569190: spark plug. i do not know if the parts are available. the repairs were done at saturn of national city in san diego county. this vehicle is a 2002 saturn vue. it has the 2.2l (l4) engine. the parts and the engine are the same ones found in the saturn l-series sedan, which had a recall for the ignition control module. i believe that recall is 03-c-06. i called saturn's national customer service line and they said that the recall does not affect my vehicle, even though it has the same engine and same part numbers that were subject to recall for the l-series sedan. *nm
 While driving at any speed, the vehicle stalled without warning. this problem occurred three times. dealer notified. *ak the consumer noticed the radio/dash lights were dim prior to the stalling. the block assembly and wiring harness junction was replaced. the ground connector in the left front bumper area was loose and was tightened/re-assemble. *sc *jb
 I purchased this vehicle used (app 47k miles on it) in march 2006. during summer of 2006 there started to be a problem wherein the car, when traveling down the road, would suddenly switch, without warning, into a reduced power mode. a small light would come on indicating this, but the biggest problem was that about 5 seconds after this light comes on, the vehicle down shifted into 2nd gear and caused the engine to break down to 30 mph. the only way to restore power was to pull over and shut the vehicle off for 30-60 seconds. ***i was told by the repair center that there are several technical service bulletins within saturn for this defect, so they know it exists. *** however, because the cost of the repair (to consumers) is over $1300, they have not made a recall of what is obviously a safety defect. the dealer has attempted several shortcuts in the past year to fix the problem, each time with only temporary success. i have complained to both the saturn repair center and saturn corporate customer service, neither will offer any concessions other than covering a $100 diagnostic fee after i had already paid such fee twice. a defect which causes the car to forcefully slow down to 30 mph is risking the life of my family, since we often travel on highways to get to where we are going. currently, we do not use the vehicle for highway travel and are forced to use our other car. *jb