BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
31173117A10010098Rear toe cam adjustment nut for service applications. *sc11/04/2004
313501/01/200410010045Pop noise from engine area during heavy throttle input. *tc11/03/2004
04060100202/01/200410006159Service manual update- add sealant to the right engine mount bracket lower bolt.*mr04/23/2004
04030800202/01/200410006154Pop/rattle noise from front of vehicle during suspension movement (clean components, apply retaining compound, and install new nuts).*mr04/23/2004
030612300111/01/200310005574Slight loss of coolant or low coolant light coming on with no signs of external leaks. also the engine may be difficult to start; engine misfire for several seconds; and/or white smoke or coolant odor from the tailpipe. *tt03/04/2004
04013700605/01/200410007551Heater-ventilation-air conditioning (hvac) hiss-type noise. *mr07/01/2004
PIP-4495C03/01/201110038510Gm: there may be noise coming from the cylinder head, because of low oil pressure which is caused by debris. *rm06/16/2011
38593859A10020923Low oil pressure - inspect oil filter for damage. *kb updated 10/18/07. *nj01/30/2007
06060300506/01/200610020821Service engine soon (ses)/malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on and/or engine driveability concerns. *kb01/23/2007
34333433D10017032Service engine soon (ses) light and severe engine misfire on cylinders 1 and 4 or cylinders 2 and 3. *tt updated 08-15-07. *kb10/20/2005
04060300710/01/200410010449Crank no start, hard start, stalling, or front lamps intermittently inoperative setting any of the following diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) - p0629, b2752, b3722, n3717, b2717, b2600, b2722. *tt11/23/2004
04060405908/01/2005040604059A10009800Crank, no start or extended crank prior to vehicle start or inoperative, intermittent operation of components and/or diagnostic trouble codes (dtc) p0112, p0646, p0629, p0693, and p0571 in electronic control unit (ecu). *tt10/25/2004
04060406108/01/2005040604061A10009535Crank/no start/extended crank (3 seconds or greater) prior to vehicle start, delay into reverse, inoperative/intermittent operation of components and/or diagnostics trouble codes (dtc) p0621, p0300-p0306, p0571, p0112, p0629, p0693, u2105,10/06/2004
04060500907/01/200410009360Service information regarding a pop/clunk noise from the rear of the vehicle on initial cold start and/or during the warm-up drive cycle. *tt09/27/2004
04060405207/01/200410009361Service engine soon (ses) telltale with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0453 stored in the powertrain control module (pcm). *tt09/27/2004
04060404807/01/200410008008Extended engine crank time before engine starts. *tt07/19/2004
04060404606/01/200410008013Service engine soon (ses) lamp illuminated with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0496 set and/or hard start or extended crank after adding fuel. *tt07/19/2004
04060402704/01/200410006725Service manual update - add diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0504. *tt05/11/2004
04060401803/01/200410006461Service manual update - diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0452 and p0453. *tt05/03/2004
04009000203/01/200410006086Service manual update - revised engine oil viscosity information. *tt04/16/2004
0306612/01/200310005174On-board diagnostic (obd) system software upgrade - certain diagnostic information may be cleared when ignition is turned off. *tt02/10/2004
03009000309/01/200310003976Oil filter cap assembly and oil filter element design change. *tt11/10/2003
03060102609/01/2004030601026A10003591Limited service repair program for the 3.5l v-6 engine assembly. *tt10/24/2003
04060500404/01/200410006599Rattle/buzz noise from exhaust system under slight load. *tt05/06/2004
05060405909/01/200510017570Fuel nozzle shuts off intermittently or prematurely during fuel fill and/or ses lamp on with dtc p0446 evap vent system performance set. *tt11/10/2005

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 The transmission is faulty, and costs more to repair than the price of the entire vehicle.
 I would like to file a complaint on my 2004 saturn vue. i have done a lot of looking around on the internet and found that there has been a lot of timing chain failures on the saturns. i recently had mine go out on my vue at 90,000 miles and am in the process of getting it fixed which could cost me upwards of $2,000. is there any form of a recall o this and what are if any are my options for either saturn fixing it or reimbursing me any amount. could you please contact me with any information you have . thanks in advance for your help. *tr
 Repeated failure of ignition control module/coil pack on 2004 vue 2.2 ecotec motor caused damage to catalytic converter and o2 sensor january 6, 2009 then again march 31, 2009. *tr
 Car had a strange ticking noise ,dropped the car off at saturn dealer ship and was told that i needed to replace a timing chain,for a fee of 1,000 dollars ,i searched nhtsa and found a recall exactly like this one but for a 2001 only. my car is a 2004 and only has 34,000 miles. *tr
 Saturn vue awd 2004 piston rod became bent , according to a mechanic that looked at the car, although there was plenty of oil in the cam case, the engine wil not run and needs to be replaced. i would like to know if there were any recalls on this model vehicle concerning the engine. *tr
 I have unfortunately owned my saturn 2004 vue for 2 years. the first 3 months of having it, after having to replace my 2003 vue for all the problems it had was in the shop the first 4 months of purchase. the power engine failure light would go on and i would lose all power to the car. they had no idea how to fix it. then the back windshield shattered. the gas mileage is horrible and the whole gas tank and odometer has had to be replaced. i would feel the car up with gas and the odometer would go to full and move back up to half full. the car is in the shop again for throttle and engine problems again. have had the real displeasure of working with a very rude lady at saturn by the name of marcia who clearly does not care about ones safety in their vehicle. according to saturn the newer vehicles have had these problems fixed. however, i must say having been a saturn owner for 12 years now my faith in their product is gone. *jb
 Engine stalled at various speeds, which was dangerous while on the road. took vehicle to dealer for a check up, but the cause was undetermined.*ak vehicle accelerated too fast when pressing gas pedal to start auto after stalling. *bf *nm
 New vehicle with less than 2,500 miles-2004 vue. they want to fix replace/repair engine failure. we know that other systems can/will be affected by total breakdown on interstate-immediate engine blow-no power etc. we are not satisfied with the offer of repair and minimum warranty coverage as additionally courtesy offer. *jb
 When the car is idling, the ac stops altogether. when the car is in motion, it sometimes works and sometimes does not. when it does work, it does run at full capacity and will sometimes even blow hot air even though the ac is turned on. it is hit or miss when turning the vent settings as it doesn't always redirect the air flow. also, it is hit or miss for the ac to turn off when switched to the off position (hot or cold air may continue to blow).
 New 2004 saturn vue(2wd) with 3.5 liter v6, purchased in july 2004 1st symptom: poor fuel efficiency 16mpg city instead of 20mpg; worse during rain 22-24mpg hwy instead of 28mpg; 19mpg overall average -dealer response normal for first 5k miles, i'm now over 8k 2nd symptom: engine backfires after cold start; worse during rain -dealer response no trouble found, changed oil 3rd symptom: slow to start when parked on slight upward incline -haven't notified dealer yet 4th symptom: low coolant light came on but coolant level was ok -will be taking it in to dealer i'm concerned about taking it in for service after reading similar reports on this vehicle and numerous tales of poor resolution. please notify or post about any new bulletins or resolutions that may be helpful.*ak
 I purchased a 2004 saturn view, new, august 21, 2004. on september 18, 2004 i drove through water on the road, ankle deep. the engine stopped, and it had to be towed. the car had 2,000 miles on it. the mechanic who was sent by saturn's 800 roadside assistance number looked at the car and said i probably burned out the alternator because it's on the bottom. he said the problem was to be rectified on the 2005 model. when i called the service department on 9/20 the service person (either jacob or brian) i spoke to said that the air intake, near the bottom had sucked road water into the engine and damaged the engine. it was probably because when i drove through the water it created a wave and the wave water was sucked into the air intake. they wouldn't know what was wrong until the engine was taken apart. he also said it would not be covered by the warranty because it is not a manufacturers defect (although i would beg to differ since what manufacturer puts an air intake where road water can be sucked into the engine) and he also said the l300 model also have their air intake at the bottom of the engine. i contacted saturn in tennessee (claim 1-13554677) and an area service manager named marcia told me that after they reviewed my situation they were not willing to do anything for me. what i have is an suv with an air intake that is in a position where every time there's water, i risk damaging my engine , and the last 3 years we've averaged 103 inches of snow each winter). i did ask saturn to get me out of this vehicle as it is not fit for performance as warranted for an suv, but they said no. this vehicle, by explanation from the mechanic and service person, was defectively designed which caused the air intake to suck water into the engine damaging it. i would appreciate your looking into this and hopefully being able to offer me a solution to my having to retain a defectively designed, unreliable vehicle. *ak
 Chime sounds when starting vehicle and placing into reverse or drive. car sometimes stalls when chime is sounding. according to manufacturer, the chime indicates a problem with the engine. according to manufacturer, saturn, it is covered by tsb 1700388. this has been going on since august of 2005. increase in frequency and severity. dealer unable to fix problem even when following tsb. *nm