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081217712/01/200710023878P0441 or p0496 (evaporative emission system continuous purge flow). *nj02/11/2008
TSB-23-0611011/01/201010034484Suzuki vehicles: counter measure procedure for dtc p2138. mil light is on, dtc p2138 stored. failure of the connector and/or wiring circuits between the ecm and the accelerator pedal position sensor. models forenza, forenza wagon and ren11/19/2010

Consumer Complaints

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 4 months after purchasing my 2007 suzuki forenza i already had to replace the transmission sensor then after that 2 months later again, ac goes out reason unknown, the windows on the passenger side stop working it won't roll down, also the airbag light won't go off, the passenger seat airbag lights stays on saying it is not activated, my signal lights and hazard lights don't work can't figure out the problem, my alarm system stops working then starts working again thought it might be a fuse but can't find a fuse or switch for it, my locks keeps unlocking and locking on its own while the car is in motion weird....now my headlights won't turn off i have to take out my fuse during the day then put it back in at night very annoying....reading so many of these reviews and complaints we all have same problems very annoying =/
 Headlights won't turn off. while driving on the expressway black smoke blew in my face. electrical wires were on fire. i was able to pull over and get out without getting hit by the fast cars going by. called 911 the fire department came put out the fire. *tr
 Headlights won't turn off. while driving on the expressway black smoke blew in my face. electrical wires were on fire. i was able to pull over and get out without getting hit by the fast cars going by. called 911 the fire department came put out the fire.
 I am sick and tired of replacing my transmission range sensor!!!!!!!!!! and now after doing so, once again. my car wont start, battery is fine. i think that this needs to be a recall!!!! i have one more year left to pay off this car. i cant afford to keep replacing this problem. had to replace this problem in 2009, and now again. someone fix this!!!! *tr
 I am sick and tired of replacing my transmission range sensor!!!!!!!!!! and now after doing so, once again. my car wont start, battery is fine. i think that this needs to be a recall!!!! i have one more year left to pay off this car. i cant afford to keep replacing this problem. had to replace this problem in 2009, and now again. someone fix this!!!!
 Dash lights went out in car. checked fuse and no bad fuse. went to drive the car and then noticed had no break lights, head lights, and windows did not roll down. i had high beams if i wanted to drive it while holding the light switch for the high beams.had all fuses checked, and was then told it was in the wiring!!! car had been in the shop before for transmission range sensors. it seems to be one issue after another with this car all of a sudden. tire pressure light come on for a few days then goes out for a few, and that is with new tires. not very happy with this car at all..
 I just had this part replaced in january 2012 now 2 months later check engine light going on in the middle of driving. went to autozone and guess what transmission range sensor again!!!!! i bought part from dealer in january and had my licensed auto mechanic put it in, now car doing exactley same thing it did in january car jerking into reverse , scrambled gear letters on dash board, this part is defective what do i have to do replace it every 2 months!!!! make it a recall already , i am not the only complaint!!!!
 When turning my car on and putting it into reverse, the check engine light came on and my car jerked into gear and where the r should appear for reverse on the dash, all the letters were scrambled together. the car drove in reverse and then when i put it into drive, it jerked again and then would hardly accelerate. after driving the car for a couple minutes, turning it off, and turning it back on, it would finally accelerate but the check engine light would still be on and the gears would still jerk. the check engine light would go off after a couple days and everything would be fine and then it would all start again. then my car is starting to switch over into neutral when driving 60mph+ and now it will do is multiple times when driving at any speed. when it switches over to neutral like this while i'm driving, the d for drive on the dash will become scrambled like it does when it jerks into reverse. the problem is getting worse.
 My check engine light came on after i placed the car in reverse, it gave a big thunk sound. i turned the car off and restarted it. the check engine light is still on. when i went to the dealership to get a diagnosis and they said it was a transmission range sensor gone bad! $250 to replace. as you can see that there are a lot of customer complaints on the same issue but no recall. i have already had the brake light sensor replaced earlier this year and a power steering pump! not liking suzuki right now!
 I bought a 2007 suzuki forenza 4 door sedan new in 2007 but now the drive lights would not turn off did this once before about three months ago but turned off after about 47 minutes after i took the batterie cable a lose. it started again on may 24, 2011 when my wife took our kids to basketball practice she smelt something burning, the car burst into flames with a lot of smoke down by her leg, another motorist saw her and put the fire out with a fire exstinquisher. the car does not run it will turn over but not crank no power in car, no lights nothing works. car is full of exstinquisher smoke from trying to put fire out. the harness with wires going inside of it inside of car is melted, had to have car towed home 31.9 miles. called suzuki about car they asked me is there a recall on the car, go figure please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also when car was working the tire pressure gauge stayed on even with new tires that i could not keep on car car is wearing tires down and last but not least air conditioner was only blowing hot air even though it is full of freon
 I have an '07 suzuki forenza, the transmission keeps slipping gears and sometimes it gets stuck in 3rd gear. the dealer said it was not covered by warranty because it's an electrical problem; the transmission range sensor is going out. costs around $200 dollars to repair. the dealer also admittedly stated that it's a common problem with this particular model.
 Transmission range sensor, is going out my car will not stay in gear anymore very dangerous to drive and is not covered under warranty and cost 300 dollars also my air bad sensor on the driver side does not go off anymore and have already broke a door handle suzuki is horrible which havent checked the price on those and i have saw a lot of people are having the same problems
 Transmission would sometimes slip what feels like neutral (no power) while in drive. other times transmission would stay in drive and would not down shift auto or manual. frequency is increasing. cost at dealer is financially prohibitive at this time. research indicates problem is common to this and prior year manufacture.
 I have had to repair so much on this car in such a short amount of time, i am going nuts...almost every month its something else! i have had blown head gaskets, replaced broken door handles (they broke again), chipping paint (for no reason), brake light switch system, now the transmission range sensor is bad. to replace the tires, the cheapest you can find is $130/tire new. i am out of thousands of dollars when the care was supposed to be under warranty and americas best powertrain but everything in the car that is going bad, isn't covered! my 2007 sukuki forenza sucks!
 Transmission shift sensor is what everything points to. when operating the vehicle in drive, the transmission suddenly ceases to operate correctly, and seems as if it has shifted into neutral. the shift selection indicator on the display panel shows a fault and the check engine light comes on. upon investigating the issue online it seems as though this has become a recent issue with the suzuki forenza in the past months, ranging between the 2007 and 2008 models. this failure poses many safety concerns.
 I have been reading all the comments on this car and i've had every one of them...i have a 2007 suzuki forzena and my car problems started at about 25,000 miles. i have taken it in sooo many times with no resolve. the check engine light and tire pressure light still comes on every other day. i've had issues when i'm driving on the highway at 60 mph and the car would just decelerate down to 35 mph within a matter of seconds and no matter how much i pushed the pedal to accelerate to the floor it would not budge...this is very dangerous and i don't know why this company is still allowed to make cars. the loaner car that they say they give you in the warranty is a joke. we've had to rent our own cars and wait to be reimbursed. the dealerships they send you to cant find anything wrong with it. no matter what the problem with the car you still have to make your payments....this car has too many problems!!!! *tr
 New suzuki forenza brought in 2007 10 miles when purchased. seat belts were not working, battery died, all door handles broke inside of car, tire sensor not working, gear shift not working (continuous problem) transmission started failing, also the passenger seat belt light failed to engage when someone was sitting on there. and currently in service brakes/gears/lights not working. vehicle currently has 30,000 miles only 2 yrs old. i need help i've tried everything. *tr
 First was the seats belt this was fix , after that was the trans range switch i have to pay because they refuse to pay for that and now is the air bag light is on and i call the manufacturer and they send me to the shop but the shop refuse to check the car because the warranty is expire but this car is from 2007. *tr
 A person driving behind our car (suzuki-forenza) pulled up next to us and stated we didn't have any back tail lights we also noticed on our dashboard the airbag light came on and wouldn't go off. we stopped and checked the fuses, bulbs and found both in good working order but we still had no tail lights. attempted to head to an auto parts store to seek help(sunday) and realized that the gear shift would not come out of park. read the manual and had to utilize the release mech. everytime we stopped the car and placed it in park. also, some type of engine noise maybe fan belt continues and has to go back to the shop. *tr
 On 12/3/08 @ 12:30 a.m., my 2007 suzuki forenza caught fire resulting in a total loss. i've contacted suzuki & i'm awaiting there return call. the fire marshall ruled out arson & concluded that the origin of the fire was underneath the hood resulting from electrical wiring in the vehicle. i purchased the vehicle in may of 2008 & i've never had a problem since the purchase. on 12/2/08, i drove the vehicle once in the morning & then again in the evening. both trips were short distances. on the evening/early morning of 12/3/08 i woke up to my car engulfed in flames. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 suzuki forenza. the vehicle has lock out security, which caused the doors to lock automatically when the engine was off with the key in the ignition. the contact stated that her baby was locked inside the vehicle and the police had to be called to unlock the doors. the failure mileage was 8,500 and the current mileage was 9,000.
 Oxygen sensor was bad 3 months after buting car, both airbags in dash are defective. sensors are lighting up and it says can deploy at any time get car serviced. my dealership acts like they don't want to help me. *tr