Tahoe 36wtb

Model 36wtb made by Tahoe got 15 consumer complains as well as 1 recall. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to digital instrument panel and electrical system. There was one recall concerning power train .

Model 2004


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
03V320000THOR CALIFORNIA, INC.from 07/01/2003 to 08/22/2003V (Vehicle)3808/19/2003MFRTHOR CALIFORNIA INC.08/22/200308/29/2003
Defect SummaryOn certain fifth wheel trailers, depending upon the manner in which items are stored in the trailer during transit and the corresponding weight distribution, the trailer could begin to sway while being towed.
Consequence SummaryThis defect could result in a vehicle crash involving both the trailer and the tow vehicle, possibly resulting in serious injury.
Corrective SummaryThor will notify its customers to arrange to have the trailers transported to thor california's factory for repair. owner notification august 19, 2003. owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact thor california at 1-888-697-8467.
NotesAlso, customers can contact the national highway traffic safety administrationalso, customers can contact the national highway traffic safety administration

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 It started with the rpm hand jumping around. then all of a sudden one day the speedometer started reading the wrong mileage. i received a letter in the mail and it said i could get it fix if i was at a certain mileage, but i was over it. i guess my real complaint is if it is defective (and it is) why does it have a mileage stipulation on it. it is unsafe for my family and i and the public. this is something that is not the consumers fault and the company should be held responsible. *tr
 Speedometer problem - erratic. *tr
 Instrument gauge cluster on 2004 tahoe with is not working, causing all gauges, including speedometer, to fail . oil gauge failed in jan. 09 and in the last two months the other gauges have gradually failed, with the speedometer failing yesterday (3-9-10). gm will not pay because mileage is over 70,000 even though the vehicle has a defective part, as indicated by the vin number in the recall list. *tr
 Tachometer works sometimes, and just today the speedometer quit working. it shows 30 mph at stop sign or parked, even when engine is off. while driving slow, it reads upwards of 120 mph. *tr
 Speedometer suddenly stopped working. we replaced the speedometer sensor and disconnected the battery to reset. speedometer began to work again. however, air conditioner began working improperly by only blowing out defrost. a few days later started blowing out of front vents, but will not blow out of 2nd or 3rd row vents. a week later speedometer stopped working again. *tr
 Oil pressure gauge was not reading correctly. dash board gauge cluster stopped working. *tr
 Faulty traction active system due to corrosion of sensors on 2004 chevy tahoe. i had vehicle in dealership and computer scan reads no error codes however traction active system kicks in at low speeds especially when making turns. if you check with dealerships or look at the complaints on the internet for problems with the traction active system problem you will see numerous problems with this on tahoe's suburban's and other gm vehicles however no recalls..it is a faulty defective system produced by gm and they will not own up to it..when someone gets severely injured by the faulty equipment gm will pay the price... *tr
 The tires on 2004 tahoe fifth wheel made contact with the frame structure. on the first trip, we smelled burning rubber and discovered the decking was 2 inches lower on the right side of the 5th wheel. took rv to dealer who called thor california. we have contacted a jerry pallarus and sent digital pictures to thor. they have said an engineer must be consulted and will be in contact with us when the engineer returns from vacation. we have parked our rv in storage and will not haul it due to safety concerns and possible liability. we purchased the tahoe 27wtb fw on april 28, 2004. *ak *mr e problem was caused by the compressed gussets under the frame of the deck. *sc *jb
 Looking for advice on what to do. wild country 265/75r16 radial xtx sport tires. this is a tubeless tire, bands in tires breaking
 I just purchased a gmc 2004 yukon xl 4 by 4 suv made by general motors. msrp $48,485. it was equiped with stabilitrak rear differential, heavy duty trailering equipment, 17 inch polished cast aluminum wheels, p265/70r17 als wol bridgestone tires. the gvw rating is 7,200 lbs and a rear axle ratio of 3.73. the max trailer weight is 7200 lbs.stabiltrak uses sensors to read speed, brake pressure,acceleration, steering wheel position, turning rate, and has the computer adjust engine speed and brake pressure to any inividual wheel. my problem is this. the spare tire is a firestone 16 inch tire [different rim size, difference tire pattern]. since the 4 by 4 goes automatically into 4 wheel drive depending on road conditions, a smaller tire is exremely dangerous with possible injury or death. this is a heavy suv with a high trailering capacity and should never have different size, different make, and different thread designs for the tires. the owners manual warns agaist using different tire sizes when in 4 wheel drive claiming transmission problems will develop with possible injury or death. since the options on this gmc suv have the computer decide to go from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive, i request a recall for the gmc suv yukon xl with these options. the recall should have the dealer replace the 16 inch firestone spare tire with a 17 inch bridgestone tire that is the same model as the 4 drive wheels. a steel 17 inch rim is also required. since the spare tire is mounted under the car frame, it was not noticed on delivery of this new 2004 gmc yukon xl suv.
 We suffered three sidewall blowouts on our fifth-wheel travel trailer in one trip. the trailer was weight with only clothes for a four-day trip and 50 gallons of freshwater. the weather was in the 80's and we were traveling on the proper tire pressure at only 55 mph and had been on the road for only 2 hours when the right rear trailer tire blew w/o warning. the tire quickly began to shread its self and did over $800 dollars in damager to the side and underneath of the trailer. four days later on our return trip home, we suffered two more blowouts. under the same conditions, the right front tire blewout the sidewall. after changing it, we got just ten minutes down the road and a left side tire began to develop a soccerball size buldge and blew before i could even get to the side of the road.

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