Thor Jazz 367wtb

Model Jazz 367wtb made by Thor got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. .

Model 2005

Consumer Complaints

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 Dt: caller stated there was a blowout on passenger side rear tire. this happened without warning. also, caller stated there was another faulty tire on the same trip, but caught it before it blew. it was on front drivers side.the second tire was showing the steel belts when he had it replaced. dealer said they would replace 2 of the five tire,s but caller wantsedall of them replaced. *akmanufacturer of tires said they would give him new tires or $88.00 a tire but caller does not want to put the same tires on his vehicle. tires are carlisle radial trail, size st225/75r15 for trailor service only, 5th wheel is a jazz by thor.

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