Thor Tahoe

Model Tahoe made by Thor got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to tires, trailer hitches.

Model 2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Contacted carlilse tire on 8/11/04 opened claim on tires delaminating. on 9/5/04 two tires did blowout causing major damage to my rv. 10/5/04 received five new tires from carlilse tire. i do not want these tires on my rv and i seem to be stuck with them. its going to cost over one thosand dollars to replace these tires with another brand. *ak
 We were driving to spokane washington from phelan calif. when we had a tire tread come off passenger front of dual axle thore transport 5th wheel trailer. ripping off fender skirt. i put spare on and 28 miles later passenger rear tire had a blow out. tires had maybe 1500 miles on them. this happened in redding cali. i was not going to take any more chances, so i bought four new tires. the man at the tire store said he could not visibly see the cause of the blow out or the tread coming off. tires were inflated to proper psi. trailer was not over loaded. no water in water tanks. tires are covered when not in use. average speed was 55 mph. i feel that these tires are unsafe and should be recalled. *jb
 In june 2002 i bought new from the factory a thor tahoe transport 33' fifth wheel. the vehicle was equipped with merit all country radials size, lt235/85r16 e. up until the failure i had put about 3000 miles on the tires, typically traveling about 150 miles per trip, one way. the vehicle is rated at 11400 gvw. i run about 10200 lbs total weight. on august 14, 2004 i was returning from a 131 mile trip. at about 1:30 p.m. after travelling about 100 miles, while travelling at 60 mph on i-17, the right rear tire tread separated near the town of new river, north of phoenix. the tire held air but the entire tread peeled off. i was able to pull off the highway safely and replace with a spare before continuing. there was minor damage to the underbelly protective blanket and the side skirt of the trailer. i have since replaced all the tires and have the failed tire available for inspection. *ak
 2003 thor tahoe travel trailer tongue/coupler failed on february 14, 2004. the trailer had less than 500 miles on it. it was purchased new from marjon rv in riverside in april 2003. the trailer was attached to our 2000 ford excursion with a weight distributing hitch that was installed by marjon rv. the accident would have been catastrophic at highway speeds. *jb

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