Tow Dolly Kk460ss

Model Kk460ss made by Tow Dolly got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. .

Model 2007

Consumer Complaints

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 (2) tires failed on my demco tow dollie as a result of defective dill valve stems on 9-28-2009 and 4-15-2010. damage to the dollie was extensive when the tires blew and tire and fender debris flew into on coming cars behind me. the blowouts were totally unexpected and after researching safety recalls, my understanding is that dill-acp has defective product in service (ref. nhtsa 08t028000 campaign number action number ea08022). i contacted dethmers mfg. - demco in may 2012 and they had dill-acp contact me. dill acknowledged the product on my tow dollie may have been defective but unless i send them the suspect parts for evaluation they will not honor my claim. the defective valve stems blew out of the tire rims as i drove down the expressway. the parts could not be found and dill-acp has denied my claim. my concern is that many other demco dollies built when mine was are still out there and are unsafe. dethmers mfg has not acknowledged any responsibility or concern for the tire failures and resulting damage.