BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
SU0010203/01/2002632246Subject regarding rear bearing o-ring service tip. *tt07/11/2002
SU0010001/21/2000SU00299610072Subject regarding front suspension support noise. *tt04/14/2000
01219901/21/1999610084Brief information on front suspension support noise. *tt04/17/2000
SU0029909/03/1999607874Some vehicles may experience front suspension support noise. *tt10/14/1999
98081208/12/1998602531A groan or crunch noise may be heard from the front suspension when driving over speed bumps or dips in the roadway. *yc11/09/1998
SU0039808/07/1998602177A groan or curnch noise may be heard from the front suspension when driving over speed bumps or dips in the roadway. *yc10/15/1998

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 My engine seized and needs complete replacement due to this oil sludge problem. as a result of the gelled oil, one of the pistons broke off creating a hole in the engine and the motor mount became displaced from the engine, causing the engine block to crack while i was driving the car. i bought the car used from greer toyota in millbrook, ny in august of 2001 and was told that one of their mechanics would complete a thorough inspection before the car was turned over to me. i have since had the oil changed every 3,000 miles by a trusted mechanic. during that time, i had to replace the oxygen sensor at my own cost, but did not have any other problems until this month. now in addition to the engine, it appears that my struts are failing as well. i am in the process of submitting a claim for the engine.
 It is impossible to align vehicle's camber to specifications without replacing major suspension parts. *ak the manufacturer does not manufacture an adjustable driver's side suspension component to adjust camber. *ak the only way to align the car is either to buy costly new suspension parts from toyota or resort to an aftermarket cam bolt. *nlm
 The vehicle experienced a vibration at normal speed, the dealer stated the tires were the problem, which were then replaced and a alignment was performed, however the problem recurred. *jb
 The vehicle experienced a vibration at normal speed, the dealer stated the tires were the problem, which were replaced and a alignment was performed, however the problem recurred.*jb
 Front and rear struts failed, dealer knows this is an issue. car is unstable on any uneven road over 25 mph, all but bottoms out, steering correction is needed on the smallest of bumps above 25mph.*ak
 My 1997 toyota camry making noise from all four individual suspension and need help. *ak
 Toyota acknowledges to have issued only a service bulletin to its dealers on this issue. it does acknowledge a high number of incidents of failed struts and mounts on 1997, 1998 and1999 camrys.*ak
 Dealer acknowledges high number of strut and mount failures on 1997, 1998 and 1999 camrys. probably design defect. *ak
 These parts should be recalled and replaced by toyota and we owners should be reimbursed the cost. several service writers at a local toyota dealer have told me that many of these strut assemblies have failed. i've driven other toyota models, 3, over 900,000 and have never replaced the strut assemblies. please investigate, as if this assembly breaks, while driving, you may have a major accident.*ak
 The front upper strut housings on 1997 - 1999 toyota camry's are defective. when going over any kind of bump in the road the entire front strut assembly shakes and rattles terribly. toyota has acknowledged the problem with the front strut upper assembly and will only repair if the vehicle is on the 3/36 warranty. in most cases, as in mine, the rattle and severe vibration did not occur until the vehicle was off warranty. i have discussed this with autofair toyota in manchester, nh and they stated that the problem is the upper strut assembly. the service manager stated it could only be repaired on warranty. it was further stated that it was not a safety hazard and that it would not strand or disable the car. i also had the vehicle checked out at grappone toyota in concord, nh and they also indicated that the problem was the defective strut assembly. i have also known many camry owners who have had this problem and either had the work done on warranty, or paid the 450.00 dollars to have it repaired. i have also brought this matter to toyota usa headquarters, only to have them say that the repair would only be done if it was brought back on warranty. i am concerned that this strut defect is going to contribute to a serious crash with resulting fatalities. although toyota insists that the problem does not impact safety, i beg to differ, as the noise and rattle from the front end is clearly indicative of a compromised front end. there is no doubt that this defective equipment will ultimately be a contributory element in a crash. i would greatly appreciate your organization investigating this matter. the only acceptable resolution is to have toyota replace the defective strut assembly's on the impacted toyota camry's.*ak
 While driving there is a noise coming from front right strut. please provide any further details.*ak
 Front end rattle-most severe when driving over bumpy roads and when driving car at the beginning of day. noise abates some what after driving for approx. 15 minutes. took car to toyota dealer . dealer said upper front struts need to be replaced. confirmed by independent mechanic. bought car used and noticed problem almost immediately. car had 58000 miles at that time. problem is getting worse. seems that toyota has a problem with this car and does not want to recall. i have owned camry's in the past. never had a problem like this. even on high mileage cars inaddition the car sets to low to ground and mthe front end scraps when pulling into driveways or other steep inclines. i have owned cars and been driving for the past 45 years and have never had a problem with a car or truck of this nature.*ak
 Right front strut bushing needs replaced. dealer said this is a common complaint but it is not covered under warranty. i feel this is a defect toyota should take care of given the number of failures of this component.*ak
 Vehicle has been making a rubbing sound when turning wheel, not taken to dealer yet. *ak
 Noise in front end going over bumps, tops of struts need to be replaced defective. *ak
 Right front strut rod knocking while driving. dealer notified, and informed consumer that part on back order for two to three months. asking nhtsa help on this matter. *ak
 The front end of the vehicle rattles as if the struts are loose. dealer states upper strut bushings are now worn out, but not a hazard. people riding in my car state that it sounds like the front wheels are going to fall off, when the car runs over bumps. this noise started during my warranty period on the front right side only. the dealer told me the right strut was fine. today, they still say the struts are still fine, but now both left and right front wheels sound loose. *ak
 When five people were in the vehicle, the tires scraped rear wheel wells and undercarriage scraped pavement. *slc
 The front end of the vehicle rattles as if the struts are loose. this causes a loud banging noise. dealer has seen vehicle and replaced the struts. but, problem still exists.
 Front struts were a known defect, dealer told me, they bang loudly and may fail i fear. dealer service dept told me the struts were known to be defective and should have been replaced but the previous owner did not know this. now they are really bad, to
 Struts failed. yh
 Suspenssion design problem,car bottoms out on all dips and drive way. yh
 The car makes a groaning noise over rough road surfaces. the condition is rapidly getting worse. toyota dealer informed me that toyota is aware that a small number of cars have this problem and attempts to devise a remedy, but has been unsuccessful. toyota has told me, via the service manager at the dealership, that it is suspension noise, which is a characteristic of the car. toyota regional customer relations manager and toyota employed technican have both been in the car. toyota fixed the loose roof, however there has been no offer of a solution on the deteriorating condition of the suspension. the dealer has told me that toyota will not offer a soluiton. *ak
 Vehicle sits to low to the ground. vehicle bottoms out on speed bumps with 4 adults riding.
 Vehicle sits too low-minimum ground clearance very low. also height is too low in both front and rear. vehicle rides rough and bouncy on bumpy roads. *ak
 While driving at 65 mph there was severe vibration in the front end also, had problem with the automatic transmission. *ak
 Front suspension rattles terribly. struts were replaced, did not solve problem. toyota is aware of a design flaw and refuses to fix the problem. nhtsa should force a recall. *la
 In1997 toyota camry front and back suspension making noise in cold weather may be defective struts or spring need help.*ak
 Squeaking or groaning noise in the front end when going over bumps. *ak
 Brake pedal was going to the floor, dealer repaired front brakes. consumer stated there is a noise in the front of the vehicle, dealer states 2 front struts need replaced, also axle boots leaked and dealer replaced. vehicle was hard to start and then would die, dealer replaced the isc valve. water pump leaked and was replaced. *slc
 Experiencing noise in front end when going over bumps, sounds like struts, or suspension is going out, rough sound. noticed many complaints of this, has there been a recall? have not taken in for svc yet. *ak
 A groaning or curnching noise may be heard from front suspension when going over speed bump or dips on the road. *ak
 There is a knocking sound under right front of vehicle. dealer has been notified. *ak
 Noise coming from front end when going over bumps, at any speed. took the car to our independent mechanic and he determined that both front strut assemblies had failed. vehicle had approximately 55,000 miles. contacted toyota customer service and they denied knowledge of any problem. our mechanic ordered parts, 2-3 week nationwide backorder. we tried all of the toyota dealers in the washington, dc area. (the only place to obtain these parts.) 55,000 miles is much to early for these component to fail and the backorder would indicate that a problem is surfacing that toyota doesn't want to admit. *ak
 Vehicle experienced problems with front end, upper strut mounts replaced twice, stabilizer and bushings replaced, and front end alignment, due to front end problems the tires were also replaced, consumer wants reimbursement. *slc
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 The failure of this component is widespread. results in noise in right front wheel well when hitting a bump.no safety defect listed in summary. *ak
 Battery corrodes, and vehicle pulls to right
 While driving over bumps vehicle will make a loud noise in front end suspension on the left and right sides, casuing a potential safety hazard. *ak
 Vehicle is improperly aligned, three sets of front tires have been replaced, dealer has corrected the problem and replaced the tires three times, problem still exists. dealer cannot duplicate the problem. *ak
 The car front suspension is very low. the front (under) of the car scrapes the cement when backing from a driveway or when driving over some dips in the streets. my neighbor has the same make and model of the car and he has the same problem.
 The front brakes make noise and produce a grinding sound when applied with normal pressure. the dealer stated that toyota knows of the problem but can't fix it. my regular mechanic has had other complaints with toyotas from his customers. i can't understand why it can't be fixed. 2) on my 25,000 mile service i could not have my back tires rotated because they were cupped. i was told this is because of weak shocks on the car. my wife who weighs 100 pounds is the one who drives this car 85% of the time and with my two kids the total weight is less that 300 pounds. i noticed that the car would bottom out but did not expect to have poorly performing shocks. i am very dissatisfied with these two problems to the point that i wonder where else toyota cut corners on quality. if this report is going to toyota, please pass on that the chances of this consumer buying another one of their products is zero. also, the chances of a bad referral is highly probable. at the minimum, it is better than toyota coming up with a solution to a known problem.
 While driving the vehicle pulls to the left lane. also, while braking the vehicle pulls to left which may cause an accident. been to dealer several, cannot determine problem. in addition, when the window is wet the occupant cannot see through the window. please provide details.
 When car was purchased it pulled to the left. after the dealer performed two alignments, the problem was that the belts on one of the tires were flattened, and the tires needed to be replaced. the car now rattles at all speeds and the front tires are now wearing on the inside. *ak
 Front right suspension makes rough noise when driving over rough surfaces at speeds 20-30 mph.
 Driver's adjustable seat is loose, causing it to rock back and forth. in addition, front end misalignment, causing vehicle to pull sideways under rainy/snowy conditions. *ak
 Consumer bought vehicle on jan. 97, the first day the vehicle bounced around, and every other day the front end bottomed out, scrapes-scratches on block underneath, can't turn without stopping. an accident may occur when on hwy if needed to turn. five town toyota 516-377-2632 says owner has to stop completely before turning. consumer can't drive in some ways because block is to0 wide. *akplease call consumer to discuss probable defct.
 The lower control arms on both the right and left side of my vehicle had to be replaced because the rubber corroded. i was informed that this type of deterioration does not normally occur. *jb
 Car : 97 toyota camry le 4 cylinder three major problems 1) blue smoke at cold-starting (mileage: 87 miles -aug. 2001) engine gave off blue smoke from the exhaust when cold-starting in the morning. after replacing valve stem seals (paid around $1000 to a toyota dealer for the repair), the problem was solved. 2) power steering rack & pinion leaking (mileage: 87kmiles -aug. 2001) power steering rack & pinion leaked and a mechanic replaced it with a new one. 3) egr vsv failure (mileage: 100 kmiles -oct. 2004) check engine light came on. obd ii scanner says insufficient egr flow. a mechanic replaced egr vsv and the problem was solved. 4) front strut mounts failure ((mileage: 87 kmiles -aug. 2001) both front strut mounts made noise. after a toyota dealer replaced it, the problem was solved. *jb
 A onging problem relating to the crunching/chunking sounds coming from the suspension area(front). numerous complaints to the toyota officials has not even merited a minor concern. estimations to fix the strut assembly varies from $500-$700 dollars. seems like to me that with all these complaints about the same thing, with the same year and make vehicle, somebody would get the message that there might be a problem. if they cared.*ak
 Crunching /rattle from front struts when traveling over bumps or dips in road. the struts were replaced and i was advised at time of the installation that the new struts would not resolve this issue. this was a design flaw and no resolution exits. *ak
 Front driver's side strut rattle present for two years. on 03/30/03 during a drive at 56 miles/hr speed, strut rattle on the driver's side grew worse suddenly and front end of the vehicle started shaking violently. the vehicle was immediately stopped on the shoulder of the road. on checking under the hood, the left strut center bolt came off completely and its threads were completely stripped. strut came off the mount sleeve. after a new strut is put on the vehicle, the damaged strut is checked and its top threads (where the center nut gets fastened) were partially stipped.
 Front right suspension at strut mounts make a noise when driving over small bumps in the road at 20 to 30 mph.
 Consumer states that vehicle's front right strut has been destroyed. when vehicle drives over bumps it makes loud noise. please provide additional information. ts
 Consumer states front end rattles around the tire areas on bumpy road, dealer replaced strut mounts. *yd
 The right front strut mount has been determined by fowler toyota to be broken. it only has 31,000/warranty is 36,000/3 years. fowler toyota said that this was not supposed to happen with a car with that many miles. i contacted the district manager to ask that toyota would pay for the repair. he refused because it was past the 36 months. he said it was not a safety factor.*ak
 Experienced bump and noise front right wheel. dealer advised i needed to repalce the strut assembly, cost $700.00! car only has 24,000 miles. i asked if there was a recall and was told no. dealer did advise that they have had a significant increase with this issue. i have owned camry's in the past and had never had this problem. seems like there is a defect and should be recalled or at least paid for by toyota. i was told it was not covered under warranty. i checked out your website and noticed that others have had the same problem. i would appreciate and assistance that you can provide. i did send a separate e-mail to you before i came across this form. *ak
 Bracket mounts for struts on both sides of vehicle broke, causing a loud noise while vehicle is being driven. please give any further details.*ak
 97 camry 4 cyllinder purchased used (34533 mi) sept, 99. within a week noticed: front grill broken; grinding, scraping noise in front brake system; distinct chunk noise primarily in rt fr wheel well area from macpherson strut (lft noisy also); ca
 Problem started 12/17/97 with 4581 miles on the vehicle. the problem being a noise underneathj the car when going over bumps. i have had the car into the dealer on 4 different occasions withe the last being 2/2/99 trying to get the problem solved. they have tried on each time working with the front strut assembly and the struts. they had toyota rep in on this last time and he said they know of the problem and that this is a problem more noticeable in cold temperature and that they are still trying to come up with a fix. problem is mainly a design problem in the strut assembly. also headlights have been adjusted several times because of poor visability pattern they project and still have the problem. this matter has also had several attempts at correcting with the last being 2/2/99
 Front strut failing to operate between 6000 -7000 miles of wear. whenever vehicle hit a bump the strut would bottom out/ metal to metal are hiting. dealer contacted. *ak
 There is shaking in the tire, and the tirers are out of balance. also, there is a loud sound coming from the structure. *ak
 Brakes make a grinding noise and do not work properly, also front shock absorber were installedmexhaust front pipe was installed.*adj *ak
 The front shock absorbers do not protect front end of car. front end hits road when vehicle crosses shallow dips in roadway.
 The rear end bottoms out too easily. vehicle must approach a slight dip in the road at a very slow speed so that the rear end does not slam down.
 Toyota has a lifetime guarantee regarding mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock absorbers, struts, and strut cartridges, it states that toyota will replace parts and do labor for free of charge, however consumer had struts replaced and was not reimbursed. *slc
 At speeds of 25 mph or more the rear of the vehicle suddenly bounces sideways requiring immediate steering corrections constantly in order to aviod accidents. while driving in wyoming at 72 mph , the rear wheels hit a crack in the pavemant causing the vehicle to bounce sideways and spin out of control and off the highway. i have since visited the dealer and learned that the shock mounts were defective and loose. i replaced the shocks and mounts/supports at a cost of over $1000 and still have the same problem. i am afraid to drive the car at speeds over 35 mph and considering selling it and buying a safer vehicle.*ak
 Front rear struts defect. dealership not going to replace at their own cost.*ak