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0020501/11/20060010610015961Brake pedal vibration feeling. *sc08/17/2005
504305/25/200510016184Diagnostics - abs with ebd system. repair manual correction. 00400-rm940-u1. 00400-rm106-3u1. 00400-rm110-8u1. *tt09/01/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 In parking garage i wanted to back up from post. i put car in reverse and had foot on brake. when i released brake slightly, the engine roared and the car lunged back and even with my foot mashing on the brake, the car jumped a curb in the garage and did not stop until it hit an suv and knocked it into a brick wall. my passenger suffered a subdural hematoma and was hospitalized in portland, or during christmas vacation. she had to remain in portand 30 days until she had a clear ctscan. january 21, 2013 i was stopped for stop sign with foot on the brake, when same vehicle lunged forward at about 30 mph. i had a repeat when i was braking to slow down for a turn, and vehicle just lunged forward and it took me half a block to get the car to stop. on january 26, 2013 i had a repeat of the stop sign incident. i had foot on brake and was at a complete stop, when car lunged forward. fortunately there were no cars coming and i safely made a left turn as it was a dead end street. again it took me about half a block to get the car to come to a stop again. i do not feel safe to drive this car and have left it with a local toyota dealer and had brakes repaired. i have spoken to service manager, rick, and at hq, robert, about my issues. toyota has politely brushed me off like a piece of lint both for the accident in 2007 and my current issues. i have joined the class action suit against toyota and am requesting the brake override as a stop-gas measure. i currently have 82,700 miles on vehicle and had planned to drive it for several more years.
 2004 camry brake fluid leak
 Driving my 04 camry when the abs light came on. the abs actuator had to be replaced. the anti-lock brake system would have failed until this part was replaced. it was in a toyota service station for 18 consecutive days awaiting these repairs becuase the problem was misdiagnosed two times before finding the actual part that needed replaced. the old part is not available.*ak
 2004 toyota camery le i hv front end shaking when i applied brakes. i have chavez front rotors, pad(both organic n semi matelic) rebulit calipers, new set of 4 tires and i still have vibration it's 100 percent coming from front.end some one plz help 818-317-8055 thanks.one moe thing brake master cylinder was on the bulletin board not recall i have had that done also.i hate toyota i only got 40000 original miles on it n looks like brand new but drive likes toyota (like crap)
 -a 2000 camry with brake problems -tried to fix problems but mechanics unable to identify problems. -a 2004 camry with brake and acceleration problmes. reported to toyota but ignored me. reported again but still ignored. -need help as i spent so much until problems killed my transmission. *tr
 On christmas day, december 25, 2009, i was driving our 2004 toyota camry on the 880-n freeway in oakland, exited the freeway, and when i applied the brakes to stop at the first intersection after exiting, the car suddenly accelerated forward. i was unnerved as my foot hit the brakes and the car reacted by jumping forward. fortunately, my wife and infant child were strapped safely with seat belts in the car and no accident occurred. this was not supposed to happen. the incident was also not the result of driver error
 I purchased a new toyota camry in 2004. on the morning of 4/2/2005, i took my daughter to her orthodontist appointment. on my way back, i first made a stop at a traffic light before making a left turn to get on a parkway. i did not notice anything unusual. a few minutes later, when i attempted to slow down in anticipation of the end of the parkway and the traffic light at the intersection, i noticed that the brake was not working. i tried squeezing (to the floor) and tapping. i had no effect. there was no acceleration (kept the same speed). by the time i reached the intersection, the light was red and all three lanes had vehicles in front of me. i steered my car between two lanes to get through the traffic (with only the mirrors scraped off). once the traffic was behind me, i took the vehicle to the right to grind against the curb which brought it to a halt. the vehicle was pronounced total. three other vehicles were affected with varying degrees of damage (due to direct impact on the side or reaction to the sudden traffic movement). i informed toyota and requested their inspection. toyota later responded stating that they found no design or manufacturing defect. i am not sure if they took my report seriously. they may have lost the opportunity to investigate a potential problem. *tr
 I turned on the motor of my car which was parked at a home depot. with my foot on the brake (and not on the gas), the car suddenly accelerated and did not stop until it had traveled about 15 yards.
 I was slowly pulling my 2004 camry into a perpendicular parking space in a public parking lot, with my foot on the brake pedal. as i approached the curb to come to a stop, the car suddenly leaped forward at what seemed like full throttle, jumped the curb, lunged up a flight of three concrete steps, and crashed through the glass doors of the entry of the building. more often than not, at the hour of the day when this incident occurred (3:30 pm), there are small groups of young people waiting for rides or chatting in front of this facility. by some miracle there were no people present on the sidewalk in front of the car or coming out of or going into the building when this happened. truly a miracle that no one was hurt or worse. there were no witnesses. the police had the car removed by flatbed to a body shop yard. i later learned that the police had driven the car in the body shop yard and commented that the car drove without issues. i subsequently received a careless driving citation in the mail. a local media report of the incident, cribbed from the police blotter, stated that the police believed the cause of the incident was driver error. there is not the least doubt in my mind that my foot was firmly on the brake pedal, which went to the floor and did not stop the car! the car acted on its own as if possessed! i will never drive this car again! i bought a new car and took a huge loss on the value of the toyota by selling it for parts to a local mechanic for a tenth of its retail value so it would never find its way back onto the road to threaten other people with injury or death!
 2004 toyota camry. consumer states that brakes have been squealing for years. he states that the dealer has worked on the vehicle and nothing has helped. he also stated that the squealing is extremely loud and constant. *kb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 toyota camry. while driving approximately 35 mph on wet road conditions and attempting to apply the brakes, the vehicle was moving to the left then to the right. the contact turned the hazard lights on and maintained a significant distance between the other vehicles. the vehicle eventually came to a stop. the contact noticed that the failure only occurred when the road was wet. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer who could not duplicate the failure. she called the manufacturer but received no assistance when the complaint was filed. the contact previously filed complaints for similar models she owned under the same manufacturer regarding brake failures; she could not recall the year, make and model of the vehicles. the failure mileage was approximately 100. the current mileage was approximately 20,000.
 Car:2004 toyota camry xle model when i drive on a city road with pot holes/rough surface intersection my brakes does not seems to effective. you almost seems to feels its not going to stop, but when you push hard and keep it eventually stop. other wise brakes perform as expected in highways. *tr
 Although my toyota xle v6 is not part of the recall, i have had problems with my brakes since 2004, the year of my camry. when i'm driving slowly, (approximately 15mph) going over a bump and i need to brake, my brakes do not respond. i have to depress the brakes with great force and the anti-locks kick in. . i brought this to the attention of my dealer in 2004. i was told they could do something minor (of which i couldn't understand) but it would continue to occur. i have been uncomfortable with the braking on this car for years. this is a continual problem. although this happens constantly, in order to proceed, i need to input a date. *tr
 This complaint deals with all toyota cars with rear wheel drum brakes. on my car and many others possibly the pedal is soft has to go down quite a ways to activate brakes. on several occasions although i drive conservatively i feel my braking was compromised when i need quick braking response. i believe the reason is the automatic adjustment mechanism on my rear brakes was and is not working. this mechanism on all modern cars with rear drum brakes adjusts for wear by bringing the brake shoes closer to the drum when backing and braking. an automatic adjustment. when the mechanism isn't working the rear brake shoes get farther and farther from the drum due to wear and one must push the brake pedal farther and farther down on braking to get the shoes to contact the drums before braking can begin. this delays the braking time of the driver considerably. recently getting new tires the mechanic noted my soft brake pedal and removed the rear brake drums and manually adjusted the shoes to bring them in light contact with the drum. my brake pedal got hard again and activated at the top. toyota should bring the cars in to check this lack of adjustment problem as i wouldn't doubt there have been accidents because of it. with the new cars with disk brakes the pads are always against the disk and the is no soft pedal problem. *tr
 I was backing out of a parking space, but saw a car coming, so i stepped on the brake. the car accelerated at a very fast pace out of the parking space, into the road, just missing the car, before i was able to stop it. on december 14, 2009, i had backed up my driveway (to a level spot) . i decided to straighten out the car, so i drove the car forward, put my foot on the brake to put it in reverse and the car went speeding down the driveway, the brakes would not work, until i got out into the road, then the car stopped. prayer kept me safe! *tw
 A 2004 toyota camry on 26 december 2009 traveling at approximately 5 miles per hour into a parking space in front of the us post office had an un-commanded acceleration. within a span of four feet into the parking spot, the car accelerated and the brake could not stop the forward movement. the car jumped the sidewalk and drove into the window and corner of the building while the engine continued to race with only the building holding the car as it tried to raced further. moving the transmission lever from drive to park the doors did not automatically unlock. turning the ignition key to off position was the only solution to stopping the racing engine. the floor mat was checked on exiting the car and was not to be anywhere near the accelerator pedal..the car was totaled and no life treating injury was sustained. *tr the consumer experienced neck and back pain. updated 03/17/10
 I bought new 2004 toyota camry v6le on march 2004.i noticed the brake fluid keep losing from max level to min level within 100 miles drive after 1year or 8000 miles until today (40200miles). i took the car to the mechanic ,no leaking found. i recently read the report by nhtsa that the toyota braking system could lose most of its power & effectiveness agree because that is the problem of my car right now. i hope this complaint may help you to find way to correct the problem. thank you *tr
 Abs system computer failed. not discovered until 95,000 mile service visit when complaint raised to dealer of brake noise. *tr
 I bought a 2004 camry about a month ago from my local toyota used car dealer. a week later i told them front-end felt funny and needed to be checked. they said i needed an alignment. had that done. called them last week and said i still feel like there's some sort of front-end problem. my brake pedal is spongy and almost to the ground. sometimes i'm not sure if i'm going to stop in time. also told them my steering wheel was shimmying. i was told that the steering wheel was probably indicating a tire balance issue and they would charge me $50 to balance/rotate my tires. i decided to put the money toward new front tires instead hoping that would also reduce road noise. as for the brakes.... i was told that was standard for the camry models and was a known design issue but no corrections were in place that they were aware of. last weekend i was in a crash. my brakes failed! my abs did not engage and my airbag did not deploy. i was traveling about 30-40 mph on a highway when the person in front hit their brakes. i hit mine and continued to skid into the back of their vehicle. i had plenty of room to stop. there's no reason other than brake failure for me to have crashed. *tr
 2004 toyota camry, has had spongy brakes from new, dealer said this was normal. the problem has gotten worse, and if you pump the brakes and hold them you go right to the floor. if you are stopping slowly the brakes respond very poorly. *tr
 I have experienced severe brake difficulties with my 2004 toyota camry. the brakes have been repaired at least three times by the houston dealership, and the problem still exists! the dealership told me that repairing it was the best they could do, and nothing else can be done. whenever i stop, my brakes will only completely stop at almost 1.5 inches from the car floor. i need safe and reliable transportation, and i never want to experience the brakes failing to stop or only stopping once it hits the floor. i am 85 years old, make weekly doctor visits on heavily congested houston freeways. i need my car to work properly every time. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 toyota camry. while driving 55 mph, the contact stated that the brake pedal depressed approximately two and a half inches before the brakes made hard contact. there were no warning lights, noises, or leaking fluid present. the dealer adjusted the rear brakes, however, approximately 3-6 months later the failure recurred. the current and failure mileages were 47,000. updated 01/02/08.*lj the consumer stated the brake pedal travels before it starts slowing down. the consumer further stated if the back brakes are tightly adjusted then there is not a problem the defect is called soft brakes. updated 12/12/07 *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 toyota camry. while driving 5 mph she applied the brakes however, the vehicle would not stop. the vehicle accelerated which caused her to crash into a parked car. she also ran over the curb and crashed into the corner of the shopping center. the contact sustained minor injuries. she felt that the electronic throttle control system caused the failure. the current and failure mileages were 76,000 miles. the vin and engine size was unavailable.
 I own a 2004 toyota camry le. the brakes are much too soft and are extremely dangerous. in the last 2 1/2 years, and on numerous occasions, i have taken my car to the dealer, name brand and unknown mechanics-all to no avail. i've spent a small fortune in an attempt to correct this situation. i believe this problem will be the root of an accident waiting to happen. please see www.autosite.com/content/research/forums/index.cfm/action/posts/fid/3327 to understand the magnitude of this complaint. *jb
 2004 toyota camry brakes spongy. *kb the consumer felt that the brake were spongy since the date of purchase. the dealer indicated that this is a characteristic of the vehicle. the brake pedal travels 3 bringing the pedal to within 1 of the floor. *nm
 I own a 2004 toyota camry le, my problem with this vehicle are two things one is the braking system/abs and the second is the tires bridgestone. the pedal is too soft, doesn't stop the car as it should, the abs locked on many occasions regardless of the weather condition. i managed to hit a the front of the car twice and once in the rear. all of the abs system, while the damage is only to my car its becoming a very serious safety issue regarding the how safe is this vehicle. i have spoken with the dealer and he replaced the pads once, however the problem still exist and the rear breaks are making squeaky sound. i have 21,000 miles on this car and its my first new car and it will be the last toyota i own. the dealer denies any problems and they say its normal but its not. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while depressing the brake pedal it goes to the floor causing an increase in stopping distance. the vehicle was taken to the dealer where the problem could not be duplicated.
 (1) permanent behavior (2) brakes fade - braking force is not constant with application of pedal and the pedal sinks as the brakes are applied. consequence: not enough braking pressure is applied and emergency application of more braking is required. (3) attempted to get manufacturer to repair under warranty. followed arbitration procedure when that failed.
 2004 toyota camry experienced sudden brake failure.*mr the consumer was unale to slow the vehicle down the brake failure resulted in an accident which involved 4 vehicles. *jb
 While parking his 2004 toyota camry the vehicle accelerated suddenly and hit a parked car. *nm when turning sharply to the right the vehicle felt as if it were going to flip, shifting gears were not smooth, the brake pedal felt soft and would go to the floor and there was an erratic effect when changing the radio stations. *sc *jb
 I have had problems with the brakes since the car was purchased. it was brought to the dealer for complaints about the brakes on the following dates: 4/26/04, 6/11/04, 7/8/04, 7/31/04 and 11/8/04. on 4/26/04 the master cylinder was replaced. on 11/2/04 my daughter was driving in a parking lot at about 10 mph she used the brakes to stop the car and the brakes failed causing a crash. the dealership inspected the car and a mr. troy higa, claims administrator, wrote me a letter stating that toyota could find no problems with the braking system. *nm
 The consumer went through a red light due to faulty brakes. *tc the brakes were spongy and were fading and or diminishing. *sc *jb
 Approaching intersection the stop light changed and attempting to stop vehicle, the brake pedal went to floorboard, but did not stop vehicle before impact with another vehicle. speed at impact was approx. 20 mph and neither airbag deployed. just recently had vehicle at dealership to have soft brake pedal checked, and was told of other complaints concerning same problem. *jb
 When the brakes were applied the pedal went to the floor. *ak the consumer triied to have the manufacturer repair the problem but was not successful. the consumer purchased another automobile. *nm
 I own a toyota camry 2004, and just bought toyota camry 2007. camry 2004 worked fine in the beginning, but since last year the brakes felt too soft. i took it toyota dealership many times, but they always said that it was normal. but i drove it everyday, so i know that it was not normal. i could not go above 60 mph on highway because i could not depend on the brakes, especially in winter. i got lucky and avoided accidents almost 10 times because of this brakes. it just won't work on time. i didn't know what to do with this car. so when time came for me to buy the new car, i went to toyota and tried out new 2007 camry and bought it. i bought 2007 camry only because i liked the brakes. i even told the staff of the dealership the same thing too. but within in few weeks i took it back to dealership because brakes started becoming soft. i needed to know how could this be fixed. 2007 camry which i still drive isn't as bad as 2004. but i can't say it for sure that it won't happen in future. how can i have this brakes fixed? there is something wrong with them. it is not normal , they say it is. *ak
 2004 toyota camry - the front breaks with abs do not work properly. i have has several occasions where the breaks have failed to stop the car on snow - the abs system pulsates too fast. this has happened on a dry road at a turn as well. please, please, please - try to address this defect before someone get's killed. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while applying the brakes, the abs activated at low speeds causing the brake pedal to go to the floor.
 My 2004 toyota camry's abs breaks can't stop on icy road. pls. tell toyata not to install those abs breaks in snowy states, not safe for driver or pedestrian. *nm
 Dt: the contact stated the vehicle experienced defective braking system,a because pressing the brakes very hard over a period of months resulted in the contact suffered from pain foot, leg and hip pain. the dealership and the manufacturer have been contacted, and they stated nothing was wrong with the vehicle. also, the amount of pressure required to stop the vehicle or to press the brakes was causing dimension stopping capacity. she know longer drove the vehicle because of the pain, and the constant fear of being in an accident. *ak
 Brakes failed to work when going over bumpy roads, aslo brakes do seem to wrok as design (to stop) when immediate action is required. i press the brakes when trying to stop and avoid an accident howver the brakes did not appear to work and the car jst kept on going as i the brakes did not exist. i press hard with more than adequate time, however the brakes did not even slow down the vehicle. something should be done before someone gets seriously injured. i was traveling at about 25-30 miles per hour and the brakes ailed to react as expected.*ak
 While driving brakes and/or steering was over riding his judgment. vehicle started the pull to the right consumer had a hard time trying to keep the vehicle in line. *ak....while driving on dry flat road about 70 mph vehicle began to pull to the right. consumer tried to correct back straight but steering did not respond. turned harder and to leftand car started lef toff the road. tried to correct back right lightly and steering did not respond. turne dharder right and car went hard right almost off the road. consume rhit the brakes to keep from leaving the road. also, vehicle has bad vibration a thighway speeds from tires. *ak
 While driving and attempting to stop the vehicle the abs failed. the consumer depressed the brake pedal completely to the floor but the vehicle would not stop. the abs did not kick in when it should have. *ak *nm
 After hearing the brakes squeak, thereafter they did not hold as effectively, however, the brakes were not inspected.*ak
 The brake pedal was defective. the brakes did not grabb like they should, they almost went to the floor. manufacturer was no notified, however the dealer found no defects.*ak
 Break pedal goes all the way to the floor. car takes an excessive distance to stop from freeway speeds. dealer says all 2004 toyota camrys do this. they say there is no problem. lets do something before someone dies instead of after someone dies. *jb
 The abs light came on while i was driving the car after having this part repaired the previous week. toyota did a final repair attempt on the car in compliance with the north carolina state lemon law for a resonable number of attepmts. the yaw sensor was replaced and the light went off. the traction control system in the car was not working until the part was replaced.*ak
 While driving at 30 mph driver applied the brakes and they failed. vehicle took longer to stop. as result, it rear ended another vehicle and was side swiped by another. prior to the crash, consumer took the vehicle to the dealership who found nothing wrong. *ak the consumer stated that the vacuum did not exist. (the pedal was fully depressed to the floorboard) *sc
 Upon applying the brakes consumer sometimes depressed the accelerator at the same time. this causesd the vehicle to surge forward. both the manufacturer and the dealer were notified.*ak
 When braking vehicle suddenly accelerated and hit two other vehicles. *ak
 The brake light came on while going down the interstate. the car was taken to a service station and the diagnosis was that the car was quickly leaking brake fluid from a brake line, and the abs actuator. after already having a final repair attempt for the same defective part, toyota had to again replace the brake line and the abs actuator. currently we are pursuing arrbitration based on the north carolina lemon law to demand the repurchase of this unsafe vehicle that continue to have defects in the braking system.*ak
 Brake lines failed causing complete loss of brake fluid and loss of brakes
 Right rear rotor wears out prematurely. *ak
 Excessive brake pedal travel and weak brakes. i have normal driving habits and have regular maintenance performed. the brakes are ok for a couple of weeks before going bad again. the braking distance is very bad and brake response is dangerously slow. this is an ongoing problem since i have bought the car. *tr
 Pulling into a parking slot, i hit the brake but it caught the gas pedal causing the vehicle to accelerate. only the balcony wall of the parking stopped the car. the accident resulted in the sprain of my neck and a $3000 damage to the vehicle. *tr
 Dt*: the contact stated while inside of a public parking garage the vehicle surged forward crashing into three poles and a ticket machine. a police report was filed. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who could not duplicate the problem. updated 8/14/2006 - the impact caused whiplash and pain in the consumer's neck. this problem has occurred before and resulted in an accident. the consumer believes the pedals may be too close together causing him to hit them simultaneously while braking. the consume believes the head rest are too low to prevent whiplash. *nm
 Dt: the gas pedal and the brake pedal are too close together. this has caused the consumer at least four accidents. because when the consumer goes to press on the brake t will accidentally hit the gas pedal. the consumer was so surprised every time this occurred that she was unable to stop the vehicle until she hit something. three times this occurred. the consumer was trying to stop it while between other vehicles. the consumer was taken to the hospital in may 2005. she obtained injuries because of this accident. a police reports were taken. on 8-17-05 the consumer hit a light pole. previously, the consumer had contacted the manufacturer, and received no assistance from them. also, the consumer also stated that there was not enough leg room in the driver side. *ak
 The security system malfunctioned. the brake pedal and gas pedal to close result in sometimes pushing both pedals at once. *bf the brake pedal was 4 3/4 inches wide and he bottom of the consumers shoes was 4 1/2 inches wide. the gas pedal was over to the center of the brake pedal. the consumer would have to shift his bottom or twist his foot inward and push down on the brake pedal because his knee would not bend sideway. *sc
 New car purchased. brake pedal clearance is 1 from floor. owner's manual specification is 2.5 minimum. toyota service declares no problem exists.*ak
 The brake and gas pedals were designed too close together. this almost resulted in two accidents due to sudden acceleration. the dealership serviced the vehicle on 3 separate occasions, but was unable to change the position of the brake pedal because that was how it was built. a factory representative was scheduled to come and inspect the pedals. *ak the brake pedal would go down lower than the gas pedal when the consumers foot was slightly off the brake, it would hit the gas pedal and the vehicle would accelerate. the brake problem remained the same after repair attempts. *sc *jb
 The brake light came on while going down the interstate. the car was taken to a service station and the diagnosis was that the car was quickly leaking brake fluid from a brake line, and the abs actuator. after already having a final repair attempt for the same defective part, toyota had to again replace the brake line and the abs actuator. currently we are pursuing arrbitration based on the north carolina lemon law to demand the repurchase of this unsafe vehicle that continue to have defects in the braking system.*ak