Consumer Complaints

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 2002 toyota sequoia. consumer writes in regards to a safety concern involving the vsc/trac system *tgw the consumer stated the vsc/trac did not operate properly and caused the vehicle to be unstable. the consumer stated a recall was issued for the 2003 model and the 2002 model should have been included as well.
 Tl* the contact owns a 2002 toyota sequioa. the contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph, the abs and the bsc lights illuminated on the instrument panel. the steering wheel became difficult to steer and the brakes inadvertently engaged. after restarting the vehicle, the warning lights did not illuminate and the contact was able to drive the vehicle without failure. the failure occurred intermittently six different times. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for a diagnostic test. the technician stated that the yaw sensor and stroke sensor would have to be replaced. there was a recall under nhtsa campaign id number: 10v176000 (traction control system) that may be related to the failure. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated that the recall did not included 2002 vehicles. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure mileage was 126,000.
 Same problem like everyone else, traction control, vsc, brake light,and abs light on. dealership says no recall but they recalled all 2003 models for the same issue. abs computer module. part# 89541-0c050. vehicle lights are off when vehicle is started, after 2-3 miles all the lights come on then the car is hard to handle due to traction control making the car unstabable. also with abs light on, braking is very bad. constant fight to keep the vehicle straight during braking.
 2002 toyota sequoia brake slippery and shake the vehicle, then both vsc and trac off warning lights are on.
 The vehicles vsc system engages when driving down the road in dry conditions leading to a momentary loss of control of the vehicle. the brakes grab and cause your vehicle to swerve to the left side. this happens out of the blue with no warning.
 2002 toyota sequoia vsc traction control. anti-lock braking system engages suddenly with power loss and front end vibration. vehicle stability control and traction control lights illuminate on dash. abs and vsc lights remain on (abs and stability control therefore disengaged) and cannot be turned back on by operator. when vehicle is turned off, system appears to reset, but the problem repeats after restarting and driving several miles. problem is occurring more frequently and appears there are many other folks having this problem
 Anti-lock braking system engages suddenly with power loss and front end vibration. vehicle stability control and traction control lights illuminate on dash. abs and vsc lights remain on (abs and stability control therefore disengaged) and cannot be turned back on by operator. when vehicle is turned off, system appears to reset, but the problem repeats after restarting and driving several miles. problem occurred twice today, on two separate drive events within a 2 our period.
 Problem with vsc sensor engaging while driving both in the city and also highway. based on information obtained from the dealership, this is a known issue with toyota sequoias. i contacted toyota on today to determine if this is infact a known issue with toyota sequoia why has there not been a recall. toyota indicated that they would not be knowledgeable of the number of cases concerning this matter and that there currently was not recall for the yaw rate sensor which the defective part. while i am aware of the numerous other problems identified with toyota cars, it is quite alarming as to the performance of my vehicle due to problem with this sensor. the sensor engages for no specific reason. while conveying this concern to toyota, there was not much satisfaction offered except that the issued would be logged and i received a case number 1105241578.
 Vsc lights came on after having the master cylinder and brake booster rebuilt. now when braking occurs there is pulsation of the pedal and the vehicle pulls to the right under normal braking conditions (dry level paved road conditions) - this pulling is more severe if braking occurs when cornering. the concern is what happens during emergency braking?
 02 sequoia -sun at 6pm driving at 75 mph on i 75 when vehicle suddenly slowed down then brakes started screeching lodly rattling.. vehicale started to veer left and jerk. skid light came on with beeping sound. trac off and vsc lights also came on. i put my hazard lights on immediately held the steering wheel tightly and exited the highway. once it was safe to stop i did so and shut the car off. then i started the vehicle up again and satrted driving at 35mph. the lights were off at this point. in a few minutes they came back on and the events started all over again, i took my car to the tire shop for them to check the next day. they said tires were fine. then took to the dealership for diagnostic, they said issue was a yaw rate sensor. advised them that web had a lot of other people with the same incident. asked if they would consider in pricing. they only gave me a 10% discount. also called corporate they told me that my car was way past warranty and they could not help. paid $1k to have it replaced.
 Traction control system is spontaneously engaging causing sudden deceleration and momentary loss of control. symptoms include grinding/clashing noise typical of traction-control engagement, beeping from dash (indicating system error or disengagement?), and trac off and vsc trac lights come on and stay on. originally problem only occurred after an hour or more of highway speed driving, usually with cruise control active. recently started occurring more frequently and at lower speeds. also notice vibration during braking (similar to warped rotors) goes away when traction control is off.
 2002 toyota sequoia limited vsc off/vsc trac problem. lights go on w/clicking and brakes grind and lock up. this has happened 4 times. i was almost in a accident and was, fortunately able to control the vehicle to a safe stop. it is as if i have no control over this huge vehicle. i have it in the dealer now awaiting repair estimate and diagnosis of problem. i've been forewarned it will be very expensive. toyota needs to fix this issue
 Tl-the contact owns a 2002 toyota sequoia. while driving at a unknown speed the vehicle stability control activated at a low speed for a few seconds during acceleration from a stop position. he stated his vehicle would not accelerate as quickly as he thought increased the risk of a crash. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for the failure. he was advised that his vehicle was not cover under warranty or a recall. he was also informed that the vehicle was performing as normal. the contact referenced recall nhtsa campaign id number: 10v176000, traction control system that was a recall for the 2003 vehicle. the vehicle had not been repaired. the failure mileage was 50 and the current mileage was 130,000. vwb
 My vehicle skid control (vsc) activates automatically when the vehicle is driving normal and there is no reason for the vsc to engage. this has happen on various occasions. i took the vehicle to the dealer and they told me that it was the yaw rate and steering angle sensor and it cost $1,236 to repair.
 I have owned a 2002 toyota sequoia scince 2006. this problem began occuring in the winter of 2007 with the vsc, vsc trac, and abs warning lights all coming on. this kept continuing anytime i was driving in wet snowy conditions. i began to reserch this problem on line and it seems there are many cases of this on 2001-2003 toyota sequoias. i took it to a dealer and they couldn't find any computer codes relating to this issue. at the end of last winter the problem seemed to become worse. even in dry conditions on dry pavement the vsc computer begins to take over acceleration and very often! and sometimes the lights come on and sometimes not. again i researched and found there to be a toyota recall on 2003 sequoias only for the same problem that has been affecting my sequoia! i called toyota, they gave me a case # and told me to take it in to the dealer. i took it back to a toyota dealer and again they could not duplicate the lights turning on or find any computer codes concerning the problem. that was approximatly 5 months ago and still the problem persists leading up to yesterdays accident. i drove up to the mountains to go snowboarding. when we left the resort it was snowing very heavy. i noticed the abs, vsc, and vsc trac lights come on again, as i was expecting them to. we drove about 7 miles down the road then i was moving in to the left turning lane of a traffic light. our speed was only 15-20 mph, and when i tried to slow down the wheels locked up and we began sliding. i let off the brakes and tried them again to no avail. i let off the brakes and tried to miss the vehicle in front of me by going to the left side of them over a small median as there was no traffic coming towards us in the intersection. but my rear tire bounced me off the median and into the vehicle.the damage was minor and there were no injuries. i believe this accident could have been avoided if the abs and vsc system was working properly. i believe the recall should include 01 and 02 sequoias.
 I have a 2002 toyota sequoia and recently my vsc has been was feels like a lock up, i hear something grinding and the car begins to shake and swerve, it happened as i was entering the interstate. i have had issues with the vsc light going on and off and did mention to the service dept. at the dealership when it was under warranty, they said they could not find anything wrong. it has been a few years since the problem has occured and now it is worse and a very scary and dangerous situation. i had my daughter and a her friend in the car and we were nowhere near a town. i am very scared to drive my car. it now happens almost everytime i go somewhere, and the dealership wants to charge me just to evaluate the problem when i had previously mentioned it before. i hope there is a recall very soon.
 My 2002 toyota sequoia first started a year ago in 2009 the vsc lights would come on for no reason. in august 2010 the vsc lights came on and stayed on just going down the road all of a sudden a loud beeping noise comes on and the brakes and vehicle start shaking and vibrating uncontrollably. i has done this about 10 times now the last two times it was so bad the car started breaking off the road and i almost ran in a ditch. very dangerous to say the least, my three children were in the car. i have noticed recalls on the 2003 models but not on the 2002. when is toyota going to own up to this exact problem on their other models. they have to know this there are far too many complaints of the exact problem. i sure hope they do and soon because me and my children could have died this last time.
 Since end of june 2010, i had to have my 2002 toyota sequoia towed because it had started to veer off and the wheel became stiff and i couldn't control the steering. the vsc lights came on as well as the squiggly car light. i was scared to drive it again as i was 100 miles away from home, so i had it towed. i had taken it to the toyota dealership and they diagnosed the bearrings but couldn't diagnose the failure i had felt as far as the vsc incident. they charged me for inspection but said they didn't know exactly what was wrong and sent me home with the car. i experienced this for a few days and finally took it to an independent auto repair. they did a zero recalibration and saw there was issues on the computer coming up but couldn't also exactly pinpoint what was wrong. it took a week before i got it back as it didn't reoccur with them. the following day as i drove it, the vsc lights and squiggly car light came on again. every time i made a turn it seemed it jumped and it wouldn't gain acceleration quickly when i pressed on the gas. plus it made this loud noise as if something was rubbing and it would slow down , then after a few seconds, regain speed. i took it in again and they replaced the yaw sensor. the following day, again taking the streets it seemed that everytime i stopped and pressed again it shifted something as i felt it under the pedals, the vsc lights would turn on but then turn off and then finally regain speed. each and every time i was stopped at a light and then pressed on the gas, it did this. i finally looked up a recall that one technichian told me about and noticed the 2003 recall for traction control system. however toyota will not help since my car is 2002, hence why i'm complaining about it now. i believe the exact thing is what is happening to my car. i've had it swerve on the freeway when the vsc light came on and am afraid to drive it on the freeway for fear of it slowing down unexpectedly.
 2002 toyota sequoia while driving at moderate speeds (40 - 50mph) abruptly pulls to the right, vsc traction lights come on, hear a grinding noise. after about 3 seconds the grinding noise stopped on 2 occasions and the pull to the right stops and seems fine. vsc traction lights stay on. dealer diagnosed the problem as the skid control computer or ecu - 650.00 and the yaw rate sensor 401.00. has occured 4 times in the last 2 weeks. there is a recall on the 2003 sequoia electronic stability control system but not the 2002. there appear to be quite a few complaints about both of the parts that are mentioned above. very dangerous driving situation when it occurs.
 Trac light/vsc lights came on while driving down the road. then the car pulled to the right and a grinding noise sounding like the anti-locking brake mechanism is activating. this is an extremely dangerous malfunction. i've seen that the 2003 model has a recall out for the same thing, and after seeing many others having this same occurrence with the 2002 model, they should expand the date range to cover the 2002 as well! it happened twice this weekend and it's happened 4-5 times previous to this recent incident (one earlier incident had my stepdaughter driving the sequoia and the power shut completely off while driving!). the mechanics told us they couldn't pull any related codes the first time we took it in. we need to take this in again immediately, but why should i have to pay the full price when this is obviously a defective part they've created? i was traveling at 70 mph on interstate-10 the first time it happened this past weekend and in-town at a slower speed (40 mph) the second incident. luckily nobody was in the lane next to me or i'd have hit them for sure!
 2002 toyota sequoia vsc traction control system problems. will come on intermittantly on dry pavement, causing vehicle to loose power, with no operator control. i am unable to correct the problem. toyota is not able to adequately diagnose, and recommends replaceing skid control computer, and brake booster system.
 First occurrence on 8/7/2009 while driving on interstate at approx 75mph on a clear day and smooth road: single loud warning beep coming from dashboard, trac off/vsc off lights lit up on instrument panel, accompanied by slight hesitation from front tires. trac off lights/vsc off indicators turned off after turning engine off. second occurrence on 9/26/2009 while accelerating up a small hill at approx 40mph: loud warning beep, trac off/vsc off lights were lit and was unable to control front tires for a few seconds (felt vehicle shift left and right). trac off/vsc off indicators stayed lit up even after restarting vehicle. took vehicle to dealership and was informed that traction control sensor needed to be replaced - yaw rate sensor. after repairs, the trac off/vsc off indicators continue to light up periodically while driving over smooth dry roads.
 2002 toyota sequoia traction control system malfunctions. getting more frequent and starting to activate braking and acceleration. becoming a concern when driving.
 Gas pedal hesitates and won't pick up speed when applied. this causes me to have to pull over to the side of the road and slowly drive until the spped picks up. this almost cause an accident when i was trying to merge on to the interstate in heavy traffic.
 2002 toyota sequoia abs and vehicle skid control (vsc) computer failure that causes safety concern in operating the vehicle (abs, vsc, parking brake lights stay on). in slippery road conditions, applying brakes or accelerating causes the vehicle to skid and slide easily. 2003 models have been recalled for similar issue with abs and vsc computer. please look into poor toyota's design or production quality of these vehicles before we get injured or worse...
 I have a 2002 toyota sequoia limited that has an error message on safety equipment. vehicle stability control (vsc) and abs (anti-lock-brake) system lights are constantly on, causing me concern. i see toyota initiated a recall on the 2003 model for this concern, yet not on my model year? i see numerous blogs with this concern as i search for solutions. this was a very expensive vehicle that i purchased due to the reputation of this company for building safe automobiles, i am disappointed in toyota's lack of response. please help if you have the ability/authority. thank you *tr
 Vsc traction control system. indicator light goes on and vehicle starts to apply brakes. happened about once a month for a few months. happens at low and high speeds. very dangerous when the car starts to apply brakes and veer to the right on the highway at 70mph. i complained in writing to toyota both locally and at us headquarters. they said it was out of warranty and not a recall. i paid $2,300 to have the ecu replaced. i see this exact complaint has been reported to nhtsa by many 2002 sequoia owners. the recent recall should be expanded to 2002 model year. this is a very dangerous defect in this model.
 Hello, i'm in the military and my wife and kids were driving in our 2002 sequoia 4x4, she called me at work crying and said that her and the kids had almost hit a 18 wheeler head on. she said she was going around a turn and the truck jerked her into on coming traffic, she applied the brakes hard, and pulled the truck back into flow of traffic. she pulled off the road and i had it towed home. after further research, there are hundreds of compliants on the interenet for this same exact issue. almost verbatum of my same issue. after that the vsc, or vehicle skid control light flashes, and it causes my truck to brake one wheel at a time. it also will not allow us to accelerate. i took it to the dealer yesterday and they called me and told me the ecu was bad and that this was a known problem for this model and year of truck, which is visible on the internet. little did i know that the part is $650 dollars, and the labor is close to $250. could you please assist, i getting ready to deploy to iraq again. i need to know my family is well taken care of while i'm gone. can you please provide me assistance with this issue? my question is, if there is so many issues with the same problem, why hasn't there been a recall. reminds me of toyota's gas pedal issues. this is just as bad when it comes down to it. something needs to be done asap. once again, please provide me assistance. thanks, john bowen
 We own a 2002 toyota sequoia in which the vsc traction control lights have come on on the dash along with the brake light and check engine light. the traction control has been unpredictable seemingly coming on and off in conditions when not necessarily needed. this has only been a problem within the last two/three months. have taken it in to the dealership three times now and the code from the check engine light says that its an 02 sensor. i have been reassured by the dealership service department that replacing the 02 sensor will also reset and extinguish the vsc trac and brake lights that come on. this has not been the case. the lights stay off until i get the vehicle almost home then all the lights come back on again, the traction control remains unpredictable. i have listened to the dealership long enough and have spent approximately $800.00 and still have the same problem. i have expressed my disbelief on how replacing 02 sensor ( twice now) can fix a problem with the vsc traction control but they have informed me that it takes care of it. it obviously hasn't. they now want me to bring the vehicle back in. after researching this problem online this seems to be a common and potentially dangerous problem with the 2002-2004 sequoia's. the problem being with the vsc traction control. i am sure that if i bring it back now they will tell me that it needs a new traction control computer to the tune of $1700-$2400 and from reading what others have experienced this does not fix the problem. no one has been able to really find the source of the problem and how to fix it. i am normally not a complainer as i realize all mechanical parts wear out. however when researching this problem i was shocked to find the number of sequoia owners who were able to describe in detail the exact same problem i am having. i feel that this is a big enough defect to require a recall.
 My toyota sequoia vehicle skid control lights light up at various times. i also hear a grinding sound periodically and lose all acceleration. i have researched this and there appears to be a trend with these vehicles. i am concerned with the safety of the vehicle and acceleration/braking. *tr
 The check engine light, track, vsc, abs light are all on. the dealership found a code of c1241 which was the skid control ecu had shorted internally and it was necessary to replace skid control ecu and recalibrate also bleed brake system. as you know the vehicle skid control system helps provide integrated control of the systems such as anti-lock brake system, traction control, engine control, etc. this system automatically controls the brakes and engine to help prevent the vehicle from skidding when cornering on a slippery road or surface or operating steering wheel abruptly. i am looking for some assistance as the charge from the dealer was quoted at $2714.12. this issue seems like a recall feature. *tr
 2002 toyota sequoia electrical issues-air conditioning comes on spontaneously without initiation by driver, back window always failing to operate properly, not opening or closing @ times, now stuck closed, tracking device comes on for long periods with used & new tires, even after numerous professional alignments, and proper driving, engine light always on. all of these issues have been bought to the attention of toyota service dept , the suv has been inspected by toyota on numerous occasions, and parts have reportedly been replaced, however, these issues continue, there are also no devices in place to keep the driver's mat from curling over the accelerator and brake pedals. *tr
 My 2002 sequoia has had a problem with the vsc lights going on and off. today january 30, 2010 i smelled something burning. i think it is brake fluid burning on the engine. i parked the suv and will call the dealer. it has 98,000 miles and does not have any warranty left. *tr
 Our vsc started acting up when we purchased the vehicle 2-1/2 years ago from carmax. after owning it for not more than 2 months the vsc lights and brake light would come on and stay on until we would turn the vehicle off. then the computer would reset itself. then our back passenger side wheel bearing went bad and we had toyota fix the wheel bearing problem. toyota stated that after they fixed the bearing the vsc computer wouldn't communicate with the wheel that was fixed. they knew the vsc computer went bad and told us they wouldn't fix it for free. it would cost $900.00 to fix the faulty vsc computer. we needed an inspection sticker and they passed the vehicle with all the vsc lights and red brake light on. this means that the vehicle is very unstable to drive. our son has leukemia so we haven't had the money to fix the issue and the vehicle needs an inspection sticker. the local inspection place in texas said that they will not pass this vehicle if the red brake light is on. toyota knows there is an issue with this vsc computer in this 2002 toyota sequoia. *tr
 Wreck avoided by good driving, but this is the complaint: trac light/vsc lights come on while driving down the road . without warning the car jerks to the right and a grinding noise sounding like the car is locked up. the jerking took me across the line in the road just missing another vehicle. i was able to regain control before hitting other car. this is a dangerous malfunction and i cannot believe there is no recalls for this, after seeing that there are many others having this same occurrence. it happened 3 times this weekend, twice while going at a slow rate, but this one mentioned above i was traveling the speed limit of 70 on the turnpike. *tr
 All brake related lights (vsc, brake, skid control etc.) on the dash of my 2002 toyota sequoia just came on. two mechanics weren't sure what the cause was, the local toyota dealer today said the cost to repair the ecu skid control computer (or chip) would be $2400. no braking problems as yet. many comments on chat rooms have stated that this is a common complaint, very expensive to repair, that toyota has knowledge of this defect, and that it can have dangerous consequences. *tr
 The vsc/trac light on my 2002 toyota sequoia comes on at very random times. sometimes it is within seconds of starting the vehicle, other times it isn't until it has been driven for 30 minutes or longer. when this occurs the vehicle goes into anti lock mode, making a severe grinding noise, and pulling significantly to the side. once the vsc warning lights come on the vehicle drives normally, but the lights do stay on until the vehicle is restarted. *tr
 Failure of the abs skid control ecu system on a 2002 toyota sequoia. *tr
 The vsc/ trac light will remain on, turn off by itself, not respond to pressing of the vsc/ trac button. *tr
 2002 sequoia failure of abs brake system - i have read ad nauseum on this subject on your site as well as others - when is the government going to force toyota to deal with this - are you waiting for a family to die
 This has been occurring for quite a while now. the vsc/trac light on my 2002 toyota sequoia comes on after driving for a few minutes. when this occurs it feels like the vehicle looses power and goes into anti lock mode. it's a scary feeling when driving at highway speeds. once the vsc warning lights come on the vehicle drives normally, but the lights do stay on until the vehicle is restarted. *tr