CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
03V189000TOYOTA MOTOR NORTH AMERICA, INC.from 09/19/2000 to 02/27/2003V (Vehicle)12336006/03/2003MFRTOYOTA MOTOR NORTH AMERICA, INC.05/19/200305/22/2003
Defect SummaryOn certain pickup trucks, during side impact ncap test (i.e. lincap test), a flange at the rear end of the double cab body deformed and interfered with the fuel inlet hose that connects the fuel filler pipe and fuel tank, resulting in damage to the fuel inlet hose.
Consequence SummaryThis damage could result in fuel leakage, which could result in a fire if in the presence of an ignition source.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install a fuel hose protector on the body flange. owner notification began june 3, 2003. owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact toyota at 1-800-331-4331.
NotesToyota recall no.ssc 30h.customers can also contact the national highway traffic safety administration


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
0309405/16/200310001785Fuel inlet protector installation - voluntary special service campaign. *tt06/26/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Vehicle loses power unexpectedly and is inconsistent. has happened before to me and many, many times by others with the same vehicle. a poorly designed/engineered accelerator pedal position sensor appears to be the issue. toyota has been notified by me multiple times but refuses to acknowledge this serious flaw in their vehicle. most recently, i was nearly rear ended when on the freeway, the vehicle suddenly lost power. fortunately the driver behind me was conscious and was able to make an emergency maneuver to the other lane. someone will die from these problems! this has been well documented by many at i ask that the nthsb please investigate and do something about this. it appears many of us, including myself, have submitted complaints on this issue and nothing has been done. one may argue that this is an 8 year old vehicle so no reason to investigate....this issue has been brought to your's and toyota's attention since needs to be investigated! please.....
 The check engine light came on as the car declerated. i had to depress the gas peddle to the floor to accelerate the vehicle. took it to the dealer and they told me the choke was sticking and i needed to have an upper engine cleaning. 10000 miles later the same thing happened. now i need a new trottle body.
 Gasoline tank broke loose while driving after corrosion caused failure of retaining strap/brackets. fire did not occur, drive shaft kept tank from completely separating from vehicle. 2003 toyota tacoma had already been recalled for corrosion problems in april 2010.
 Toyota tacoma, 2003 acceleration drops to 25% inadvertently. this is a well documented issue on several of the toyota tacoma bulletin boards yet toyota has done nothing to remedy this highly dangerous situation. the accelerator pedal position sensor fails and drops the acceleration to 25% without warning. this happened to me while doing 75 on the highway and i was nearly rear ended by a semi truck! i have complained to toyota with no response. this is well documented and needs to be addressed! *tr
 Slow fill up at the gas pumps. the tank takes 10-12 minutes to fill. it takes the gas very slowly. pump will keep clicking off. the pump hose has to be kept half to three-quarters out in order that the gas flow into the tank. *tr
 My engine light on my 2003 toyota tacoma keeps coming on. i sent $1000 to replace the oxygen sensor and then the evap connector assembly. the engine light is still on. the repair shop told me they've replaced many of these on toyotas. *tr
 My 2003 toyota tacoma v6 sr5 double cab 4x4 has a condition where the throttle cuts out while accelerating. this is a very dangerous situation when pulling into traffic or while driving in traffic. *tr
 After driving for approximately 2 hours, on three separate occasions, the vehicle would intermittently lose significant power. it felt as though i had taken my foot off the throttle. after my own investigation, i learned that toyota has a history of this problem, particularly with their 2003/2004 model tacoma's. evidently, their accelerator pedal position sensor (part of their throttle by wire design) fails. this created a few serious safety situations for me when the throttle failed to respond when needed. after reporting this to the dealer, they inspected the vehicle and did determine the apps was at fault. numerous accounts of this happening with other owner's is readily available via the various bulletin boards on the web. compounding the issue, is the fact that this sensor cannot be replaced without replacing the entire throttle body assembly at a cost of $1000 or so. toyota initially responded that they've never heard of this issue yet others have reported to them prior to me which indicates either they have a very poor process for logging issues or are trying to avoid another recall. *jb
 Intermittent check engine light and rough idle - 2003 toyota tacoma 2.7l auto, double cab, 55k miles check engine light came on. took vehicle to local chain shop who diagnosed error code po511 - idle air control valve (iacv). toyota parts department prices this part at $226 and service manager indicated $249 for labor (not including tax). vehicle currently has 55k miles on it and engine should be covered by 6 yr/60k mile powertrain warranty. took vehicle to dealer (to have other recalls corrected) who indicated a $90 fee was required just to diagnose check engine light. toyota customer service indicated the iacv was only covered to 3yr/36k and that i should pay dealer fee and seek factory assistance for any costs to repair. i contend that this type of a part - not serviceable/maintainable by the customer, should be guaranteed against failure for more than ~50k miles and repair should be covered by manufacturer. *jb
 Check engine light came on charcoal canister needed to be replaced apparently this occurs often to other toyota owners part should last more than just over 3 years filing complaint to see if this is a defective part or design that could lead to later problems cost $560 to replace. *jb