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0030708/14/200710022736Abs brake, or 4wd m.i.l. illumination. *kb09/25/2007
TSB-0325-0810/24/200810027745Toyota vehicle: abs, brake, or 4wd mil on. if the abs, brake, 4wd, and/or check engine light is on due to dtcs u0129 and p0500, replace the brake actuator assembly. *pe02/02/2009
TSB-0325-0810/24/200810027745Toyota vehicle: abs, brake, or 4wd mil on. if the abs, brake, 4wd, and/or check engine light is on due to dtcs u0129 and p0500, replace the brake actuator assembly. *pe02/02/2009

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl - the contact owns a 2007 toyota tundra. the contact stated that while replacing the brakes on the vehicle he noticed that the rear discs brakes were cracked. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for a diagnostic testing. the technician stated the rear discs brake needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure who did not offer any assistance since the vehicle was not included in any recall. the vehicle was not repaired. the approximate failure and current mileage was 64,000. pmb
 The toyota tundra 2007-2010 carry a major saftey issues all over the net, under error code p2415 or p2440 or p2441 or p2442 series of errors, which prevent the truck from accelerating or stopping properly for that matter. i was towing when the check engine light came out while driving ( i mean driving) on the hwy, towing somewhat a heavy load & all of sudden while going uphill the engine just lost power instead of me going forward i got stuck, and if it was not for the other drivers being aware i would have been severly injured or killed along with my four kids,to make a miserable long story short,i find out this proplem is amajor issue and a defect in toyota tundras, and it cost consumer like me $3500 up to $5000 to fix it involve an air supply unit to the engine to shut down.......i need to get this issue to be looked at i have four kids were riding with me that day.... i cant believe the damage i avoided & the concept behind this stupid design.i urge you as an american to look into this issue i am providing you a link for that matter . and please let me know what action i can take against toyota to fix this saftey issue. the link http://www.toyotatundraforum.com/emergency-911-tundra-down/6950-i-think-im-right-place-now-4.html from nhtsa web site.
 On saturday, march 13, 2010 around 4:30 to 5:00pm, my wife jenny devereaux exited nw 5th court from i95 to nw 71 street in miami, florida. as she was approaching the stop sign on 71st street, she commenced to press the brakes. to her demise, after pushing the brake pedal to stop, the vehicle, a 2007 toyota tundra crew cab did not stop, instead, automatically increased speed to over 20 mph. she was forced to make a left turn on 71st street to avoid an accident or from crashing until a 1990 to 1994 green ford explorer going at speeds well over 50 mph on nw 5th court coming from the east to west, rammed/crashed into the front passenger side of the toyota tundra as my wife was making the left trying to evade traffic and make the tundra stop. his ford explorer completely totaled the tundra. i then arrived at the scene to find my wife with serious injuries and took her to the er. i was so glad to see she was alive and was able to carefully transport her to the hospital. if someone would have crashed into the driver side or a front end collision occurred, my wife would definitely have not survived. i feel, god was on her side that day and gave her a second chance at life. the man in the green ford explorer could have slowed down and stopped, but did not. maybe, if he didn
 7/2007 purchased 07 tundra w/maint plan&extended warranty 9/2010 4342miles southcoast toyota-maintenance,we asked them to take a look at surface rust. they noted it and said was due to salt air 2/2012 6504miles southcoast toyota to perform brake service. apparently brake pad had fallen off due to corrosion of calipers & pins and they refuse to service the truck because it would be too much to repair but refuse to even give us estimate. they said the corrosion has compromised the safety of the truck, but not covered under warranty. we were told that we did not drive the vehicle enough and that's why it is rusted so badly all over (truck was driven locally at least 3 or 4 times a week by elderly couple). we requested a copy of field reps report, but they said it is proprietory info we do not have access to. service manager rudely asked us to remove our truck from the dealership but we cannot drive it off because brakes not operating properly. were told to take the 5 yr old truck with 6500 miles to the junk yard. during 2010 maintenance when they were aware of corrosion, we should have been advised of possible brake failure or weakened structure due to rust that would occur in less than two years time. instead elderly couple continued driving vehicle until unsafe to drive without being advised of how severe of condition the truck is. they have lived by the beach (2 miles from dealership) for 30 yrs & owned a few trucks, never rust so bad. toyota is fortunate that no one was hurt driving this vehicle & they should do what they can to take this unsafe truck off the roads. instead they deny any possibility that the corrosion may be a defect & is allowing this truck to possibly end up being driven since they are willing to release it. its obvious this is not the 1st toyota known to have corrosion issue and though not perforation, the rust is an oversight by toyota.
 Brake lights on the dash board did not appear/ or no warning signs at all that brakes is not totally working and we almost had an accident.
 Abs, trac and 4hi warning lights all on while driving. vehicle abs and trac control all ceased to function. was driving in slippery road conditions. almost lost control of vehicle. after stopping vehicle, 4hi would not engage. this is 4th or 5th time this has occurred over the past 2 years. mostly occurs during cold weather but not always. have taken truck to dealer after these occurrences and 2 of the times the dealer has been able to replicate the situation. when truck is in state of flashing lights, the truck always returns to normal when you turn off vehicle, wait and then restart it. dealer has replaced parts now 4 times and still having the same problem
 2007 toyota tundra. consumer states cruise control does engage and then will not disengage brakes. *tgw the consumer stated the brakes would not hold at stop signs and the vehicle would move forward. the vehicle had electrical shorts in the wiring such as; the headlights, clock, cigarette lighter, alarm and door locks. the seat belts would not always latch. the windshield wipers would not activate, there was a severe shake coming from the front of the vehicle as well as when the brakes were applied. there was a noise coming from the 4-wheel drive, the steering would act erratic and the accelerator pedal became stuck which caused the consumer to have an accident while backing out of his driveway.. *jb
 2007 toyota tundra. toyota safety feature malfunction *gr the consumer stated the brakes failed, the radio was replaced twice, the tire monitoring system was inoperative, and the abs actuator malfunctioned. when the consumer went to have the oil changed, he informed the dealer the vsc light was on. *jb
 I own a 2007 toyota tundra (purchased new on march 07) i noticed around june of 2009 that the vehicle vibrates when braking at speed between 40 to 50 miles. took the truck to the dealer where i purchased it from on september 24, 2009 , the service advisor said that there are rust on the frond disks and the rear drums and it they need to resurface the front disks and rear drums. truck then had only (15576 miles), i paid $418.12 for the repair, advisor said it is not covered by warranty. on feb. 2, 2010 i contacted the toyota consumer experience center in ca, they would not acknowledge there is an issue, and she gave me a case no. and said i should talk to the service manage at the dealer ( i did not contact him, because i felt i get no satisfaction). yesterday on march 10, 2010 there is a new report about rust issues on the 2007 tundra's; and its brakes. this happened to my truck especially after such a short period and only 15576 miles at the time i took to the dealer for repairs. i am now very concerned not only about the brakes that already started to rust after a short period, but also about brake lines, under carriage etc. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 toyota tundra. the contact stated that his vehicle began to idle excessively and when it was in gear it lunged forward and backwards whenever the brakes were engaged. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who stated that there were no failures. the toyota manufacturer was called and informed the contact to take the vehicle back to the dealer so they could check the accelerator pedal. the contact stated that the failure was not related to the accelerator pedal instead if was the brake pedal. the contact also stated that the failure began to occur more frequently. the failure mileage was 51,194.
 On july 12, 2009 i attempted to stop for a red light in my 2007 toyota tundra. no matter how hard i put on brakes, my vehicle continued to accelerate. the traffice report and insurance company documented my experience (of being unable to stop my truck). my truck was totaled. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 toyota tundra. the contact believed that there was a short with the electrical wiring in the vehicle. while driving 15 mph, the odometer and clock displayed inaccurate readings. he took the vehicle to the dealer for a check up. afterwards, the brake pedal extended to the floor when it was depressed. the contact believes there may be a leak. the dealer could not find any failures with the vehicle. the vin, engine size, and number of cylinders were unknown. the failure mileage was 4,000 and current mileage was 5,150. updated 02/14/08. *lj updated 02/14/08 *tr
 I understand there have been the 2007 toyota tundra has had a number of recalls for rear propeller shaft, front ball joints, brakes, seat belts, and tailgates. i can't find the 2007 toyota model tundra listed in your database. this has been reported on the news, newspaper, and various internet sites thank you steve ohman *tr
 2007 toyota tundra. toyota safety feature malfunction *gr the consumer stated the brakes failed, the radio was replaced twice, the tire monitoring system was inoperative, and the abs actuator malfunctioned. when the consumer went to have the oil changed, he informed the dealer the vsc light was on. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 toyota tundra. when he made a sudden stop while driving 60 mph on the highway, the rear tire locked and the vehicle spun around. whenever the roads were wet or covered with ice he lost traction, the abs light illuminated and the vehicle shut down. the failure usually occurred when he started the vehicle. the vehicle also accelerated when he shifted into four wheel drive. he took the vehicle to the dealer three times for the failures. the dealer stated that since the diagnosis did not locate a failure code there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. the dealer did not attempt to repair or replace any parts related to the failure. the vin was not available. the failure mileage was 20,000. the current mileage was 34,000.
 2007 toyota tundra dc 5.7l limited. i was driving on the freeway and i went to pass another vehicle when i got into the next lane and another car changed lanes in front of me and i was forced to slam the brakes. the abs system engaged and slowed vehicle down , but the truck felt like it was being pushed forward... by this time i had enough room in front of me, so i let off the brakes and the truck jumped like i was holding my foot on the gas. i almost hit the car in front of me again. i slammed on the y brakes again and the abs system kicked in, and the truck was still trying to accelerate, but i held the brake hard enough that i didn't hit the car in front of me. at this point i had to do something. i stuck the truck in neutral and tried to get to the side of the freeway. when i got stopped i had 3 lights on ., brake, vsc, and a picture of a car with 2 crooked lines on it. i believed it was traction control. by now the truck was normal again but the lights were on so i took the truck straight to the dealer . *ak
 Since day one that i have purchased the truck i have complained that the brakes don't slow the truck down as it should. that you have to pump it at least one time for them to act normal when slowing down. some times it is over half way to the floor before you stop. and that is with out pulling a load. when i talked to the dealership (jay wolfe toyota of k.c) was told that it was magic brakes , i have had to go back to the days of old where you give it a pump then it works. i have almost rear ended several people. these brakes are dangerous. and i paid $50,000. for that. they did not consider this to be a problem that maybe i needed to get use to the truck. *tr