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TSB-0120-0806/27/200810025865Toyota: abs m.i.l. on dtc c0210 or c0215; brake control/dynamic control system. some 2007-2008 model year yaris vehicles may exhibit an abs m.i.l. on condition with either one or both of the following diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs): c0209/11/2008
TSB-0120-0806/27/200810025865Toyota: abs m.i.l. on dtc c0210 or c0215; brake control/dynamic control system. some 2007-2008 model year yaris vehicles may exhibit an abs m.i.l. on condition with either one or both of the following diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs): c0209/11/2008

Consumer Complaints

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 One week ago my abs and brake light came on shortly after i had turned the car on. the light comes on and goes off at random intervals. on three occasions in the past two days, the brakes have vibrated and triggered the abs when i have pressed. upon researching further, i have found numerous complaints on this website and several online forums that cite this same issue with the 2007 toyota yaris.
 Break and abs lights on and toyota knew this was caused by speed sensor corrosion. which disabled the abs system. called the dealer but they asked me to call toyota. i called toyota, they said problems were not the defect and refused to provide any solutions, asked me to dealer for repair. the toyota case number is 1302120332.
 There is a well-known defect on toyota yaris models (usa model years 2007 to present) that occasionally in cold, snowy weather, the rear abs connector will have debris 'gunk up' the connection, disabling the abs - obviously a very huge safety issue in the winter. there are many well-documented situations of this and threads on yarisworld.com dating from 2008 until today (http://www.yarisworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11533). the fix appears to be straightforward and inexpensive; however toyota has not issued a recall for this, has no permanent fix for the issue, and will not even complete the temporary fix for owners. this is unacceptable as the safety risk is large.
 My abs and brake warning lights came on at the same time on my 2007 yaris sedan. the manual states to contact the dealer immediately in this situation. the abs is disabled in this situation. the problem was a left rear wheel speed sensor shorted (code p0215). due to excessive corrosion on the connection the wiring harness was also replaced. the replaced parts were 89544-02070 (sensor, skid control) and 89516-52100 (wire, skid control). the amount of corrosion on the sensor and connecting wires on the yaris point to a potential design issue. as it turns out this is a common problem on 2007 and 2008 yaris's. toyota has issued a tbs, thus they are aware of the problem. the problem appears to develop when the cars are driven in winter conditions..i.e. snow...as was the case with mine yaris. other owners have had abs systems operate improperly as a result and experienced braking problems.
 2007 toyota yaris -- abs and brake issue (defective speed sensors) this appears to be a common problem, and unfortunately, my vehicle is also affected. this is mentioned in toyota service bulletin tsb-0120-08, but toyota is unwilling to fix my defective speed sensors without charging ~$700.
 Abs malfunction on my 2007 toyota yaris
 I own a 2007 toyota yaris, purchased august 2006. the brake and abs indicator lights starting coming on intermittently in december 2009 (often when it was raining or snowing outside), my dealer said that this was caused by an issue with the right rear speed sensor, and shouldn't indicate any actual problems with the brakes. however, soon afterward (january 2010), i started experiencing brake problems---the brake pedal would shudder or vibrate occasionally, even when i was driving on a smooth surface at low speeds. even pumping the breaks, i had trouble stopping and slid through a stop sign more than once. my dealer said this indicated that the abs was kicking in when it shouldn't, and recommended a $600 replacement of the right rear speed sensor. i got this repair done, and the problem seems to be solved. *tr
 Thirteen months have passed and now i have a failure of the left rear wheel speed sensor to match the failed right rear wheel speed sensor that was replaced. the repair action will be to replace the sensor and wiring harness. due to excessive corrosion, the dealer is recommending replacement of both the left and right rear wheel speed sensor wiring. this will be the third rear wheel speed sensor failure on two yaris that i have had to deal with in 14 months. the cold weather and salt used on the roads during a snowy winter appear to wreak havoc on the connection between the wiring harness and the rear wheel speed sensors on the yaris sedans. a little internet research will lead you to the conclusion that this is a very common problem in canada or anywhere where salt is used on the roads in winter. since this problem does not present itself on the corolla in the same way, then there must be a design issue on the yaris. a proper water/weather tight connection between the wiring harness and the rear wheel speed sensors would solve this issue. this is a safety issue as the intermittent connection causes erratic operation (if any) of the abs on these models. i believe there is a tsb released on this subject, but no recall. consumers (me) are footing the bill for this defect. three times and counting. *tr
 My abs and brake lights came on at the same time on my 2007 yaris sedan. the manual states to stop driving the car and contact the dealer immediately. the car is a daily commute car with 75,000 miles at the time. the problem was an internal failure of the right rear wheel speed sensor. the dealer replaced the sensor (part number 42450-52060 / hub & brg assy r), and cleaned corrosion from the wiring harness where it connects to the speed sensor. the total repair cost was over $650. the amount of corrosion on a car just over 2 years old on the rear abs wheel speed sensors shows a potential design flaw in this part and how it is attached on the yaris vehicle line. this failure disables the abs system and causes erratic operation. on one occasion on the way to the dealer while the abs light was off i had a brake anomaly. i applied the brakes at a parking lot stop sign at slow speed (~5mph) and the abs kicked in and i couldn't stop. the weather and street was dry. it took more than 25ft to stop! the corrosion at this connection is causing intermittent operation of the abs system which is a safety concern. *tr
 This is more for info than a complaint. my brake service light and abs service stays on my 2007 toyota yaris. with all the toyota recalls this model is not on the recall list. i took it to my dealer to get repaired. they analyzed the problem and said a wire going to my brake had shorted out and causing the problem. i was told it was ok to drive and use the brakes. they had to order the parts to repair in a couple of days. i thought that i would let you know of my problem which may not be related at all with the other toyota recall problems, but i don't really know. *tr
 A bad connector leading to the abs speed sensor failed on our toyota yaris causing two warning lights to come on. owners manual states to stop immediately and contact toyota dealer. abs speed sensor was replaced at a cost of over $500 but in fact the problem is a corroded connector. toyota and dealer stated that a technical serivce bulletin was issued regarding this problem. i was then told that because a connector not a module failed this problem in not subject to a recall. however, since manual says to stop immediately which freaked out my wife this clearly is a safety problem. also, it should not take $500 to replace a faulty connector. i found a chat-room online where it became clear that many others are having this problem. *cn
 The light of break and abs on together when driving in winter. the car is only 50k miles. this is the first time to drive in a little bit snow. the abs was never used before. i saw a lot of people with this car faced the same problem when driving in winter even with a much lower mileage. it is too dangerous when the break system shows problem.
 In december 2010, our '07 yaris' abs light started to turn on intermittently. as days passed, it remained on longer and longer until it just stayed on all the time. would have lived with no abs except for the fact that we had a newborn on the way. also, the brake system sporadically shuttered and malfunctioned oddly under normal driving conditions. so we bit the bullet and got it fixed in may 2011. turns out, the right rear speed sensor malfunctioned due to water infiltration. this is a well known issue and discussed in posts all over the internet. our yaris is a commuter car and has never been in water other than what lays on the highway while we drive in rain and snow. it is only a matter of time until the left side goes. we couldn't afford the $800 fix the first time around, but we managed. but we sure won't have the money for the next fix. it just isn't right. my argument is simple: a speed sensor is not an item that should wear out and malfunction in three years. what's more, toyota has since redesigned this assembly--what i take as their admission of responsiblity for the faulty design of this critical abs component. how many other yaris owners are out there right now who can't afford this expensive fix...their brake systems working improperly? they do so not just because of a failed part design by toyota, but more so because toyota willingly chooses to ignore this widespread problem, refusing to take the responsible action of initiatiing a recall of this vital safety component. sadly, it will likely take serious injury or death and the subsequent lawsuit before someone at toyota cares to take notice. i tried numerous times to speak with toyota (local dealer and corporate), but they offered no recourse other than to file my complaint. i was told the same as so many others:your warranty is expired. sorry, we can't help you. i am hopeful nhtsa will.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 toyota yaris. the contact stated while driving at various speeds the anti-lock brake and emergency brake lights would illuminate on the instrument panel. once the contact engaged the brakes he would hear a moaning noise and intermittently experience an increased stopping distance. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer on three occasions in which the contact was informed the anti-lock brake sensor needed to be repaired. the vehicle was repaired but the failure continued. the failure mileage was 62,000 and the current mileage was 67,000. the vin was unavailable.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2007 toyota yaris. while driving at various speeds the abs brake and emergency brake lights illuminate on the dashboard. once the contact engages the brakes he would hear a moaning noise and intermittently experience an increased stopping distance. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer on three occasions in which the contact was informed the abs sensor needed to be repaired. various repairs were performed on the vehicle but the failure continues. the failure mileage was 62,000 and the current mileage was 67,000. the vin was unavailable. sm.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2007 toyota yaris. the abs wheel censor and wiring harness has failed. the warning abs light flicker on and off causing the abs brake to not work properly. whenever the abs brake disable itself there is a loud noise coming from the front of the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and a diagnostic test was ran in which they have to order the parts for the rear wheel sensors and wiring harness. the vehicle will be taken back to the dealer within the next five days when the parts are in. the manufacturer was contacted and offered no assistance. the failure mileage was 49,000.-mw
 While driving on the freeway at approximately 55-60 mph traffic came to a sudden stop. i applied the brakes to the 2007 toyota yaris, 4 door and instead of braking normally, the brakes locked, causing the car to slid 30-40 feet, striking the stopped car in front of mine. the impact caused significant front end damage and yet none of the air bags deployed. fortunately there were no serious injuries, however both the braking system and the airbags failed to work properly. the road conditions were dry and there were no other factors that would have affected the incident.
 The brake caliper on one side of this car at the front malfunctions, causing an uneven wear on the brake pad at an abnormal rate........and just recently a few days ago the same problem........
 Been driving a 2007 yaris since july 2006 - no problems, now have 51,200 miles on it. on a completely dry and flat road on 4/9/10, i was approaching a yellow light at appx. 40 mph and began braking. right before the light, as i hit a little bump (uneven pavement section where it changed from bridge surface to blacktop) the engine surged -- i felt it, saw the rpm needle go up and heard the engine rev. i had my foot on the brake the whole time. had to push the brake very hard to get car to stop. no repairs / inspections yet - not looking forward to a dealership telling me they cannot duplicate the incident. sounds like the 2010 prius brake recall issue to me . . .
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 toyota yaris. the contact was driving approximately 5 mph, on icy road conditions. when the brake pedal was engaged there was no power response. the vehicle was able to slow down after several attempts. the identical failure occurred on three separate occasions. also, the failure occurred while traveling on normal road conditions. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic. the brakes were cleaned. the technician stated that the brakes functioned normally. the failure mileage was 33,000. the current mileage was 34000.
 I have a 2007 toyota yaris sedan, with 71,000 miles on it. the abs and brake light come on for times up to 2 days before going out. toyota released a tsb in june of 2008, acknowledging the problem, to correct the problem but failed to do anything unless the customer complained. the problem is corrosion of the contact points of the rear wheel speed sensors and wiring harness in northern weather areas where we use salt. the cost to the consumer is approximately $400.00 per side to fix it if it happens after the 3 yr. 36,000 mile warranty. i think this unacceptable. i called toyota and basally got hung up on. can you look into this problem. our northern customers in canada are also experiencing this problem. *tr
 Defective design on vehicle's abs harness/connectors causes it to become inoperative after corrosion sets in, mine happened after 2 years and around 68k miles. replacement of harness and connectors is only a short term fix, according to the forums on www.yarisworls.com (see http://www.yarisworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11533&highlight=abs). *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 toyota yaris. the contact stated that the antilock brakes failed while driving approximately 10 mph in inclement weather. when the brakes were applied there was a loud noise and the brakes would not stop the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and tested; yet, they stated that there was no failure. the failure mileage was 27,300.
 2007 toyota yaris off and on i have been having braking issues. when i press on the brake it almost has an effect of the anti-lock braking system kicking in. yet the effect is more pronounced. it feels as if i am skidding or jerking to a stop and makes me fear that i will not stop. are there any open campaigns for this? this is a safety issue and i need to get it resolved. i have also sent an e-mail to toyota. *tr
 Going 35 mph south on paved road, it had just started raining, i slowed down to due to deer in the road, instead of slowing down, my car when into a complete 180 spin, had no control, the anitlock brakes did not kick in, my air bags did not deploy. i feel that my car should have responded more effectively, to me pumping the brakes, but instead, i landed in the ditch. car was just reported to me as a total loss. *tr