Victory Ness Vision

Model Ness Vision made by Victory got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to service brakes. .

Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

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 There is a severe problem with the rear brakes on all victory vision motorcycles from model year 2008 to 2010 that are not equipped with abs. air somehow gets into the system causing the rear brakes to become completely ineffective with absolutely no warning. there have be numerous complaints from many people about this issue and victory's stance remains that simply bleeding the brakes is the solution to the problem. this is nothing more than a temporary solution and does not fix the design flaw. sooner or later this problem is going to get people killed. victory apparently solved this problem when they switched to the newer abs system that was an option on 2010 vision models and standard on 2011 and newer models. it seems that in their mind, the problem is solved but they are trying to sweep the problem with the older non abs models under the rug. this is unacceptable. i can't think of a worse safety issue than frequently losing brakes with no warning on the highway. victory needs to step up the plate and recall these affected motorcycles.