Victory Vision Tour

Model Vision Tour made by Victory got 28 consumer complains as well as 1 service bulletin. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to brakes and fuel system, gasoline. Technical service bulletines regarding electrical system.

Model 2008


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
V-08-0104/02/200810026585Victory motorcycle: ignition switch improperly assembled. the ignition switch base may not be properly secured to the ignition switch body, which can cause a loss of electrical power to the motorcycle. *pe csc letter was received.11/14/2008

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I was approaching a turn where a sign indicated to reduce speed. went to apply rear brakes and they went to the floorboards again! attempted to pump brakes, but they would not hold. had to ride with only front brakes. this is a real safety issue. the dealer keeps stating that victory keeps instructing them to bleed the brakes. this is only a temporary fix.
 As i was approaching an intersection. i went to apply my rear brakes, and the brake pedal went straight to the floorboard. i made a couple quick attempts to pump my brakes, while also braking hard with the front.
 I have a 2008 victory vision. something is causing a strong gas smell as you drive. i have heard it is either a bad tank neck or bad gas cap. i think victory should do a recall and fix this. i have read online that they only address as a case by case i.e. if you complain or not.
 The rear brakes completely failed, since the front and rearbrakes are a linked system the braking capability is seriously affected. if the speed was higher, i or someone else could be seriously injured or killed. the local dealer admits issues nd has done everything they could do, the dealer and i have tried to get the manufacturer (polaris/victory) and they do not admit any problems yet there are other complaints for the same thing.
 Rear brake failure on 2008 victory vision motorcycle. rear brakes lost almost all use. i had the brakes bled by the local victory dealership and everything worked ok for another 2500 miles and then all the sudden the rear brakes failed again.
 For the third time i have lost the rear brake. the first two times, the dealer bled the brake.this time i was told i need a master cyclinder.this bike has 17500 miles. i have also had several incidents of stalling, and other electrical issues. i am not sure if the stalling/ electrical issues was not just limited to my bike. i have been told that this bike has known issues with the rear brake. it goes mushy and the pedal goes all the way down. i was told my bike is not the only one. i was sent away with this condition not repaired, as the dealer did not have a new master cyclinder available. i was also told i had to wait for a representative from the warenty company to confirm the repair was needed .even though the dealership already said it was.
 2008 victory vision tour motorcycle has a problem with the position of the tip-over protectors. *nj the consumer stated the position of the tip-over protector can cause the riders feet to become pinned underneath the bike. (lawyer wrote in on behalf of his client who was injured. *jb
 The front fender which is two pieces, the rear piece cracks and comes loose dropping down pinning against the frame impairing the motorcycles steering. *tr
 The front fender which is two pieces, the rear piece cracks and comes loose dropping down pinning against the frame impairing the motorcycles steering.