BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
1129200511/29/200510018786Engine pre-heater installation. calix. *tt01/17/2006
00411/09/200410011567Engine coolant temperature (ect) sensor. *tc01/26/2005
97010104/30/2001619873Subject regarding coolant leaking from coolant reservoir bottle wiring connector contaminates the wiring harness. *tt07/05/2001
01070201/11/200710021315Dtc's p1297 (17705) or p1557 (17965) stored in dtc memory. this may be caused by intake hoses leaking (during boost conditions) due to incorrect torque on clamps or improper placement, worn or torn intake hoses. *kb04/03/2007
TB-01-12-0402/10/201210043602Volkswagen: gasoline engines have rough idle, have significant loss of power or stalling with reduced performance. *pe04/13/2012
SAC-28F3/P1-REV08/01/201010036496Volkswagen: gasoline engine vehicles inspect, and if necessary, replace ignition coils. vehicles affected by this action may have ignition coils that could malfunction under certain conditions. models passat and wagon; golf; gti; jetta a03/23/2011
201046405/14/200710021962Mil is on and/or catalytic converter is rattling. *kb06/27/2007
0501200705/01/200710021950Emissions recall circular. reprogramming of engine control module and replacement of malfunctioning oxygen sensor. *kb06/27/2007
050109/09/200510016900Mil is on and or catalytic converter is rattling. *sc10/14/2005
040512/03/200410011901Hybrid oil pan, installing. *tt02/03/2005
040307/12/200410008913Engine, fluctuating idle or idle speed too low. *mj08/31/2004
040206/22/200410008086Engine, fluctuating idle or idle speed too low. *mj07/21/2004
040905/10/200410007711Evaluating fuel mixture diagnostic trouble codes- how to perform effective diagnosis related to fuel system adaptation - system too rich/too lean. volkswagen. *mj07/08/2004
041005/10/200410007712Evaluating fuel mixture diagnostic trouble codes (dtc) - how to perform effective diagnostic related to fuel system adaptation system too rich/ too lean. volkswagen. *mj07/08/2004
201583108/28/200810026848Volkswagen: exhaust heat shield, replacement guidelines. heat shields are to be inspected after completion o any type of repair to the underbody (exhaust system transmission, etc.), and if damaged, replaced. *pe12/29/2008
SAC-28F3/P1-REV08/01/201010036496Volkswagen: gasoline engine vehicles inspect, and if necessary, replace ignition coils. vehicles affected by this action may have ignition coils that could malfunction under certain conditions. models passat and wagon; golf; gti; jetta a03/23/2011

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I bought this car used in 2003 and had problems with it since. esc light comes on all the time. replaced ignition coils, mass air flow sensor, oxygen sensor, and spark plugs multiples times to try and fix the check engine light that keeps coming back on. it keeps spitting out random cylinder misfire codes. passenger side window broke. the arm rest hinge broke. the glove compartment hinge broke. brake lights need replacing constantly. water pump broke while driving in the middle of freeway and the temperature gauge shot through the roof. a random tube/hose in the engine broke. transmission problem, could not shift from park to drive. interior cabin smells like crayon. very rough idle, need to warm up the car for at least 5 mins every morning or else the car will stall. i noticed if you do not warm the car long enough, you have to press the brake pedal very hard to get it to stop. i can cope with all the above issues but i cannot tolerate the car randomly stalling/engine dying while driving around the city. lately the car is making weird noises like it ran over a pothole. i gave away the car and will never again own any cars made from volkswagen.
 I have my car at school in south bend indiana and it is stored outside. early this winter the car started to idle very rough. if i tried to go too quickly after turning the car on i would get a flashing check engine light that read for a random cylinder misfire when the code was pulled. this happened several times. so i had to let the engine idle for at least 10 minutes so that it could try and warm up before i could go anywhere. in mid february i turned the car on in the afternoon and i noticed it was idling very rough. so i cracked the hood and there i saw sparks jumping from the beginning of the spark plug wires to the engine block. a mechanic confirmed what i suspected, that the coil pack was cracked and needed to be replaced. i did an online search and found that vw had issued a recall for vr6s that had problems with cracked coil packs. however, when i called them about it i was told that my car was not included in the recall. it was not the right engine model because they changed engine models half way through 2001 and my car was the old model. despite the fact that i have the same problem with a cracking coil pack in a car of the right model from the same year they wouldn't do anything. these coil packs have been a problem for many vr6 owners as evidence from the extensive online forums. i don't understand how my car with the same problem and documented history as the 2003 recall isn't also covered in the recall. i have not had the coil pack repaired yet because it costs 500 dollars and i don't have that to spend right know.
 2001 volkswagen jetta wolfsburg edition: cylinder 3 misfired due to a faulty coilpack. coilpack was replaced, however cylinders 2 and 4 misfire. when the mechanic tested the coilpacks, they were working properly. presently, random cylinders continue to misfire even though brand new coil packs are installed. this causes my vehicle to lose power and idle very rough. the check engine light continues to flash which is causing damage to my brand new cat converter. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta. while driving 50 mph or less, the vehicle would rev and performed as if it would stall. the check engine warning indicator also illuminated on the instrument panel. no repairs have been made. the current and failure mileages were less than 100,000.
 From the time i bought the vehicle it has been stuttering while idle. i have replaced the mass airflow sensor, master sensor, several hoses and connectors and parts of the engine. now it stops while i'm waiting at red lights. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta. the contact purchased a used car and, within the same week, it began to stall. the dealer could find no failures. she took the vehicle to another volkswagen dealer and they gave her a list of all the failures. the list included the transmission, rattling in the engine, and the brake sensors. there are four different tires on the vehicle and each are the incorrect size. the contact stated that she does not have the money to repair all these failures. the failure mileage was 110,000.
 I own a 2001 vw jetta. i bought it 3 years ago, used from the volkswagen dealership. the automobile was sold as a certified auto, which i found out later does not mean much. my trunk is locked shut and does not open manually or with remote, i've had to replace cv boots, catalytic converter, transmission and numerous headlight, taillight and blinker bulbs. and today one of my headlights is so dim, it doesn't really provide any light when it is dark. i have replaced it and replaced it. it stays fine for about 2 days and then just dims out again. i can't afford to keep taking it to volkswagen. it's a rip off and they don't even fix anything right anyway. my engine fan went out all of the sudden the other day, causing the car to overheat. i had to get it towed. that isn't the first time i have had to pay to have it towed. the interior plastic coating on armrests and all plastic inside is peeling and looks terrible. when i push unlock all doors, the driver's side back seat door will not open unless i reach inside and pull the lock open manually. there is so much more, but i don't want to waste my time. i know nothing will happen, even though it is so obvious that these cars are complete lemons, and they need to stop selling them to people. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta. while driving approximately 30 mph, the vehicle intermittently stalled. the check engine warning light illuminated on the instrument panel. the vehicle was not taken to an authorized dealer. the vehicle has not been repaired. the contact experienced failure identical to the one mentioned in the recall, although the vin was excluded from the recall. the vin and recall number were unknown. the failure and current mileages were 52,000.
 I own a 2001 vw jetta gls vr6. since i have owned this car i have had problems with it. i am a young woman in the military and am in full time school, so i don't have the money to run around and fix it as much as i have been forced to do. first my gas gauge went out three months after buying it $600(under warranty) then a month later o2 sensor $300(non warranty). then it was the catalytic converter$1500(non warranty) wiring system$1000(of course non warranty) windows wont roll up without rolling down again and sometimes get stuck$700(non warranty) cruise control went out$845 (non warranty), windshield wiper motor... stationed in alaska and couldn't go without that $750(non warranty) now my secondary air pump is out and i was quoted $1294 from private mechanic and $1400 from vw. also the cruise is still out and the windows are doing the same again. i have talked to many people in the same boat i have been in with so many repairs. is there anything that can be done to stop vw from making faulty parts and charging an arm and a leg? i feel though that if it is brought up to you that my voice will be heard, because when i call the volkwagen customer service and complaints i get nowhere. *tr
 1). incident happened without warning. vehicle stalled out while driving, leading to a loss of power and manueverable. owner had to drift into right-hand lane to find a place to pull over. 2). no damage or injury was caused by the incident, as there was minimal traffic on the highway at that time of day. however, losing power suddenly and without warning could be disastrous in heavier traffic situations or adverse road conditions. consequence was to limp to car dealership to have them diagnose and make repair to vehicle at owner's out-of-pocket expense. 3). car dealerships diagnosis found faulty engine speed sensor (part # 06a-906-433-c). sensor was replaced at owner's expense. *tr
 The failure was that the loose spark plug widened the combustion chamber and that caused the loud vibration in the engine. it also affected the function of the braking system, too. so, i was told by the riverside vw dealership that the whole chamber has to be replaced at the cost of $5,400. the riverside dealership made a contact with new century dealership in glendale, ca and they did the tune-up on april 5, 2004. it was clearly the mechanic who did not screw the spark plug tightly. it was the human error on the part of the dealership. i could not use the car due to this unnecessary error that could be preventable. i have been taking my jetta to all the vw dealerships to do maintenance services and repairs, as well. my feeling is that they should replace the part where the spark plugs are at no cost due to careless error. *tr
 The car would increase/decrease speed inconsistently. additionally, the exhaust system would smell horrible. the check engine light would be on/off intermittently and i took the car to the dealer for recall work. i was told that i needed to replace the ignition coil and that it was already done under another recall. turns out that it wasn't done under a recall- i paid for it out of pocket after the recall was issued february 03 by volkswagen. i called volkswagen to find out if i could be reimbursed for the coils that i paid to install and was told that my vehicle does not qualify for the recall. the press release clearly states thatall volkswagens equipped with the 2.8l engine qualifies. now- i'm stuck. i need to pay for new ignition coils again and neither set qualifies for the recall. a web search has turned up many other consumers that are dealing with this same issue with vw. it's a safety hazard for those of us driving vw and others on the road with us. this is my fourth jetta and may be my last based upon my experiences in getting this resolved.*ak
 We purchased our 2001 jetta 1.8l turbo wolfsburg edition in jan of 2003 from a certified used vw dealer. when we drove off the lot, not 5 minutes later, the turbo seemed to fail and we began to lose power, epc light came on, check engine light came on. we immediately took car back to dealer and they fixed problem. everything ran fine until sept 2003 our check engine light came on, shortly after we received notice that there had been a recall regarding ignition coils. we took our vehicle to a local dealership where they replaced the coils free of charge. this solved the light issue for a couple of months, then it came back on again, this time when idling fluctuating between 700 rpm and about 1500 rpm and stalling on occasion. we took the car to a local garage and they ran a diagnostics, cleared the failures to see if that solved the problem, which it did temporarily...ever since we have been running diagnostics trying to determine why our check engine light keeps coming on, each time the problem is temporarily solved. at first the mechanic thought it was the airflow sensor, but once they looked closer determined it was a different problem. we have had corrosion removed, connections cleaned, and our lambda sensor replaced. now our car continues to run and idle poorly and sporadically, the car stalls when you slow, the turbo works on occasion, losses power when accelerating, when car first starts it barely moves with accelerator floored, brakes are very sluggish, sometimes really having to push to get car to stop. no one seems to know what the problem is. everytime we take it in multiple errors pop up, last time there was 17 fault codes, mechanic keeps going down the list of what to check hoping to find the problem. the bill just keeps getting bigger and nothing has been solved. recently think that the original issue and current issues are one in the same as symptoms are becoming more similar. help! *nm
 Cel light would turn on and off. car started to idle bad, sometimes it would not move when cold even with gas fully depressed. then the car began to stall while driving. i took it to the dealer and they replaced the maf but the symptoms are still here and the car is returning to the shop today. i have read many, many accounts of the same issue. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle coolant leaked into the electrical wiring harness. an independent repair shop performed a diagnostic test, but no failure codes displayed. upon further inspection, the mechanic determined there was a coolant migration problem. the electrical wiring harness was corroded due to the coolant leak. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer to await repair.
 Within the first month of owning my vw jetta 1.8l turbo, the check engine light has been on and off. each time that i take it in to have the problem diagnosed something is repaired, but in a few days the light is back on and there is a new problem. i have already had thousands of dollars of work done on the car and nothing seems to help the problem. recently, the check engine light has been on and the car will shake violently for about 2 minutes until the car is warmed up. if i try to drive the car before the shaking stops, it barely moves even if completely depressing the accelerator, and the brakes seem to lock up, nearly hitting other cars when parked in a parking lot. when the car does warm up it lurches forward but then seems to run just fine. i have had the recalled problems fixed as well as numerous other repairs, but i am concerned that this same problem keeps happening, and that i have seen this problem on several other websites. *nm
 Ever since i bought the car back in 2001, there has been numerous problem mainly with the check engline light. i bought the car brand new, and within the first few weeks i had minor problems that got fix and is fine now. now my main issue is the check engine light, it been on and off ever since the first year i bought the car. we are in 2005 and i'm still having trouble getting rid of it. usually when the check engline light comes on the car would sputter and shake and sometimes it would shut off. sometimes when i'm driving the car would shut off on me in the middle of the streets. thank goodness the time that it happened i wasn't on a busy road. when i first start up the car when the check engine light is on, the brakes seems to fail to work becauase i would have to step on it really hard to get the car to stop. after getting fix the light would reappear a couple weeks later. so i dont know what the problem is since all the times i did take it in they said it was the air mass flow sensor which they have replaced already. tomorrow (4/1/05) i'm taking the car in again for the check engine problem because lately the problem has been worst. now when i first turn on the car, i have to warm it up for a few mins before being able to step on the gas and go or else it'll shut down on me. even with that the car barely moves then all of sudden it will jerk and drive on a normal speed. i had major service done on the car and the air mass flow sensor has been replaced twice. tomorrow will probably be the third time and we'll find out what else is new. i doubt that the problem will ever go away because i been having the check engine light ever since i got the car and i own it for few years now and it still has not been fix. i honestly think i been sold a lemon, but speaking with the people at the vw dealer, they don't the issue is big.
 2001 jetta- makes winding noise at 40 mph, ear piercing, technicians claim this is normal but overpowers radio? unacceptable. transmission shifts erratically all the time, car will lunge forward when at a stop when foot taken off brake pedal. car makes a knocking noise when at a complete stop. *nm
 After starting the vehicle it stalled. consumer had to restart the vehicle. dealership was notified , but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 Check engine light stayed on, and vehicle stalled. consumer took vehicle to dealer for check up, but the cause was undetermined.*ak
 Check engine light comes on while driving down the road. i have taken it to the dealer on 3 separate occasions for a total of 14 days in diagnostic. i have also taken it to a independant vw mechanic twice who tells me this is common. nobody can find the problem. the diagnostic code is for glow plug malfunction. i have had replaced the temperature sensor, the glow plug relay, all 4 glow plugs as well as additional costs of diagnostic. the check engine light has come back on, it is still a glow plug malfunction. i have paid $800 for unnecesary repairs that the dealer tells me is the problem. this does not include the repairs on the door locks and wondow regulators, as well as the ac modulator, middle consul latch,glove box hinge, rear seat ash tray. this year of jetta is a true lemon! if vw is unable to fix the problem then legal action will be required to recover my losses.*ak
 Engine check light kept coming on. consumer took the vehicle back to the dealer on several occasions, and they have made many attempts to rectify the problem. however, problem had not been resolved. consumer had to call the dealer back just 35 minutes after picking up the vehicle from the dealer because the engine check light came right back on. *ak
 Loss of 3.5 quarts of oil in 17 days after purchase. oil consumption test showed nothing. this volkswagen jetta 2001 is using about a quart of oil under 1,000 miles of driving. i am told this is normal. my question to the service people, where has the oil gone, it's not on the ground. it is in the shop for the third time for the oil consumption test. i would like a copy of the oil consumption tsb bulletin. i am concerned about engine damage.*ak
 While the vehicle was turned on or off a loud noise was heard. vehicle was taken to the dealer four times, and mechanic could not duplicate the problem. *ak
 Replacement of coil pack on my 2001 jetta glx. *mr the consumer requested reimbursement. there were also electrical problems. *sc
 Before i picked up the car- it needed a new fuel tank because the dealer was unable to put gas into the car. at 60,000 miles the crank shaft broke off and a new engine was installed. my driver side window fell down. two plastic things keep falling out of the sunroof and i put them back up. numerous oxygen sensors have been changed but my check engine light remains on. finally, at 107,000 miles my transmission went out and vw refuses to help with any of the cost because it is out of the warranty. *nm
 The check engine light and the driver assisted light came on and remained on in my car. on my way to the dealership to have the car looked at, thr car completely shut down. the dealer repair facility ran the car on their diagnostic computer and said there were multiple faults. i was told that the car had a vacuum leak and it was allegedly fixed.i was also told that the light might come back on because of something else. this was on thursday, november 6, 2003. while driving to work on friday, november 7, 2003, the engine light came on again. this first repair cost me $133.60. on my way home i stopped at the dealership and was told in essence something else might be wrong. simply put, this is a relatively new car and should not have these kinds of problems. through research on this site and others, i have found out that this seems to be a prevalent problem with the volkswagon jeeta 2001. as a consumer and a taxpayer, i demand that something be done. this problem with these cars is dangerous and could lead to a serious accident or death. i am also going to write to vw. however, i feel that there should be a full investigation of this matter. *la
 2001 vw jetta - numerous build issues. excessive oil consumption - 1 quart in 1000 miles. vehicle re-ringed at 19k. current mileage 47k - last oil change down 2 quarts in 5ooo miles. window regulators - recall. shifter shaft replaced for serious vibration in 2nd and 5th gears. both front seats feel like they aren't locked in place! diagnosed as faulty weld at time of manufacture.*ak
 Consumer stated safety chip failed causing engine to lock up. dealer notified.*ak
 Ignition coil failed and the engine shut down causing lost of power steering. please provide any additional information. ph
 The vehicle shut down without prior warning and heststate . please provide additional information dealer is aware of the problem. ts
 Faulty coolant temp sensor detected on vehicle. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated upon inspection, it was noticed the brake light switch was inoperable. the dealership replaced the brake light switch and determined there was a nhtsa recall, # 06v183000, regarding the exterior lighting brake light switch. the vin was not included in the recall. the manufacturer was alerted. updated 6/27/2006 - the switch was replaced by the original owner under recall on 4/26/05 with 44653 miles. the replacement switch failed one year later at 52675 miles. the coolant pump failed and caused the vehicle to overheat. the front woofer in the door failed internally causing the sound to be distorted. *nm
 My jetta has been in the shop more times than not. the latest incident began with my car overheating. after 1300 dollars later, the repair shop told me that this year of the jetta has a plastic part that sits on water pump. that part has had to be replaced by many jetta owner's after the replacing of the water pump. *ak
 Interior console paint peeling, fabric fading, engine rattle noise, window actuator failure and noise, thermastat, fuel door actuator, seat springs snap, brake pad excessive wear, a/c runs hot.*ak
 This part was replaced under warranty. however, my warranty is almost up, how many more will i have to replace?*ak
 Multiple failures of radiator fan, leading to multiple replacements; multiple failures/replacements of oxygen sensor and mass flow sensor; misdiagnosed replacement of catalytic converter; water leakage into interior of car; incidents starting occurring in 2004, latest in march 2008; number of failures is an average of 3 for each noted problem. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta. the contact started the ignition and the engine warning indicator illuminated on the instrument panel. the warning indicator remained lit until the engine was turned off. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic ten times and they stated that the failure was related to the air filter sensor. the vehicle was repaired. the failure mileage was 40,000 and current mileage was 42,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta. while driving 35 mph, the vehicle suddenly began accelerating on its own. the contact depressed the brake pedal, but the vehicle continued to accelerate. the engine failed, which prevented a crash from occurring. the vehicle is currently being diagnosed by the dealer. the current and failure mileages were 109,000. updated 11/25/08. *lj when the engine accelerated on its own, the force pushed the driver back into the seat. the speed was so great, that the engine redline and blewout the motor. updated 11/25/08. *jb
 During the past month i have had my car in 2 times for the same problem, check engine light, with engine sputtering and stalling periodically. the first time the coils and spark plugs were replaced (dealership claimed they were lose and black), second time they thought it was the battery, which was due to be replaced anyway. now i am one week since the last service and the light has come back on with the same problem. if i depress the clutch for too long the vehicle may sputter and possibly stall, it stalled twice at traffic lights on my way to work, and when i take off i have to heavily accelerate or it just will not go at all. i am going to check the maf (mass air flow) myself to see if i can see anything, else it will be back at the dealership on friday. *tr
 My wife owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta vr6 glx. currently it has about 40,000 miles on it. in september we noticed that the vehicle was not accelerating properly. when the engine is cold, the car hesitates and feels as if it is about to stall. when it warms up the car works perfectly. we took it to the vw dealer last month to correct the problem and perform the needed service. they replaced the battery (which was needed) and performed the service, but did not fix or address the stalling issue. their thought was that the stalling was related to the battery. when the stalling continued my wife took the car to a mieneke repair shop. they ran diagnostics but were not able to identify the problem. they did not charge us and suggested we take the car back to the dealer. on october 3, 2005 my wife called the dealer (dick hannah at the vancouver automall) to make an appointment. they asked what the problem was, and when she mentioned the stalling they immediately knew the problem. before my wife could explain what the problem was, they mentioned that they continuously get calls at the dealership about this problem, it only occurs when the vehicle is cold, and it is occurring with several of the vw models. they went on to say that their management is aware of the problem and there currently is no solution. what they recommend is that my wife buy a fuel additive and see if that helps. they have noticed that after adding it to a few tanks of gas the cars seems to perform better, but that the problem does not go away. vw thinks it is a problem with the valves, and that is a problem specific to the fuel used in the northwest. this is not an acceptable solution. when my wife is entering a roadway i do not want her car to stall or slow and put her in a situation where her safety is at risk. please do something before there are injuries. joe bessman. *nm
 2001 volkswagen jetta (complaint numbers 30291114,30343786 and 03092183) our 2001 jetta started clicking and blowing white smoke. we called the dealership and they said it was the turbo and would be covered under warranty. we towed the car to them on may 19, 2003 and they did replace the turbo. however, they advised us the vehicle needed a new engine because it was still clicking. they said it looked like we had not been changing the oil which is why the engine was clogged. the service department then gave us the run around for a few months. they wanted oil change receipts, which we provided. the mechanic told us the turbo replacement was denied by vw and they ate the cost. he told us they would not do any more work on the car. on july 09, 2003 we had the car towed from the dealership.i went to vw and spoke with the new service manager, donnie fielder. the new service manager told me they had just replaced a guys engine that had the same problem as ours. he said they messed up and replaced it under warranty no questions asked and later decided he had not changed the oil. he said they could not afford to pay for another engine and would not touch our vehicle. i took the car to alternative imports on charlotte avenue. sam (a.i.) said the engine was full of sludge. he found several similar cases on a mechanics web site. he also found that vw did not properly complete the turbo replacement. the engine is the same one (1.8l turbo) that vw has acknowledged, at least in the passat, has a sludge problem. however, they do not acknowledge that the same problem exists in the jetta even though it is the same engine. they extended the warranty on the passats to 8 years unlimited mileage.
 2001 jetta original owner the oil pan needs to be replaced because it is made out of aluminum and the plug is made out of steel .since the plug is made out of a harder material it stripped the pan. the car is out of warranty so know i will have to pay 600 dollars. *nm
 Engine coil pack malfunctioned. *ak
 While driving engine exploded. consumer had the vehicle towed to a dealership, and had the vehicle inspected, and was told that the engine had a build up of sludge. *ak the consumer took the vehicle in for service to get the lock on the truck fixed because you could not open it from the outside. the engine began making noise and smoking while the consumer drove on the highway leaving the consumer stranded on the highway. the consumer did not keep reciepts of work done to the vehicle therefore can not be reimbursed. the consumer sent a formal demand for settlement in the amoount of repair bills and rental car expenses through her legal councel for negligent inspection of her vehicle. *tc
 Safety issue with 2001 vw jetta. *bf the drivers side seat became unusually hot than normal and the interior leather covering developed a metallic appearance. a vw representative looked at the seat and stated it looked like external damaged, but the seat had to be fully inspected first. the consumer was told the she would be responsible for the labor if was determined it was not the heating element, but if it was the heating element vw would cover all costs. after the inspection, the consumer was told a beverage was spilled on the seat which caused the heating seat to malfunction. the consumer also stated the vehicle consumed an excessive amount of oil, in which the oil light illuminated. *jb
 I have had nothing but problems after purchasing my brand new 2001 v.w jetta. i had vehicle only 6 months and it left me stranded due to malfunction of emission control sensor. 5 months after that, ignition lock cylinder was inoperable, needing them to repair. 2 months later, owned for 1 yr 1 month, car was burning a lot of oil so consumption test was done and determined to be true,that the car was in fact consuming abnormal amount of oil. as a courtesy to me, the customer volkswagen replaced piston rings, rod bearings and deglazed cylynder walls. they had my car 6 days to rebuild engine. 6 months later car was shaking really bad when driving on the freeway, took it in and service technition discovered that rear brakes were warped and rear brake pads had premature wear. those were replaced. throughout this course of time the passenger brake light had been replace 2 times,air condition vent was not working and had to be remove and install new center air outlet,armrest broke and had to be replaced, glove compartment latch broke, and the brake lights have gone out and been repaired numerous times but are still faulty,not working at this time. volkswagen has treated me as though i was the one inconviencing them!! i regret purchasing this vehicle and will continue discouraging anyone from ever buying a volkswagen! i don't feel safe in this car!! after doing some research i see now that i am not alone. knowing there are many other vw's on the road with the same mechanical problems my car, i'm concerned with the safety of others as well as myself! *la
 The vehicle burns oil excessively. i have to constantly add oil. everytime i've spoken with the dealer he just gave me the run-around. they conducted 2 oil consumption tests but never did anything to fix the problem. the vehilce was purchased in nj from douglas motors. at every scheduled service i complained of the same problem but nothing was done to fix it.*ak
 Since i have had my jetta i have had to keep oil in the trunk because the car burns oil, i was told by the dealer that it is normal for a car to use that much oil, i have had to have the brake switch replaced, the arm rest latch replaced, cd player replaced twice, my passenger rear brake lights burn out regularly (only passenger side), my key in the ignition alarm and lights left on alarm turned and stayed on everytime i drove my car. the dealer's solution to all these problems was to downgrade my car and buy a vw beetle. i purchased a 2002 used beetle - dealer allowed me take car and promised to fix anything on the following monday. there was a light on the dash that was lit up called epc - i asked the dealer what the light was for and they said that the alignment needed to be adjusted no big deal they would fix it when i returned on monday. i drove the car off the lot got about 20 miles for the dealership and the car died on the freeway!!!!! while waiting for the tow truck i read in the car manual that epc stood for electric power control - it said if this light goes on do not attempt to drive - tow to dealership immediately - after that i marched right back to the dealer and got my jetta back - however i still have all of the above problems and few to add to the list defective electric window, noisy brakes when in reverse even after brakes were replaced. i can't wait to turn the piece of @#$%# in to the dealer when my lease is up and walk away - i just feel sorry for the fool they turn around and sell it to! *la
 My 2001 vw jetta burns a quart of oil every 600 miles. this problem occured from the first moments i owed the vehicle. i immediatedly reported this to the dealer who informed me that it was a condition with new jettas and would right itself after i drove the car a while. this position was repeated during the free oil changes up to the point where the warranty expired. now that the warranty has expired, vw mechanics insisit that they have to do a $90 diagnosis test before they will address it (i had a previous one during the warranty period that found nothing). now the car is getting older, the oil buring is getting worse. i searched the internet and found numerous jetta owners with the same problems, and even worse as a result - including blown engines. one jetta owner stated that there is a manufacturing defect with the rings of the car. he had the car's rings repaired (at a cost of nearly $1,000) and nothing is now wrong with the car. he also stated that he found out that the defect impacts a significant portion of the cars sold in two years, manafesting in blown catalitic converters and engines. he also states that vw instructed its dealers to tell owners that it is normal with the car during the break-in period - thereby pushing the problem past the 28,000 mile warranty obligation. which makes sense since this problem would cost vw millions. *ak
 Check engine light o2 sensor, mass air flow sensor. *ak
 I bought a previously owned vw jetta gls with 25,000 mi on september 22, 2003. two weeks later, the oil light came on briefly as i was parking at home. i checked the dipstick and it was dry. i called the dealer and it was towed and checked and a fluorescent probe was put in and i was told there were two quarts of oil remaining. where did the oil go? my car is scheduled to go in for a check on this problem this week. there was no oil on the ground and the service tech said they had a problem like this once before. has this problem ever been addressed by other consumers? thank you. *ak
 While driving at 30 mph and with no warning vehicle shut off, and resulted in an accident with another vehicle.*ak
 To whom it may concern, when flooring my 2001 vw jetta gls 1.8t as to merge on the highway, approx. 50% of the time i experience loss of power. the engine and turbo seem to stall out until i let off the gas and reapply. due to the sporadic nature of this, the dealer can not recreate. i believe this to be very dangerous, when merging on a freeway i expect my car to provide continuous acceleration, not to stall out. given the nature of honolulu's freeway, it is most important to have full power due to the shortness of the on ramps. i have always used premium gas as required by vw, and had the fuel injectors cleaned by a nationally recognized auto service chain, to make sure i did not have any bad gas deposits. this still has not fixed the problem. i would appreciate any advice or assistance you can offer in this matter. respectfully, jordan d. o'hearn cto1 usn. *nlm
 My car which was purchased brand new in july 2001 has been to the repair shop 13 times. i purchased a 2001 volkswagen jetta. the ongoing problem is that the car is losing power while accelerating. volkswagen doesn't want to acknowledge the defect of their own product. i was told two things which doesn't make sense to me. first, i was told my engine is not apart of the recall for those other vw cars that are losing power. second, a vw representative told me it was my extra car mats that is probably causing the problem. i think volkswagen is just ignoring this serious problem. if my car slows down on me whenever it wants and i die as a result of their defect product that they don't want to recognize, it is truly going to be a serious problem. the car had problems with the engine, airbags, malfunctioned sensor, clock spring, harness, and now it is losing power. although this car has had numerous problems, this is the most serious problem that i would like o be rectified. volkswagen service department changed the computer and told me this will definitely solve the problem. obviously it did not solve the problem. since the computer was changed in sept. 2002 the car lost power 3 times since then.*jb
 The vehicle vibrated and then stalled.*jb
 Consumer stated while driving at 40mph the engine makes a severe noise and then a vibration is felt as if the engine is loosing power, which was due to a faulty engine coil pack that went bad. dealer was notified and will change only one coil. duke gold's speed way volkswagen dealer, will not replace the coil at least in the following next 3 weeks because there is a national back order. please provide further information.*jb
 Consumer stated while driving at any speed and without warning the engine failed and lost power and it was difficult to control the vehicle.*jb
 Purchased new 2001 jetta in august of 2000, gls 2.0l engine and it has always been burning/losing oil. about 1 qt evey 1000 miles driven. cannot understand and oil consumption test by vwof a in july of 2002 said it was normal even after breakin period. car currently has 46,000 miles. i am pissed off still and i am basically putting a quart of oil in every month plus 2 oil changes a year. this normal oil consumtion is costing a fortune and this was never disclosed to me when i purchased the car new. no mention of it in the service manual and vwof a has a tsb out there but i would like to see a new engine.
 I had a coil pack burn out on my 2001 vw jetta - it has 21000 miles. it appears to be a known problem and many people are experiencing this failure. vw (and audi) will only replace coils when they individually burn out. vw/audi should recall and replace all coils either at the time of burn out or before it becomes an issue. the number of people who have had this problem suggest that the coils are either defective or the design of the vehicle is faulty. the manufacturer should be responsible for this even if the vehicles warranty has expired. ts
 The consumer states that while driving and with no warning, the vehicle jerked and lost power. dealer notified. mr the consumer states that the vehicle has had several transmissions replaced in a year-feels that the vehicle is a lemon. scc
 While driving down road at 55 mph vehicle loss all power due to a fuel pump failing with no warning. vehicle is also consuming oil possibly due to -o- ring being misseaded during manufacturing. please describe details.*jb
 Engine light came on and the 2001 tdi was taken into the dealership. the dealership identified the problem as a faulty glow plug. upon trying to remove the glow plug, the dealership broke the part. now, the only way to remove the glow plug is to tear apart the engine, at a cost of over $1,000. dealership will not allow me to take the car back either. called vw customer service and they are fine with the dealership holding my car hostage. vw must hate the customer.
 Car started hesitating during acceleration and stalled a couple of times upon stopping. epc light flashed on briefly once, then not again. today, the car started decelerating on the freeway for no apparent reason, then rapidly accelerated again, which seemed like an extreme safety hazard to me. mechanic replaced the air flow meter and told me that he regularly replaces them on volkswagens and it is a known problem. i read several other complaints of the same behavior on this site, though the problem was not identified. if this is a part with known problems, why has volkswagen not recalled it?*ak
 Vehicle was consuming too much oil. consumer took vehicle to dealer, and was told that because of design vehicle will burn the amount of oil allotted per 1,000 miles. *ak consumer noticed a cracking noise coming from the suspension when traveling backwards. *tc
 Loss of 3.5 quarts of oil in 17 days after purchase. oil consumption test showed nothing. this volkswagen jetta 2001 is using about a quart of oil under 1,000 miles of driving. i am told this is normal. my question to the service people, where has the oil gone, it's not on the ground. it is in the shop for the third time for the oil consumption test. i would like a copy of the oil consumption tsb bulletin. i am concerned about engine damage.*ak
 The 2001 vw jetta i purchased in april 2003 seemed to be a great car until the check engine light turned on and has been on since. i have taken it to a numerous amount of dealerships or specialty volkswagen auto shops and noone is able to figure out why the light is on unless i pay them $600-$1500 to go in and diagnose more thouroughly. the computer on the jetta putout a fuel-injuection problem and noone is able to tell me what exactly this could be. i continue to drive with the light on and was advised not to drive with the light on if it begins to flash. very frustrating.*ak
 No summary. dt
 Vehicle would hestate and stall out when applying the acceletor pedal from a stop position. please provide more details. ts
 I was told by the manufacturer that 1 quart/1000 miles is normal. i have researched this problem and found that i am not the only person with this problem. this problem needs to be addressed. burning this much oil is not normal and it is not good for the environment.*ak
 I have a 2001 vw jetta 4 cyl. with 25,000 miles on it that burns 1 qt. of oil every 1,000 miles. i have brought the car into south shore volkswagen where the car was purchased for all of its 5,000-mile service appointments including oil changes. although vw is telling me this is 'normal' for a jetta i disagree. per olksvwagen policy i am now doing oil consumption tests which is only confirming that the car does go through 1 qt. of oil per 1000 miles. there obviously is a problem with the jetta model that needs to be fixed at vw's expense.*ak
 While driving, vehicle loses power with out warning. no lights illuminate before or after vehicle stalls. dealer is aware of problem. *ak the vehicle was towed to the nearest dealer for repairs. when consumer received the vehicle back, the mileage was run up to an inappropriate amount. vehicle had been in 4 times prior for vehicle not starting. dealer explainded nothing could be found wrong and that they had driven the vehicle approx. 120 miles. there is an unanswered 82 miles to be accounted for. dealer has replaced the ecm power relay and a pin at the ecu connector.
 Consumer states while driving, the check oil light illuminated, when checking the dipstick there was no oil, so the consumer added 1 quart of oil and called the dealer, the dealer is running an oil consumption test, but in the meantime the engine is still using almost a quart of oil every 1000 miles. *slc
 Consumer states there is an excessive amount of heat coming from the front of the vehicle. *slc
 Transmision does not shift correctly around third gear, the car will rev up then the car has a hard jerk. as for the engine the engine will kill any where at any time the hole car will just shut of driving or just sitting still. i feel very unsafe in this car!*ak
 Vehicle would lose power while driving, dealer was notified, and was unable to duplicate the problem. feel free to problem any further information.*ak
 Consumer states there is an excessive amount of heat coming from the front of the vehicle. *slc
 Consumer states while driving, the check oil light illuminated, when checking the dipstick there was no oil, so the consumer added 1 quart of oil and called the dealer, the dealer is running an oil consumption test, but in the meantime the engine is still using almost a quart of oil every 1000 miles. *slc
 Vehicle stalls at any speed/ any time. shortly after purchase engine check light came on. taken to dealer who repaired. however, vehicle stalls on a daily basis, taken to dealer 6 times, cannot remedy problem. *ak
 Shortly after purchase of the vehicle the engine began to sputter and shake with the check engine light illuminating, consumer returned vehicle to dealership to fix temperature regulator in the engine system, however after repair the vehicle's engine light illuminated and consumer lost all braking ability. the dealership and manual state that it is ok for the driver to continue to drive the vehicle with the check engine light on, but when light is flashing do not drive, the brakes and engine failure occurred without flashing lights for proper warning. *mjs
 Check oil light came on. after checking dipstick found that it was completely empty. took car next day directly to dealer and found they know of problem with the car burning oil and it was normal for the car to do that under 10,000. car was serviced at minuteman vw for 5k service. car taken to same location. they suggested we put oil in car and come back tuesday. we drove away but retuned after 10 minutes to get rental car. the vehicle gave no signs about an oil leak beforehand nor heavy smoke from the exhuast. unfortunately, i did not get a chance to check the spark plugs. is there any recourse we can have since this defect no matter how many times we take it back will devalue our vehicle? please advise.
 Our 2001 vw jetta gls sputters intermittently and looses acceleration power at in opportune times. according to the dealer the problem is with the ignition coil, and that vw is aware of the problem and are recalling certain models. ours has not had the recall as of 11/1/09. when this problem occurs, the check engine light blinks. i have found that pulling over, shutting the engine off and removing the key for 30 seconds and then re-starting solves the problem. when the dealer pulled the check engine codes, there were 2. one for the misfire and a catalyst efficiency below threshold. the dealer said the latter is due to the misfire and in time the misfires will ruin the catalyst. unfortunately at over 75000 miles and 8.5 years, no warranties apply. this is a safety issue that could easily cause a collision and when parts become available, we will have the ignition coil replaced. vw is clearly aware of the problems and should accelerate their recall campaign on this issue. also, they should replace the catalysts that have had their useful life lowered by this problem. *tr
 Dealership refused to fix the problem with the 2001 volkswagen jetta.*mr the manufacturer provided the consumer with an extended warranty for the mass air flow sensor to 7 years/70000 miles, whichever occurs first. the vehicle was take for a state emission inspection but failed the test. the dealer refused to replace the mass air flow sensor under the extended warranty. *nm
 The vehicle mass air flow sensor failed which caused the vehicle to perform poorly. *nm the consumer was reimbursed for the cost of the repair. *tc *jb
 After owning this car for 3 years, a strong, toxic smell began to come out of the vents / front of the car. the only way i can describe it is that it smells like burning crayons. i took it to my mechanics and said he found nothing wrong with it. he offered to look into it further, but i didn't want to pay the labor charges without knowing the problem. i've searched the internet extensively and have found at least 25 people citing the same crayon smell. volkswagen customer service representatives say they have never heard of this problem. i find that hard to believe. the only explanation i've found that makes some sense is that there is some sort of insulation between the engine and the dashboard and it may melting and causing fumes to enter the interior of the car. *nm
 Back brakes and rotors had to be replaced on my 2001 jetta glx v6 which was purchased 08/01. i only had 23,000 miles on the car! at my 20,000 mile service no problems were mentioned. my check engine light came on too. i had to have my o2 sensor replaced under warranty. the warranty did not cover the brakes. i do not ride the brakes. 1 month after i bought the car i noticed that when i start it in the morning it makes a sound like and old junky car would. i had it to the dealer twice for this and they said its nothing and that's the way a v6 sounds! it only does it on the first start of the day. i am afraid it will end up being some very expensive problem in the future. 9 months after i had the car the arm rest came apart and had to be fixed under warranty. i will never buy another volkswagen again and i would not recommend them to my friends who are md's and rn's and can afford nice cars. *jb
 There was a foul smell coming from inside of the vehicle. consumer has had to go to hospital because of a rash due to some kind of chemical that she was smelling. contacted dealer, and dealer could not find cause. *ak
 Thereis a very heavy chemical smell in interior of vehicle. took vehicle to volkswagen for service, and dealer couldn't locate a problem. consumer stated that smell was making driver sick in the stomach. please provide any further information.*aki
 No summary listed for abov evehi cle. *ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta. the contact brought the vehicle to the dealer yesterday to have the mass air flow meter serviced. the contact stated that this failure has been ongoing for approximately three years and has become costly. the current and failure mileage were 115,781.*ak
 Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle looses power intermittently, at any speed. the vehicle was seen by the service dealer who determined an oxygen sensor may need to be replaced. the contact is concerned because the dealer was able to determine the cause of the problem without inspecting the vehicle. the dealer informed the contact that oxygen sensor failure was a common problem with the diesel engine. although, the dealer determined a possible cause of the problem, the vehicle was not repaired.
 Dt: the contact stated the check engine light illuminated. he took the vehicle to the dealer, who diagnosed a problem with the emission control and the mass air flow sensor. the mass air flow sensor was replaced. however, a month later the same problem recurred. the dealer replaced the mass air flow sensor again. since the second replacement there have been no further problems. this repair was not covered by the warranty, and the contact paid out of pocket for the repairs. *ak updated 11/29/2005 - *nm
 My check engine light has been on for several months. i have has my oxygen sensors replaced several times, but i am not sure how many. i lost track after 6 times. the dealer (faulkner volkswagen), has told me everytime that the check engine light is caused by the oxygen sensors. i have been told by other mechanics that this fault in the sensors can cause a fire in the engine at anytime. when my check engine light comes on, i loose power in my car and sometimes it stalls even when i am driving it. with the vehicle stalling while driving, this is a potential hazard to other drivers on the road as well as myself. i have been reading many complaints about the same problem that i am having with my 2001 jetta. i have not had any accidents or resulted in any injuries due to this yet, however, i feel that this is a matter that should be looked into. *ak
 The mass air flow sensor failed four times and was replaced. a recall letter was received, and consumer was not satisfied. fuel mixture in the vehicle was still defective. also, frame on the seats broke on seven occasions and repaired by the manufacturer. *ak
 The maf sensor was replaced on my vehicle about 2 years ago. i replaced part myself after the dealer told me that this part was bad. i did not receive a service report for this troubleshooting. i purchased and replaced the part myself. 1.5 years later i received a warrenty extension letter from vw, stating reimbursment with receipt of charges, including vin # and mileage. at the time i purchased the part, from a vw dealer, this info was not required to be on a part order. i supmitted this info in dec 2003. in june 2004, i received a reject for claim because the receipt did not have this info on it. i believe that vw has done the warrenty extension to prevent an offical recall, but it has not been done in good faith. they set a requirement that their own dealers did not start on vin and mileage on part orders, only on service orders, at the time. they have designed the system to fail. under a warranty extension they do not have to report the number of rejected claims to you and it can appear that they are addressing the issue. i can understand this requirement for claims dated after the letter, but not 1.5. years before. *ak
 My three year old jetta had to be towed off of a major highway due to oxygen sensor failure. i already had one oxygen sensor replaced one year after purchasing this car.this has been a problem ever sinse i owned the car. this a major safety concern sinse the car is stalling out while traveing at high speeds. i feel that there needs to be a major investigation into why these vehicles are performing so poorly when they are still new. everyone i know that owns a jetta reports the same type of stalling and numeous other expensive problems. this is unacceptable for a $20000 product. on several occasions the dealer has not repaired the vehicle stating that there are no problems. the dealer has informed me that it is going to cost me almost $1000 to fix the problem and it is not covered under the vehicles warranty. *ak
 Check engine light o2 sensor, mass air flow sensor. *ak
 The consumer has had on going problems with the mass air flow sensor continually failing. the sensor has been replaced three times. each time the sensor failed the vehicle lost power. the consumer received a letter from vw of america which extended the warranty of the sensor to 7 years or 70000 miles on jetta's from 1999 to 2001. the consumer feels this is an improper solution to the problem. *ak *nm the front seat frames continued to break. vw have replaced them on the consumers vehicle 5-6 times under warranty. *sc *jb
 Dealer mechanic stated that the air pump rusted and needed to be replaced. the car was garaged every night. warranty on part expired at 24000 miles i have 31000.
 The vehicle sputters when you first start out and after sitting for a while and is started up again. i have taken it to the dealership where i purchased it from on 3 separate occasions. on the last trip to the dealership, they took it the the manufacturer for diagnosis. the manufacturer advised it was my mass air flow sensor. once that was replaced my vehicle still experienced problems. on today 8/30/02 i took my vehicle to the manufacturer directly and was advised that the wiring that went to the maf sensor needs to be changed. almost $600.00 later, spark plugs, fuel fiter, air filter , o2 sensors, mass air flow sensor and wires...........the problem is not as bad, but still exists. the dealer where the vehicle was purchased is upset that the manufacter did the last repairs and guaranteed the vehicle was fixed.........after letting it sit for 3 hours today, starting the vehicle, backing out of my driveway....and turning the wheel.........the sputter was back. i do want to go back to the manufacturer to get the vehicle repaired. but i do not want to pay $75 an hour labor for them to check the same problem over and over again, and pretty much just replace various parts. has anyone else experienced this problem or one similar. what can i do to get my car repaired and not have to pay for the check out charge for the same problem?*ak
 Discovered car was burning oil although it gave no indications. told this was normal by dealer. car almost stalled on three occasions under 20000 miles. oxygen sensor was replaced after car almost stalled on major highway in front of oncoming traffic. fixed after three seperate trips to dealer. car has had all sheduled oil changes and maintainence sinse purchase.
 Multiple failures of radiator fan, leading to multiple replacements; multiple failures/replacements of oxygen sensor and mass flow sensor; misdiagnosed replacement of catalytic converter; water leakage into interior of car; incidents starting occurring in 2004, latest in march 2008; number of failures is an average of 3 for each noted problem. *tr
 My catalytic converter has gone bad and vw has an extended warranty for this however because my car has the v6 engine i am told that i am not covered when my vin number is included in this campaign. dealer has verified the problem but declined service based on engine size. *tr
 I received last month a recall notice dated may 2007 from volkswagen america for the 2001 jetta v6. it was for a problem with the electronic control module (ecm) software for the catalytic converter monitoring system. i was instructed to go immediately to a volkswagen dealer for repair. i made an appointment and brought the car yesterday to the local dealer, santa monica volkswagen. the service team informed me that volkswagen, had unannounced to owners, closed the recall because it had yet to work out a permanent fix for the problem. volkswagen america should have sent owners who'd received the original recall notice a letter informing them not to act on the recall, not to bring their cars in. this problem with the ecm software has resulted in the vehicle for years, having the check engine light permanently illuminated. volkswagen never informed owners of this. as a result, i spent several hundred dollars with my own mechanic, not volkswagen dealer, trying to solve the problem. overall, i have been highly dissatisfied with this recall. i continue to drive a car with this defect. wasted a morning yesterday at the volkswagen dealer because of an erroneous recall notice sent to me by volkswagen, and i have already incurred significant expenses trying to solve a problem that volkswagen has known about, evidently, for many years without acting.*ak
 Tl* - the contact owns a 2001 volkswagen jetta gls. the engine light stays on constantly and the dealers stated that the oxygen sensor and the spark plugs are the cause. the contact stated the sensors were repaired prior to the failure and a week later the engine light has been on since the repair. the contact stated that there is a safety recall, which it does not include her vin. the vehicle is currently at the dealer and the contact is requesting a part malfunction investigation with the manufacturer. *ak
 82,5310.00 just replaced the catalytic converter. we have always had some type of an electrical problem from the beginning. cd player and stereo. cd lcd panel would say no cd in which you would have a cd in the jacket if you kept pushing the button sometimes it would work. at times you can only read half the call letters for stations. rolling down back of the windows you would hear a very loud pressure thumping noise. so loud you could not roll down the window in the back. when you would take the car in. mechanic's always said, it was basically our imagination. *jb
 I just recently had to replace my catalyst system on my 2001 vw jetta. the car stauled on my way to work, so i had it towed to the nearest vw dealer - cooley volkswagen, in n. greenbush ny. they found misfire codes and catalyst system. they also advised me that the coil pack and tune up were needed to correct misfires. my question and concern is: why did i not receive a warning light on some signal to advise me of any problems that might be occuring. this would have possibly alerted me to get the car into a vw service shop as soon as possible.*ak
 Regular usage of car resulted in having to repair and replace the spark plug cables on my car. *ak
 While driving , vehicle started to stall and then shut off. dealer contacted. please provide additional information. ts
 The air coming out of my 2001 volkswagen jetta's air conditioning unit started to smelling like melted crayons and engine fumes. a few weeks later, the air conditioner broke down, and i took it to get repaired at deel volkswagen in miami. i told the service agent that the car also had a terrible smell of car fumes and to please check that. the next day, i received a service repair quote for $1,300 that included the replacement of the battery fuse box, main fan, a/c fan and fan module. the parts were replaced in the car on 10/22/2004. when i picked up the car, i noticed that the a/c had the same engine fumes smell, and told the service person, ricardo wilder, that the a/c still smelled the same. he told me that all jetta's smelled the same, and that i should drive it for several weeks to let the newly replaced parts do their job. it is now april, 2005 and the car still strongly smells like engine fumes. at the end of my driving day, my clothes and the inside of thee car smell like engine fumes. i now drive with the windows and moon roof open and with the a/c off in order to fight the strong smell. i strongly believe that whatever this smell is, it is detrimental to my health. *ak
 While applying the accelerator pedal vehicle failed to move. consumer applied the accelerator pedal numerous times and the vehicle suddenly accelerated. consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and drove the vehicle to the dealer for inspection. mechanic determined that the engine needed cleaning due to intake manifold being clogged with carbon. *ak