Consumer Complaints

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 Tl-the contact owns a 2006 volkswagen jetta. the contact stated the windows and doors failed the doors would not unlock, and the windows would not roll up or down. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who performed a diagnosed located that located the failure at the drivers door wiring harness the wires were to short and caused the wiring rubber boot, the door locks, and windows to fail. the dealer replaced the drivers and passenger door wiring harness. the vehicle was repaired. the failure mileage was 76,000 and the current mileage was 83,000. li
 Bought used volkswagen jetta turbo. after one year of perfect functioning, the interior lights and air conditioning have totally stopped functioning. mechanic can't figure it out. additionally, trunk latch would not latch upon opening trunk.
 The trunk of my 2006 volkswagen jetta turbo will randomly open while driving and/or parked. this has happened while i have been driving on several occasion blocking the visibility from my rear view mirror. the trunk will also close, however, the car/dashboard recognizes the trunk as being open; disabling the ability to opening the trunk with the keyless entry and within the car. i notice this issue usually occurs more frequently when the weather is colder.
 The car doesn't recognize that the door is open. the interior lighting does not come on and the notification that the headlights remain on is not functional. this has left me with a dead battery twice. also, the car alarm rearms itself if the engine is not started within 30 seconds. i believe this is a safety issue in that the lighting is not functional which is a security concern at night.
 2006 vw jetta trunk will not latch shut, trunk button on key doesn't work to open and the trunk light on dash states that its open. when went to shut the slamming it really doesn't help, it'll latch when it eventually. the trunk open light on dash will be on when the trunk is closed and i can't open it. middleton ford stated that its part of the issue with jetta's and will not cover it, even though i just bought the car from them two months ago. there should be a recall on all jetta's to get this fixed and for it to be covered considering its a design flaw of vw.
 This vehicle design allows for poor rear visibility in general; however, it is amplified in low light situations with the combination of high rear head rests, a glare on the back glass from the third brake light, and if you have a rear spoiler this makes for a really bad combination. nighttime visibility in a jetta is the equivalence of wearing a blind fold. oh and the salesman neglected to mention that the all weather package included a trunk that will not shut or stay shut in cold weather. even the replacement latches need replacing. vw is making big bucks on the consumer hoping to save a few dollars with fuel economy. vw not only fails to address or acknowledge the defects with these vehicles, but to exacerbate the situation they attempt to lock you -the consumer into their monopoly, for example:keyless remotes in which the batteries are only replaceable by vw dealers, a synthetic vw oil, a very costly trunk latch, that with my experience you end up replacing annually...the list goes on. whatever happened to old fashioned customer service? to sum it up my jetta has alot of bugs...not to worry, i'm sure vw has patented the pesticide, just hope i'm able to afford that-can use the money i'm saving in fuel economy. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 volkswagen jetta. while driving approximately 55 mph on normal road conditions, the trunk door unlatched unexpectedly and without assistance. the driver pulled over to the side of the road, but the trunk failed to close tightly. the failure occurred intermittently and more frequently in cold weather conditions. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic, who stated that the failure was related to a defective latch system. the technician stated that the latch defect was a common failure with this vehicle. the failures occurred on forty separate occasions. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was unavailable and the current mileage was 70,000.
 The rear driver's side passenger door could not be opened from the inside nor the outside of the vehicle. i can hear electrical components being activated inside the door while unlocking the door via remote or internal switch, but the door remains locked. luckily, there was no need for an urgent exit. i made an appointment with the local dealer, but once i realized that the failure is intermittent i pushed this appointment to the next service. *nm
 Bought new vw jetta sedan on 08/17/06. on 05/13/10 took the car to the dealer because of car decelerating while driving i.e. dropping in seconds from 60 miles to 20 miles. it was taken to the dealer multiple times for the same problem. dealer answer unable to replicate problem until warranty of four years expired. the problem continues even after the carbon accumulated on the throttle was cleaned and the fuel pump was replaced. due to unsafe to drive, requested for the dealer to buy the car back as a lemon. the dealer refuses because the four yr warranty is over. other problems experienced with this vehicle during this period: air bags lights going off, air bag cover falling off, trunk opening on its own while driving, rain water leaking inside the lining of the car, screws coming off a door panel, doors falling off the hinges, emergency switch falling inside panel, fuel cap not locking, recalls. dealer recommending to replace the steering wheel column for 2,340.