BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
TB-24-11-0312/20/201110043288Volkswagen: under high electric power consumption, vehicle would run rough and have cold starts. *pe03/09/2012
TB-15-11-0412/22/201110043276Volkswagen: certain model year vehicles are experiencing engine not starting, making a rattling noise when engine has started, timing chain keeps slipping and exhaust light comes on. *pe03/08/2012
SB-10-11-0102/14/201110038655Volkswagen: malfunction light is on and there is noise with the engine running rough. multiple trouble codes possibly stored. all models 2008-2012. *rm06/24/2011
TB-01-10-1106/08/201010035164Volkswagen: mil on; no start or rough running (dtc p0087-rail fuel pressure too low). contaminated or incorrect fuel can cause performance, drivability, and/or fuel delivery problems. *pe02/09/2011
TB-97-10-0708/04/201010035104Volkswagen: gff test plan, ground connection verification. new gff function test for engine will not start or intermittently does not start conditions. engine grounds may not be secure. models new beetle, convertible, jetta, wagon and s02/09/2011
SB-28E611/24/201010037349Volkswagen: there is a warranty extension on hard start conditions for customers who had an earlier campaign addressed on their vehicles. *rm05/20/2011

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 High pressure fuel pump failure in tdi diesel causing catastrophic damage to major engine components including common rail, injectors , fuel tank etc... appears to be manufacturers defect. merely replacing will not solve problem without assurance that new design has been developed and utilized.
 Was driving on residential street, approximately 25-30 mph, and car just lost power and stalled. after a few minutes it could start again - but the vehicle would not move, even if gas was pushed down. after a week at the dealership - they said it was the throttle. my car would not start before (after only having the car for approximately 7 months and approximately 2000 miles) - and after having it towed to the dealer, they just said the fuel was gelling. but they did do a computer upgrade and said there particles in the fuel line that they cleaned out and said i may have gotten bad fuel. 1 week after my 40000 mile routine maintenance check - my glow plug light went on and i had to have a sensor replaced.
 Car has stuttered when accelerating from stop since purchasing with 12 miles. on 12/21/2009, car lost power and stuttered at speed on interstate highway. the road immediately climbed a hill. with accelerator to the floor, the car dropped to under 60 mph and i shifted from 6th to 5th. car still kept decelerating so i shifted to 4th. fortune provided a rest area as the car got to about 45 mph on the interstate. after parking, car stalled while idling. starting engine would roughly idle at 1/2 of the idle rpm for about 5 seconds before stalling. after 4 tries, i let the car sit for 10 minutes and it restarted without further incident. the car had diesel purchased in upstate ny in the winter, presumably a winter blend. the incident happened in va in 30+ degree temperatures, so presumably gelling of the fuel was not the problem. additionally, on 12/17/2010, car started but would not rev above 1500 rpm even while out of gear. would not go more than 10 mph. i assume it is the fuel system but the vw dealer claims everything is fine with the car.
 My 2009 jetta tdi sportwagon with 12,000 miles would not start one day. i attempted to jump start and pop start the car, both failed to start the engine. it got towed to nearest vw dealer. they stated that the starter failed, so they replaced it. after replacing the starter, the car was still not fixed and they discovered condensation in the intake system. they stated that vw was not sure what was causing the condensation, seeing as i drive 100 miles per day, but it was now running to factory specifications, so the service manager stated so we are calling it fixed. another tdi was also in the shop for this same problem. i was told that vw can not guarantee or provide anything to me inwriting stating that when my factory warranty runs out, and this problem occurs again, that it will be covered. i requested vw to extend my warranty but they stated that they do not provide that to customers.
 The vehicle has a 1 to 2 second lag when accelerating from a standing start or when i step hard on the accelerator pedal. it acts like it has to think about it for a while before the motor starts to rev up and the transmission engages. this has caused several near-accidents when pulling into traffic, and at stop signs when other drivers decided i'd waited too long and started into the intersection at the same time my car finally decided to get around to going. this is a tdi with the dsg transmission. i had the dealer run a full diagnostic and they didn't find anything. i see others reporting the same behavior here and elsewhere. i suspect faulty programming in either the engine or the transmission software, though it may be just the inherent behavior of the system. i'll put today's date on the approximate incident date although it's been this way since i bought the car in november 2008. *tr
 Tl* the contact owns a 2009 volkswagen jetta sportwagen tdi. the contact stated while driving 75 mph, he briefly lost engine power. there were no warning lights illuminated and after pumping the accelerator pedal, the engine resumed power. the dealer was not contacted. the manufacturer was contacted and offered no assistance. no repairs were made to the vehicle. the failure mileage was 83,500.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2009 volkswagen jetta sportwagen tdi. the contact stated while driving 75 mph he briefly lost engine power. there were no warning lights illuminating, after pumping the accelerator pedal the engine resumed power. the dealer was not contacted. the manufacturer was contacted and offered no assistance. the failure mileage 83,500...mw
 We were traveling in branson, mo. from our home in east texas when there was what sounded like a single muffled pop from the engine compartment. the glow plug lamp started blinking and the check engine light came on and i think it was blinking also. at the time i was traveling about 30 mph. and i had just started up a steep grade. also, about the time the glow plug light started blinking, the mfd displayed the major engine malfunction message. the engine lost power but did not stop and i was able to go about 300 yards to a safe place where i could pull off the street out of traffic and park. the vehicle was towed to the volkswagen dealer in springfield, mo. (springfield volkswagen) fault code thrown was p0299. it was determined that a coupling on a line going into the turbocharger had not been adequately tightened during assembly of the engine and the hose had come loose disabling the turbocharger and the engine. *tr
 I own a 2009 volkswagen jetta tdi sportwagen. it has approximately 8,000 miles on the odometer. i believe that this car has a serious design flaw, which creates a very unsafe driving condition. on a daily basis, i experience a situation in which i am waiting at a stop light to turn left, and when i depress the pedal to accelerate through the intersection, the car moves a few feet (into traffic) and then stops altogether. after pressing the pedal all the way to the floor for 2-3 seconds, it reluctantly starts moving again, and i observe a huge cloud of white vapor pouring out of the tailpipe as the car takes off again. my fear is that i, or someone else, will be unable to clear an intersection in a dangerous (or otherwise normal) situation and will be involved in a head-on or t-bone accident that will cause serious injury and/or death. the car displays no error codes, and otherwise drives perfectly normal. *tr
 2009 tdi jetta exhaust flap failure just after warranty expiration. the local dealer indicated this is a common problem prior to the redesign on the exhaust flap (change from aluminum to stainless steel). dealer wants $600.00 to replace the part. upon inspection of the flap, the mechanics of the flap (not the motor or sensor portion), but the flap itself have bound up. numerous accounts of this issue were found on-line.