CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
06V472000VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INCfrom 05/01/2005 to 04/30/2006V (Vehicle)5880001/12/2007MFRVOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INC12/12/200612/12/2006
Defect SummaryCertain passenger vehicles equipped with a 2.0l engine with 147 kw may have a vacuum line that may fracture and become disconnected at low ambient temperatures.
Consequence SummaryIf this happens, the brake power assist can become inoperative, and the driver will experience increased effort to apply the brakes possibly increasing vehicle stopping distance. this could lead to a crash without warning.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install the newly designed vacuum line. the recall began on january 12, 2007. owners may contact volkswagen at 1-800-893-5298.
NotesVolkswagen recall no. p7. customers may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration?s vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I have a vw passat 3.6 and am always having an issue with the parking brake. currently i am unable to get the parking brake to release and don't know why. this has been going on for several months and the only place i go to get it serviced is volkswagen. on about 5 different occasions the brakes would not engage nor disengage. *tr
 I have a vw passat 3.6 and am always having an issue with the parking brake. currently i am unable to get the parking brake to release and don't know why. this has been going on for several months and the only place i go to get it serviced is volkswagon. on about 5 different occasions the brakes would not engage nor disengage.
 Emergency brake at times does not disengage or engage. i have to turn the car off wait a while and sometimes it does and sometimes it does not engage/rengage. gives me a parking brake fault message. *tr
 At the morning of 3/30/2012 while was driving to work brakes feel funny( sometimes like hard, sometimes soft) startyed that morning. while i was barking my car brakes failed, hardly stopped and crashed to electric pol.broke front grill and aemblem put a dent on chrome piece on the front.i took the vehicle to dealer. found brake booster neprene hose had multiple cracks.. that replacment should be free but they charge me some$200.00. i would like to complain volkswagen of america. good think did not happend on highway 70 mph.
 Antilock brake system failed causing the brakes to automatically come on. led to rapid deceleration while driving. ongoing problem.
 Service brakes, hydraulic:power assist:vacuum 2006 vw passat 3.6l vr6 model. the problem occurred in late 2010 at first a few months after the car was purchased. the problem occurs when the vehicle is at a set of lights, the rpm are normally around 650-700 rpm, when the problem occurs the rpm go to 1250-1300 while the vehicle is stopped, this makes so the driver has to apply much more foot strength to hold the car. raising the risks of a car crash. this happens randomly, if i drive a day it might not happen, then i drive the next day at the second set of lights it happens. i have attempted to repair this at vw in nh but they did not solve the problem and claimed the car is not really an automatic, but a manual and changed gear boot connectors or some something, and the same week the problem resumed. i feel i cannot go to vw to repair this as this will give me excuses, please look into this, i feel this is detrimental to my and my family's safety. thank you.
 I own a 2006 vw passat 3.6, engine died suddenly after pulling out across a 45mph state route, after engine failed, there was no steering or brakes, had to push car out of traffic with my 2 young sons inside. young vw, easton pa. stated the failure as a oil pump bolt that had backed out and sheared off, causing the catastophic engine failure. after some research i found 58 failure of this type of this same year and engine, at: , - this is clearly an issue vw was aware of several years ago, as evidenced by the replacement or repair of so many, 58+ engines that i can document, and chooses not to recognize the issue, i believe due to financial reasons as this fix is $3,000 in labor alone. i contacted vwoa, (ref. # 810009787) and vw ag, (,ref. no.: vw-2010/12-065992) with this issue and neither had recognized this as a known issue, my vehicle is out of warranty, and vw estimated the repair at $12,800 for a rebuilt engine. aside from being abusively expensive, this failure should not be allowed to occur randomly, in traffic or anywhere creating a very unsafe and life threatening situation, vwoa should be well aware of these potential problems with this year engine, by the many they have replaced or fixed and should make the public aware and effect a fix to prevent a loss of life due to this known engine defect. my vin # wvwfu73c56p140705, 2006 vw passat 3.6l 4motion.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2006 volkswagen passat. the contact stated that when pulling into a parking lot the brakes failed. a local mechanic stated that the heat shields on the turbo failed and that is what caused the brake failure. volkswagen repaired the vehicle warranty. the failure and current mileages were approximately 47,000. rd
 Tl*the contact owns a 2006 volkswagen passat. the contact stated that the steering column locks up on her vehicle and prevents it from being driven. she attempted to start the engine and an indicator illuminated, which stated that the steering column was locked. the vehicle was towed to the dealer and they stated that the steering column was defective and needed a module. the repair would cost $1,300. the failure mileage was 63,000. updated 05/27/09 *bf updated 06/08/09 *bf updated 6/16/09 *nj the left rear caliper needed to be replaced,the check engine light illuminated, the transmission was making a loud noise, the tire pressure light illuminated, the left turn signal did not work, the left wheel bearing needed to be replaced, the hood release lever inside the vehicle was inoperative. updated 06/17/09.*jb
 Power brake assist failure in low ambient temperatures (wi winters). occurs whenever temperatures are in the 30's or lower. vacuum hose has been replaced twice, with no improvement. apparently condensation is building inside the hose (reported by dealership service dept.) *tr
 I have two problems with this car: 1. emergency brake failure continues to give me parking brake fault message & periodically will not engage or disengage. 2. on several occasions during braking my car is slipping and takes longer to brake. i see this problem is already a recall on other vw passats but not on my model passat but this recall should be extended to my model as well. brake vacuum problem. i will be making an appointed to get this looked at with dealer but wanted you to have a record of this and investigate these issues. *tr
 Driving down snow and ice covered mountain pass in colorado when i suddenly experienced heavy resistance of brake pedal and loss of braking. brake light also came on. fortunately, i made it home safely. subsequently brought car to dealer and found out that the vacuum line for the brake had cracked causing loss of vacuum pressure and decreased braking. *tr
 I own a 2006 vw passat 2.0t. two days ago, as my wife was parking with the baby in the back seat, the brakes suddenly failed completely and she smacked into the car in front of her and it into the car in front of it. luckily no one was in those cars and my wife and baby are okay. she then filed a police report and had the roadside assistance pick it up and take it to the service center. now i know about the late 2006 recall and we had that fixed but geez, it's a good thing she wasn't on the highway! as of yesterday, vw mechanics could not duplicate the problem and could not find a mechanical or computer error. the service representative said that they road tested it and it was fine. however, my car model was recalled by vw in 12/06 and supposedly fixed a power brake issue. of course yesterday they told me that it was also recalled just yesterday for a software update. means nothing i guess...and they've road tested it again. by the way, had my wife floored the gas, with the 2.0t engine, it would have been far worse. witnesses saw her screaming and looking down before the accident, trying to figure out what was happening. vw consumer affairs, is also investigating the issue and the dealers service levels. now today, something surprising happened. my lojack early warning system called an emailed me because as it turns out they were road testing it. funny, they said they road tested it yesterday as well but i had no early warning from lojack. sounds like i caught the service center in a lie. *jb
 Tl* - the contact stated that while driving a 2006 volkswagen passat it stalled in a turn. he had been driving along steadily for 2 hours with out incident prior to the vehicle losing power. the contact took the vehicle to be serviced, and was informed that they could not find the cause of the problem. *ak the passenger side headlight was inoperable, the work was completed, however 2 hours later the headlight failed again. the vehicle exhibits a one to three second lag in the accelerator, most noticeable when the consumer is truing to accelerator. there was a rattle coming from the headliner/sunroof assembly. there was a rubbing noise coming from the brakes. there was a rattling noise coming from the rear view mirror trim pieces. the windshield wipers were inoperative. the fog lights were inoperative. updated 01/31/07. *jb
 I have had recurrent issues with my 2006 passat. i just got the car back from the dealer after being at the dealer for repairs for 25 days, and i was trying to brake at the end of my street and the car did not brake. the pedal was very hard -- i could barely push it in with two feet. i activated the parking brake, and the car stopped -- thank god, i was only going 10 mph, but if i rolled into the intersection i could have been killed. when the car stopped, the check engine light came on, the engine began revving up and down and the headlights were flickering or surging and getting brighter and dimmer and brighter very rapidly. i turned on the interior lights to better view my dash, and the interior lights were surging/flickering as well. in one of my previous visits for dealer repairs, they told me they put in a brand new electrical system. how can this be happening again? this car is beyond repair. i believe i have a lemon and it is dangerous to continue driving this car. i cannot believe that after a 25-day stint in the dealer repair center it's still not working. this is the last of many trips to the dealer for repairs. incidentally, while i bought the car new, i bought it after using it as a loaner when my 2006 jetta tdi was in the shop more than i drove it during my period of ownership. that car had some issues as well, so when i liked the passat i decided to trade it in. i've only driven this passat for less than 5,000 miles and it is terrible. my wife drives a 2006 jetta tdi (a different one) which runs great. how can only one of three cars purchased in less than a six month period function properly. this is seriously impacting my views of vw quality. i have trouble writing vw and the word quality in the same sentence. thank god i didn't die tonight. *nm
 Shaking issue while braking and after releasing brake. the entire car vibrates. dealer contacted and said there was no way to repair at the current time. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 10mph and attempting to come to a stop, the rpm gauge needle gave sporadic readings. while the rpm readings were inaccurate, the brake pedal was depressed; however, the brake pedal went to the floor and the vehicle did not stop. the contact was forced to down shift and use the emergency brake in order to get the vehicle stopped. after the vehicle was restarted, the engine revved. the vehicle was shifted into gear and suddenly accelerated. the vehicle engine was quickly shut off. the vehicle was towed to the dealer and currently is under going additional testing.
 High idle during high ambient temperatures. idle is raised to 1000-1050rpms during temperatures above 90f. this causes loading of the transmission and additional brake pressure is needed to keep the car at a stop. this can occur suddenly and randomly presenting a safety issue. i have almost ran into several cars at various times when stopped at a light or in traffic. it has happened countless times during the high ambient temperatures. *tr
 Abs brakes have been pumping without inclement weather. it pumps randomly at any speed and any weather. nothing has been resolved from the dealer. the brakes also make excessive noise, grinding or metal to metal type of sounds or contact. in addition, multiple electrical or malfunctions within the year i have owned the car- only 9491 miles. a. air bag light went on and stayed on until i brought it to the dealer. b. the driver sun visor shorted and was inoperative. c. ignition was weak and would not start after several times. car would die. brought the car to the dealer, no resolve. the computer could not duplicate problem. finally as i am driving the other day, a malfunciton light appears and the car dies. i had the car towed to the dealer. d. after 5,000 miles check up, the service light appeared and stayed on until i brought it into the dealer to turn off. e. at this time, the car is in the dealer. they found that the ignition switch faulty and will be replacing it. *tr
 I purchased my vw 3.6 4motion passat with 71 miles. when the vehicle reached 200 to 250 miles, the engine started shaking when gently applying brakes at slow speeds. i also experience this when the gear is in drive and their is no gas being applied. i have serviced the vehicle with volkswagen twice and they state that this is normal behavior. i have researched this through a internet forum and discovered that not all owners of the same vehicle type that i have experience this symptom. the shaking topic can be found at the following url. *nm
 Purchase 2006 passat with 4 wheel motion in feb 2006. approximately 6 weeks later engine light came on. took to dealership where they took out the gas tank to repair vacuum problem. then there was groaning when i turn the wheel left and right. took to the dealer and they replaced brake parts. it is now three weeks later and i still have brake problem. the car now groans when ever i turn right, left or straight. especially loud in stop and go traffic. i fear that the brake system is unsafe. dealership showing no concern. i am on my second attempt to fix the brake. i will contact a lemon law lawyer if this fails. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated the brake system auto hold has failed multiple times. this causes the vehicle to roll into oncoming traffic. the vehicle is currently at the dealership, and has been to the dealership previously, but the problem was not determined. *ak
 On january 23, 2007, i made an appointment with crestmont vw in pompton lakes, nj to perform the brake line (nhtsa campaign id number : 06v472000 ) and wiper motor (nhtsa campaign id number : 06v470000 ) recalls on my vehicle. i intentionally made the advance appointment for nine business days later, february 2, 2007, to give crestmont vw time to order the necessary parts. during the first visit on february 2, 2007, crestmont vw was only able to repair the wiper motor because of the failure to secure the necessary part for the brake line recall, even with the advance notice of nine business days. shortly after my first visit, on february 4, 2007, the brake part covered by the recall failed and rendered my passat unsafe to drive. my car was towed to crestmont vw, and on february 6, 2007, i was informed that crestmont vw had broken another part while attempting to repair the brake vacuum line. at this time, i was informed that the necessary part was not available until at least the middle of march. *jb
 Tl* - the contact owns a 2006 vw passat. the contact received a recall notice on january 25, 2007 re: service brakes, hydraulic:power assist:vacuum. the dealer honored the recall. however, the contact didn't feel safe driving the vehicle. five days after receiving the recall the brakes failed while a family member was driving 10 mph. the brakes wouldn't engage. the brakes remained in the upright position when the contact attempted to stop the vehicle. volkswagen will honor the warranty. the contact requested to terminate the lease and accept a different vehicle or an allowance for another vehicle. also, the contact's radiator had to be replaced at 200 miles and he felt the vehicle was a lemon. *ak
 2006 ww passat customer wants to know is his vehicle affected by this recall (recall 06v472000 p7-vacuum booster)**cc *jb
 2/5 noon: as i was pulling out of my apartment complex on to a main road, my brakes went out. fortunately, i was going 10 mph so was able to come to a stop simply by letting off the gas and pushing the wheel against a curb. engine began to misfire and emi came on. 12:07: in my attempt to reach vw roadside assistance, i was put on automated hold for over 25 minutes. 12:35: i called the general customer service line and at that point was told that there was a recall on my vehicle regarding vacuum hose to the brake lines but that should not have resulted in total brake failure. re-directed me to roadside assistance again. 12:40: placed on automated hold with roadside assistance for 15+ minutes again and at that point began looking for alternative options. 1:15: received a call from third party moc roadside assistance confirming somebody was on their way to pick me up and should be there within the hour. 2:25: car was dropped off at tom wood volkswagon of indianapolis, in. i was given a rental car for the next few days. 2/9 went to get my car. they had fixed the problem and had no explanation why i didn't receive a recall letter. they said the recall had been made public 26 december 2005 and that i should check my mailing address with vag (ironic how all my financing statements come on time though!). there was a recall on the wiper system issued at the same time (also of which i was not notified). when they performed this recall at this time also, they returned the car to me w/o the wipers functioning! i was outraged that they didn't check the wiper system before telling me it was o.k. it took them a few minutes to get the wipers going and i was on my way. it wasn'tt doing any good to speak to the dealership and have begun to consult lawyers regarding actions against vag due to the fact that i was not made aware of this safety recall. suffering: mental anguish, fear of unsafe car, lost productivity at work. *nm
 At the red light, engine started to vibrate. when the light changed to green, my wife decided to pull over to see what happened. she realized that the brakes stopped working. from 20 mph it took a whole block to stop. luckily, no one was in front of her. car was towed away to the dealer. as per service: vacuum hose broke off from the engine and we lost power braking. engine vibration is the symptom. only 9500 miles on the car. dealer told me its a common problem on new passats. *jb